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O’Reilly Redux: Lesbian Gangs and the Daily Kos

By David Holthouse on July 27, 2007 - 12:44 pm, Posted in Media Extremism

Since Fox News host Bill O’Reilly refuses to stop comparing the liberal Daily Kos blog to the KKK, Nazis, and former Klan boss David Duke, we feel obligated to clarify for the record that the Daily Kos is NOT one of the 566 U.S.-based hate websites monitored by the SPLC’s Intelligence Project.

Not that we expect O’Reilly to correct course anytime soon. It’s been more than a month and the host of “The O’Reilly Factor” has yet to fully retract the absurd “pink pistol-packing” lesbian gangs segment that aired in late June that we helped make infamous with our point-by-point takedown.

More info on fallout from the pink pistols affair, including O’Reilly’s non-apology apology, is available here, here and here.

One juicy tidbit we left out of our original rebuttal is the true nature of the lurid footage of young women in bikinis engaged in a ferocious brawl that played in the background as O’Reilly and Fox News “crime analyst” Rod Wheeler discussed the “national epidemic” of girl-raping lesbian gangs. Viewers were led to believe that the footage depicted actual lesbian gang members in raging attack mode.

We’ve since discovered that the looped clip shown on O’Reilly’s segment is a snippet of a longer video, aptly titled “Huge Girl Fight Breaks Out at Beach,” that has been circulating on video-sharing websites since at least May. And it’s clear from watching the whole video that the combatants are not members of the Dykes Taking Over gang, as the segment insinuated, but teenage girls fighting over a boy. One of them taunts the other, “I got your man, bitch!”

Lesbian gangs running amok! They’re coming to take your children, your wallets and … your boyfriends?

  • Bardwell

    Can someone please e-mail me a link to the SPLC’s latest list of U.S.-based hate websites?

  • Ernesto

    Your site is very interesting and useful

  • Vicky

    Thanks for your project. I like this site. KEEP IT UP..d

  • epaminondas

    While Oreilly’s invective can be taken down, I am sorry to say that as a long time Kos observer, they tolerate the intolerable. That same hate which this org works so hard to end. That is an unfortunate fact.

    I find them in that regard susceptible to the same questions as the Minutemen, and at a minimum, just as responsible to the same blandishments and CIVIL RESPONSIBILITY.

    Whether or not that results in murder is a quantitative result, not a qualitative result.

  • Hume’s Ghost

    I hope you guys watched O’Reilly last night.

    O’Reilly cited the SPLCs report on the rise of hate groups since 2000 and then used that as an intro to an attack on Daily Kos in which he told his audience that he believes the “hate” of Kos is going to get someone murdered and that it has already turned into violence (Minute Men protesters and pies being thrown at various figures)… a round about way of implying that the SPLC thinks Daily Kos is a hate site.

  • Josh

    O’Reilly is a moron. Its as simple as that. Anyone who actually respects this man enough to believe his higly offensive comments and stories needs to wake up and see the truth. O’Reilly himself needs to wake up as well, before the ounce of credibility he has left dries up. That wont take long.

  • A Benj

    One of the best things decent Americans could do is boycott cable television. Make the networks put responsible journalists on the air for their hard earned dollars.

    Get videos, watch PBS on line, pool resources, save the gasoline.

    These noodle brains and hate mongers should not be dominating our public discourse.

    And there’s only one thing they understand.

  • JoshuasGrandma

    Glad to see that SPLC is taking on the challenge of exposing the lies in hate speech. Your credibility will help dispel a lot of the mythology that gets circulated and refute the ‘urban’ (and rural) legends that do so much hurtful damage.
    Thanks for all the good work you do.

  • David Tyler

    With most persons of GLBT persuasion,including myself,victims of hateful assaults of one type of another, O’Reilly”s rantings are all too “normal”,at least according to many.It speaks to the need for federal hate crimes legislation so as to remove the underlying hate attitudes from the realm of public acceptability in public discourse.In time this in turn would make hate attacks less well received and less likely to occur in the first place.Û