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Pat Buchanan Again Cites Racist Sources on Black Crime

By Heidi Beirich on August 22, 2007 - 8:06 am, Posted in Media Extremism

MSNBC commentator and former Reagan aide Pat Buchanan is citing racist sources again — and mislabeling them as “right-leaning.”

In “The Color of Crime,” an Aug. 21 column posted on his blog and the white nationalist hate site, Buchanan attacked The Washington Post for not telling the truth about black criminality in two different stories about race and crime (here and here). Buchanan was incensed that the Post did not say that blacks are more criminal than whites and didn’t mention “white victims” of black crime.

To make his point, Buchanan cited approvingly a report by the white supremacist New Century Foundation, “The Color of Crime: Race, Crime and Justice in America”, which purportedly proves that blacks are vastly more criminal than others. Buchanan uses this racist “research” to attack blacks, writing, “The real repository of racism in America — manifest in violent interracial assault, rape and murder — is to be found not in the white community, but the African-American community.”

As an article in the Intelligence Report pointed out seven years ago, that argument is fundamentally flawed, ignoring decades of real research that shows that poverty is intimately related to crime rates. In fact, race, unlike income, has little, if any, predictive value. The New Century article also conflates interracial crime with interracial hate crime to claim blacks commit vastly more hate crimes than others.

In citing the New Century report, Buchanan utterly mischaracterizes the group, calling it “right-leaning.” That is absurd. The New Century Foundation holds biannual conferences that attract such white supremacists as former Klan boss David Duke and tackle topics like “The Biological Reality of Race.” The organization also publishes American Renaissance, a journal filled with racist articles about blacks and Latinos. A 2002 article, for instance, argued that blacks are inherently pathological, suffering from a “personality disorder of which the central feature is lack of a moral sense.” Among a host of other things, the article alleges that blacks can’t form long-term relationships, stay employed, achieve long-term goals, or restrain their emotions and violent behavior.

This isn’t the first time that Buchanan, a long-time television commentator and sometime candidate for the White House, has gone to the racist well for his “facts.” In the footnotes to his 2002 book The Death of the West, the former Nixon speechwriter cited approvingly the late William Pierce, author of the race-war novel The Turner Diaries (the blueprint for the Oklahoma City bombing) and the founder of America’s then-leading neo-Nazi group. In his 2006 book State of Emergency, Buchanan cited a host of haters including white supremacist James Lubinskas; Edward Rubinstein of the white nationalist think tank National Policy Institute; Clyde Wilson, a board member of the racist and secessionist League of the South; and Wayne Lutton, a veteran immigrant- and gay-hater. (See SPLC book review here.)

What’s mystifying about all this isn’t that Buchanan pushes racist ideas. He’s been doing that for a long time now. It’s that he gets away with it while holding on to his high-profile job as a mainstream TV commentator.

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  • Edward

    As a retired police officer I will attest to the reality of the very high crime rate in the black community, but I also saw the reality that other blacks were almost always the victims. More than 75% were women, old people, children, and rival gang members. I am a white person who spent thousands of hours in mostly black public housing areas trying to protect these victims over a 15 year career. As a white police officer I was told by supervisors to stay out of the projects so the department would not be accused of harassing black suspects. My reply was that 90% of the people there were victims who deserved police protection and wanted the police to arrest and remove the crooks who beat, raped, robbed, and murdered them and if I was not allowed to patrol the projects I would go to the local newspapers with that issue. I was allowed to continue my patrols. I was shoot by a sniper once while doing this. The issue of black on black crime and the causes has some responsibility with the history of slavery, but the white community has tried to help overcome this over the last 50 years. In Georgia, Gov. Carl Sanders and Atl. Mayor Ivan Allen, Jr. were progressive southerners who helped do this in the 1960’s. Federal education programs, public housing, food stamp programs, welfare to work programs, judicial rulings, and progressive legislative actions have come a long way during that time. I was told by a highly educated and succesful black man, during many discussions we had on this subject, that young black men aspired to have three things, nice clothes, cars, and women. He also had opinions of the black race similar to those expressed by Bill Cosby. I believe we will always have racial tensions as long as black people refuse to see the enemy within thier own communities who are black, and white people who are scared to express thier true feelings so we can have an honest discussion on race. In the next 200 to 300 years the racial lines will become completely blurred to the point where we will all be a combination of all the races and will finally simply become the HUMAN RACE.

