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White Supremacist Exploits Jena, La., Family

By Mark Potok on September 23, 2007 - 11:01 am, Posted in Hate Groups, Klan, White Supremacist

A well-known Mississippi white supremacist is working to exploit the family of Justin Barker, a white teenager allegedly beaten by six black youths in Jena, La., who were later charged with attempted murder. The local authorities’ heavy-handed treatment of the black suspects in the Barker case, compared with others where white teens accused of crimes were handled with leniency, sparked a massive anti-racism rally in Jena last Thursday. The rally drew, by most estimates, at least 20,000 people.

Richard Barrett, copyright 2007 Nationalist MovementRichard Barrett, leader of the Nationalist Movement hate group, claims on his website to have met with 17-year-old Barker, along with his father David Barker, the night before the rally. Barrett says he got a statement from Justin, complaining that “the ones who attacked me are getting money for beating me up,” which Barrett promptly posted. Justin (pictured, above right, posing with Barrett in a photo now on Barrett’s website) also reportedly expressed gratitude for the encouragement he has received from some people and said he hopes to hear from other supporters.

There is no evidence to suggest that Justin or David Barker had any inkling who Barrett was when he apparently showed up at their door. According to Barrett’s own account, he approached the Barkers to offer support for the family and to try to get more media attention for Justin’s injuries and his version of events.

In fact, in a Barrett posting that purports to be a transcript of a phone conversation between David Barker and Barrett after their meeting, Barker sharply questions Barrett about allegations he has heard from a reporter that Barrett is a “white supremacist.” “I am not a racist and do not want to be called one,” Barker tells Barrett on the phone, as he repeatedly asks Barrett about his racial views. Barrett artfully evades the question, describing himself instead as a patriot, a veteran, a Christian, an American and “pro-majority.”

In reality, Barrett is a longstanding white supremacist. In his 1982 autobiography The Commission — a book he claims to have given Justin Barker at their meeting last Wednesday — he calls for the “resettlement” of blacks, Jews, Latinos and other U.S. citizens in other countries, and also advocates sterilizing the “unfit.” He has led rallies of Klansmen and others and worked alongside some of the most extreme racists in America. In 1988, he hosted a “Warrior Weekend” for racist skinheads at his Learned, Miss., home and used a picture of Martin Luther King Jr. for target practice. More recently, he demanded a pardon for assassin Byron de la Beckwith, who was convicted of the 1963 murder of civil rights activist Medgar Evers. And the list goes on and on.

Before he left the Barker home last week, Barrett says he told the family that he would work to publicize Justin’s story. And, in fact, he showed up at Thursday’s anti-racism rally in Jena to boast to reporters that he had “spent Wednesday night with Justin Barker.” He was wearing a button on his lapel that said “Never.” “‘Never’ meant there should never be civil rights or integration,” Barrett explained to The (Baton Rouge, La.) Advocate. “I’m here to support the man behind the badge and Justin Barker.”


    Chrisy,,i have no idea what WN stands for.

  • Areich

    The SPL Center should be more fair and balanced. Why not create a tribute page to Kevin Shifflet ? Chances are you have never heard of him in the mainstream media. Kevin was a twelve year old White kid who was murdered and hung outside the front lawn of his grandparents home in Virginia. The 29 year old black male who killed him left a not attached next to his slit throat that read, “Kill all them racist honkey azz crackaz!” Also, why not go ahead and create a memorial page for Nicole Brown Simpson and her family who have suffered from the pain of “positive” diversity and multiculturalism while we are at it. These anti-White hate crimes have all been ignored by the mainstream media, or else completely made to display the black/latino attackers as victims of historical “racism” by White society. This double standard and politically correct bullshit is enough to give the White 8 percent of the global population the leverage to start our own memorial tribute websites in the name of the White/Caucasoid victims of hate crimes. Our global minority population is the only population out there who is constantly denied the right to a homeland on this planet. All other ethnic groups are allowed to establish an ethnic enclave for their existence on this planet, but NEVER for white people. We are the ones who will be extinct from this planet in less than twenty years, but it looks like there will not be a conservationist society in our favor any time in the near future. Time to create a homeland WHITEY !

