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Minnesota Bridge Collapse Explained — Sort Of

By Heidi Beirich on August 9, 2007 - 7:43 am, Posted in Conspiracies, Media Extremism, New World Order

gg-jeromecorsi2.jpgSo now, according to Swiftboat mastermind and conspiracy-monger par excellence Jerome Corsi (right), last week’s deadly Minneapolis bridge collapse is not the result of years of subpar maintenance or a design flaw on a bridge declared “structurally deficient” in 1990. Absolutely not. A far more sinister cause lies behind the collapse.

Corsi argues on the right-wing WorldNetDaily website that the bridge collapsed because it was being used as part of a North American “SuperCorridor.” The so-called SuperCorridor is just one part of a nefarious, secretive plan by global elites to merge the U.S., Canada and Mexico into a “North American Union” (NAU). Corsi also has written that the NAU may be part of an “executive branch coup d’etat.”

It makes you wonder what else Corsi can blame on the fictitious North American Union. The collapse of the subprime mortgage industry? High oil prices? Global warming?

  • EarleyDaysYet

    And here we are in 2012… No superhighway, no NAU, no Bush. No credibility for all those commenters above who swore blind it’d happen by 2010. Ah, well. Better luck next conspiracy theory.

  • Concerned Citizen

    I had a similar thought when it happened. But, in my opinion, it was not done on purpose.

    They knew that the superhighway was going to be built. So… why rebuild the bridge in the late 90’s/early 00’s when they were going to have to rebuild it again in another decade or so?

    In my opinion, they didn’t WANT it to collapse. They thought it would hold up.

    I don’t see this as anything truly nefarious, I see it as criminal negligence.

    And yes, the North American Union is going to come if we don’t wake up. And within the next few years. And the New World Order will soon follow.

    Bad guys:

    Bush Sr. on the New World Order:
    Clinton on the New World Order:
    Obama on the New World Order:
    Gordon Brown:
    Anybody in the CFR: (all the other candidates that are left, not named Ron Paul)

    Good guys:

    Ron Paul on the New World Order:
    Buchanan on the New World Order:

  • Tom
  • LEAH

    Please look at
    NAFTA superhighway
    and buliding a North American Community
    It is all there black and white
    North American Union by 2010

  • mjb

    Holy crap, your site is so pointless. WND. Your word usage is convenient and interesting. Was it necessary to use “right wing” in every way possible.

    National Socialism is as far away from conservatism as possible. Please study economics before labeling everyone and everything that appears to be racist as right wing.

    Stop politicizing racism. It is very unbecoming. The race card is so pathetically played out that I am surprised such ignorance exists on your part.

  • the daily phosdex

    Rev. Fred “G-d Hates F—” Phelps and his so-called “Westboro Baptist Church” have come up with their own explanation for the Unfortunate Events of 1 August:

    “Divine Wrath and Condemnation” for the supposed “tolerance” of Minnesota for homosexuals.

    In turn, prompting designs therefrom to picket the funerals of the martyred, excusing such as “education***to reclaim America for G-d.”

  • David Tyler

    More likely the drying up of funding for badly needed repairs and upgrades of our nations infrastructure is the primary cause of the collapse.If you want to get down to it those persons who want to severly limit the scope and size of government at the state as well as the federal level share a great measure of responsbility for the matter.For many years now,and hardly but not excepting the Bush government,we have allowed the small government crowd to hold sway over national policy.With funding denied when requsted to a general ignoring of developing problems related to infrastructure we now find ourselves prostrate before the onslaught of time and nature.The odds increase of disaster the further removed in time we get from the point at which a response would have been required.Now we act to improve the situation or else we wait with our heads in the sands until the next disaster.Funds must be forthcoming tax increase or not or yesterday will be today all over again.
    I cant see what the north American union thing is supposed to have caused whether there even is such a scheme or not.ü

  • m.j.bilicko

    if you guys n gals out there really believe there is no super highway being built (as we speak) and the traitor bush is not trying to unite mexico, canada, and the USA, then it is YOU being the uninformed silent majority.
    YOU who do nothing but try to make patriotic groups look silly and raciest will one day realize that people like me and many thousands more are doing our best to keep our country as it is.
    I will defend my country to my death.
    God Bless America.
    Michael J. Bilicko
    Delta, Colorado

  • Josh

    wow, we were so blind not to see that! it all makes so much sense now, the bridge collapsed because of a bunch of imaginary people who exist only in the minds of kooks and idiots!