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Today at the National Press Club: Hate Group Co-Hosts Immigration News Conference

By Heidi Beirich on October 3, 2007 - 7:52 am, Posted in Academic Racism, Hate Groups, Nativist Extremist

The Social Contract Press, which has been listed as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center since 2001 for publishing articles by white supremacists and promoting the idea that America should be populated by white people, is co-hosting a news conference at the National Press Club today. The topic is “How Many Illegal Aliens are in the United States?” and it will dispute official government data that shows approximately 12 million undocumented immigrants residing in the US.

tanton.jpgThe Social Contract Press is one of several programs that make up U.S. Inc., a foundation run for decades by John Tanton (right), the architect of much of the modern anti-immigration movement and the co-founder of the country’s largest immigration restriction outfit, the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR). FAIR has its own ties to white supremacists, having accepted more than $1 million from the Pioneer Fund, a hate group that funds controversial studies on race and intelligence.

Tanton has a history of bigotry. Perhaps most famous were the remarks he penned on immigrants in internal 1986 memos to his FAIR colleagues. In them, Tanton questioned the “educability” of Latinos compared to others and wondered whether “those with their pants up [whites] are going to get caught by those with their pants down [Latinos]” in what he characterized as a race to procreate. Tanton’s Social Contract Press also has republished and given a full-throated endorsement to a racist novel called The Camp of the Saints. The book depicts a future invasion of France by starving hordes of Indian emigrants, who are characterized as sexually voracious beasts determined to wreck Western civilization.

Today’s news conference is co-hosted by Californians for Population Stabilization (CAPS), another restrictionist organization that is best known for its board members’ repeated attempts to force the Sierra Club, a major environmental advocacy organization, to adopt an anti-immigration stance. CAPS is headed by Diana Hull, a former professor at Baylor University College of Medicine who is also on FAIR’s national board of advisers. (Tanton is a member of FAIR’s board of directors).

CAPS’ vice president is Ben Zuckerman, a key player in the Sierra Club takeover attempts. Zuckerman, who considers Tanton “a great environmentalist,” led an effort in 1998 to push an anti-immigration resolution through the membership, and then ran in 2004 on an anti-immigration slate for the Sierra Club board of directors. (The Southern Poverty Law Center countered that effort and made public the “hostile takeover” attempt.) Zuckerman and two like-minded allies ultimately went down to defeat in the Sierra Club’s elections by a 10-to-1 margin.

Other speakers at today’s National Press Club event with ties to hate groups include Wayne Lutton, who is a member of the white supremacist Council of Conservative Citizens, a group that has described blacks as a “retrograde species of humanity.” Lutton, who also has an extensive history of making or publishing virulently anti-gay and anti-immigrant statements, edits The Social Contract (published by The Social Contract Press) and works out of Tanton’s offices in Petoskey, Mich.

Lutton is a regular on the racist speaking circuit, having addressed the annual conference of the white supremacist magazine American Renaissance and spoken at several Council of Conservative Citizens conferences. Just this past March, Lutton was at the National Press Club speaking at an event put on by the same publicist organizing today’s news conference — Fran Griffin of Griffin Communications. The March event was held to honor the posthumously published book, Shots Fired, by Sam Francis, a “white nationalist” who was the chief editor for the Council of Conservative Citizens until his death in 2005. (Griffin paid for the publication of Francis’ book.) The “Shots Fired” conference featured a speech by anti-Semite E. Michael Jones that was so rabid that C-SPAN elected to cancel its planned coverage of the event.

Fred Elbel is also scheduled to speak today. Elbel is, in effect, the house webmaster for the anti-immigration movement, having designed the websites of nativist groups including SUSPS (a group that now goes by its acronym only and which specifically aims to change Sierra Club population policy), Protect Arizona Now, the Colorado Alliance for Immigration Reform and several others (Protect Arizona now and the Colorado Alliance have had in their leadership a self-described “white separatist” named Virginia Abernethy, a prominent member of the CCC and onetime close friend of Elbel; Abernethy is at right in the photo of a 1999 CCC conference below, and Wayne Lutton is on the far left). Elbel displayed his temperament during the debate over the Sierra Club’s future in 2004, when he wrote an E-mail that read: “Damned right. I hate ’em all — negroes, wasps, spics, eskimos, jews, honkies, krauts, ruskies, ethopans, pakis, hunkies, pollocks and marxists; there are way too many of them.” Elbel’s Defend Colorado Now, an anti-immigration group based in Lakewood, Colo., has received nearly $50,000 from Tanton’s U.S. Inc.