  • Nietzschean

    A. said. You’re an idiot. Blacks face higher incarceration rates because they commit a disproportionate amount of crime. Remember when Jesse Jackson said he felt relieved to see that the footsteps he heard behind him belonged to white people, he was expressing a truth (though for ideological/propagandistic reasons he regretted it). It was black law makers who pushed for stiffer penalties for crack cocaine because violence associated with the sales of crack cocaine were wreaking havoc in the black community. Class dismissed. P.S. I love your implicit wish that white people be the victims of violence. By the way, you know who was a victim of chickens coming home to roost? Barack Obama’s hero Malcolm X.

  • A.

    Oh please.

    Where do these commenters come from? Stormfront?

    White people, your status is not threatened. You can go lay your head and be happy that your chickens are not coming home to roost, even though you can take to heart that they very well should.

    Welcome to the racial dynamics of the Justice System. White people are less likely to be imprisoned than black people, and if they are, they’re given a very lenient sentence.

    Take a look at the disparities between drug use.

    Instead of surfing the internet, some of you should be cracking open a book. And stop making conservatism look bad.

  • TyRogers

    It would seem that according to the SPLC the Department of Justice is a hate site because they actually are the source of statistics that show that certain crime rates are enormously higher in some groups.
    Truth is not a matter of politics, and in deal;ing with these statistics without intellectual integrity, the SPLC demolishes it’s credibility as anything other than a political or propaganda outlets, which really doesn’t make it distinguishable from what it calls “hate Sites”. When it labels V-Dare a hate site, it becomes obvious that anyone who is not in political lock-step with SPLC is going to be smeared as “racist”.

  • http://PatBuchanan Lisa J

    Crime is not commited by people in poverty Please just a short look at how many rappers and sports figures have mug shots including Mike Tyson who was a multi millionaire now broke just goes to prove you can take some1 outta the ghetto give them a multi million dollar deal and it won’t keep them outta jail or outta as many beds as they can possibly jump into and produce so many illegitimate kids and not pay for them Evander Holyfield is now broke in foreclosure and being sued by the mom of only one of his ten yes I said 10 kids So tired of the double standard like Imus getting fired but any rapper can call any respectable hard working black woman a nappy headed “bitch ho” And lets not forget the worst offense the N word over and over in songs No respect for your own race

  • Nietzschean

    I don’t hate anyone I don’t know; and least of all because of some immutable characteristic like skin color.

  • Dani

    Wow! I guess you all just hate each other. All of your blogs became less about the article and more about hurling insults at each other. It didn’t become about solving the problem. It became about who was right and who was wrong. It became about the statistics. It became about who is better. I am young. 26. I have an incredible amount to still learn about the world, but one thing I do know and one thing that is very clear is that we do have a problem and no one is doing anything to fix it. Everyone just wants to point a finger at someone else. Black people. White people. Brown people. Yellow people. Everyone else is the problem and you are always right. What about, instead of looking at what is happening and walking away or rubber necking, you take a second and help out. Sit down and talk, instead of immediately judging and condemning. I am the child of a mixed union, so I feel the hate everyday. White people consider me a criminal black and black people consider me a traitor. I have felt confused until I realized that we are all just people. Everyone bleeds red. We all come from one source, where ever you believe that is. No one is better or worse. Some people have it better or worse. Blacks and whites alike. We could all take a little lesson from Brad and Angelina who have the United Nations going on in their home. My only point is, statistics aside, because they don’t matter when it comes down to it, IQ in the trash, because it is hard work that gets you far in life and not a high IQ (look at ‘A Beautiful Mind,’ that man ended up in a mental institution), love each other, stop judging each other. Stop pointing fingers and associating blame. I am not better or worse because I am not black and not white. I happen to be both and sitting in the middle is just fine with me. There is nothing wrong with it. The only problem I see is when people don’t try to find a solution. It is not someone else’s problem because we are all one PEOPLE.

