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The Gaede Bunch: ‘A is for Aryan’

By Susy Buchanan on August 8, 2007 - 8:42 am, Posted in Neo-Nazi

The same week that Lynx and Lamb Gaede took their neo-Nazi pop singing act Prussian Blue to Sweden and Germany this July, a revealing new documentary on the girls and their white supremacist stage mom April debuted on British TV.

nazi1.jpg“Nazi Pop Twins” contains several profoundly creepy scenes. Chief among them is a speakerphone conversation set up by April Gaede between her daughters and white supremacist terrorist David Lane, who was in prison serving a 190-year sentence for his part in the 1984 machine-gun murder of a Jewish radio talk show host in Denver. (Lane died shortly after filming was completed.)

“When the girls were little they were like daughters or something,” says Lane, 69, who later calls twins Lynx and Lamb — who were 14 at the time — his “fantasy sweethearts.” “Now that they are grown women, and being a natural male, it’s… well, you know what I’m trying to say.”

Other lowlights include April Gaede teaching her 3-year-old daughter Dresden the white power ABCs (“A is for Aryan, B is for blood…”) and April’s father Bill Gaede, a California rancher who brands his cattle and horses with swastikas, negotiating the purchase of an M-16. Bill Gaede tells the filmmakers that Mexicans rape horses and boasts that he’s personally shot six Mexicans in the past four years.


In another scene, April, who broadcasts a white-power radio show from her basement in Kalispell, Mont., implores Lynx to autograph merchandise for Prussian Blue’s fans. When Lynx complains, April scolds her and orders her to put on a happy face for the cameras. “Then you can act like as much of a cunt as you like for the rest of the night!” she snaps at her daughter.

“Nazi Pop Twins” can be viewed here.

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  • jamie

    i know these girls personally. they have grown up, and now expressing their own free will they are not at all racist. intact the opposite. they are actually awesome people.

  • Steve

    I realize it’s been quite a while since this video was done, but I thought I would throw in my 2 cents.
    I see absolutely nothing wrong with being proud of our white heritage.
    Non whites are always expressing their pride in diff. ways, many times in very insulting ways towards other races, and it is considered perfectly acceptable.
    The real shame here is the fact that whites have been conditioned by the media and various gov. policies to be against their own people.(since 1964)
    Multi-culturalism has never worked anywhere, ever.
    Why is it that only white countries are the ones that are being forced to accept racial integration.
    Look at Africa, Japan, China, Middle East, Mexico, etc. Racial integration is at an absolute minimum because they do not want it.
    We are all happiest when we are with our own kind !!

  • Chloe

    It’s all well and good to be proud of who you are, your origins, your culture etc. but you shouldn’t let it define who you are or how you interact with others, or think that other people’s races and cultures define them. We are all human and we are all different yet similar. I’m proud of my Irish heritage, but then again I’d be proud of my heritage if I was, say, Ethiopian, Chinese, or German. Instead of using races and cultures to define and judge ourselves and others, why don’t we consider actual achievements and actions of individuals. Stereotypes and racial prejudices are based on ignorance – we need to educate people to accept and appreciate diversity.

  • Ace

    There girls will be alright. They will meet a gifted individual either Indian, Hispanic or Black and take interest in them. I have seen it happen so many times before. When you try and keep your kids from something so long, all you do is spark interest in them. They will want to see for themselves and when they find that all they have learned is not true, they will wind up married to someone that is not white. I have seen it myself. Sometimes the racist parents give in and welcome in mixed grandchildren, other times they never come to see them, probably cuz they fear they will actually grow to like them.

  • OER Man

    Bill Gaede’s family moved from Oklahoma to the Shafter area of the central Valley, he was very poorly educated.

    Having moved from Surrey to California, you can imagine the shock I had when meeting him for the first time, (he arrived on the ranch to trim the thoroughbreds feet). I don’t think he could read, when given an article in the local paper to read he would say ‘I don’t have my glasses’. His wife Dianne was English, she seemed a nice enough lady. They had two girls and a boy ‘Wolfgang’. Bill was an out and out nutcase.

