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Lou Dobbs Hailing Border Shooters

By Mark Potok on August 31, 2007 - 2:03 pm, Posted in Anti-Immigrant, Media Extremism

CNN host Lou Dobbs — the anti-illegal immigration “advocacy journalist” who has likely done more than anyone in America to popularize false claims about immigrants’ diseases, criminality and incarceration rates — is at it again. This time, he’s plugging the case of two Border Patrol agents who attacked an unarmed border-crosser who was trying to surrender, shot at him 15 times and wounded him as he fled, then tampered with the crime scene and failed to report the shooting as required to their supervisors.

images.jpegDobbs thinks “these two outstanding Border Patrol agents,” as he describes the men who were sentenced to terms of 11 and 12 years by a federal jury last October, should be free — so much so, in fact, that he has featured their case 131 times on his CNN show in the last year, including an hour-long special called “Border Betrayal.” That’s because the man shot by Ignacio “Nacho” Ramos and Jose Alonso Compean turned out to be a drug smuggler (although Ramos and Compean didn’t know that when they opened fire on Feb. 17, 2005). These details and many others are offered up in an excellent article in this month’s Texas Monthly by Pamela Colloff.

As the magazine points out, Dobbs glossed over all damning details of the incident in his coverage and was denounced in a Wall Street Journal editorial for his “pseudo-reporting” on the case. Even Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly, hardly a bleeding heart liberal, reminded viewers the agents had “shot the guy in the butt when he was running away.” But it was all par for Dobbs’ course. The Texas Monthly story came three months after a New York Times column, examining Dobbs’ bogus claims about immigrants bringing a wave of leprosy cases to America, concluded the news anchor has “a somewhat flexible relationship with reality.” The Columbia Journalism Review and a number of other publications also flogged Dobbs over his never-withdrawn leprosy claims.

Dobbs, now accompanied by a howling mob of right-wing pundits and politicians, has bitterly attacked the man who charged Ramos and Compean, U.S. Attorney Johnny Sutton, a highly conservative Texas lawyer who worked for President Bush in Texas and Washington. But in an interview with Texas Monthly, Sutton defended himself eloquently. “What makes America great is the rule of law,” he said. “It applies to everyone, no matter how powerful and important they may be.”

Even if Lou Dobbs thinks otherwise.

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  • bad92

    wow !!
    its very reasonable point of view.
    Nice post.
    realy gj

    thx :-)

  • Pat Walsh

    Adam’s so spot on! Does anyone know if CNN gets copies of email such as this. I’m sending a written note since I don’t believe CNN reads their email. Maybe CNN is trying to morph into FOX

  • adam

    A very dispicable character.

  • Fimbo

    I have never loathed anyone in my life the way I do this fella Dobbs.

    Lou Dobbs is married to a Mexican woman, and is living under the same roof with her parents (his in-laws), who are Mexicans.

    The issue of immigration is a legitimate concern to American citizens, but what I cannot reconcile is the constant hammering, lies and distortions Lou Dobbs spews at Mexicans (his in-laws, so to speak) — while living under the same roof with ‘Mexicans.’

    What’s going on in this man’s head?

    Whatever it is, I am will not ‘spare the rod.’ — Please join me in beating this ‘snake’ in the head:

  • Joe

    You all want to blame Lou Dobbs, but have you considered the just maybe that fire was already burning and has been for a long time. You people want to play with words, you call illegal aliens undocumented immigrants. Lou has givin alot of hard working americans a voice, you will not stop him.

  • S Nicol

    Dobbs’ bigotry has real world implications. His “Broken Borders” series leads to the misperception that undocumented immigrants are floodin across the border, and are the cause of all of our nation’s ills. The actual facts are lost in the rhetoric. We are responsible for our own problems, and it is childish to search for scapegoats.

    One big result of Dobbs’ rhetoric is the push for a Border Wall. Dobbs certainly does not care about the people whose homes are going to be bulldozed, whose farms are going to be bisected, and whose businesses will suffer. None of this enters into his version of reality. Neither does the fact that the walls already built do not work. In fiscal 2007 San Diego, where there have been twin steel walls for a decade, saw a 7% increase in the number of people apprehended while crossing. In Texas there has never been a wall outside of El Paso. In Del Rio, Texas they saw a 46% drop in apprehensions. In the Rio Grande Valley, where I live, there was a 34% drop. Dobbs calls for more and more walls despite the fact that the walls accomplish nothing, and will cause tremendous damage to communities and wildlife refuges alike.