  • Nietzschean

    Chris Rock mocked those who deny that black crime and violence is a distinct problem in America. This he said to a predominantly black audience that roared in approval:

    “‘The media has distorted our image to make us look bad, why must you come down on us like that, brother? It ain’t us, it’s the media.’ Please, cut the fucking shit, okay. Okay? Okay? When I go to the money machine tonight, alright, I ain’t looking over my back for the media: I’m looking for niggas!'”

    It’s only a problem when white people point it out.

  • Mick

    And still no response from Ms. Beirich. She’s been called out as race-baiting huckster for this particular article and others on numerous blogs. But she refuses to acknowledge her bias and her unfounded attacks. And she’d have us believe that it the white male-dominated media that never takes responsibility for outlandish remarks and criticism. Hmmm. Well, at least her fruadulant, unfounded, broad brush comments have been exposed for what they are—a sham. At least we can be heartened by that.

  • Nietzschean

    Well, at Ruby Ridge a baby was shot and killed by a federal sniper while in his mother’s arms. And I’ll bet you less than 2% of white America has the slightest clue what “Ruby Ridge” even refers to, whereas everyone knows who Rodney King was. What do you think of that? And as for Waco, you must not know much about that particular case, because a great many non-white men, women AND children were killed. (See John Conyers heated questioning of Janet Reno and draw your own conclusions).

    At any rate, would you like to take this opportunity to defend black America’s joyous response to the OJ verdict?

    Incidentally, my white cousin was shot and killed by police officers, shot 17 times, in fact, and didn’t fire a single shot at them. I loved him, but I can’t blame the police. They’re only human and I doubt they woke up wanting to take a 40-year-old man’s life.

  • Fem-Quida

    Crimes on people of all color committed by law enforcement is vastly under reported. While Ruby Ridge and Waco gets white people upset you see quite the reverse when it comes to Rodney King from white people. This double standard helps to conceal the true depth of violent crime committed by law enforcement against people of color

  • Nietzschean

    What the SPLC does, though no doubt with the best of intentions, is to insist on a reality that most white people who live on the streets know is an ideologically constructed lie. They’re more concerned with the potential white reaction to violent interracial crime than the violent interracial crime itself. However, I think you (SPLC) create more white racism this way. If you want whites to have sympathy for the plight of blacks, you can’t lie to us when the truth is all around us. It just creates cynicism and isolates us. The media of course is complicit. For example, you almost never see a black accused of raping a white woman on the TV crime shows–the exception being when he has been falsely accused by a wicked white prosecutor and/or police force.

  • http://BJ BJ and The Bear

    “By the way, IQ tests primarily measure educational attainment, reserving only 10-33 percent of the materials for raw cognitive ability. ”

    Educability is controlled by IQ, not the reverse. Futher, simple reaction time tests, in which the subject is asked to respond to a simple stimulus such as the appearence of a color or object on a screen, also correlates well with IQ and the racial IQ gap also shows up. Also, blacks with an equal amount of education do not score as well as whites or Asians. Also, blacks from families who earn more than 80k/year do less well on IQ tests than whites from families who earn less than 10k/year. Also, blacks adopted by well-off white families as toddlers do not score as well on IQ tests as whites from similar socio-economic backgrounds. Also, twin studies reveal that IQ is about 75% heritable. Twins reared apart show remarkable consistency in IQ scores despite being raised in sometimes very different socioeconomic environments. I could go on but I’ll leave it at that.

  • http://BJ BJ and The Bear

    “You hit the nail on the head, the color of the criminal does not matter. ”

    This is like saying that the make and model of two cars don’t matter much once they both break down. However, some makes and models are less likely to do so and it might be wise to consider such things when in the market for a new automobile. The race of criminals allows us to make statistically valid assumptions about the likelihood of future crime when confronting people of different races. It means that it’s perfectly logical to be more suspicious of blacks with regard to violent crime and that racial profiling is nothing more than a recognition of reality.

  • http://BJ BJ and The Bear

    Racist research? Um, the source for the Color of Crime is included in the report. It’s the Uniform Crime Report released every year by the FBI and the National Crime Victimization Survey released every year by the Department of Justice. I’ve checked the numbers myself and they are dead on accurate. Some simple arithmetic is all you need to arrive at the same conclusions.

  • Denise

    “Finally, thank everyone who has spoken their minds on this site, even the bigots masquerading as truth tellers. Thank god for the secrecy that online bogging affords…at least until white hoods and sheets become fashionable once again (lol).”

