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‘Americans First’ Leader Joins Neo-Nazi Protest

By Susy Buchanan on September 14, 2007 - 2:27 pm, Posted in Anti-Semitic, Hate Groups, Nativist Extremist, Neo-Nazi

“J.T.” Ready, a prominent Minuteman Civil Defense Corps volunteer and anti-immigration activist based in Phoenix, has been flitting around the edges of the neo-Nazi movement for more than a year now, quietly creating a profile on the racist social networking website New Saxon and attending a private gathering organized by the neo-Nazi organization National Vanguard.

JT Ready

But when the National Socialist Movement held an anti-immigration rally in Omaha, Neb., on Sept. 1, the leader of the Americans First nativist extremist group was making his public debut as a full-blown neo-Nazi. Photographs (above) captured a grinning Ready, clad in a grey business suit, standing side-by-side with NSM members who wore brown-shirt uniforms with swastika armbands. Any doubt that Ready was an open white supremacist, as well as a hard-line nativist, evaporated at that point.

“I was a guest speaker in Omaha,” Ready said. “If I am a guest speaker at a Black Panther event, will you report that I am a black supremacist, too? I would be more than happy to speak at one of their [Black Panther] events. We have the very same enemy after all.”

Ready, who ran unsuccessfully for Mesa City Council, is a twice court-martialed ex-marine who received a bad conduct discharge. He fudged the biography he provided as a political candidate to a local newspaper. He was arrested for aggravated assault with a weapon and damage to property in Florida in 1992 and made headlines in March 2006 when he fired a gun at a Latino man.

A past president of Mesa Community College Republican Club, Ready appears in a video produced by former militia member and convicted felon Russ Dove in which he offers his own final solution to illegal immigration. Clad in a turtleneck and a skull-adorned do-rag, Ready says: “I may be the first one to advocate this but I firmly believe in having a mine field across the border. This is 100% effective.”

For more on Ready’s political connections, including his chummy relationship with Arizona State Rep. Russell Pearce, click here.

  • Oli

    Carol. You had justification to lay into Matt. Great reply! Bravo. And Gewthen , remember Matt started of his idiotic rant by calling carol an idiot.

  • gewthen

    Interesting comments, but I would suggest more tact when correcting people from both of you.Carol, you should have probably just pointed out that Matt’s comments address other ideas and concepts that you did not raise. No need to lay down a negative undertone, as it is not as effective.

  • Carol Hand

    Response o Lisa

    Thank you, for actually reading what I had to say, and for setting Matt straight regarding his literacy challenges.


  • Carol Hand

    Response to Matt.
    Your personal assault on me was rather ignorant. If you would like to discuss things in a public forum leave the childish name calling in the kindergarten room.
    If you actually read what I had to say you might have noticed that I never brought up Immigration let alone ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION, nor did I ever say I had spoken to a NAZI. And you have Fascism attached to the wrong group of people. NAZI is the last part of the ASHKENAZI JEW Race. The Name was used to insult German Nationals since 24 March 1933. They (Ashkenazi Jews) merged business with Government, and that is Fascism. The German people merely wanted independence from international Banker control. The very independence from CENTRAL banker control would be the opposite of Fascism. SO MATT… have you ever studied history other than the spoon fed variety preached in the government indoctrination camps K-12? Or are you just another of the INDOCTRINATED “Sheeple” who succumb to the propaganda of the current regime? Have you ever attempted to think for yourself? I highly recommend it.
    As I stated in the previous comment “The truth will set you free.” Anything less will subjugate you under the thumb of totalitarian thugs (CFR) who will strip away your Constitution and all of your rights as a Citizen and human being. You probably wouldn’t notice. I am pretty sure you are void of any knowledge as to what your real rights are granted by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. You have heard of those two very important documents. Haven’t you Matt?

    Well maybe you are young and have never paid taxes, or had the opportunity to discuss world history and politics with anyone who is willing to be honest and forgo the political correctness shoved down our throats daily by the racist organizations who seek to attain by vote or by violence your private property, freedom, and culture. Some of those Tyrant Racist organizations are as follows: NAACP, LA RAZA, AZTLAN, ADL, JDL, MALDEF, WORLD JEWISH CONGRESS, ACLU, SPLC, CFR, IMF, WTO,UNITED NATIONS, WORLD BANK, CENTRAL BANK, FEDERAL RESERVE, IRS et al.

    You may think these organizations are wonderful, however, with careful inspection of their vision statements you will see that total world domination and or the subjugation of all races other than their own is their primary agenda.