  • Rufus

    Well, look what the Cheney/Bush plutocrats have done to us now. Not only have they drained the national treasury and funneled it into the pockets of their contractor buddies (do you suspect, as I do, that those Blackwater guys wear SS armbands?) while getting a lot of poor kids killed in a made-up war, they’ve managed to create a national climate dominated by poverty that is dividing America (again) against itself while what John Edwards call “the very rich” run off with all the money to offshore banks and wait for the U.S. to implode. Never forget that it was the Cheney/Rumsfeld folks who brought you 9/11 while National Security Advisor Richard Clarke and others were jumping up and down, screaming the terrorists were coming to bomb us with our own planes. Bush was too busy on vacation in Texas and both Rice and Cheney blew him off for reasons neither has ever made clear. This is just another diversion enabled by the people who are stealing our county. Keep your eye on the ball, folks. What was it Boss Tweed said during the Civil War: “We always hire half of the poor people to kill the other half.” Something like that. Meanwhile, he took a taxi uptown.

  • marc

    A last few comments… as I have said I do believe that the sentences were too harsh in this case… but I am dismayed at the treatment of Justin Barker by the media and by some people.

    Martin Luther King said “injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere”.

    There are many radical white and black racial organizations who dehumanize and preach hate toward the other races in our day and age. These organizations by all accounts are growing quite rapidly. The more unfairness there is toward both blacks and whites in this country on racial issues creates a hotbed for recruits in these organizations.

    In my opinion Black and White both have a responsibility in this day and age to see to it that justice for all does not become mere words… in that way we can marginalize the hateful dehumanizing organizations who foment racial strife and keep the madness going in our country. Whites and blacks both need to have goodwill in their hearts toward the other race … and each of us needs to speak up when the other has been wronged.

    Blacks have had a very painful history in this country … some say how can you even compare the unfairness whites sometimes suffer from blacks to what blacks have been through ? … I can’t argue this point… but as the races interact more and more, as justice for all becomes a reality not just a concept, and as blacks make tremendous strides forward as they have, we are all, both black and white going to have to do our part to eliminate race hate from the world.

    That means fairness and consideration for all people…. if we don’t do this it is just not going to work and the extremists may end up ruling the day. We will drive many young white men and black men into the arms of the race haters and racial separatists if we don’t create a fair peace. From their point of view, if things are not working between the races, this would seem a reasonable thing and we really can’t blame them under such circumstances.

    Both black and white, in my opinion, have a responsibility and an obligation to one another to see to it that we create a just peace for all.

    That said, I think whites do have a special obligation toward blacks because of american history to see to it that injustices are remedied and to do every thing they can to make race hate a thing of the past… not out of fear, not out of guilt … but from a shared humanity and a shared human decency and brotherhood.

  • autumn daze


  • Don

    Actually, Laurie, you are the one who is misunderstanding.

    They got over 45,000 signatures on a petition to present to the Jena DA to ask that ALL charges be dropped against all of the attackers.

    There’s a difference between my saying I might hurt you and actually knocking you unconscious and continuing to beat on you.

    Wake up and smell the coffee!

    Wonder what would have happened had the colors been reversed in this situation?

  • Tom

    The white supremacist groups, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, SPLC….-all these are race hustlers.

    Exploiting the incident for all the cash they can get.

  • marc

    I agree with some of what you say Latrice… the punishment did seem excessive… and the punishment for this kind of thing should apply the same to all races.

    But Justin Barker was much more hurt than it has been made out to be … listen to what his father has to say.…..d=14589819

    All I am saying is don’t try to diminish what happened to Justin… it is just not fair to this young man.

    I agree with the protestors that the sentence is probably too harsh and is probably unfair… but it does seem as though some punishment would be appropriate in this case.