    Typical comment from a white person who calls anyone (white of course) who disagrees with them racist. Can’t you all ever come up with something original?

  • James

    Well, I went to the web site mentioned above, then I read their Color of Crime report, then I checked some of the stats with the US Dept. of Justice.

    There isn’t one thing they reported that I have checked so far that I could find incorrect. Not only that, but their contention that Hispanics are lumped in with white crime figures is also correct, and disturbing to me, by the way.

    I checked incarceration rates as well, and blacks do disproportionately have greater numbers in prison, with Hispanics a distant second, whites third, and Asians last.

    I also gleaned the following current wanted list by the FBI and was amazed to see just one white face on there.

    I get so sick of reading the kind of tripe this site puts out about white racism and invariably when I check into it myself I find it’s a bald face lie.

    I would like to ask the SPLC why it insists on making so many false allegations about white people and distorting the fact that black and Hispanic crime is out of control.

    Isn’t the best way to solve a problem to recognize the basic facts, then try to comne up with solutions from that? How can we bring black crime under control if we allege it doesn’t exist?

    To do so will make the situation worse, and a worsening situation in this country is one that is close to erupting into civil conflict.

    That’s what is coming if the liars don’t face reality and help us find a solution. Denying a problem makes it worse, just as ignoring an open cancer would.

  • June

    Mr. Smith, you have a very naive way of thinking here.
    Race doesn’t matter when it comes to crime as the most people have said here. The only reason why they have not recorded white crime is because of the feeling of superiority they have since it is their “country” and therefore stick up for another. This is actually natural. Races stick up to one another because of the same color.

  • Gary M

    What a crock. The liberal hit artist, on this subject, are defending blacks using the same old tired methods: paint whites as racist (and disqualify them from the debate) and then come up with some “scientific” excuse to explain away reality. (Multiculturalism run a muck.)

    Poor people can actually be honest law bidding citizens. Facts or facts, people. If you are white, chances are you are going to face a criminal event from a black, not Hispanic, not Caucasian, not Martian.

  • Mick

    I’m curious why Ms. Beirich hasn’t responded to the responses. Doesn’t want to have an honest discussion I guess. Or maybe it’s the lack statistical research supporting her claims. I mean, at one point she cited the “blizzard of statistics” in the Color of Crime. Well, I gotta tell you, honey, just because you have trouble getting your head wrapped around those statistics, doesn’t mean you can just fall back on your political inclinations and write some screed as an attempt to invalidate them. So do me a favor, put up or shut up. Where are your more complex analyses showing that we’re all equal and that we’re all special, and that we’re all equal and special? Where are they. The very first response to your piece asked substantive responses from you. Now here it is a month later, and nothing. Hmm. How odd.

  • Gerald1

    I am appalled at some of the statements posted on this site, chief among them, the statement about low IQ’s among them, -“Exact racial equality may have contributed to more deaths during Katrina (?).” Where do you get this? Next, someone will be blaming 9/11 victims for not figuring out the geometric angles necessary for escaping falling debris from a collapsing tower. I know, some may say the two are not comparable. You are wrong. Both were man-made disaster. Hurricane Katrina did not cause the massive flooding. Criminally negligent levees designed to protect a population of about 500,000 are to blame. If San Francisco, Seattle, New York, or other city relying heavily on public transportation were to suffer large-scale flooding, causalities would occur and civilians would be stranded. These cities have a lower black profile and plenty of whites. I would dare any of you Franz Boaz, Herrnstein and Murray theorists to assign race-based IQ theories as to why those fair-skinned urban people were unable to evacuate.

    By the way, IQ tests primarily measure educational attainment, reserving only 10-33 percent of the materials for raw cognitive ability. Clearly there exists a gap difference between white/black levels of educational attainment in the US. While personal responsibility should not be glossed over, institutions have the responsibility to educate its citizens, proving adequate resources and information to all American citizens.

