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Anti-Semitic Prof’s Teaching Curtailed

By Heidi Beirich on July 30, 2007 - 10:23 am, Posted in Anti-Semitic

Kevin MacDonaldKevin MacDonald, the California State University, Long Beach, psychology professor who wrote an anti-Semitic trilogy explaining why he thinks Jews are bad for white societies, has been removed from instructing certain classes. Gerry Riposa, dean of the College of Liberal Arts, told Hatewatch that MacDonald would no longer be teaching lower-level courses, including a required course for psych majors specializing in child development. MacDonald, at right, received an award and $10,000 for his work on the Jews from The Occidental Quarterly, a white supremacist journal. He was accompanied at the 2004 ceremony by Virginia Abernethy, a self-described “white separatist” and official of the racist Council of Conservative Citizens.

University sources say complaints about MacDonald’s anti-Semitism and racism following the April publication of the Intelligence Report’s exposé, “Promoting Hate,” spurred the change.

But Riposa says that’s not so. He insists that MacDonald’s lower-level classes have had “really low enrollments,” which is unacceptable given the rapid growth in Long Beach’s student body. Riposa said he has ordered MacDonald to come up with “some other courses” than the three or four he has taught for years because he “needs to do something else.”

Whatever works.

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  • James

    what tolerance you all seem to have! If anyone speaks anything contrary to orthodox judaism, then he is banished and deemed an ant-semitic heretic! It is a shame that we can criticize anyone but the chosen these days – shame on you! Hypocrites!

    I have a PHD in medicine

  • James Bowery

    The Occidental Quarterly recently published an interesting article titled: “NIihe Theory, Population Transfer, and The Origin of the Anti-Semitic Cycle” by Richard Faussette that describes the origin of anti-Jewish sentiment. While his description is convincing, it is not adequate to explain the degree and pervasiveness of anti-Jewish sentiment. For that I believe a concept from evolutionary medicine needs to be applied called “horizontal transmission” and ‘optimal virulence”. Essentially, evolutionary medicine describes how symbiosis vs virulence evolves in parasites depending on the selection pressures. This concept can also be applied to selection pressures applied to Jews over hundreds of generations to yield a good explanation for the high degree and pervasiveness of anti-Jewish sentiment.

  • epaminondas

    The idea of McDonald actually teaching Child Development is hysterical.

    Perhaps he is the unfortunate victim of social and religious genetic inbreeding as result of a conscious decision by elders in his religious grouping. ;)

  • Claude Poliakoff, MD FACS

    Thank you Dean Riposa, for beginning a constructive response. I understand, for the SPLC report that other faculty at your publicly funded institution have had discussions on this subject. What have your fellow academicians had to say about this bigotry?