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Simcox Speaks At Michigan State University

By Hatewatch Staff on November 20, 2007 - 4:51 pm, Posted in Uncategorized

Chris Simcox, president of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps, spoke Tuesday evening to nearly three dozen listeners at the Michigan State University campus without interruption or protest.

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Political Cesspool Unveils ‘Syndication Deal’

By David Holthouse on November 20, 2007 - 4:11 pm, Posted in Media Extremism, Neo-Confederate, White Supremacist

James EdwardsWhite nationalist golden boy James Edwards started making noises last June about the Political Cesspool, the radio show Edwards co-founded in 2004, being in negotiations for a “major syndication deal.” His several breathless updates on the Cesspool website made it sound like he was jetting off to meet with executives from a media giant like Clear Channel.

Well, don’t believe the hype. Edwards finally revealed the details of his show’s new arrangement earlier this week, and it turns out that whoever he may have started out talking with, the syndication deal he actually landed is with Dixie Broadcasting, a minor Internet radio outfit run by Ray McBerry, the chairman of the Georgia chapter of the League of the South, a neo-confederate, white supremacist group.
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FBI Releases Hate Crime Statistics

By Heidi Beirich on November 19, 2007 - 4:08 pm, Posted in Hate Crime, Intelligence Report

This morning, the FBI released its hate crime statistics for 2006. The report showed a rise of 7.8 percent from 7,163 to 7,722 criminal incidents in 2006 targeting victims or property as a result of bias against a particular race, religion, sexual orientation, ethnic or national origin or physical or mental disability.

As in prior years, the data collected by the FBI was severely flawed. Only 12,600 of the nation’s more than 17,000 local, county, state and federal police agencies participated in the program. Certain states barely participated. Alabama reported only one hate crime in 2006. Mississippi and Hawaii did not report any hate crimes at all. A major Intelligence Report study released in 2001 that details the problems with the FBI’s data can be found here.

Unfortunately, the FBI’s data gives a false impression of the level of hate crime in the United States. In fact, the level of hate crimes in the United States is astoundingly high — more than 190,000 incidents per year, according to a 2005 Department of Justice study, which analyzed a more comprehensive data set than that compiled yearly by the FBI.

‘Non-Violent’ Klan Claims Victory

By Casey Sanchez on November 16, 2007 - 2:29 pm, Posted in Hate Groups, Klan, White Supremacist

When the Church of the National Knights of the Ku Klux Klan revealed yesterday that it was calling off a rally scheduled for tomorrow in Cullman, Ala., the group didn’t give a reason.  “I think some of their speakers had a conflict in scheduling,” Cullman police officer Lisa Dodson told the Cullman Times.

That didn’t stop Ken Mier from quickly taking credit for the cancellation. Mier, the self-described “investigator” for the supposedly nonviolent Alabama Ku Klux Klan, made headlines earlier this month when he announced that his Klan group, who he described as descendants of “the Non Violent, True Southern Christian Klanspeople,” would be holding a counter-demonstration in Cullman to protest the National Knights’ use of threats and racial slurs.

“We of the Alabama Klan have lived up to our word,” Mier wrote in a comment to Hatewatch. “The CNKKKK have canceled their Jerry Springer stage show in Cullman. We consider this a victory for the Christian residence [sic] of Alabama. In addition the people of our organization would like to extend a very special thanks for the absence of negative coverage of our actions.”

Mier signed his comment, “The Alabama Klan . . . WWJD [What Would Jesus Do]?”

Gilchrist Scheduled To Speak At Cal State Long Beach

By Hatewatch Staff on November 13, 2007 - 5:10 pm, Posted in Uncategorized

Students and faculty of the Chicano and Latino studies department are devising ways to show their opposition to Minuteman Project founder Jim Gilchrist and two “surprise” speakers, who all are scheduled to speak at an open forum hosted by the Conservative Student Union this coming Tuesday at noon in the Beach Auditorium.

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Off-Duty Deputies Hired To Intimidate Immigrants

By Hatewatch Staff on November 13, 2007 - 5:07 pm, Posted in Uncategorized

Nearly one hundred chanting protesters spanned across the narrow sidewalk in front of Pruitt’s Furniture Store while off duty sheriff’s deputies looked on nervously and a mariachi group serenaded the midday traffic with songs dedicated to Sheriff Joe Arpaio and Pruitt’s owner Roger Sensing.

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Simcox Promised ‘Israeli-Style’ Barrier, Delivered ‘Cow Fence’

By Hatewatch Staff on November 13, 2007 - 4:55 pm, Posted in Uncategorized

It was supposed to be 14 feet high and topped with razor wire…

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Hamilton Farms Billboard Targets Mexicans

By Hatewatch Staff on November 13, 2007 - 4:47 pm, Posted in Uncategorized

The proprietor of the famous Hamilton Farms billboard along Interstate 5 this week made a very public attempt at humor about U.S. immigration problems, but it doesn’t have all of Lewis County laughing.

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Utah Minutemen Protest Library Exhibit

By Hatewatch Staff on November 13, 2007 - 4:43 pm, Posted in Uncategorized

In April 2006, thousands of mostly Latino protesters marched to the state Capitol in Utah’s largest such demonstration since the Vietnam War.
Now, a photo documentary seeks to capture the history of the “Dignity March”…

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Anti-Gay Researcher Speaks to Racist British National Party

By David Holthouse on November 9, 2007 - 1:30 pm, Posted in Anti-LGBT, Hate Groups

Last month the Christian Council of Britain (CCB), a religion-based front group for the whites-only British National Party, began hosting a series of “public debates on morality and family values.”

Paul CameronThe keynote speaker at the inaugural CCB conference in London was none other than Dr. Paul Cameron, the infamous anti-gay crackpot psychologist based in Colorado Springs, Colo. Under the guise of the Family Research Institute, his one-man statistical chop shop, Cameron churns out reams of pseudo-scientific “studies” invariably concluding that homosexuals are menaces to society.

Cameron’s Oct. 26 lecture in London focused on his oft repeated, though thoroughly discredited “findings” that homosexuals are more likely to rape and murder children than are heterosexuals. “For some reason homosexuals’ involvement in this horrid crime is especially high in Britain,” Cameron said.
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