  • english white and couldnt care less what colour

    good documentary. its not exactly rocket science though, twisted mother for many reasons, narrow minded beliefs, manipulates daughters, section of society blame anything or anyone for their problems.
    we have the same people here in the UK and on the whole the nation ignores them, they thrive in the under educated, high unemployment areas only.
    every so often every country sees them come by and in most places they die off because their argument doesnt stand up and never actually changes.
    majority and democracy sorts this out. The only problem here is two young children (who since this was made have walked away from those beliefs anyway!!) and abuse no different to any other form of abuse. cruel.
    (note to the white nationalist posters on here. grow up)

  • Nick

    As much of a… as much of a what? The mother said what to her daughter?

  • Angel

    It amazes me that people are so ready to be full of opinions – when they themselves are so clearly troubled and incredibly wrongly motivated people. I have had little interaction with white supremacists – except a skinhead who clearly told the whole world what he thought about everything, and everyone – but was into hardcore gay S&M himself. And you want to tell everyone else what’s wrong with them? What a pack of losers.

  • grace

    OMG I can’t belive April called her daughter the c word if my mom called me that i would cry and never speak to her for a long time and she is also polluting her daughter’s minds with all this hate full nonsense!

  • Daniel

    I am not racist at all and I feel for these 2 girls for what their mother has done to them. It’s not going to do either of these girls any good in the long run.

    That said, for every person here condemning whole white power thing. I don’t run around doing it. I’m not racist. I have white friends, black friends, muslin friends. Your nice to me, I’m nice to you. Color couldn’t matter less. That said, what does bother me is every other race is permitted to be proud of their race (black, muslim, hispanic, etc etc). But if a white person says they are proud to be white and want good for their “people”, they are then labeled racists. Just not right. Not saying these girls (or their psycho mother) are just proud of who they are. They’ve taken it much much to far. But I can point out others (Al Sharpton anyone???) that do the same.

  • patrisha

    How can any of these people say what they have; persons are all entitled to feel and believe in what they speech doesn’t come easy anymore. april makes her speech due to what she believes and others shouldn’t criticize her…there is NOTHING WRONG

  • Sarah

    I think Lamb and Lynx are just a bit scared to confess their true beliefs to their mother. If they did, terrible things could happen, even more terrible than what April does to the twins right now. I believe they will break out of their current beliefs someday. They have been brainwashed and home-schooled, let’s wait until they grow up and rush into the “hard” reality. But, is it as bad as their mother claims? I don’t think so… I really hope that someday, they understand that what their mother did to them was wrong.

  • EvaLis

    Jordy Cdawg, the reason why the world is so terrible is partly because too many people are like them!

  • EvaLis

    I feel sorry for those little girls.

  • EvaLis

    Not only is this man a killer and a nazi.

    He´s obviously a paedophile too.

    My God.

  • hp

    RE: Jim Burns comment, Left wing lemmings? what about national socialism, huh? aren’t they lemmings too? we’re all lemmings then aren’t we?

    Its understandable that they love their mother despite her beliefs, but I wonder, are they really racist?
    There are aspects of the doco that show that they are but they are not.
    I completely agree that April Gaede is a highly troubled women (thats a complete understatement), but I think her controlling nature tends to frighten her own kids, seeing that when they answer questions they always look at her. Its not their own opinion. It looks like if they do something ‘wrong’, shes gonna give them a lot of stick afterwards.

    They even looked scared when Quinn asked them questions, and then when they found out their mother was taking a nap, they felt relaxed and expressed themselves.

    I for one think they are really scared of their mother.

    What makes it worse for them , is even if they reform, People will always see them as the twins that sung racist songs. They’ve been exposed since they were young and that would be hard on them. And they feel that they’ve screwed up their lives already, Its emotional, not having friends your own age. They probably are pariahs in school still, if not, it’ll be interesting if they have friends and it;ll be amusing if their mother accepts their friends, it’ll even be even more amusing if the mother interrogates their friends and find out that the friends ancestry dates back to Jewish origin.