    Prior to the 1940’s most people, white, black or otherwise, were unable to access higher education. Government policies created 2 million new seats in colleges and Universities nationally and thus a middle class. Prior to that, institutions now considered elite, were simply par for the course. This is so the elite can continue to distinguish themselves from the commoners (yes whites too). My point being that where IQ and education are concerned, old money families possess a great deal more knowledge that does most Americans. “Knowledge” is transmitted between generations as much as information is given in the classroom. Most American’s find they testing well enough to get into some colleges but not Yale or Berkeley. Students at those institutions have an inherent stock of knowledge presented to them, in part, by legacy. So, while tier-system colleges are in place to make a lot of people feel like somebody, to feel intelligent, and I’m sure you all are, legacy separates the choice few. Similarly, legacy and favorable policies allowed for whites to access universities before other ethnic groups who have long-standing roots in the US (Blacks, Indigenous Nations). And so, there exists a matured stock of knowledge and an inherent entitlement created by policy that facilitates the ongoing disparity among racial groups in America.

    Many of us (whites) look down on others to prevent us from looking up at the multi-generational, policy making, old money ruling class who keep us all in our place, black or white.

    Finally, thank everyone who has spoken their minds on this site, even the bigots masquerading as truth tellers. Thank god for the secrecy that online bogging affords…at least until white hoods and sheets become fashionable once again (lol).

  • Joe

    The simple fact is that blacks are far more racist than whites are, at this point in American history.

    So much effort has been put into training whites to be fair, including shaming them but also education… yet…

    NO EQUIVALENT EFFORT has been made to train and shame blacks into being fair.

    One has to ask why. What are the elites up to, by effectively encouraging black racism?

  • Robert

    Trying to shame out of existence any open, honest discussion of race/crime by calling those you oppose like Pat Buchannan racists doesn’t work and makes the SLPC look childish. You call his source racist, yet Buchannan’s source “The Color of Crime” supports all their findings with data from the U.S. Government so you are also calling the Department of Justice and the FBI racists when you call his source racist. Why doesn’t the SLPC bring legal action against the Department of Justice or the FBI then and prove your position with facts?
    There is a huge gulf in the overall moral sense between the black and white community as a whole, the crime statistics prove it, black pop culture proves it, the no snitchin attitude in the black community proves it and poverty has nothing to do with it for as I am sure the SLPC knows there are actually more whites at or below the poverty level in America than blacks so how can you rectify that blacks being 12 or 13 percent of the population are responsible for half of the murders in America and are overrepresented in virtually every crime category especially predatory crime?
    In my book a racist is one who promotes falsehoods about race and if the SLPC is claiming blacks are not more criminal than whites or that blacks don’t have lower IQ on average than whites then it is in fact the SLPC who are the racists. It is only fair that the egalitarians at some point should have to be held to task and prove their position, right? This is especially true when the SLPC is making unsupported accusations of racism against those it disagrees with. It seems the SLPC would support their argument with intelligent commentary supported by evidence (if they had any) but instead they resort to name calling and no evidence. Name calling makes for a very poor argument and those at the Law Center should have learned that in law school a long time ago. The evidence for racial equality simply does not exist and the SLPC knows it and wants to do anything and everything it can to hide the truth. Shame on you!

  • steven bannister

    The SPLC condems Buchannan for quoting Steve Sailor of VDARE. They go on to say about Sailor’s work:

    “It is typified by an article on Hurricane Katrina, where he blames the disaster and deaths on African Americans with low IQs who were ”too shortsighted to worry.”

    This is a false statement. Steven Sailor did NOT blame “disaster and deaths” on African Americans. Rather, he blamed city officials for not taking into account the IQ and culture of the New Orleans population.

    Question for the SPLC: If African Americans REALLY DO have a lower IQ – as some research suggests – then wouldn’t it be immoral to NOT consider this factor in times of emergency?

    For example, if a group of 14 year olds were in the path of a Hurricane, we would simply remove them, no questions asked.

    Of course, Blacks are adults, not 14 year olds. But by assuming that Blacks have the exact same reasoning capacity as Whites, we may actually ENDANGER them by assuming they will act exactly as Whites during emergency situations.

    Thus, in my opinion, the myth of “exact racial equality” actually may have contributed to the deaths of Blacks during Katrina.

  • Pasha Hoest

    Let’s just clear this up…by posting the DOJ statistics right here, where they belong.

  • James is not a “white nationalist hate site”. It’s an anti-illegal immigration site. Check your facts, idiot.

