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New Black Panther Party Holds Strategy Summit

By David Holthouse on October 17, 2007 - 11:15 am, Posted in Black Separatist, Hate Groups

Malik Zulu ShabazzOn Saturday, Oct. 13, about 100 New Black Panther Party members from all over the country gathered at a Holiday Inn in downtown Atlanta for the National Black Power Summit, co-billed as “The Attack on Black America.”

Malik Zulu Shabazz, the NBPP national chairman, gave a scalding keynote address in which he noted defiantly “our rise is co-dependent on the white man’s demise.”

“Who do I mean when I say, ‘the white man’?” asked Shabazz, pacing back and forth in a small ballroom. “Well, I mean the goddamn white man.”

Shabazz assembled with his black-bereted and –booted soldiers to strategize ways for his black separatist group to capitalize on the highly publicized Jena 6 case and subsequent rash of racially charged incidents involving hangman’s nooses. Such overt signs of white racism are just cause for black Americans to become militant, Shabazz said. He discouraged the idea of black people “waiting” for racial tensions to ease, saying “that sounds like faggot talk, and I hate faggot talk.”

The NBPP discussed plans to hold a Nov. 3 rally in Charleston, West Virginia, to protest the rape and torture of Megan Williams, a black woman who was brutalized by six whites. Shabazz heralded the presence of the NBPP in Jena, Louisiana, at the massive Sept. 20 protest march, despite reports that NBPP speakers were booed when they advocated violence.

Black Power Summits have been held intermittently since the 1970s, including one bizarrely featuring KKK and neo-Nazi leader Tom Metzger. No white supremacist leaders spoke at this year’s event, where Shabazz’s speech was partially drowned out by the music from an African-American family’s wedding reception in the ballroom next door.

  • Frank

    One more thing –

    This is not the Black Panther Party of the 60s. That one was non-racist and was formed to fight and protect communities against police brutality. That group has been out of commission for a few decades as the members have aged/died.

    This disgusting group has merely hijacked their name in order to draw in members.

  • Frank

    Linda – you are exactly right. Hate is how the system divides and conquers us.

    Peace to you and all

  • Frank

    Personally, I am a mixed person of European-American, African-American and Native American descent. Who knows what else; I just like to say that I’m a human being and leave it at that.

    I have experienced racism from both black and white people, from both sides of my family, even. I’ve been called names, denigrated for how I dress, what music I listen to, been told that I’m adopted and many other examples.

    So what am I supposed to do? Hate everyone because I’ve had hate directed to me? No, because that would be childish and superficial.

    My point is that bigotry exists in all groups. Whites hating blacks, blacks hating whites – it all needs to stop. We are not different ‘races’ – that doesn’t exist. It’s just cheap excuses to hate people that you don’t know. All hatred really stems from self-hatred, anyway. So lets start with loving and respecting ourselves and then extending that same courtesy to others. If someone has hurt you, let it go. If the hurt is so bad – get away from them. You can’t hold onto pain and hold grudges, you have to let it go.

    The last thing this world needs is more negativity.


  • DJ

    I travel weekly around the country and deal with people of all races and have found that the majority of Americans are not racist. But, the issue of racism will exist as long as people refuse to look at others as individuals rather than as a collective of a race and refuse to stop inciting racism where none exists.

  • Linda Williams

    Looks like there is plenty of hate to go around here. Hate does nothing to unite people. The Govt wins again.

  • Liana

    There goes the Nation of Islam infuelce, thnat radical ‘Islamic bigotry’ virus spreading among blacks, sad.
    That bigotry that often ignores real racist slavery by Arab-Muslims in Sudan, Mauritania, etc. yet acts as IF it “cares” for the Arab-Palestinians… and voice support for racist Arab attack on Jews.

  • Michael Williams

    You tell me the difference between the KKK and the NBBP. The NBBP can threaten the white man, but no one dare threaten the black? Hate will bring on hate. Your acts of violence will perpetuate the rate of blacks in prison which you will only have yourselves to blame for. People are more than the color of their skin. There are plenty of one way tickets back to Africa, or is it Italy, either way, take your friends with you.

  • black sicilian

    I am very sincere in my remarks Dawn. And my intent was not to threat or scare but to inform POTENTIAL enemies. Being part caucasian, i’m surprised you would assume i have such deep rooted hatred for whites. I only turn into the Product when the Environment forms one of hate..But you are entitled to your opinion miss. I have no objections

  • Dawn

    What a crock of poop Mr. Black Sicilian! “Deep down, I wish we all could just get along”. LOL! That’s rich! Your hatred for the white man is so transparent I am gagging on it. Your thinly veiled threats make me sad for everyone since it is that sort of thought process that keeps the hate alive. You know what I think?….I think that deep down you wish you could blow some white men away and get away with it…that’s what I think.

