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Extremist Group Announces Speech by Congressman

By Heidi Beirich on October 8, 2007 - 10:42 am, Posted in Academic Racism, Hate Groups, White Supremacist

The Robert A. Taft Club, a group headed by a man with a network of racist connections, has announced that a U.S. congressman, Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas), will address the group this Thursday at a restaurant in Arlington, Va.

recentpic.jpgThe Taft Club is led by Marcus Epstein (right), who serves as the executive director of both white nationalist Pat Buchanan’s The American Cause and the Team America PAC, which is run by Buchanan’s sister, Bay Buchanan. Epstein writes for the anti-immigrant hate site and he advocates for white supremacist organizations. He is especially fond of American Renaissance — a white supremacist journal that has suggested that blacks have “psychopathic personalities” — and attends the journal’s biannual conferences. In 2006, Epstein invited the head of American Renaissance’s parent organization, Jared Taylor, to speak to the Taft Club on the issue of “Race and Conservatism.”

Taylor isn’t the only extremist Epstein has invited to speak at the Taft Club’s meetings. Both Paul Gottfried, who has spoken at American Renaissance gatherings, and Robert Stacy McCain, a foe of interracial marriage who is an editor at The Washington Times, have spoken to the club. (Epstein is listed as one of McCain’s friends on McCain’s Facebook Internet page). This past February, Epstein invited two members of a racist and anti-immigrant Belgian party, Vlaams Belang, to speak to his group. In 2004, an earlier incarnation of the Vlaams Belang, Vlaams Blok, was banned on the grounds that it incited racial hatred.

It is unclear if Paul, who will be speaking about American foreign policy, is aware of Epstein’s racist ties.

  • Ken Mier

    Wow, this one realy got out of hand did’nt it?

  • FBI

    Here is some real racism for you from Clinton, Richardson and Obama who belongs to a black separatist church.

  • FBI

    This hate group’s website (SPLC) is going to be shut down and the organizer arrested for hate crimes. I will see to it.

    They will also be sued for making false claims against Pat Buchanan.

  • Zach

    As a libertarian leaning progressive, I am extremely dismayed that the SPLC seems to have traded its legacy of important civil rights work for this kind of fearmongering. This is on the level of some of the Anti Defamation League’s longer stretches to smear certain conservative groups as virulent racists.

    Although it is not in evidence here, I have seen some establishment liberals paint Ron Paul with the same broad “States’ Rights” brush that was used (appropriately, I might add) to strike back at Ronald Reagan’s covert promises to roll back the advances of the civil rights movement. Let us be extremely clear on this point: Ron Paul does indeed appeal to the concept of states’ rights, although he does so in the interests of fairness and liberty, whereas Reagan undoubtedly had more sinister motives. Reagan infamously promised to defend “states’ rights” in his speech announcing his 1980 candidacy for president at the Neshoba, Miss. County Fair. By all rights, that was a moment that will live in infamy. Reagan appealed to a disgusting strain of racist hate before an audience he knew would both understand the subtext of his message and be receptive to it.

    By way of contrast, let me describe Ron Paul’s use of the term and concept. In October of this year, he deployed the phrase in a presidential debate among the current crop of Republican candidates. On national television. In order to defend an individual’s right to seek an abortion. In this case, context is everything. Whereas Reagan was a shameless panderer, Paul bravely pointed out that it truly should be at the discretion of state legislatures to make laws regarding a woman’s right to choose abortion over giving birth. The audiences Paul has addressed over his career might not consist entirely of, ah, desirable social elements, but the man is not a bigot. Period. As others have most likely pointed out, there is not a candidate on either party’s slate that has not at some point made an address to a group that will not wash with the mainstream.

    Now, I am quite mindful that the status of race relations is even more complicated than the debate over abortion. While it is relatively easy to advocate a state-by-state approach to abortion law, the history of segregation and racial violence in this country has led the federal government to be by turns a great foe and a great friend to racial minorities, and I think that most of Paul’s supporters recognize that fact. Without the Supreme Court ruling in Brown v. Board and the national Voting Rights Act, civil rights would be even more crippled than they are today. Let me clearly identify myself as a libertarian who takes the need for real civil rights seriously, and say that I don’t think I’m the only one. Access to civil rights are continuous with access to civil liberties, and I would bet that the erosion of safety from government persecution is the main motivation of most of Paul’s supporters.

    Personal liberty of the kind that Mr. Paul advocates is liberty across the board, for people of all races, colors and creeds. He might present his ideas to groups that include individuals whom right thinking people find abhorrent, but he does not pander to them.