  • me

    hmmm can you REFUTE those stats?No? Why do you need to name call and misquote? Simply quoting real, verifiable stats is now racist? What does the SPLC wish the ‘punishment’ to be?

  • Daryl

    You know I’ve seen these statistics posted in a variety of places – often with the author’s intent being what faults the message. Hate is a terrible pulpit to stand on if you’re going to try to fix a problem as far-reaching as cultural decline within a specific racial or even economic area. Buchanan’s statistics are representing an author without credibility, but the source is inviolate. So what is the problem? Are blacks more violent than whites? Are blacks more violent in general? Is this all the result of something created by “zionists”? These questions are unimportant if we can’t get out of the cycle of condemning every racially heated topic as soon as it springs up. I don’t pretend to have the answers on this one, but a society that embraces political correctness so much that someone as admired as Bill Cosby would disappear from the public for daring to say that maybe *gasp* blacks were responsible for their own lot in life is headed down a bad road. So we’re victim to our own ideologies on this one it seems. I know someone is going to jump out and yell “Cultural Marxism!” or “Right Wing-Wakko!” or something like that…maybe that’s true. Maybe some jewish scholars did form a school and bring it to America with the intellectual purpose of destroying our societal constructs by implementing Marxist ideals on culture rather than the working class…but in this case their intent hardly matters. The average person is terrified that if they speak up and question the idealogical “reality” of anti-hate groups they’ll be branded the worst sort of human and cast into a state of permanent apology for being so debase as to suggest that maybe the races are different. Maybe people are different…maybe genders are differnent too…all of it. We should all be afforded the same opportunities to pursue liberty and happiness, but that hardly argues that we are the same.

  • Jane Maxwell

    I hope that someday Ms. Beirich can leave the prison of white self-loathing that she has been placed in, and partake in the full membership of our civilization that is her birthright. For someone to devote their considerable talents and life work in service of such destructive falsehood is saddening. But hope springs eternal….

    P.S. I like the really angry-looking BLUE-EYED devil in the Hatewatch logo. Subtle, boys and girls, subtle!

  • expat

    “This isn’t the first time that Buchanan, a long-time television commentator and sometime candidate for the White House, has gone to the racist well for his “facts.” In the footnotes to his 2002 book The Death of the West, the former Nixon speechwriter cited approvingly the late William Pierce, author of the race-war novel The Turner Diaries (the blueprint for the Oklahoma City bombing) and the founder of America’s then-leading neo-Nazi group. In his 2006 book State of Emergency, Buchanan cited a host of haters including white supremacist James Lubinskas; Edward Rubinstein of the white nationalist think tank National Policy Institute; Clyde Wilson, a board member of the racist and secessionist League of the South; and Wayne Lutton, a veteran immigrant- and gay-hater.”

    If the SPLC had the facts on its side it wouldn’t need to engage in the kind of name-calling and neo-McCarthyite guilt-by-association tactics it habitually uses. Look at the passage quoted above and you will see a textbook example of the kind of tactics for which the late Sen, McCarthy was reviled.

  • John Woeh

    It’s amusing when a radical, racist hate group like the SPLC throws around terms like “white supremacist.”

    As in “the facts are white supremacist.”

    Those darned facts really do a number on the SPLC.

  • Johnnie

    The poverty arguement is a downward spiral. Poor people commit crimes, crime makes you poor, criminal convictions make you unemployable, criminal attitude makes one hostile to honest work. All are at play in the black community which is suffering not from racism, but from cultural decline that began in the 60s. Blacks need to realized the spiral they are caught in and start “acting white” to get out of the spiral.

  • E. Theiss

    The anti-caucasion movement is very powerful these days and is led by the SPLC and ACLU and La RAZA,Ford. Corp. etc. When whites are robbed of their hard-earned wealth by illegal invaders or robbers from the black or Hispanic community they are bent over laughing from sheer joy.However, Savage says..white man is tired of getting the shaft and being used for cannon fodder and he is getting ready to get in the ring.I am a housewife and I hear daily of crimes inflicted upon the white seniors in my neighborhood in Houston.Always, it is a young Hispanic or a black guy involved. My kids and step-kids are letting me know about racial conflict in their trashed out public schools.Word is the real tension is between the blacks and Hispanics.My kids will NOT be learning Spanish. They all know that whites are in the crosshairs from the anti-Europeanists and their Marxist brothers. I follow the crime stories regularly.Buchanon is spot on.We need more bluntly honest intellectuals to speak out against these one world lowlifes.