  • black sicilian

    The bottom line is, I sympathize with the panthers and any other black militant group. I also respect the views the Klan and skinheads share. We are all free to believe in what we choose. My objective on this site was to make the racist white man aware of the danger he\she faces if they plan to attack a black man based upon hatred. They may just cross the wrong man\group 1 day. In your case anonymous, i agree with you. But thats an isolated incident. I am for the most part a law abiding citizen. I have no hatred in my heart of any race or color. But myself and others also posess a violent side. The side that only appears when hatred comes a knockin. Deep down, i wish we all could just get along

  • anonymous

    To black sicilian:

    Again, to victimize anyone for the color of his or her skin is simply not moral.

    there is no way around this.

    What happened to me — was that OK?

    How did that protect blacks?

  • Pat

    It’s amazing that the Black Panther party still exists in this era of multiculturalism and the first serious effort to integrate the races socially, politically and economically.

    That cannot help the cause of racism as the effort to end discrimination.

  • black sicilian

    It’s not about being a monster. It’s about protecting your loved ones and your own people from racially charged antics. And until the racist white can find peace in their hearts, we the black man have to stand guard and be prepared for anything. There comes a time when a people are pushed to the brink and are forced to react to the events targeting them. It’s the hard facts of life on earth.

  • anonymous

    There is plenty of information out there about anti-white hate groups, but I want to share a personal experience of mine of anti-white racism, because it is such a rare thing to read about.

    I live in a town known for many things, including some prominent racial incidences in the past and its progressive liberal democrat politics. I am a progressive liberal democrat with a history of civil rights work involving people of many backgrounds and color. The town is about 40-percent white, 40-percent black.

    There is probably more racial tension here, surprisingly, than in many places I know, including NYC.

    I have found it disturbing since I moved here and have worked proactively to mitigate it in every way the opportunity rises – through reaching out, in my community groups, in casual conversations about the topic. The city is also blessed with many people who share my values and take a lot of joy in our diversity.

    Unfortunately, there is a substantial segment of highly anti-white racist blacks here. Anti-white insults are common, often combined with somewhat idle, or not so idle threats of physical violence. Almost no one white I know here doesn’t have a story to tell about it. It was surprising to me as a newcomer because it was so obvious – one of the first things one notices.

    There are racists of all colors here, but the most vocal, public and virulent racists here are anti-white racists.

    None of the blacks I know here report being subjected to equally common instances of racial epithets or threats being shouted at them on the street as they go about their daily business.

    Anti-white threats of vioence can be shouted out to people here on the street without police acting, although it is explicitly against the state criminal statutes to do so. Our deeply liberal democrat and progressive leanings, our sympathy for the legacy of racism for blacks, along with it being a fairly educated population in this town, seems to inhibit us from holding anyone responsible. Or maybe some of the police here, perhaps quietly racist, most fear charging any black with racial threatening and being sued. I am not entirely sure of all the causes, but there is a provisional license, as long as it is not abused too much, to engage in the crime of racial threatening in New Haven if and only if you are black.

    One day, while I was still naive about this particular city’s racial politics, what started as my smiling as a gesture of friendliness to a black woman on the street escalated into her shouting anti-white threats of violence towards me. As she was doing this, and I was taking only silent evasive action, she spotted a parked police vehicle, appeared to be frightened by this, made a beeline to the cruiser, and proceeded to fabricate an ornate criminal complaint against me that I had threatened to hit her, something I would never do even jokingly. She appeared to one witness to be scared she was going to be arrested because her shouting was heard all over the street and she, in a panic, may have taken preemptive action, perhaps assuming the officer had been watching her. I also thought this was her motive. She made up a crime that would seem to justify her outrage.

    Despite what turned out to be a history of false statements by her that were available in her criminal record to the officer on his cruiser laptop, despite the fact that she had no witnesses to my supposed crime and my supposed physical movements near her, despite there being many witnesses to her behavior, despite the fact that the incident was on video tape (the police refused to look at it), despite all this, I was cited and spent nine months fighting the minor charge. Fearing the lower court here would be a “guilty court” when it comes to infractions – where judges insist on splitting the baby with little or no evidence – it was imperative that I prove my innocence and the task was daunting. I won the case, but it ran down my physical health so seriously I was hospitalized. My entire career was riding on my being able to establish my innocence and clear my name, not to mention my need to save my reputation and many of the privileges that would be compromised by a criminal record. I nearly went bankrupt. It delayed graduate school applications. It suspended most of my volunteer work at the time – which included civil rights work. She not only hurt me, but those who were depending on me. I was a stranger to her. She knew nothing of me and didn’t care. She knew me only as white – an object worthy of abuse, hate, retribution. I was a white person who had the audacity to smile at her, speak to her, even look at her.