  • Laurie

    I think everyone is misunderstanding some important points here.
    We(most anti racists), are not saying something should not be done about the attack, we are not screaming complete innocence(unlike many racists screaming sorted inrehensible things and slurs).
    What the majority of us are saying is this.
    If you are going to deal with the black kids harshly then you need to be fair and go after the white kids too.
    NO ONE in this is free of guilt. It’s the way it is being dealt with that makes it biased.
    EVERY child understands that segragating is illegal, they all should be aware as teens there no longer exists “black areas” and “white areas”, every teen knows about intimidation, they use it on each other all the time.
    What they also know is the difference between racial intimidation and just having cliques.
    Bullying is illegal in school and in most communities.
    the white teens essentially commited what in the old days was called bullying.
    This child was not beaten to within an inch of his life believe someone who has seen being beaten to an inch of life!.
    I am curious how a man like Barrett is allowed by the adults in this childs life to exploit him like this..shame on his parents for allowing this, shame on a society that can not see past the color.

  • Kathy

    . . . and you knew it was coming. I’m still trying to determine how a tennis shoe is more dangerous than a broken glass bottle, like the one used on one of the Jena 6 a few days after the noose incident

  • Jain

    Any school that has a “white’s only tree” and allowed nooses to be hung from said tree without filing hate crimes charges appears to have some racists issues period. I am pleased that the Gena 6 issue has focused attention on this type of covert racism.

  • David Tyler

    Sounds like Barret is the latest incarnation of the Eugenist movement.People need to know that this movement,popular in the earlier part of the twentieth century provided early inspiration and guidance to the Nazi movement.Eugenics advocates the forced sterilization of inferiors.The Nazis carried the policy to its illogical extreme..

  • LaTrice

    Marc writes: “The kid who was shoved to the ground from behind, beaten within an inch of his life by 6 or 7 other kids. . .”

    Please remember that Justin Baker was released from the hospital a few hours after being admitted and went to a party that same evening. I don’t think that qualifies as “within an inch of his life.”

    Also, very little mention is given to the fact that a young black man was attacked by a group of whites before the Justin Baker incident and no charges were file against those attacker.

    Should the members of the Jena 6 be punished for their participation in the attack on Justin Baker. . .Yes. However, it should be equivalent to the punishment given to anyone else regardless of race or economic status.

  • Chrisy

    aaron stewart said,

    on September 26th, 2007 at 5:24 am

    “hello? its 2007 how can people be so blind….this barrett character is a racist supremacist after the barkers found out who he was they should have been totally against further speaking to him or seeing him if they arent racist..i mean i didnt think it would to hard to spot a violeent racist in your home.”

    Aaron, WN do not wear horns like the devil. Even the devil can appear as an angel of light.

    You sound like you are blaming the victim which is wrong. I am sure there is much more to the story than is being told.

    You claim it shouldn’t be hard to spot a racist when he comes to your house. They look just like you and me. They look like normal families who have the same concerns that many good Americans have concerning the future of this country.

    When you are hurting because you have been a victim of crime and you feel that you are not receiving justice, or you suffer from low esteem, or you are searching for answers to the problems of the world; and WN reach out to you with compassion it is very easy to be deceived.

    We all go through low periods in our lives when we are vulerable. The father asked this WN questions and the WN envaded them and gave the slogans that he knew would not offend the father.

    WN want to use Non White on White crime to scare more good Americans into joining them, because of fear.
    There is a major problem with crime in this country. When we live in a country when children are being kidnapped from their own bedrooms while their family is sleeping we have a crime problem in this country.

    WN leaders are very good at conning people. They are slick and can appear as people who really care about you, your family, your country, and the future of your children.

    Have you ever seen the moive the wizzard of OZ. I look at WN as the wizzard behind the mask. You don’t see the real people behind the mask, but the image that they want to put forth so that their beliefs will be accepted by the mainstream and that people will join them. There comes a point when many people like myself, pull the mask off and they see the evil behind the mask. Some people never pull off the mask and never see the truth, that they are caught up in something that is only going to lead them down a path that in the end is going to hurt them.

