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Minutemen Crow as State OKs Cleanup at Border Checkpoint

By Heidi Beirich on January 25, 2008 - 12:32 pm, Posted in Anti-Immigrant, Anti-Latino, Nativist Extremist

California’s Department of Transportation (Caltrans) has approved an application by the in-your-face San Diego Minutemen (SDMM) group, which the Southern Poverty Law Center lists as a “nativist extremist” group, to “adopt” a stretch of highway for cleanup on I-5. That might not be so extraordinary — if it weren’t for the fact that the section the group was awarded responsibility for includes the Border Patrol’s Jeff SchwilkSan Clemente checkpoint, an area where undocumented immigrants have been killed crossing the freeway to avoid being detained. El Grupo, a coalition of several civil rights organizations including the North County chapter of the NAACP and the California Rural Legal Assistance Foundation, is protesting the decision.

Jeff Schwilk (right), the SDMM’s leader, was thrilled about the stretch of highway his group was awarded. In a gloating message to his members, he put it like this: “How great is that!”

The SDMM have a track record of aggressive anti-immigrant activity and Schwilk likes to refer to undocumented Latinos as “free-loaders,” “wetbacks” and “Julios.” Members of the SDMM also have had ties to white supremacists, including the neo-Nazi group White Aryan Resistance. And some SDMM members have had run-ins with the law. In 2007, the San Diego Police Department searched the homes of Schwilk, his ex-girlfriend and former group member Christie Czajkowski, and an associate in connection with unsolved vandalism of local migrant camps. No charges have been brought, though video of what seems to be one such incident (and in which Schwilk participated) has surfaced.

The SDMM’s section of freeway, which is eight lanes wide, has seen some 150 deaths since the 1980s of immigrants trying to avoid the checkpoint by running through traffic. It also features several signs warning of the danger of crossing the road on foot, famously depicting a silhouette of a mother, father and little girl running against a yellow background. At SDMM rallies, members display typically vulgar parodies of the warning signs in which a grizzly bear, California’s official state animal, chases down the family.

El Grupo sent a letter to Caltrans in January pointing out that the department’s guidelines state that “entities that advocate violence, violation of the law, or discrimination based upon race, religion, color, national origin, ancestry, physical handicap, medical condition, marital status, age, sex, or sexual orientation may not participate in the Adopt-A-Highway Program.” Caltrans officials told The San Diego Union Tribune that the section of freeway around the checkpoint was not purposely awarded to SDMM, saying it was the only one available at the time and that the department does not “promote the agenda” of any group. El Grupo is asking that the SDMM be given a different stretch of highway.

SDMM is not the first noxious group to adopt highways for cleanup as part of an apparent bid to clean up its public image. In fact, the Arkansas-based Knights of the Ku Klux Klan pioneered the idea in the 1990s, winning, after several court battles, the right to participate in Arkansas’ and Missouri’s cleanup programs.

For those unsure about whether or not Minuteman groups in San Diego County are physically aggressive toward those they do not like, a new website, Minutemen Unvarnished, provides some evidence. The site carries several videos showing Minutemen calling immigrants “wetbacks” and pushing and shoving day laborers. Other videos include Minutemen shouting obscenities and threatening those protesting them.

  • mako

    I invite all people from all lands to come and enjoy this land of plenty. I am Chippewa and all you other races are just visiting, so be courteous to the newbies and teach them not to break anything in my house.

  • Crossbow

    DM said,
    “Crossbow —interesting name hun,
    Anyways, I think you’re being misled on the whole crime issue. Immigrants and especially undocumented immigrants have lower levels of criminality than Americans.Read this article if you’re interested in the truth.”

    I’ve read much from the US Dept of Justice’s web site, along with the FBI’s Uniform Crime Report, for a project I was involved in recently, and I know very well what the correct statistics are.

    I’ve read the link you provided earlier, with an open mind too I might add, but it was apparent to me that it wasn’t valid. For every pro-illegal story that pops up there’s two dozen others….or more….. countering what they say, and many of them hold unbiased views.

    The reference I gave above is just one of many dozens of sources. Prove to me that illegals are a positive for the country instead of a gross negative, and I’ll be convinced. But you can’t because the illegals are bringing not only our wages down, but the country as a whole as well.

    But let me make one thing clear. The information I provided is for the edification of the readers here. Whether or not they want to accept the information or not is strictly up to them.

    If they, you, or anybody else chooses to ignore information in favor of believing something you feel more comfortable with, I couldn’t care less.

    I don’t assume a position on something then look for reasons to support it. I go where the analysis takes me.

  • Thomas Rowley

    Try taking a breath or two, Extreme Nativist Texan. Oxygen will help your brain comprehend what I actually said.