  • ?

    Here is a picture of Paul Gottfried, the purported racist who holds a prominent position in the Robert A. Taft club.

  • Ben Hodges

    Am I supposed to take this stuff seriously? Talk about objective journalism!

    Anyone who doesn’t fit on your Procrustean molding trays is an “extremist”! LOL. I love it. Keep it up, guys.

  • Anthony Brown

    Ron Paul Racist? I don’t think so. What the hell is the matter with you? From your smears, It seems to me as though YOU are the racist. I bet that you are even more racist…. Lets see, I bet your for Affirmative Action… That’s Racism at it’s finest. Anything that gives advantage to a group, be it racial, Sexual Orientation, Religious, Etc, Over another group because of race, color creed, religion, Sexual Orientation, etc. , is Government Sanctioned Racism… Period. We are all Individuals with the same natural rights as each other. No group should have special privileges over another.

    I happen to have been at the place where the photo with that don black guy took the photo win Ron… It was at the Las Olas Riverfront in Ft Lauderdale, the night of the Value Voters debate… Had you actually been there, you would have realized that the room had over 300 people and Dr Paul came, gave a speech, and took photos with everyone after the debate. I know, because I was there, and can prove it. Besides the room was full of many different races Latin, Like Myself, Black, Asian, and others.

    If you would read the constitution for once, and understand it, maybe you would understand Dr Paul… Since you don’t Stop your BS… All you do is make yourself look REALLY bad at you ignorance and Conspiracy Theories… You sound as bad as the 9-11 Truthers with your drivel.

  • Seth Kristol

    Seems like you forgot to yell “jew boy” in your accusations.

  • ken pope

    Wracking my brain. Why is Ron Paul being accused of being racist? I think I have it.

    Few overt racists are liberal. Therefore, all conservatives are racists?

    And I agree that few, if any, liberals are overt racists (a plus!). No, the liberal racist passes laws to compensate for perceived past injustices. The problem is their laws are still based on legal race discrimination, or “racism.”

  • ken pope

    “google don black and ron paul pic , Ron Paul posing for pics with Neo Nazis. And we are supposed to believe he is a naive old man…get real.”

    Checked, found the photo and you are right; there is such a photo. However, Paul’s body language hardly shows embracement of this racist.

    Bobbyusbombs, will you remain consistent when a photo of a leading democrat presidential candidate is found standing next to the head of the communist workers party?

    How about Nixon meeting with the head of China?
    (I always suspected that Nixon was communist. Not)

    I believe Joseph McCarthy used the strategy of guilt by association. There is paranoia and insecurity when people are afraid to be seen near a polar opposite.

  • Haters suck

    Hey Mike D. ( December 21st, 2007 at 7:18 am)-
    You’re busted! You cut-n-pasted this exact same comment to Charles at LGF and now everyone knows it. Damn, you’re lazy! Stop being a spam pest and get a life.!#comments;c=4638561

  • bobbyusbombs

    google don black and ron paul pic , Ron Paul posing for pics with Neo Nazis. And we are supposed to believe he is a naive old man…get real.

  • ken pope

    I applaud the SPLC stand against sexism/racism and hate.

    This is why I reject the sexism/racism of affirmative action (legal preference for women/minorities at the expense of the only group not included in the policy, male whites).

    Strangely, I am often accused of racism for bringing the issue up which is odd as Rosa Parks addressed the issue of racist policy and was/is considered a principled hero (she is a hero who battled discrimination). I detect a double standard, here.

  • ken pope

    Correction: We protest IMMIGRANTS being lumped together with illegal aliens through propaganda.

  • ken pope

    SPLC appears to be calling foreign nationals living in the US unlawfully “immigrants.” Official US immigration terms: alien (a foreign national), illegal alien (a foreign national residing in the US illegally).

    SPLC appears to infer our immigration laws are “hateful.”
    To say that immigration enforcement rallies are “anti-immigrant” is simply untrue. My wife of 31 years, who has my full support, is an immigrant. We protest illegal aliens being lumped together with illegal aliens through propaganda.

  • Mark D

    Multiculturalism holds people of a certain race cant be happy without practicing their ethnohistorical culture.
    Multiculturalism is segregation.
    The modern pro-immigrant multiculturalist is pro- racial segregation.
    THe modern pro-immigrant multiculturalist believes the different races should keep their different languages. THis will celebrate different cultures, keep racial enclaves separate, and keep the common culture divided.
    Melting pot is integration.
    Melting pot is common culture.
    From what I see VDare is anti-multiculturalism not anti-integration.