  • Bob Quasius Sr.

    I’ll second Tony Cheek. CNN will never pull the Lou Dobbs show without a boycott of Dobb’s advertisers. Time to boycott Lou Dobbs and CNN!

  • Fimbo

    You are right, unless CNN is boycotted this ‘vermin’ known as Lou Dobbs will not go away.

    FOX news a.k.a ‘Fake News’ is giving CNN major competition — proof that a huge swath of the United States is still infested with blood-sucking racists, who feed off the bigoted garbage spewed by the goon squad at FOX News.

    Here is a synopsis of Lou Dobb’s anti-immigrant hate propaganda officially sanctioned by CNN — CNN’s Lou Dobbs – The Minister of ‘Propaganda and Enlightenment’. URL:

  • tony_cheek

    Hattiesgirl said,

    on August 31st, 2007 at 2:23 pm

    I think it’s time to boycott CNN until they get rid of Lou Dobbs. Enough is Enough.
    I couldn’t agree more.

  • Gerald1

    Inter-bred? Most white were not white before the US census revised its criteria on “who is considered white (1950’s-1970).” Anyone not WASP was considered an ethnic minority. That being said, whiteness is a category created in response the perceived growing threat from “darker ethnics.” So, what is exactly whiteness? By the way, like most religions, Jews comprise of many different ethnic groups -some white, some not. Stop being a bigot.

  • Hugh Jardon

    “Jews are not white because they are inter-bred.. Read the Old Testament.”

    And you accuse this site of being racist? Wow…of course, The Old Testament has been independently confirmed by numerous sources to be an authentic document void of any inaccuracies, right?

  • alan george

    Yeah, Your site is about as racist as they get based on what I have read on it..You make charges with no documentation. Illegals are just that…They are illegal aliens in our country..And before you can be an anti-semite, you have to be accusing someone who is white. Jews are not white because they are inter-bred.. Read the Old Testament. You need to get some writers who know what the hell they are talking about.

  • David Tyler

    Extreme poverty creates it own laws.Much of Mexico’s agricultural economy is in shambles.Those who stake their position on laws as written should seek to discover the reasons for Mexico’situation regarding the collapse of the corn-growing community and the social and economic infrastructure built upon it.Try NAFTA for starts.Laws are human constructions made by men.The history of the United States from the European invasion,through the era of chattel slavery followed by Jim Crow,the struggle against the forces of fascism and totalitarianism until today is the history of recurring periods of violations against the law.When present laws cannot stop the momentum of the onrush of current history it is the laws that need adjustment rather than participants involved in the violation of laws that are no longer serving any benifits to the societies they were designed to protect.We are in need of a new system with an increased measure of flexability so as to contain any unnecessary degree of distress in the existing social structure of the nation in question.(U.S.)¢

  • Josh

    yes, cuz every single one of them does those things. oh wait, no they dont!

  • Al

    I must admit I do hate drug dealers and people that use other peoples Social Security numbers! A crime that I as a citizen would go to prison for! I do hate people that have NO respect for our laws at all! And I have No use for those that help known criminals either!

  • Josh

    i really dont think he will react to a petition. he knows that there are people who disagree with them, and he probably knows that there are a lot of them. i think that cnn should be boycotted, as well as sponsors.

  • David Tyler

    Lou Dobbs is a bigot and,when he speaks on immigration issues,a bore.But let’s not run him off the air.A petion to let him know many of us would like to see his show give a more balanced veiw of the issues he raises and to refute what is refutable might be time well received.If he refuses to allow other opinions,that fact could be pointed out and then strength given to any boycott that might evolve from those who dissent from his take on immigration issues.I can’t gather the petition because my computer is ancient.Perhaps someone knows someone or ones who will.There would then be more of chance to get anything accomplished as dissenters could gather momentum.Think it through.A bit of point counter point might make Mr.Dobbs better and even get more people tuned in.Boycotts to be effective shoul be aimed at his sponsores.0

  • Hattiesgirl

    I think it’s time to boycott CNN until they get rid of Lou Dobbs. Enough is Enough.