    On some of these anti WN sites, not this one, because this one seems fair, but on others they lump good people as WN because they happen to be a conservative Republican, attended a conference, went on a date with a WN. They want to do violence toward anyone who they deem as a WN when in many cases they are not.

    I am against all violence. When either side uses violence against the other side, when either side uses violence against women that is wrong. It also means your Cause is lost because violence was used.

    It is just as wrong for an anti go beat of a wife because she attended an anti illegal immagration rally which has happen; as for the KKK to use fear against people by burning a cross. There are many good people in this country who are against illegal immagration and we are put in the same group as WN, called Racist, because we believe we are a nation of laws and that our laws should be followed. There is a big difference between coming here legally and illegally.

    The WN can play on that. They can say, so you are against people breaking the Law than you are one of us. Most of us who are against illegal immagration would be open to try and make things work smoother so that we can work out problems, but people should not be allowed to break the laws of our land. Once we start to pick and choose what laws will be followed than we are on a slippery slope.

    I think of Lou Dobbs, who is against illegal immagration and who has been lumped together with WN. He is not a WN, but someone who believes that we must follow the laws of our land.

    I tell you some of the things I see done, said and posted by anti-WN are just as mean, evil and disgusting as what I have seen WN do, say.

    I believe that the way we judge others is the way we will be judged. I also think we need to put ourself in the other person’s shoes. I see hate preached on both sides. We need to look at the people’s hearts.

    Not every so called WN is the devil and not everyone who claims to be fighting against WN is an angel. I have met some really good people when I was a WN, whose heart is to secure a future for their children. What parent doesn’t want a future for their children. Like the father of this young boy who was beaten up, they accept WN into their lives because WN actually show up with compassion and want to help them. I have seen non WN just turn their head and walk away from people who were hurting and needed help. If you are hurting and need help, are you going to ask someone their political views when they offer to help you? I didn’t and I don’t think a lot of people are going to refuse the life line when they are drowning and need help.

    There are people who are dear to my heart that are WN, because I know that inside they are good people. They have a right to believe and say what they believe and I who is not a WN have a right to believe and say what I believe. Will our friendship last, now that I am speaking out against WN? Most likely not, but as I will fight for their rights under the first ammendment for free speech I plan to exercise my right to free speech to expose the evil I see on both sides. Yes both sides have shown hate toward the other.

  • aaron stewart

    hello? its 2007 how can people be so blind….this barrett character is a racist supremacist after the barkers found out who he was they should have been totally against further speaking to him or seeing him if they arent racist..i mean i didnt think it would to hard to spot a violeent racist in your home.

  • marc

    If the mainstream news media had been more fair toward Justin Barker and his family perhaps an organization like this would not have tried exploit them. The less fair the media and society become to white victims of racial crime … the more white supremacist and white nationalist organizations will try to exploit situations like this and be able to recruit people.

    The story of Justin Barker, verified by witnesses to the attack, was not told accurately by most of the mainstream media for some reason. He was attacked from behind, fell to the ground, and then 6 or 7 boys kicked and stomped him within an inch of his life. This was much more than just a schoolyard brawl.

    The family in this case is not calling for a sentence of any particular length… but they do believe some of the perpetrators should get some jail time. Some of the perpetrators also had prior criminal offenses to their names.

    An excessive sentence is perhaps not called for, but some jail time would probably be appropriate.

    The actual circumstances in this case are quite different from all the innuendo’s and hersay and the mainstream media, for the most part, has not been fair in its reporting.

    The kid who was shoved to the ground from behind, beaten within an inch of his life by 6 or 7 other kids, is getting no money, and his story is not being told… unlike the so called “jena 6″ whose families have been made instantly affluent. Justin Barker, the beating victim, is going to work every day… cause he has to make a living.

  • Lamar M

    I pray GOD have mercy on those that are so ignorant to believe they are a superior race, if they are so superior, why didn’t they come to Jena instead of acting so cowardly over the internet??? God created us all as one people nothing more!