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Duke Supporter Elected to Louisiana GOP Governing Committee

By David Holthouse on August 2, 2007 - 12:44 pm, Posted in Klan, Neo-Nazi

David Duke — a former KKK imperial wizard, notorious neo-Nazi, and convicted scam artist — doesn’t spend much time in Louisiana anymore. He’s busy spewing anti-Semitic and white supremacist vitriol from his new base of operations in the Ukraine. But Duke’s former cronies are still active in Louisiana state politics. (Duke was elected to the Louisiana State House as a Republican in 1989; he lost a close race for governor in 1991).

dukephoto.jpgIn early June, longtime Louisiana right-wing radio talk show host and unabashed Duke supporter Keith Rush, 75, was elected to the Republican State Central Committee, the governing body of the Louisiana state Republican party.

When Duke ran for governor in 1991, he backed Rush’s candidacy for Jefferson Parish Council, telling supporters in an endorsement letter, “He thinks like we do. He believes in the things we believe in.” One of Rush’s campaign fliers was titled, “Who is this racist?” In it Rush wrote, “This racist believes that ‘real’ racism thrives on affirmative action programs.” Rush was also a featured guest speaker at “Duke Fest,” held July 4, 1991, in New Orleans’ City Park.

Rush’s election has so far gone unnoticed by national media, although Right Hand Thief and the Flaming Liberal have been dogging the story since mid-June.

  • jh

    As a GOP person I am not thrilled about this. However it should be realized that no one is hardly aware of these GOP races. Even party supporters often don’t vote in them and there are often vacant seats.

    I suspect he got his Christmas card list out and got people to the polls. It is a bad situation but does not reflect the typical view of the party. He will be taken out of office next time he is up

  • Nicole Nichols

    “I can see that those who desire racial conflict first try to elininate the middle ground that exists where persons who are different come together.”

    David, I don’t believe a truer statement was ever made. At this point in our history there are too many divisive things happening – from many different entities.

    I, too, lived through desegregation. So much hard work and so many lives were touched by this era – and I’m not ready to be thrown back 40 years. It starts in our neighborhoods and communities – we HAVE to learn how to reach out and how to turn it around. – we HAVE to start somewhere, and our own backyards need to be the focus.

    We must never accept or ignore hate.

  • David Tyler

    I don’t quite know why so many whites(and some Blacks as well)want to stoke the flames of racial hate and conflict.Both white and black live in my neighborhood, as has been the case for a good while.Lately there are some elements of both races that cant seem to get along.Having lived through desegregation here many years ago,I can see that those who desire racial conflict first try to elininate the middle ground that exists where persons who are different come together.With a hostile Supreme Court on the loose,I fear for those too young to remember the hard times of the past when so few found common ground.Every one of us need to do our part to make sure we oppose racial haters so we don,t have to return to the hard world of the past.

  • peter webster

    Between the white racists and sexual offenders, the Republican party would be woefully understaffed…