  • Alan B’Stard M P

    so what’s the big deal. Christ you are all overly emotional. You wouldn’t care if it were japanese kids doing the same

    That’s what happens when you are propagandized by jews.

    I couldn’t care less

  • Scotty

    I bet when they grow up one of them gets pregnant with a Bi- racial baby. I will L.M.A.O.

  • Jade

    I wonder what April would have done if one of her three kids had been born; oh I don’t know, autistic. She probaby would have shot that child as soon as she found out! I have noticed that some ‘white nationalists’, as they call choose to call themselves, have mentioned just about every single thing about other races and the white race. However, they mention nothing about people who happen to be disabled. Oddly, neither have any of have any of posters like me who agree with the Southern Poverty Law Center. I will start. Nobody is completely flawless. Admit it, don’t you have something that you can’t stand about yourself. Maybe it is your laugh perhaps. Maybe it is your poor spelling. Maybe it is the size of your ears. That doesn’t mean that we don’t all have good things about us though. Maybe you can make the world’s best homeade tomato soup perhaps. Maybe you can recite an entire scene from Macbeth without forgetting a single line. Maybe you are a fantastic square dancer. Either way, could someone please mention people with disabilities?

  • Jordy Cdawg

    I am strongly backing the girls and their mum April, i beleive that what they are standing for is correct, and we should all follow in their footsteps.

    Shame on you all for thinking they are terrible people, the world would be such a beter place if we were all more like them.

  • mountaingirl08

    I have been concerned about the welfare of the girls since I first heard of them. The stage mother is overworking the kids. Also, isn’t the constant drumbeat of bigotry and racism a form of psychological child abuse?
    Re Mr. Whitepower; I would prefer that you not try to save me. And I would pose a question; why do white supremacists think they are superior and pure? They make me want to take a shower.

  • Jordan

    Whether it may there mother’s fault for bringing them up this way or not.
    the fact is you lose your innocence at a certain age.
    many of our grandparents are probably racist, yet we have made the decision not to be.
    they could have just easily seen the evil in their doings, yet they are teens now still choosing to be the way they are.

  • James Aldermann

    And all you fine folk are certainly NOT brainwashed. You are certainly NOT merely spewing forth the same crap that has been pounded into your brains from your Jewish taskmasters in school, in print, on TV and in the movies since you were born. You know you speak the truth because you have been told you speak the truth. You speak what Jews tell you to speak and you think what Jews tell you to think. Anything else is “hate.” You are a bunch of pathetic pre-programmed automatons and you are too stupid to even see it. Must be the results of that public (ie Jewish) education you all are so fond of.

  • madinirose

    I just saw this documentary and all I can say is “Wow!” It’s obvious that Lynx and Lamb don’t exactly share there mother’s beliefs. However, is this just a normal case of teenage rebellion or is it real change? Only time will tell.

    For me, the most best of the film is when James and April start agruing. James tells her, “What does being white have to do with Hitler and Nazism?” Then Lynx and Lamb say that they have nothing to do with Hitler and Nazism. Those Hitler T-shirts were a “joke”? Their grandfather gleefully brands his cattle with swatikas and their band is named after a substance that supposedly proves that the Holocaust never took place, therefore Hitler wasn’t so bad. But, somewhat, you guys have nothing to do with Hitler and Nazism?

    This is a wonderful documentary and I’m got it’s available online. I hope that Lamb, Lynx, and their grandmother can find their way out of wilderness. It was such a shame to see the girls in that bar happily singing their song (that had nothing to do with white supremacy) and then their mother ruining it. You could how uncomfortable they were. You could see the bar patrons went from being comfortable and having a good time to be tense and cold. It’s as if April had completely shut off music’s ability to sooth and inspire. How sad!!!!

  • Stephanie

    Another deplorable part is the ‘lovely’ Hitler T-Shirts that April finds ‘Incrediably funny’. Ugh. Someone really needs to step in. Imagine when little Dresden grows up what she is going to be like. Also thier denial of the Holocaust.
    I states in the movie that the twin’s parents are divorced and April has full custody. How the hell did April get full custody??? Anyone would be better than her.