  • Davy Rockett

    Ron Paul’s next “moneybomb” is on MLK day in honor of Dr.King.

    Hmmm, sounds like Paul is really a racist.

    Join the anti-big government revolution, and stop the gluttenous eltist pigs from taking down America.

  • Mike D.
  • Jake

    It’s true, as much as you don’t want to drop the article… Ron Paul cannot be guilty by association. He could give a speech to Hitler youth, and if his speech was about following the Constitution, protecting liberty and life for EVERY individual, creating a colorblind society, etc… he would be no worse for it. His attitude is that anyone can hear his message; anyone can give him money; anyone can do anything they want whether it’s repugnant or not–because that’s what America permits.

    Lastly, when Ron Paul gives a speech to Alex Jones or the John Birch Society or wherever it is that you think is “too far out there” he does not wink at the interviewer. There are no back pats. No secret handshakes. No compromises. Just Ron Paul speaking the same message he has been spreading for the past 30 to whomever was willing to listen. These days, that’s a lot more people than ever before.

  • Jeff

    Calling Dr. Ron Paul a racist is so far off base, if it weren’t published as serious journalism it’d almost be funny.

    He’s the only candidate in either party that fully believes in equal rights to all Americans, granted by our creator, protected by our Constitution.

    I’d suggest you search out the information, do the reading, and rethink your slanderous statements before they get you into some legal trouble.

  • Mike D.

    This is the dumbest dribble I have ever read. Can you guys please go get jobs and stop with the crap? I know you want the government to support your ass forever and you are scared that will stop. How about you get out of your parents basement and help out, might actually bring you back from fantasy land. You sit around wondering why your freedom and finances are going away yet you slander the best chance you have to get both back. Your lack of knowledge on how money and government work is astounding. You could have the world you want if you started to understand how it works….work bring the word you should focus on. $500.00…from Nazi’s…please spare me, is this best you can muster? Ron Paul 2008! Let’s get the lazy hippies out of their parent’s basements!

  • GW

    Well I think with this kind of slander against Ron Paul, this just might might be grounds for a law suit against this sit and the author. This is going to get interesting.

  • Debu

    I am an immigrant and I support Ron Paul 100% . Those who spreads lies and baseless acusations about him are doing disservice to the future of this great country . Dr. Ron Paul is the only candidate whit principle. He has the honesty, integrity and vision to lead America to its glory. Nobody else speaks the truth, they are all puppets on SIG payroll. Dr. Ron Paul thinks for the whole country. He is the only one who has the courage to say he is not going to return the donation (with the issue). His courage and principle made me respect him more. He treats the American people like matures and let us make the decision unlike others who treats us as if we are all babies in need of spoon feeding, telling us what is right for us, what we should do, what we should say or not say. Ron Paul all the way.

  • Phil

    Ron Paul has also appeared on Fox News. That does not necessarily make him a fascist.

  • ken pope

    Taking money from haters? I expect grocery stores and car dealers do it every day. Money is money (assuming it is not stolen or counterfeit).

    If a candidate can take money from someone who will just hurt others with it and funnel the money into something good I say go for it.

    I have donated money to the Ron Paul campaign. I understand it will be used to further his agenda, which I support.

    Are money recipients supposed to give an ethics quiz to donors? Show evidence of a quid pro quo (as I’m sure you’ll find with Rudy and Hillary). Ron Paul donations come from a much higher percentage of small, little guys, not monied interests

  • ken pope

    “Paul is a white nationalist of the Stormfront type who has always kept his racial views and his views about world Judaism quiet because of his political position.”
    Nazi Charles White

    jp, I checked the American Thinker web site. You need to read better. They printed accusations made against Paul by a Nazi, AT then wrote not to take the accusations seriously. If Paul kept his views quiet then is this guy White a mind reader?

  • ken pope


    I am a Ron Paul supporter with an open mind. Make your case, in what way is RP a racist? Convince me and I will switch my vote, how about you?

    Where did this charge of racism come from? Such a charge should not be made lightly.

  • Lloyd Hansen

    The SPLC and it’s associated organizations can’t comprehend why there are still so many conservatives in the US after their relentless attacks over the last few decades so they chalk the existence of the powerful “right wing” up to a conspiracy. Interestingly, the liberal media really is a conspiracy but no matter how hard it tries it can’t convince the majority of the country that it is right and the majority’s beliefs, experiences and opinions are wrong. The fact of the matter is: There is no right-wing conspiracy.