    It hurt. Racism hurts. For a white person victimized, it is a silent crime. I know of no white or black church, for instance, that would be interested in hosting a talk about it, not when the pain of nooses still burn in our history — there is no moral place for my problem, there is no civil rights group that will stand by your side if you are the victim of anti-white racism of any level of severity. I was isolated. In fact, any emphasis on that aspect of the crime, if anything, would bring out anti-black groups to “support” me — the last thing I would have wanted.

    Communities have a hard time addressing, charging, and convicting anti-white racist acts.

    I am a single human being. I bare the burden of the guilt of my race, yes, but is this how I can help? By being a sacrifice? If I had lost, I would have quietly been neutralized, gagged, and unable to resume my role in my community. Is that the way? To relinquish my name, my work, my positive contributions? I am someone who would defend the civil rights of my attacker even today — I won’t let anyone change me from being that kind of person.

    She has spent her life, it turned out, on opposite endeavors — hurting her neighbors, black and white, chewing up public resources on her court cases, victimizing people on an almost continual basis. The hurt she has brought on this community, over the years, has been substantial.

    The only way to handle it was the way I did — by simply being the victim of a crime and fighting for my rights as that, not as if the crime against me was racially motivated.

    It would be nice if someone would address this issue in my city, because we need to raise awareness not so much of organized hate groups in this particular city, but in the pervasive way this form of racism, embedded in the culture here, manifests itself. But who will do it? Who will come here to talk to blacks about anti-white racism?

    If a white person tries it they will be 1. laughed out of town. 2. have no moral authority to an audience whose grandparents were slaves. What is my little suffering to the history of theirs?

    Even posting here, I worry I will bring out the kooks looking for any dirt they can find, such as Joe, who claims in his comment above to have extraordinary evidence of who is behind the noose incidents around the country.

    Revenge turns you into the monster you are fighting — the New Black Panthers should think about that. What would the NBP do after getting bloody retribution, assuming they are satiable? A need for retribution, fueled by hatred does have slightly more moral authority than a past, where a majority in power oppressed a minority in every brutal category. But it also disguises racists who are just racists. To harbor hatred and struggle with it is not immoral, but nothing better than a plain old racist can raise a fist against an ordinary person simply for their color. Besides, declaring war during a time of unprecedented opportunity is to flinch, is to refuse to take power.

    Bobby Seale came here recently to speak and he was really upset with the NBP. He is speaking out against them.

  • joe

    well, black sicilian, the whites aren’t hanging them because with very, very few exceptions the people hanging them around the country are blacks who want to perpetuate the story of whites being racist. This is why the stories die so easily. Whites quite simply aren’t very racist anymore.

    But yes. I’m quite sure you are “Well Prepared”. Have fun playing army, little one. It is always the “strong” who talk tough on the internet.

  • black sicilian

    I would like to notify Mr. Shabazz that all across this great country of ours, there are pockets of strong black males who are Well Prepared for any threat against them or their families..Me and my crew especially strike silent and deadly. It just so happens that there never seems to be any racist whites plotting or hanging nooses in the vacinity. And i live in a suburban area. Hmm, wonder why that is? History suggest predators prey on the weak i suppose..Theres no telling what would happen to a racist white group near my dwelling. BEWARE racist white boys. Fair warning

  • Lewis Loflin

    RK said,

    on October 28th, 2007 at 8:57 pm


    You quote some interesting sources on your site. Maybe you should try getting beyond the propaganda.

    Why don’t you do the same? Claiming everyone that brings this matter is a a white racist is nonsense. Yes some KKK type scum tried to use this, but the fact is some black hooker accused three white men raped her, the left-wing press goes wild for months on end. It was a lie. Imus makes a remark about some basketball team, left-wing feeding frenzy for months. Two young people get tortured, gang raped and murdered, SPLC concentrates on a few racists that show.

    The fact organizations like the SPLC promote racism by their refusal to treat everyone the same and singling out selected people to promote a political agenda. They are after all just a political propaganda machine.

    The backlash they and related organizations create only hurts the majority of decent black people, which they really don’t care about anyway.