  • Mr. Ryan the anti-Aryan

    Extreme Nativist Texan try not to consider yourself a part-time indian. Just be yourself–a desttituted redneck or a white one plain and simple. If anyone thinks a redneck`s a “race”, then you must be a fool. “Inbreeds” is the proper term to describe them. They are uncilivized backwooded retroactive subspecies and not a “real” cowboy who don’t understand the “code of the west.”……

  • Extreme Nativist Texan

    I hope this thread stays alive, because I simply don’t have time to monitor all of them. What with making a living and paying for benefits to ILLEGAL immigrants, and all.

    I’m completely fed up. I’m finding a country that is more friendly to patriotic American expatriates than AMERICA is to its own LEGAL citizens, and I’m moving there.

    Rowley: Are you mentally-challenged? Do you actually believe this is about race? FYI, Mexicans, Latinos, whatever you want to call them, are not a “race.” They are an ethnicity. “Hispanic” has, in recent years, become a “race,” due to the prolific prodigy of natives mating with Europeans – much like the melting pot of our country.

    My great-great grandmother was a Cherokee. I am as white as snow, but I know how I got there, and I devote great respect to all the people that came before me.

    This liberal hogwash is too much. I can’t believe I live in a country where the citizens are too blind to protect themselves.

    This is it:

    – We live in the United States of America. We, the USA, have given more to disadvantaged peoples than any country, ever, in history. All paid by US tax payers and US citizens that give charitably of their prosperity.

    – Charity is not a responsibility, it is a moral decision. It is not the job of government.

    – The US already sends gazillions to Mexico, both in government aid and dollars sent home by ILLEGAL immigrants. Still, Mexico can’t seem to get its act together. Why is it my job, as a US taxpayer, to clean up after Mexico’s ineptness (read: CORRUPTION) in their own government?

    – Liberals: I’m as liberal as you in giving from what God has blessed me with to those less fortunate than I. But I, in a supposedly free country, decide when and what to give. You all need to read a little history, say, pre-FDR’s-New-Deal, to understand how things SHOULD work. What did we do before Social Security (a joke) and Medicare (a bigger, cruel joke)? We took care of each other. Neighbors, relatives, fellow citizens.

    – Borders are a fact, since the beginning of recorded history. Why are liberals and even conservatives (wealthy, influential globalists) intent on blurring or even eliminating them? Libs, GET A CLUE. They are playing you! Read Jerome Corsi, or ANYTHING but a liberal website once in a while.

    I’m done.

  • unlucky 13

    Capital now has the right to move freely across borders.So will labor my friends.So will labor.@

  • Mark

    How sad that protecting your country is considered hate. Oh wait it’s not. Just the radical left and it’s continued campaign of hatred to destroy America.

    How come you don’t cover the Reconquista movement or La Raza? is it because you agree with their hate toward America?

  • Thomas Rowley

    Annya has it right. Racism is the fuel that drives the anti-immigrant vehicle.

    Here at the northern border there have been instances of Minuteman activity but I think our weather has more to do with their not “hanging out” here than a lack of commitment to the northern border. It’s the type of “trash” that drives them. Fact is, the Montréal-Boston/New York/Washington route is an active illegal immigration corridor for non-European/non-Hispanic illegal border crossers and ICE has made arrests for such organized activities.

    Race and separatist sentiments drive what remains of Vermont’s secession movement. Fear of race-mixing with Latin-Americans (read: Mexicans) is what drove the late George Kennan, American diplomat from the mid-50’s, to embrace the Second Vermont Republic.

  • 88 R.I.P.

    In case you all didn’t know yet, the SDMM has already lost their bid to adopt the highway near the border checkpoints. According to Caltrans, they believed this group does not meet the requirements to adopt the program:

    “They advocate violence, discrimination, or illegal activities and cannot participate in the program.”

    “They pose a significant safty risks.”

    Statements made by Caltrans in the headline:
    Posted on Jan. 29, 2:46AM EST

    The SDMM won’t be adopting this highway anytime soon.

  • Extreme Nativist Texan

    DM: What a load of BS.

    From your link: “The study concludes that the children and grandchildren of many immigrants become subject to economic and social forces, such as higher rates of family disintegration and drug and alcohol addiction, that increase the likelihood of criminal behavior.”

    WHAT IT SAYS: While basically excusing them for their behavior – I suppose the fault of “natvist extremists” – this statement says they ARE citizens, pursuant to a no-longer-relevant anchor-baby amendment to the Constititution.

    What IT DOES NOT SAY: Illegal aliens, largely, are NOT prosecuted or incarcerated. They are dropped off at the border and told not to come back, which of course, they do at their first opportunity; to be dropped off AGAIN and told not to come back.

    This policy (and the article) is total idiocy, which people in ourcountry with half a brain are trying to change.

    David: Get a clue. “Hatred” is not part of the issue. I, (and I’m sure many other people) donate, contribute, and do everything we can for less fortunate foreign citizens, preferably in their own country. On top of that, in OUR country, we are forced to subsidize their medical care and bi-lingual education. The issue is SELF-PRESERVATION. Not hate, not racsism, not predudice. So, when a criminal illegal alien breaks into your home and threatens your family, just lay down and take it, K? Because otherwise, you would be a “hater.” Can’t have THAT. Sheesh.

