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Watchmen on the Walls Return to Latvia

By Casey Sanchez on November 1, 2007 - 12:50 pm, Posted in Anti-LGBT, Intelligence Report, New World Order

Over the past two years, the Watchmen on the Walls have brought their traveling anti-gay road show to Sacramento, Seattle and Riga, the Latvian capital. In Seattle last month, they were greeted by more than 100 protesters, who challenged the Watchmen’s beliefs that gays are a threat to society and were instrumental in orchestrating the Holocaust. In Latvia this March, American Watchmen leaders tried to pass themselves off as envoys of the US White House, a claim refuted by White House spokesmen.

This Nov. 14-18, they’ll return to Riga, where they will be joined by Americans Larry Jacobs and Don Feder of the World Congress of Families. Feder is involved with several extremist groups. He is a member of the board of advisers of the Federation for American Immigration Reform, an anti-immigrant group whose leader has compared immigrants to bacteria. Last year, speaking at a conference put on by the anti-gay group, Vision America, Feder said the goal of the gay rights movement was to “transform us so that Salt Lake City on a Sunday morning looks like today’s San Francisco on a Saturday night.”

al_led.jpgThe Watchmen conference is sponsored by New Generation Church, which has over 200 congregations in 15 countries. Alexey Ledyaev, the 56-year old church head, wrote a 2002 book,  New World Order, that says countries must enact biblical law in order to stave off a supposed alliance of gays and Muslims hell-bent on destroying Christianity. “The first devastating wave of homosexuality makes a way for the second and more dangerous wave of islamization [sic].”

Organizers expect between 3,000 and 5,000 to attend the Watchmen’s Latvian summit. When the Watchmen met in Seattle last month, they expected 700 people. Less than 150 turned out.

  • Vicki

    Don’t be under the illusian that all Slavic christian people who oppose gay unions support their murder or the hate crimes. Those that do, are pathetic and are completely unchristian..they have no right persecuting people who may sin (every sin being the same in God’s eyes..nobody pesecutes the liar or thief as much as they persecute gays). However, peaceful organizations and lobbying is perfectly ok..they don’t want public schools teaching them about gay lifestyles. etc. and that’s understandable. It’s their religion (American christians too, you know). I’m a Ukrainian woman and I am against any so called “Christian” who persecutes homosexuals. So don’t make it sound like if you happen to be from the Slavic Christian community you must be completely crazed and love to murder gay people. A few pathetic and hateful individuals shouldn’t represent all of us. And I’m very sorry for what happened to Satender Singh. It’s heartbreaking and there is no reason for any christian (although I really don’t count those murderers as even 1% Christian) to act this way.

  • Alex

    Sorry, Jesse, but your posting about the slavic community is completely incorrect. My partner and I have WITNESSED, first hand, the hatred of these so-called “Christians” when they show up, uninvited, to the local Pride festivals. They drag their little kids along and make them hold signs that are bigger than they are with hateful words like “sodomy=hell”. When a minister asked a little 3 year old girl if she knew what the word meant, “mommy” whisked her away, showing her ignorance and bigotry. Such people shouldn’t be allowed to have children, and if they do, a PRIDE festival is no place for them OR their children.

    They also have stalked a local high school principal to his home AND his place of worship, simply because he allowed the National “Day of Silence” to take place at his school. Were I the victim’s neighbor, I’d have called the police to have them arrested for stalking and trespassing. A few nights in jail might just cool them off a bit.

    Like I said. Satender Singh’s MURDERER is still on the loose, hiding out like the COWARD he is in Russia. Some “Christian” he is. Where’s the justice in THAT? Can YOU answer that? Or do YOU think he was justified in MURDERING a gay man? Pathetic, if you do think that.

  • jesse

    Hey guys don’t expect me to believe what you say because you are haters of the slavic community.The Watch men on the Walls is a peacefull organization.On the internet people just post crab aout them because they don’t agree with traditional marrige that they are proposing.They arent the ones who are haters it’s you guys who are actualy the ones.You are haters because you dont profide any factual evidence against this group other then that they are against homosexuality being taught in schools and that gay porn parades shouldn’t happen in San-Fransisco because it’s an insult to other people.

  • Alex

    As a member of the Sacramento CA gay community, I am continually appalled at these so-called Slavic “Christians” who seem to think it’s perfectly ok to spit on, harass, stalk, scream at, and MURDER those that they in their lily-white towers perceive to be GLBT. My partner and I were at the vigil for Satender Singh after he was killed by a Slavic “Christian man” who then fled to Russia, like the COWARD he is, and it was a lovely remembrance for someone who had died WAY too early and too young.

  • unlucky 13

    Hate is a double-edged sword.those who hate are hated.Perhaps a better term than hater would be oppressor.Those who are opprosed hate but they are not in a position to oppress.

  • Michael Pridham

    I appreciate what you are doing in helping to expose the wrongdoing of individuals and/or groups.

    There is one note of caution that I might suggest. Most people have an opinion about what is right and what is wrong. Their position usually depends upon their core value system. Today’s news offers a plethora of articles containing the word hate. When investigating further I find that some writers use the “hate” label to those with whom they simply disagree.

    I would hope that you can continue your work truthfully exposing the words and actions of others and let your readers determine whether the “hate” label applies.

  • unlucky 13

    It’s as if straight people are afraid homosexuality will rub off on them.Otherwise , what are they so afraid of?A world where gays and straights meant nothing more than having brown hair or blond hair what would remain of homophobia?It couldn’t survive.No more super violent crimes against the usual suspects.And what would the problem be then?We might then find time to deal with truly serious matters like global warming or the end of oil,pollution,etc.,etc.Homophobics are producing their own reason to exist when they could do better by simply ignoring that which they find so distasefull in others.

  • r@d@r

    you’re quite right, 100 isn’t really much trouble, but i’m just talking about the coming over here part. it seems an unrewarding venture at best.

    i’m not drinking, but sometimes i wish i was.

  • whatdidyousay?

    Hmmmmm, you call about 100 people doing their thing trouble?
    What are you drinking?
    Latvia is one of the baltic countries on the far right hit list because of their highly negative attitude towards homosexuals at the present time.
    The World Congress of Families led by americans Larry Jacobs and Don Feder who is involved with several extremist groups will be in Riga Nov14-18.
    We’ll see how much of the expected thousands will really attend.

    Don’t laugh at their propaganda they are highly successfull
    in raking in millions just like the tv evangalists here in the USA

  • r@d@r

    what are they putting in the water in latvia to engender such vitriol? enough for them to actually come over here and try to stir up trouble? do you see me bringing a troop of american citizens to latvia to protest sausages?

    “alliance of gays and muslims”? THAT’d be the day.

    i’d love it of SLC was more like SF on a saturday night – maybe happy hour would be cheaper.