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New Intelligence Report is Out

By Mark Potok on July 24, 2007 - 8:38 am, Posted in Intelligence Report

IntelReport126The latest edition of our quarterly magazine hit the streets last week. Take a read. The cover story details how two North Carolina criminal cases against Klansmen open a window onto a bizarre Southern underworld of murder, cocaine and a plot to murder a sheriff and blow up a county courthouse. Others dig into facts, fiction and conspiracy theories about undocumented immigration; escalating hate violence against the homeless; a battle between anti-Semitic “radical traditionalist Catholics” and townsfolk in New Hampshire; the re-emergence of David Lynch as a racist skinhead leader; and a whole lot more. Read it and let us know what you think.

  • Tom Matson

    Thank you for exposing the St. Benedict’s Center in RIchmond NH for being the hateful fraud that it is. I would like to refer the readers of this blog to the following blogs so that they may track developments as they come up. The St. Benedict’s Center is running an up coming conference that has hate monger Navy Lt Cmdr Sharpe as a Speaker, and a Public fundraiser to support their Cult.

    Links to Blogs who actively oppose the SBC are>

    where this comment was recently left for the author of the blog.

    “Summer Dog said…

    You are a traitor to all Christianity, all of our Churches, institutions, families, both Catholic and Protestant, by going to these anti-Christ jews and joining them in a kvetch session.

    I bet you support the Iraq war for fear of being an “anti-semite”. That’s what it’s about, enabling their dollar, enabling their military-industrial complex for Israel and their wealth, and hoping for your trickle down of a measly poridge, waiting for the multimillion dollar SPLC to give you “tollerant” people permission to eat, because “anti-semites” shouldn’t.

    You are an empty capitalist materialist, an Ayn Rand cultist / money changer enabler, who doesn’t want some spectre of Christianity haunting your presence with their sense of democracy and local political involvement.

    “They’re partipating in the democratic process! Shouldn’t there be laws against this!”

    “Isn’t democracy about tolerance, melting pots, MLK and the like as the SPLC says, not this evil and hurtful voting thing! They might take away my sodomy!”
    11:06 PM”

    Please help us in fighting the spread of this hate filled group.