    Bud: Bravo. It’s not about immigration. Most of us are descended from law-abiding immigrants that built this country. It’s about uncontrolled, ILLEGAL immigration. For Pete’s sake, isn’t this obvious?

  • annya

    Just so everyone knows the government does not care if you are legal or not. My husband a naturalized citizen is being investigated (for what, we have no idea) and harrased by local immigration officials. Why?? Because he is a very successful restuarant owner. He does not employ undocumented workers, and pays all his taxes. However he is from Mexico, so that right there is a problem. The government does not like mexicans to become powerful in this country because then they bring in more mexicans, and before you know it there kids start dating them. So dont say its not racism because last I checked the minutemen were not hanging out at the U.S. Canadian border “keepin the trash out.”

  • DM

    Crossbow —interesting name hun,
    Anyways, I think you’re being misled on the whole crime issue.

    Immigrants and especially undocumented immigrants have lower levels of criminality than Americans.
    Read this article if you’re interested in the truth.

  • crossbow

    “VOIAC is a registry and data base for Victims of Illegal Alien Crime.”

    The above link VERIFIES numerous claims of crime by illegal aliens against US citizens, and they are indeed numerous and horrendous.

    Only those who do not have an open mind or are too prejudiced to want to see an opposing view will fail to click onto this to see for themselves what a crisis we are in.

    I’m disappointed that SPLC does not provide this information, because certainly these actions are unadulterated hate.

  • bud

    The article refers to “immigrants,” avoiding any reference to “illegal immigrants,” obviously because part of SPLC’s agenda is an open borders policy for the US, which is unequivocally national suicide.

    Overpopulation will destroy this nation long before “racism” does, and overpopulation can be seen also as a prompter of racism in the near future as the country becomes overwhelmed with warm bodies. Food and water scarcity will likely be the CAUSE of much inter racial fighting.

    Here’s just a link and excerpt from just one article telling it like it is. There are many more so don’t believe this is just a scare theory from the fringe. These are reputable sources:

    “Forget oil, the new global crisis is food
    BMO strategist Donald Coxe warns credit crunch and soaring oil prices will pale in comparison to looming catastrophe.”

    “A new crisis is emerging, a global food catastrophe that will reach further and be more crippling than anything the world has ever seen. The credit crunch and the reverberations of soaring oil prices around the world will pale in comparison to what is about to transpire, Donald Coxe, global portfolio strategist at BMO Financial Group said at the Empire Club’s 14th annual investment outlook in Toronto on Thursday.

    “It’s not a matter of if, but when,” he warned investors. “It’s going to hit this year hard.”

  • C1984

    They have not been convicted of any physical violence against individuals and don’t advocate violence so they are well within their rights. It is not discrimination to call that the laws be enforced and that illegal aliens return to their country of origin and I applaud all honorable efforts made to the fulfilment of that goal.

  • http://youalreadyhaveit cockroachhunter

    Jeff is a joke he is too afraid to go to the border so he picks up trash.. Jeff go to the border and keep the trash out before it has a chance to litter the freeway… SPLC SUCKS

  • Extreme Nativist Texan

    Bravo to Minutemen for doing the jobs government won’t do.

    While the loss of human life is tragic and horrible, what are you suggesting? Shall we remove the checkpoints that prevent the illegal invasion of our country, so that the law-breakers can have an easier time of it? And pardon me, but are you suggesting that these tragic victims should be given preference for their apparent mental disability IN RUNNING THROUGH FREEWAY TRAFFIC?

    “Those they do not like?” Please. Are you in elementary school? I’m confident is saying that these people interact every day with LEGAL immigrants, as I do. “lLke” may or may not be relevant in these interactions, but we interact with them productively in our jobs, in our daily lives, and in many cases we even “like” them.

    While if your allegation about ties to white “supremacists” is true – it is unexcusable – this resistance of illegal invasion of our country is not based on race, ethnicity, or “like.” It is based on a desire to preserve our country, our livelihood, and yes, the United States’ supremacy in the world. That supremacy is rapidly eroding, if not already obliterated by the tidal wave of uncontrolled population growth, crime, and “freeloaders” consuming our tax dollars.

    The appropriate focus for your apparent SELF-hate group, I think, is to marshal support for fixing the hell-hole of Mexico that causes people to risk life and limb to get out of it.

  • 88 R.I.P.

    “Christie Czaikowski”???

    Bzzzzzt!!!!(red alert) I assumed she’s here in the country illegally, from Eastern Europe?? Maybe Poland, who needs to be rounded up and detained by ICE, hence deported back from which she came….

    So SDMM wants to adopt a highway and play “city sweeper”, by cleaning up filth, vermin and white trash littered about, then so be it. They’re doing jobs that Americans won’t do!!!

  • David

    Sadly too the nation’s immigration hatred is moving mainstream. According to this msnbc link

    244 immigration constricting laws passed in 46 states last year, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures. Oklahoma’s new law (see above msnbc link) is truly frightening.