    Conservatives operate in the open, independently. On the other hand, look at how secretively affirmation action plans are drawn up, socialist orthodoxy is injected into legislation and redistribution of wealth is slid into government policies. Liberals really are very smooth operators, conservatives don’t need to be. When a liberal conspiracy is exposed for what it is, college students are called on to protest and liberal leaders become media whores.

  • Chaya

    Emillio DePalma, I can’t believe you actually said that with a straight face!

  • Samir

    I think Ron Paul is a racist and he has lost my support.

  • jp

    just check out the American Thinkers’ pieces on Nazi ties to Pauls campaign, they are extensive. They are there for a reason

  • Brian

    Dear Mcarthysts,
    I [Angry American # 2242] have facts that point to pat, paul, and the Taft club (he is Taft ffs, Mr. Republican) all being very non racist mainstream people/things. Thank you though for pointing out the irrelevance of your site by making these sorts of attacks its ironic, nazis use propaganda, you use propaganda…. i guess YOU ALL MUST BE THE NAZIS! see how McCarthyism works?

  • Chris B

    The source of the information is questionable, at best.

    The statements concerning such were made by Bill White.

    Why don’t people decide to check out his background?;Itemid=27

  • jp

    what’s funny is how Taft himself was totally different than Ron Paul, yet these loons have been deluded into beleiving otherwise. Much like their alternate history of Jefferson which ignores much of what he actually did while POTUS

  • Emilio da Palma


    The main reason for not giving the money back for the racist group is not giving the chance for them to do the wrong thing with the money.

  • Chaya

    Epstein??? That’s a Jewish name!! But if he isn’t a Jew, he should change it if he wants to be ‘white nationalist.’ Pat Buchanan definitely has racist tendencies. On Fox News, when interviewed by Neil Cavuto, Ron Paul said he wouldn’t give back money given to him by a ‘white natioalist’ group saying he couldn’t research where all the money came from! What rationalization!

  • Ralph Z

    Teflon Ron. I and many of my white brothers respect Ron Paul and admire his economic policies. I have personally met Mr. Paul at his appearance at the Tonight show with Jay Leno. I can be seen on youtube greeting him. Oh, I am the son of Mexican migrants, 36 year old male.
    The smears just don’t stick nice try:)
    Is it me or is the Media really getting desperate?
    Mass Media is Dead. Long live You Media! give yourselves a big round of applause!

  • Credence

    Doesn’t Michelle Malkin write for VDare? And what’s with the Buchanans and the Washington Times Editor all wrapped up in this?

    So are all of these wingnut’s Nazis? If they are it should be exposed.

  • Phil G

    This is preposterous. Robert Taft club is an extremist hate group? Get real.

  • Some Guy

    Well, so much for any possible claim to credibility on the part of the SPLC. Whatever you think about Pat Buchanan (I’m not a big fan of his myself), calling him a racist or a white supremacist is a flat-out lie.

  • Patrick

    It is interesting that you don’t mention a single thing that Marcus Epstein or anyone involved in the Taft Club has said except for “links” they have such as being associated with Pat Buchanan and the Washington Times.

    This used to be called McCarthyism.

  • James

    So Ron Paul will speak at a conservative group that supports Pat Buchanan…big deal.

    How many articles have you written on Obama’s supremacist religious denomination? Have you been to his Church website? This is absolutely HUGE news and should be all over the media. Let’s put this in perspective, Barrack Hussain Obama didn’t once plan on speaking at this church….he actually belongs and is a loyal member of a black supremacist church!

  • ken pope

    Hate is an interesting term. Hate on non merit terms is wrong and evil. Hate against those who have wronged another is human, natural, and justified.

    I feel vctimized when the splc attacks Ron Paul, one of the few rational people on this earth…

    I feel victimized when America is overrun with illegal aliens who are intent to turn my country bilingual; this attack and threat would not exist if illegals would stay home. I resent the splc support of those who should not be here, creating a problem that shouldn’t exist.

  • Chrisy

    Texas Little El said,

    on October 11th, 2007 at 3:37 pm

    “Interesting that the Southern Poverty Law Center never writes about Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton and their endless attempts at race baiting. SPLC doesn’t comment on groups like La Raza either.

    Seems in the minds of SPLC, the only people that can hate are White.”

    I would hope that the SPLC is not one sided on exposing people who have extreme views. Hate is on both sides, and I would like to think that the SPLC exposes hate no matter if it is from the far left or far right.

    You made some really good points about Ron Paul. I think he is popular because he is willing to speak out on the War in Iraq.

