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Activists harass day laborers

By Hatewatch Staff on December 6, 2005 - 7:08 pm, Posted in Uncategorized

Minutemen activists have expanded their campaign against illegal immigration from the barren desert near Mexico to the streets of Phoenix.

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Anti-immigration ads air hit city

By Hatewatch Staff on December 6, 2005 - 7:07 pm, Posted in Uncategorized

Pittsburgh lags most major cities in attracting immigrants, but that did not stop a Washington, D.C.-based group from airing ads here this week criticizing President Bush’s suggested immigration reforms, or from using the images of blue-collar Americans to voice concerns about foreign workers “who’ll work for next to nothing.”…

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Immigration activist hopes to turn fear into votes

By Hatewatch Staff on December 6, 2005 - 7:05 pm, Posted in Uncategorized

When Alison Sweeney spotted Jim Gilchrist campaigning at the Corona del Mar Christmas fair yesterday, she and her husband rushed over to get their picture taken with the man who would seal the U.S.-Mexico border to keep illegal immigrants out…

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GOP Cautioned on Immigration

By Hatewatch Staff on December 6, 2005 - 7:04 pm, Posted in Uncategorized

Republican National Committee Chairman Ken Mehlman urged his party in California yesterday to oppose rising anti-immigrant sentiments in the debate over border security and illegal immigration, suggesting that the GOP risks being on the wrong side of history and electoral politics alike if it embraces an exclusionary message…

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Nativism in Danbury nothing new

By Hatewatch Staff on December 6, 2005 - 6:59 pm, Posted in Uncategorized

Years ago while studying immigration as an undergraduate student at Western Connecticut State University, Joseph Sikora came across a 1940s era magazine written by an aging Danbury “Yankee.”
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Utah town ‘takes a stand’ against illegal immigrants

By Hatewatch Staff on November 29, 2005 - 8:52 pm, Posted in Uncategorized

The debate over illegal immigration is largely becoming a local government issue and was the main conversation during the discussion segment of the Washington City Council meeting on Nov. 22.

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Friends of Border Patrol suspends operations, fires director

By Hatewatch Staff on November 29, 2005 - 8:51 pm, Posted in Uncategorized

Because of his stance on illegal immigration, Andrew “Andy” Ramirez says he’s been called a coconut, a sellout and a racist.

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Minuteman Project not a religious experience, officials rule

By Hatewatch Staff on November 29, 2005 - 8:49 pm, Posted in Uncategorized

Praise the Lord and pass the binoculars?

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Tancredo plots run for President

By Hatewatch Staff on November 29, 2005 - 8:48 pm, Posted in Uncategorized

U.S. Rep. Tom Tancredo wants to inflame people.

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‘Operation Spotlight’ targets day labor centers

By Hatewatch Staff on November 29, 2005 - 8:46 pm, Posted in Uncategorized

The Minutemen could be heard before they were seen. First came the bullhorns barking “This is America, not Mexico” and “No work today. The Minutemen have arrived.” Then the group of two dozen men and women, holding U.S. flags and cameras in their hands, turned the corner and started bearing down on Hispanic workers waiting for jobs outside the Macehualli day-labor center in northern Phoenix, Ariz. Sensing trouble, some took refuge behind the gates of the center, and others melted away down side streets. As the laborers fled, the protesters tried to take pictures of their faces. “This is our country!” shouted a Minuteman. “We are under invasion.”

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