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Racist British Party Leader on American College Speaking Tour

By Heidi Beirich on October 22, 2007 - 11:34 am, Posted in Hate Groups, Hate on Campus, White Supremacist

griffing_228×339.jpgNick Griffin (right), the head of the whites-only British National Party (BNP), will speak on three American college campuses in late October. That news comes courtesy of the Council of Conservative Citizens, a U.S. hate group that has described blacks as “a retrograde species of humanity.”

Griffin, whose white supremacist party angrily opposes immigration and especially Muslim immigration, will speak at Clemson University on Oct. 24, Texas A&M on Oct. 25, and Michigan State University on Oct. 26. According to the anti-racist YAF Watch blog, the Michigan State chapter of Young Americans for Freedom is sponsoring Griffin’s visit to MSU. The Southern Poverty Law Center lists the MSU chapter of Young Americans for Freedom, which has also hosted other extremist speakers, as a hate group. It is unclear which campus organizations are sponsoring Griffin’s lectures at Clemson and Texas A&M.

Griffin, a well-known Holocaust denier and anti-Semite, has a long history of extremism reaching back into the late 1970s, when he was active in the racist British National Front. In 1998, he was convicted of incitement to racial hatred, a serious offense in Britain. Griffin is also a regular visitor to the U.S. and frequently speaks at extremist events here. A recent example came in February 2006, when he spoke at the biannual conference of the publisher of American Renaissance magazine, a hate group that argues that blacks are more “pathological” and less intelligent than whites. Griffin is also close to former Klan leader David Duke, at whose events he also often speaks. The BNP and Duke’s European Unity and Rights Organization (EURO) share the same Belgian webmaster.

Griffin often comes to the U.S. to raise money for the BNP. For years, his BNP had an American affiliate, the American Friends of the British National Party (AFBNP), that raised money for his party’s activities from American extremists. In 2002, however, AFBNP leader Mark Cotterill was deported to Britain after an Intelligence Report exposé revealed that his group had raised at least $85,000 for the BNP in contravention of U.S. law. Agents of foreign political entities must register with the government or face possible felony charges, fines and deportation. Cotterill did not register his group.

  • Tolpuddle Martyr


    This is a repost from Racists say the Darndest things, but I thought I should say it directly to you. I’m Australian, I live in Coburg a suburb with a high muslim population and I work with Africans in my job. I’ve never been hassled by an African or a Muslim in all my time growing up in the Northern Suburbs of Melbourne. I’m not saying that every African or Muslim is an angel, but who is?

    Anyway here’s the post from RSTDT, read and weep!

    I’m white, I’m from an Irish Catholic background (the Catholic part is lapsed) and some of my ancestors where white convicts who arrived on the first fleet. I am anti racist based on my personal experiences, I judge my freinds, Aboriginal, African, Chinese, Caucasian, Irish, Italian, Lebanese, German, British, Maori, Scottish, Croatian, Russian etc, etc, etc by the way they act. Not by their nationality. I never joined any “white tribe”, therefore I can’t betray them, so go f**k yourself!

  • Nifont

    Well done! Unlike the author of the topic ;-)

  • marwinsing

    Reading this webpage, it appears to us that there are many people here who would wish to see the white race eradicated form the face of the earth. Why? I bet many of the ‘anti-racists’ that post here are white. Commenters like unlucky 13, me, RK, Irish55, Passing Brit and radikal 13 would do well to come to South Africa where the black savages would take care of you sure enough, your dreams and wishes of death will come true to you just as they did Amy Biehl, whose parents today celebrate their young daughter’s death by contributing to black charities.

    To the above-mentioned in this comment, we call you lot self-haters – traitors to the tribe (if you happen to be white, that is).

  • radikal 13

    this guy need to be eliminated from this earth…….!!

  • wynz

    There is nothing radical right or progressive left about me.

    I am moderate, centrist, and nonpartisan too.

  • wynz

    At least in this country U.S, he should have the right to free speech. If someone wants to stop him, they should take him to court here.

    The University of Delaware was free to have a required class saying that all whites of europeon descent in the U.S. and Europe were racists because of our white supremist societies. So much for tolerence in the good, old, USA.

    As long as our Universities are teaching that kind of “hate”, I think you will find the U.S. demanding free speech for the individual as well.

  • MM Watch

    Preston Wiginton

    That figures.

  • NewVoices

    Article on Griffin event at Texas A & M:

  • redandwhitestripes


    The BNP has a race relations councillor who is half Turkish.

    They also have a Jewish councillor and have very good relations with parts of the Sikh community. They could have more Asian members but they request they don’t join, just as there are many Asian only groups in Britain.

  • redandwhitestripes

    Nick Griffin has accepted several times that the Holocaust happened.

  • Thompson

    Nick Griffin and the BNP are patriots for actually speaking out about the dangers of Islamization in Europe and of unrestrainted Third World Immigration. He did not come and preach hate, as a careful viewing of his remarks will readily prove. Rule Britannia.

  • Darkwater

    It’s a sad day when a political party has to play the “we’re just as good as Robert Mugabe” card and *it seems proud of it.*

    (And wouldn’t it be more fitting with the BNP’s racist [or to use their word, racialist] beliefs to use Cecil Rhodes as their point of reference instead of Robert Mugabe?

  • Ben

    I don’t think the BNP is racist just because they happen to be on your list.

    Is Bob Mugabe on your list by any chance? All the BNP want to do is …

    1) Have a referendum on immigration to the UK (there has not been one yet, just like there has not been one on immigration to Zimbabwe)

    2) If the British public agree to it begin deportation of non-whites immigrants, and their UK-born descendants, back to their countries of origin initially by voluntary repatriation and then, if necessary, by compulsory repatriation just like Bob Mugabe wants to do in Zimbabwe.