  • Carrter

    Therefore “true leftist thought ” is always decent and “good” (Leftism is good Rightism is bad)……Thus we see that any abuses on the Left are dismissed by the notion that it is “not True Leftist thought”. – That is a childish as well as a transparent excuse for ineffectual misbehaviour.
    With this we see: “Communist States had abuses in human rights…..however those were not True Leftist ideologies – because they had an elite!”
    Wake up! All human political systems have “elites”. They have abuses and they have serious faults! When we can critique ourselves & our politics, we start to behave like adults. Children (& racists) think in black & white terms.

  • Davidhp

    These groups of white or black racists share a major common factor, they are not left wing as some who post here are claiming but the very epitome of right wing reactionary political and social thought. These groups are not collective in nature; they are exclusive defining the right to exist by racial characteristics. All of the groups whether Nazi’s, KKK, skinheads, New Black Panther Party, Nation of Islam, or Yahweh Nation are totally based on hatred as a motivator for political, social, and economic gains for a defined elite. True leftist thought is the opposite – collective action for the good of all not an elite group.

  • Carrter

    I deeply believe that the SPLC does NOT believe that Black Racism does not exist. However it is obviously a VERY painful topic to discuss in the light of the history of the SPLC. That is very understandable.
    However the very essence of credibility is at stake for many if they ignore the blight of racist rhetoric no matter it’s source. The posting of this issue is a strong vote of confidence for the SPLC that it’s views are non-denominational and it’s integrity foremost in importance.

  • Jakkboot

    I agree with Lewis,
    What really suprises me is that this off the scale left wing organization even so much as THINKS that there are groups of blacks out there who are even MORE racist than the klan scum. I suppose that someone who works there, went in one day and suggested that they had to go out and find the most hard core anti white group they could find, and put their picture up here, just to have some kind of built in defense against any sort of attacks along this line.

    I wonder how long it will take for me to be flamed here, and accused of everything from being a nazi-symphatizer, to a troll? I have personally experienced racism on many fronts, from times I have tried to get a job, to acts as simple as walking onto a basketball court. Racism is a disease, pure and simple, and the SLPC does not do anyone any favors by constantly burying their heads in the sand and pretending that black on white racism doesent exist.

  • RK


    You quote some interesting sources on your site. Maybe you should try getting beyond the propaganda.

  • Lewis Loflin

    I’m surprised The Southern Poverty Law Center with its political left-wing bias even reported this other than to maintain their own credibility, which it has none.

    Non-white racism is treated very differently from white racism. White racists as we know includes all whites that vote “right” of Karl Marx while black/Latino racism/crime is the result of ‘white” racism.

    Yes these white racists are scumbags, but make up very little of the population. But massive levels of black/Latino crime and yes racism seems ignored.

    This continuing attitude from”liberals” (I’m a liberal, you are socialists) only further feeds the few actual white racists out there. Don’t try the racism crap with me.

    Here are two popular pages I have out there, the SCLC contributed to one of them. Enjoy if you even bother to post this.

    By the way, Lou Dobbs kills your representatives every time you are foolish enough to appear on his show.


  • http://www, Vargold vonWerther

    Such misguided people as this–fanatical racists and homophobes–feed on and draw energy from the very problems which have given rise to them; i.e., social and economic injustice, class warfare, oppression and genocidal neo-imperialism, racist ignorance and reactionary prejudice, etc. Let us not forget the lesson of Nazi Germany when we encounter the hateful demagoguery of a Shabazz. As the great Martin Luther King well knew, we do not overcome such poisonous evil with more of the same, but with love, empowering knowledge and understanding. Only free and educated minds enlightened and united by their higher spiritual natures, speaking and acting resolutely, courageously and with truth and integrity in the face of a powerful but doomed and evil empire, can overcome the very difficult and urgent problems we face on this planet at this time. We are all children of God. Let’s start acting like it.

  • ken burg

    It just seem ok for a black to say anything about a white.

    And a crime for whites, if we respond,


  • Dawn Combs

    I agree that there is still oppression and lack of equal opportunities for minorities in general, and Black Americans, in particular, but hateful remarks such as, “…goddamn white man” are the very hateful remarks and attitudes that set a precedent for continued racism. I truly wish there was another leader like Martin Luther King to lead by the example of love, determination and courage he demonstrated. What an amazing human being! Hate only perpetuates more hate; as does violence more violence. Malik Zulu Shabazz should be ashamed of such hateful dogma. The hateful fanatic is the most dangerous kind of fool there is in the world…no matter what color the skin.