    I find it interesting that you immediately chose to portray me as a racist for my comments, however, you were the one who brought up the religion and the race card. I think it must be difficult for you to separate the fact that Mexican is not a RACE it is a Nationality. The Mexican Government entered into NAFTA of their own free will and now you want to blame U.S. citizens for their (Mexico’s) poor choice. And if Santa Anna had not invaded the United States and had war on his mind the U.S. Federal Troops would not have chased his chicken ass all the way back to Mexico City where we hung our U.S. flag for 11 months prior to the treaty of Hildago Guadalupe with a fat stipend of $15,000,000.00 for the corrupt Mexican government to pay as a purchase price for the Southwest. Learn your history before opening your mouth to prove your ignorance. These are not stolen lands, and “we” might include you since you blindly buy the PROPAGANDA furnished by corrupt entities within our own governing institutions, but it does not include me. If you were a part of some wrong doing then maybe you ought to go to Mexico and live there for your penance. And Matt, if you are so in love with Illegal Aliens can you tell me what % come from other than Mexico? Maybe you would like to pay for the care and needs of 30 million illegal aliens, from all over the 3rd world.

    And Matt shame on you for assuming that all those Illegal Aliens are too stupid to fill out the appropriate forms for legal entry into this sovereign Nation. That’s right Sovereign!!! Every Sovereign nation has the RIGHT to choose who and how many may enter to live, work, and be educated. And the Citizens of all sovereign Nations have the right to expect their laws be followed, and the guests pay their own way, while not infringing on the rights of the host citizens. Regardless of how corrupt the immigrant own government has been allowed to become.

    As for the Racist immigration policies you may want to investigate the late Rep. Emmanuel Cellar’s anti-European/American law, circa 1965. Or is that too much for you to handle? It would, after all require reading skills, cognition, and the ability to research information. Good luck. You’re going to need it the same as all the other “SHEEPLE.” Or you can simply disregard my challenge and say “BAAH BAAH”

  • Lisa

    Matt is an idiot!

  • Matt

    Carol, you are an idiot.

    Talking to NAZI’s as though they are valuable allies is always wrong. Fascism is the worst form of government in the world, whether it be pagan, islamic, christian, or secular. I don’t care. Second of all, after stealing over 40% of Mexican land in a war we started, and then installing a fake democracy and supporting the violent, suppresive “PRI dictatorship” in Mexico for a hundred years, we owe the Mexican population reperations. We have supported corrupt dictators in Mexico so as to get free access to their resources. We have overthrown democracies and installed dictators in about every country in South America (some which were more wealthy than the US in the beginning of the 1900s.)

    We never made right for these crimes. So, they have every right to come here. If you truly want a stop to illegal immigration then stop free trade agreements, and stop the US government and CIA from overthrowing other people’s countries. The Mexican Peasant doesn’t want Free Trade agreements, they lost 1/3 of their buying power after NAFTA went into effect, because we got their resources for cheaper, and they got our jobs paying nothing. Fight with them and us against globalization and the destruction of human culture in favor of corporate culture.

  • Carol Hand

    Hey Hillary Clinton spoke in front of the NAACP. Is she now BLACK?
    When a person is invited to speak to educate or support a group it really does not mean you are a member of that group.
    How about debates? If a person goes to a debate between two groups and speaks, is he/she then a member of both groups?
    Please remember the “FREE PRESS” is not FREE it is wholly owned and manipulated by multi National Corporations aligned as the Council on Foreign Relations. They have an agenda, Mr. Ready is screwing with that agenda, so they have to try to discredit him. In any way possible.
    Thoughts to ponder.
    Is La RAZA a racist organization? La RAZA means “the race. Their motto; “for those inside the race everything, for those outside the race NOTHING”
    Is the African American College fund RACIST? If you are ASIAN, WHITE, or HISPANIC can you use their funds to attend school?
    Is the ASIAN-PACIFIC group Racist?
    How about C.A.I.R are they based on racist agendas?
    Apparently having pride in your own culture or race is socially acceptable unless your name is J.T. Ready.
    Grow up, get educated and act like a loyal citizen instead of uneducated, ignorant mouth pieces for the seditious Carpet Baggers stealing your futures and the futures of your children. Google and you tube: the CFR, the North American Union, the SPP, Fast track, NAFTA, CAFTA, NASCO superhighway. educate yourselves, then ask why would Americans need any of these treaties. Are we still a sovereign nation or a pack of squabbling children celebrating our diversity to each others demise. The age old motto of the rich; DIVIDE AND CONQUER.
    Hey we are all in this together, sink or swim!
    Think and act independant of the press. search out the truth. The truth will setr you free.
    Carol Hand