  • Passing Brit

    Anyone who claims that Nick Griffin isn’t a fascist is either a liar or an idiot. This is what he had to say in 1997 (so hardly ancient history):

    Britain does not have the tradition of intellectual fascism which is such an important factor in many other countries. While I do have a number of proposals to help rectify this deficiency, the truth is that this is a handicap which we can never overcome completely

    In 1995 he had this to say:

    The electors of Millwall did not back a Post-Modernist Rightist Party, but what they perceived to be a strong, disciplined organisation with the ability to back up its slogan ‘Defend Rights for Whites’ with well-directed boots and fists. When the crunch comes, power is the product of force and will, not of rational debate.

    And as for the claims that Nick Griffin has never denied the Holocaust, let’s see what Nick himself said:

    I am well aware that the orthodox opinion is that six million Jews were gassed and cremated or turned into lampshades. Orthodox opinion also once held that the earth is flat…I have reached the conclusion that the ‘extermination’ tale is a mixture of Allied wartime propaganda, extremely profitable lie, and latter day witch-hysteria

    Not that Anthony D Jones doesn’t know this. Being how he’s a member of the Northwest branch of the BNP.

    Honestly Tony, did you think nobody would notice?

  • Metro

    Poor, silly, N Scat:

    Canada IS multicultural: that’s why you can always come here. We don’t care what colour you are (that’s rather the point of the whole “multicultural” thing).

    Problem solved!

    Or were you looking not so much for a home as for a Fatherland?

  • NS Cat

    So what if people give Hal Turner and David Duke, etc. money?

    Whites are supposed to buy (c)rap “music” CD’s and donate to African charities instead?

  • Irish55

    Nick Griffin is a con man like David Duke is a con man. They are two men made from the same mold. They only care about themselves and not the countries they claim to care about. The only thing they care about is how much money they can get you to send them.

    They have no loyality to their nations but their loyality is to themselves period. Some people treat them like demigods that no matter what they say or do it is ok. These men belong in jail and not treated like the savior of the white world that some deluted suckers believe them to be. WN is a joke. NG and DD are just as big a joke as Kevin Strom, Bill White, Alex Linder, James Kelso and all the other Cult leaders that get people to send them money and believe their lies.

  • NS Cat

    So why shouldn’t England remain White?

    It’s bad enough you people have to turn the USA and Canada into a multicult cesspool, now European homelands must be overran as well.

    Soon there will be nowhere left for Whites to go.

  • Mike Taylor

    The Bnp has sikh/jewish/hindu members, it is not fascist it is simply a nationalist party positioned on the right.

    Griffin should be allowed to speak, the islamification of europe is a truth it is happening as we speak, of course we know the left will try to shout down anyone voicing something not in accordance with their views.

    They need to grow up and start countering the Bnps arguments instead of hysterically screaming “nazi” “racist” etc, most of us are neither we are patriots.

  • RK

    Right now, the BNP website has an ad for Great White Records. Is Great White advertising there because they know BNP visitors are white separatists, or do they just think BNP visitors are tone-deaf losers gullible enough to buy CDs about the “genocide of the indigenous natives of the British Isles?”

  • Mark Potok

    Nick Griffin, interviewed in the United Kingdom by CNN several years ago in response to our expose of his party’s illegal fundraising in the United States, admitted on camera that his party did not admit anyone not descended from European whites and “kindred” peoples. It’s true that the BNP later accepted a Sikh member or two in an effort to create a broader anti-Muslim front. That effort died out quickly.

  • me

    “Yet another bold faced lie. the BNP is not “whites only.” It would be illegal under British law for a political party to be “whites only.” ”
    It would be illegal to publicly declare the fact, but being so de facto is not, for practical reasons (would you mandate societies and clubs have black members? what if they don’t want to join?) It’s certainly anti-Muslim– they went to court to defend their right to call it a “wicked, vicious faith” and to say Muslims are turning Britain into a “multi-racial hell hole”.
    Bigotry and hate are bigotry and hate, no matter what direction the wind is blowing in.

    “The BNP has lots of non-white members.”
    I don’t believe you. Prove me wrong. More to the point, the BNP doesn’t have any black or Asian members.

  • david

    For anyone looking for more info on Griffin or the BNP, go to, the blog of Michigan Against White Supremacy. There is also info their concerning a speak out against Griffin that will be taking place at Michigan State University.

  • Kyle Rogers

    Yet another bold faced lie. the BNP is not “whites only.” It would be illegal under British law for a political party to be “whites only.” The BNP has lots of non-white members.The BNP does not advocate solely for a single race as the NAACP and La Raza do, but for the betterment of all who live in Britain.

  • NS Cat

    Nick Griffin is good. He wants to preserve England.

    If immigration continues, England will be drowned in a sea of mud and lose it’s distinct culture.


    Your article is s hot through with inaccuracies. the BNP is not fascist, Nick never denied the holocaust, nor is he an anti-semite. nice try comrades.

    Now, one question. Has “hatewatch” ever denounced the IRA or their American supporters? They killed thousands which is pretty hateful. In the 1940’s they were por-German.

    Answers please!

  • unlucky 13

    Everyone in American should have the right to free speech.Those who oppose fascism should speak out more often also.Fascism threatens the very same free speech rights the fascists themselves are counting on.Fascism is ,by it’s very nature anti-democratic and totalitarian.Perhaps someone needs to remind those listening to this speaker.The British Nationalist Party is Fascist.