  • eh

    Why does it matter what the source of the statistics are as long as they are accurate? Maybe I missed it, but I did not see where in your post here you disproved any of the statistics about crime in Buchanan’s piece.

  • Adumb Whiteguydumb

    If anyone questions that the FACTS, that Mr. Buchanan spoke of, one need only to look at the LAPD’s “Most Wanted” website and then come tell us dumb White people how it’s all lies. This leftist “poverty center” has NO sympathy for the racial crimes committed against whites (at all) or against blacks by illegal invaders who have claimed open season on blacks (and soon whites). That’s what happens when elitist whites ridden with their white guilt, feel compelled to lie, by omission, that which is obvious to those affected. This failure to address the true issue and blaming the victims will only lead to a bonafide rise of a white or nationalist (or both) movement, with the knowledge of what an armed and angry white race is capable of it seems to me that this blindness to the reality that now exist will have the end result of accomplishing everything you claim to be against. After all it is only the rule of law that will and does protect minorities. Enforce the law, do not protect criminal invasion but keep America free, by OUR laws, or pay the price in the blood of our children.
    P.S. It would help if you leave behind your socialist ideals it will only lead to failure and dictatorship as it allways does.

  • Satori

    James, I don’t think black people are more responsible for rape than other races. The vast majority of rapes occur between people who know each other and go unreported because the victim is afraid of retaliation. You seem to be forgetting how many rapes occur at college frat parties where the guy gets away with it. A black male is probably more likely to be reported, and the crime recorded by the DOJ, but that does not mean that a rapist is more likely to be black.

  • john

    The left wing/zionist jew media downplays black on white crime because they know that if it was shown all the time, you’d have a possibly uncontrollable race war on your hands. Which is exactly what the zionists want. All the better to secure the NWO.

  • James T. Smith

    It’s a fact blacks commit rape at much higher rates than any other race. Why don’t you take your own advice and go look at the DOJ data with your own eyes. As Buchanan correctly describes, the media downplays black criminality, because the media, like you and Mrs. Beirich, are afraid of the truth. Notice she is unable to substantiate her claims.

  • Ples Walker

    Mr. Smith, James,

    Just think of what you just wrote. Blacks raping more then…often these crimes are committed by whites and on family members or in rural areas. Look at the truck driver that raped and killed all those prostitues, or the Ted Bundies of this country. Better yet, do you remember Susan Smith? Now go figure! The media likes to put color into the picture and this keeps fear in the heart of all Americans. Get your information together and think for your self, now read what I sent David Tyler.


  • Ples Walker

    David Tyler,
    You hit the nail on the head, the color of the criminal does not matter. There was a study that where the population is more white, there is white on white crimes and visa versa. There was another study that said, African and Mexican Americans cannot be rehabilitated like Whites. Let’s look at the drug world, minority areas are trageted more often. This is called, “Profiling.”

    America lives in fear because the media brings things together without thinking who are affected.

    Peace my friend


  • David Tyler

    I’ve been to jail and prison.There are plenty of other whiteguys.What difference does it make to some what race the victim and the perp are to begin with?I’ve been both victim and perp and I’ve never understood why some think it should be a matter of race.Both races contain too many of both.When I was inside most of us needed to be there.Period.Crime has no color but ask yourself if the criminal justice system does and to what extent.That may be where the devil lays,so to speak.Blacks tend to get the short end of the stick it seems to me.You can find stats to back this notion too,if I so mention.

  • James T. Smith

    “In fact, race, unlike income, has little, if any, predictive value”

    While often claimed, from what I can tell that’s simply not true. It’s not supported by the data in the GSS, for one thing. Feel free to link to any study proving your statement.

    The ‘intelligence’ report from your own advocacy group provides no data to support its claims. It also states, “while it is true, for instance, that blacks rob whites far more than vice versa, that is hardly a surprise — whites, after all, own nearly 10 times the wealth that blacks do on average. They also own far more businesses. Thus, it is only natural that any rational robber would select whites over blacks as victims.”

    So why do blacks rape so much?

    I look forward to you providing substantive responses to the above.