Even speaker James H. Walsh, a former associate general counsel for the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service, seems familiar with extremist ideas. In a January column for the right-wing website, Walsh warned readers about the nefarious motives Jews have for favoring increased immigration to the United States. His source was anti-Semitic professor Kevin MacDonald, a favorite in neo-Nazi and white supremacist circles thanks to his three volumes on “the Jews.” MacDonald’s trilogy argues that Jews are compelled by a group evolutionary strategy to push for liberal policies, like immigration and diversity, with the intent of undermining the power of the majority — in America, white people — that rules them.

Philip J. Romero, dean of the University of Oregon’s Lunquist College of Business, also is attending the news conference. Romero just published an analysis, “Racing Backwards — The Fiscal Impact of Illegal Immigration in California, Revisited,” in the Summer 2007 edition of The Social Contract.

  • Chrisy

    I believe in free speech too. I think it is important that everyone be able to hear for themselves what is being said without commentary. Let everyone be able to speak their thoughts, ideas, visions and let the people decide what is truth and what is a lie. Let people put forth their own solutions to the problems that we are facing as a nation.

    One of the biggest threats I see is extremeism on both sides. The far right has their extremeism and the far left has their extremeism. People in the middle who can see that on both sides of the political spectrum offten get attacked by both sides. My grandfather always told my mom that to try and stay in the middle and not become extreme on any side, but today more and more people are chosing their side and becoming extreme in their views.

    The extremeism on the far left is anyone who has old fashion values or a strong Catholic/Christian faith who believe the sacrament of marriage is between a man and a woman only, or who believe illegal immagration is wrong because it breaks the law, or is against abortion is considered an evil racist. The word racist I think looses its meanings when you have people like Lou Dobbs called a racist because he is against illegal immagration and wants to secure our borders. So for anyone who doesn’t accept and parrot the polictally correct mantra on the far left is a racist if they don’t agree 100% with the far left.

    On the far right you have extremes from people who admire Hitler as their hero, who hate the jews and other non whites, and want to bring back the thrid reich. You also have good people who see many of the problems that illegal immagration has brought to this country. The double standards.

    Just the other day my mother was telling me that they have a woman’s group where we live called the women of color group. My mother made the comment if we had a group called women of Irish decent we would be called evil racist. Many people feels that every ethnic group should be able to celerbrate their own heritiage. If it is wrong for White Celtic woman to have their own group than it should be wrong for Black women who are proud of their achievements to have their own group.

    When you have allowed the word racist to be used to describe people who are not racist, but just middle of the road people with old fashion values you many times push those people into the camp you have labeled them to. Like a parent you keep telling your kids they are stupid or bad, after awhile they will believe it.

    What happen to the days when people could make up their own mind on the issues. They could fight for what they believe in and once the work day is over be able to put the differences behind them and be personal friends. I remember the stories of Tip O’Neil and Ronald Reagan who were just two Irishman drinking a few beer and sharing stories after fighting each other all day. What happen to all people being able to come together and put their heads together to work on solving the problems that this country is facing. Now everything is so mean spirited of each side hating the other side so much that they would never admit that the other side had a good idea that could actually make a difference for good and could solve the problems.

    We seem to just want to label people.

    I say let every voice be heard. Let the American people make up their own minds. I would love to see the fair doctrine standard be applied. To often you hear just the far right on talk radio without hearing the other side. On the tv or newspapers many times you hear the far left and anyone who doesn’t agree 100% is labeled a nazi from the far left crowd and or a red commie from the far right crowd.

    I think that their needs to be more love and compassion and trying to understand what the other person is saying and not be so quick to label people either evil racist or red commie.

    There seems to be a fear in this country of allowing the truth to be told by all Americans and letting people make up their own minds.

  • John Caylor

    I am a card carrying member of the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. and the Investigative Reporters and Editors of America.

    Many things are changing this last year in the club. Many new people (Right Wingers) have been brought in and sponsored by right wing journalists who are also members.

    In my opinion it is wrong for the Press Club to allow hate groups to use the club to launch an “agenda of hate.”

    But perhaps from all the discussion concerning immigration the country will resolve this issue before it dissolves the country.

    I firmly believe every person has a right to free speech and have been jailed and beaten several times for practicing journalism in the First Degree and defending the First Amendment – Never been convicted of any crime – but have many scars in my soul from what I’ve been made to endure to report what my eyes see.

    I have always found that when we seek truth in any forum people discover it and just like evil – if you make it reveal itself then when men and women of good conscience arise in search of that truth – all things are made equal and whole once again..So let the bigots have their say and let the people understand how they seek to destroy our union.
    John Caylor