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Accused Klan Boss Found Incompetent

By Casey Sanchez on December 14, 2007 - 10:31 am, Posted in Extremist Crime, Hate Groups, Intelligence Report, Klan, White Supremacist

Junior BarefootCharles Barefoot, the leader of a North Carolina Klan group that plotted to blow up the local sheriff’s office in 2001, has been found mentally incompetent to stand trial for orchestrating the murder of a fellow Klansman. After reviewing a psychologist’s evaluation, a Sampson County Superior Court judge ruled that Barefoot, 45, was “not competent to stand trial because he currently does not possess a rational understanding of the proceedings against him.”

The judge ordered that Barefoot be committed indefinitely at Dorothea Dix Hospital in order “to determine whether there is a substantial probability that his competency will be restored in the foreseeable future.”

Barefoot and his KKK splinter faction were examined in last summer’s edition of the Intelligence Report, which detailed how the criminal investigation of Barefoot “opened a rare window into the inner workings of the modern-day Klan in the South, a secret and sordid culture of violence, racism and paranoia, where coon dogs are traded for liquid dynamite, crosses are burned next to the local Waffle House, and a Klan grand dragon presides over meetings in a ramshackle clubhouse on the edge of a swamp.”

Since 2003, Barefoot has faced two trials, one state trial on murder charges and one federal trial for alleged gunrunning. Barefoot has done his part to gum up the wheels of justice by filing more than 100 bizarre motions from prison, all of them based upon “redemption” theory, a financial conspiracy theory popular with right-wing extremists. Redemptionists hold that every U.S. citizen has a “straw man,” or secret, legal twin, created by the government to capture the economic value of citizens who, or so the doctrine goes, have unknowingly been sold into slavery to a Jewish-run international banking cabal.

At Barefoot’s most recent pre-trial hearing in February, a federal judge cut him off as soon as he started spewing redemptionist jargon. “That’s all gibberish and that doesn’t make any sense,” said U.S. District Court Judge Terrence Boyle. “That kooky stuff you’re doing right now is almost proof positive you are not competent.”

  • jesse Dziedzic

    Youre unquestionably correct with this writing..

  • Cobra Ways

    Some “lunatic” from above quoted as saying
    “but prepare for the lynchings and pogroms which is threatened.” unquote.
    Whatever that means or what he meant by it indecipherable and doesn’t make any sense. Unless there is a black reader in here who may be insulted. I can’t blame them. Its pretty clear the only people who despise SPLC are White Supremacists symphathizers and followers. One cannot deny the undisputed hatred the KKK/Neo-Nazis are known for and cupable for our degrading urban/rural societies. These decrepit groups commited more hate crimes ever reported/un-reported since its birth in 19th century. It tells me that some Americans have a short memory span in terms of our American history. Someone from another post on a different article mentioned all the gangs and activists groups of the far left. The gangs he mentioned such as bloods, crips, mexican mafia, etc etc, are mostly prison gangs with no relevance with hategroups. They’re are a criminal syndicate engaged in drug trade, trafikking of weapons, car thefts and other gang activity. The law enforcement is responsible for keeping them under control and off the streets. SPLC on the other hand-keeps track of hate groups, crimes and their movements. La Raza or Meecha whatever hasn’t commited any hatecrimes as far I’m concerned but to exercise their freedom of speech just what STORMFRONT.ORG is doing. I’m not justifying what they(La Raza) are saying and I wholeheartly disagree with them. But we as non-white American and Jews must continue to keep track of hate crimes which the mainstream media doesn’t always report. And that is the bottomline for SPLC although, I can’t speak for them but it is their purpose. And I give them some credit for that.

  • Bill

    Barefoot’s ‘redemptionist’ ravings may on the face of it seem wacky, but as the capitalist system’s political/social/economic crisis deepens, more and more people of Christian European extraction will, unfortunately, subscribe to the racist and anti-semitic basics of it. We should not dismiss this stuff as mere lunacy (which it is), but prepare for the lynchings and pogroms which are threatened.

  • Terrorism is Terrorism

    This is the effect of indoctrination, and is not a mental issue.

    These people read books spouting this crap, they listen to this crap on the shortwave radio, these people listen to this crap from everyone in their community.

    He’s not insane, he’s just a believer in a pack of lies. There is a difference.

    I think the Judge is well aware of this, and may be trying to give the guy a light sentence or no sentence.

    Almost everyone at the fringe of the Right believes in this crap. He functions well enough to read the books, to organize a klan, to operate his shortwave, and to plan an attack.

  • U.S. Styles

    Sorry, but this isn’t Germany. Now, due to this man`s limited mental capabilities. I doubt he will not plead guilty by reasons of insanity, even if he did then he must be a great actor, but let him plead guilty altogether on all charges pressed before him. The loon has some violent tendencies, plotting to kill a Sheriff is one of them. There is nothing worse than a cop killer(or a baby killer). And those that support and associate with them otherwise are no different.

  • Entdinglichung

    can the verdict also be interpreted as downplaying the political dimension of the whole thing by the judge? … in Germany, it is quite common, that fascists or racists get relatively low or sometimes even no sentences due to their mental state or to alcoholism and the judges often try to depoliticise the whole trial by pointing on these facts

  • Western Man

    “What if the kkker is manipulating the justice system in an attempt to derail serious charges.”

    Be a little realistic will you? The man is an inbred goon befitted right next to Yosmite Sam. I never heard of a retard trying to “manipulate” anyone, let alone the Justice system. So basically that’s absurd.
    “Is the crime the kkker allegedly commited a capital offense?”
    You’re joking right? So basically you’re saying you do not understand the seriousness of his crime? If he actually did kill a law enforcement official, he is eligible for the death penalty. Enough with your lack wisdom there. Anyway, just in today from AZ….
    “A prison escapee, a KKK member is on the loose U.S. Marshalls say”
    Get the full story at:
    This is another one of many examples of how criminally inept these white supremacists organizations really are. I am certain these violent and dangerous groups will eventually lose the backbone and support of the elite white class only to smother towards attrition because of this epidemic of crimes commited by these people.

  • unlucky 13

    What if the kkker is manipulating the justice system in an attempt to derail serious charges?Or as you say maybe he’s just a little “off”.I’d like to know how things progress.Is the crime the kkker alledgedly commited a capital offense?Perhaps he’s seeking to avoid the death penalty.Or perhaps he thinks he’s not going free anyway so he simlply prefers the hospital to the prison he could be sent to.Don’t know because there is not enough info in the piece at this point.

  • Western Man

    Wow. So much for a Klan Leader who doesn’t understand hoot. Let alone, “he does not possessed the rational understanding of the proceedings against him”. One has got to wonder, after reading this article is proof enough how dysfunctional and deviled these people(Klan Members) are. It goes to show us all that they have no consolidated logic based on their foundation, and considered to be a pliable and pitful organization. Once again, it is almost a flawless victory for those who were victimized by this insanity, MAY JUSTICE PREVAIL!!!

    On a second note, I wondered if Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County, AZ will be ashamed of his recent infamous statement on Lou Dobbs a few weeks back saying “it is an honor to be called KKK”. This will surely haunt him and should be only one of many reasons why he will not win next years re-election. KKK is NOT associated with the arcane law of the land…..

    Irony……when this klan leader tried to murder a Sheriff.