    I think it is really sad that we have allowed this country to become so divided that instead of finding a way to come together and work on the issues that are facing this country that both sides can agree with that it is like WAR with each other and heaven help the person in the middle who can agree with points from both sides.

    I am a Democrat myself, but I think Ron Paul is a good man who is honest and sincere in trying to do what is best for this country and getting us out of Iraq. I haven’t decided who I am going to vote for yet, but I keep hoping that someone else will enter the race for the Democratic candidate who can beat Hilary. We have had Bush, Clinton, Bush, and we need new blood. I don’t want just two families being President and they switch back and forth every 8 years. I think Chris Dodd has some good ideas and so does Joe Biden.

  • Texas Little El

    Interesting that the Southern Poverty Law Center never writes about Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton and their endless attempts at race baiting. SPLC doesn’t comment on groups like La Raza either.

    Seems in the minds of SPLC, the only people that can hate are White.

    When Rep. Paul talks to people he does it because they asked him too. Go back and listen or read transcripts from any of the debates. President Paul wants society to be color blind. He doesn’t want one group to have greater or better rights than another, he wants them to all be equal.

    When Nixon went to China, look at the uproar that occurred because he dared to talk to those heathen Chinese. Isn’t diplomacy the ability for people of different cultures to come together and find a common ground in which to relate to one another?

    Is it the Southern Law Poverty Centers job to tell a politician whom to talk too? That trying to open dialog with those who have a narrower view of the world is ill advised?

    The SPLC should come to a Ron Paul New York meetup group meeting or listen to those who are black, asian, latino decent on why they are supporting Ron Paul.

    SPLC doesn’t point out that Ron Paul said in one of the debates that Latinos are the scapegoats of our failed immigration policy. That we would need more immigrants as our economy grows not less.

    How are different races, ethnicities, or countries supposed to get along if men like Rep. Paul are not allowed to talk to those people. Must we ask permission of groups like the SPLC to whom the President or any other member of Congress may talk to because they feel they are the gate keepers?

    The only reason that different countries, ethnicities and races don’t come together more rapidly is fear and those who are the fear mongers of the world.

    We see that type of fear mongering in DC all the time. Islamofascist is the new cry. Before it was hispanics, Chinese, Russians, Vietnamese, Japanese, Germans, Irish, Black. There is always someone that wants to make you afraid of ‘that guy’ whoever ‘that guy’ is. I better throw in the newest fear terms…Liberal, Conservative, Democrat, Libertarian, Republican, Moderate.

    For those very reasons I don’t listen to Rush Limbaugh, Jesse Jackson, Sean Hannity, Al Sharpton, Ann Coulter, Louis Farakhan, Hillary Clinton, George Bush et al.

    These are the fear mongers.

    I am glad to support a man like Ron Paul for President. He speaks truth. He isn’t afraid to talk to anyone about anything. He doesn’t parse his words and you allows know where he stands.He listens to ideas.

    Remember, the fear mongers talk, the peacemakers listen.

  • John Campbell

    I read all the time. It is harldy a white supremacist organization. Way to play the race card.

  • William

    Those who disagree with a writer’s views on inter racial relations are routinely branded a “racist”, “extremeist” or an advocate of “hate”. This incessant name calling is unworthy of serious discourse and reminiscent of Sen. McCarthy’s routinely labeling is opponents “communists”.

  • Philip

    To poster Ryan

    “In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.” -Martin Luther King Jr.

    Ron Paul is not necessarily a racist for one speech with this group, but he risks giving those with true racist agendas legitimacy.

  • Ryan

    Okay…this is seriously ridiculous.

    The SPLC is going to become irrelevant if it goes after things like this. How about it starts focusing on actual hate groups and not individuals that may or may not have racist friends? Heck, I have some racist friends, but I let them think the way they want even though I think they’re wrong. It’s called TOLERANCE.

  • Christopher Johnson

    Uh, Ron Paul did more than speak with a guy who wrote for, he did an exclusive interview with them.

    Because he talked to them instead of running away screaming, is he a one man hate group? He’s tight with Lew Rockwell, who you have criticized before. He’s done interviews with Alex Jones. Should he be arrested or something?

    Pat Buchanan’s a white nationalist now? I’m sure that’s news to him. Didn’t he have a black running mate in 2000? And as for Taylor, he was one third of a debate on race — the other two thirds being a writer from National Review with an Asian wife, and a black conservative.

    Good God guys, this is hysterical and extremely sloppy, even for you.