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Anti-Gay Researcher Speaks to Racist British National Party

By David Holthouse on November 9, 2007 - 1:30 pm, Posted in Anti-LGBT, Hate Groups

Last month the Christian Council of Britain (CCB), a religion-based front group for the whites-only British National Party, began hosting a series of “public debates on morality and family values.”

Paul CameronThe keynote speaker at the inaugural CCB conference in London was none other than Dr. Paul Cameron, the infamous anti-gay crackpot psychologist based in Colorado Springs, Colo. Under the guise of the Family Research Institute, his one-man statistical chop shop, Cameron churns out reams of pseudo-scientific “studies” invariably concluding that homosexuals are menaces to society.

Cameron’s Oct. 26 lecture in London focused on his oft repeated, though thoroughly discredited “findings” that homosexuals are more likely to rape and murder children than are heterosexuals. “For some reason homosexuals’ involvement in this horrid crime is especially high in Britain,” Cameron said.
Cameron used his appearance at the Christian Council of Britain event to promote a new Family Research Institute study based on “668 stories about the rape and murder of children in the major newspapers in the USA, Australia, Great Britain, Canada, etc.” The study concludes that 49% of British perpetrators were homosexual, versus an average of 28% in other Western countries.

This new study is similar in its deeply flawed methodology to Cameron’s infamous 1983 study claiming that homosexuals are “10-20 times more likely than heterosexuals to molest children,” a figure that is still frequently appears in anti-gay propaganda

A thorough debunking of Cameron’s various studies is available here.

Cameron based that finding on a 1978 study by Nicholas Groth, the highly respected director of the Sex Offender Program at the Connecticut Department of Corrections. Groth had interviewed 175 convicted child molesters and found that more of them had molested boys than girls. Cameron’s statistic is derived from the false assumption that men who molest boys are gay, despite the fact that Groth’s original study found that none of the men identified himself as homosexual. Instead, the pedophiles were either heterosexual outside of their criminal behavior or were what Groth termed “fixated pedophiles with no interest in sex with adults.”

Groth was outraged and filed a formal complaint with the American Psychological Association that led to Cameron losing his professional accreditation. “Dr. Cameron misrepresents my findings and distorts them to advance his homophobic views,” Groth wrote the APA. “He disgraces his profession.”

  • Josef

    So does this guy have a real doctorate?

    Or a mail order doctorate?

  • Dilapidus

    I’m not sure that Mr. Hill’s comment was properly refuted. His point was simply that a sexual offense against someone of the same gender would seems to satisfy the definition of a homosexual act, and therefore the perpetrator is, to some extent, homosexual.

    This is not the case, of course. Many people experiment to various degrees but neither self identify as homo or bi-sexual.

    Furthermore, prisoners are an especially difficult group to classify. People who commit rape in prison almost never self identify with homo or even bi-sexuality. People who are self identified homosexuals will almost never admit to being homosexual in prison because it would very much increase the chances of being targeted for rape.

    Although the sample size is good, the Groth study referenced uses people who were caught, not exactly a guaranteed mechanism for a random sample.

    Finally, it is probably a mistake to apply normative expectations to people with a profound dysfunction. These are child molesters and much like rapists, it’s more likely to be about the exercise of power than physical attraction.

  • SteveMD2

    Chris Hill – your comment about homosexuals and molestation unfortunately do help to continue the old belief that gays molest children. I doubt very much that the many gays I know/ have known molest children, and most molestations are hetero anyway. I certainly may not see anything sexually attractive in gay fiends partners, but who am I to speak, And when I see some hetero couples, I sometimes wonder about them also. Then it is time to say “earth calling Steve”, and remember on a lighter note that I and my wife are in our mid-late 60’s and not going to win any beauty contests either.

    In my other post I referred to the perverts of the Catholic church and how the church hid them for decades, lest a crack in the foundation of that group – in some ways one of the more regressive groups in western society, cause their whole house of cards , oops lies to come tumbling down. And in Psychology, one learns that you make people into perverts. The church’s denial of sexuality in general, it’s old condemnation of what kids learn to do with themselves around puberty, it’s general guilt trip delivered to its youth – e.g. 13 year old choirboys, over their budding sexuality affects these kids psyche. You can suppress sexuality for a while, but unfortunately it ultimately rears its ugly head, and it picks up at the mental age where it was suppressed, not the then adults physical age. So not only did the church hide these perverts, but they had a major hand in creating them. Who is the worst criminal is a question worth debating – the violator, or the creator of violators?

    As someone said, religion is a wonderful thing in the hands of good people, and a terrible thing in the hands of bad people.

    And just maybe all other pederastry we hear about, hetero or homosexual, comes from conservative churches who try and sweep sex under the Rug, make it dirty. Btw because of that untouchability on the subject, the conservative churches create an aura and curiousity about sex, and more experimentation by the curious younger people. Strange how things work, isn’t it.

  • SteveMD2

    And isn’t it so interesting how this group – the FRC, and others who use the word “family” in their name, are just hate groups.

    As Goebbels said during the 30’s, if you tell a lie often enough it becomes accepted as the truth. Of course, Goebbels was Hitler’s minister of information, not terribly different then Fox News is our Semi Fascist leader’s chief mechanism for delivering the lies of the Bush administration.

    And you find the FRC and others like them aligned in many ways with the Catholic Church, whose hiding and shifting of their pervert Priests for decades is just another shameful example of corrupt religious institutions supporting each other.

  • the daily phosdex

    You will find interesting the fact of my sharing this article with Searchlight, a British magazine as takes issue with racists, neo-Fascists and other elements weird and unwholesome.

    I have since been informed that the editors of Searchlight are looking further into these developments as part of their larger campaign against the British National Party (BNP).

  • Chris Hill

    Should that not be:
    ‘Cameron’s statistic is derived from the false assumption that men who SEXUALLY molest boys are gay’

    Of course they are homosexuals, that’s the very definition of a homosexual ‘someone who is sexually attracted to members of the same sex’.

    Of course not all homosexuals are child molesters, that goes without saying, but a man who sexually molests a young boy is by definition a homosexual.

    My comments above should not be taken as an incitement to hatred towards homosexuals, and it should be remembered most homosexuals do not pose a threat to children.