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Racist Attacks on Obama Growing More Heated

By Mark Potok on February 20, 2008 - 4:16 pm, Posted in Hate Groups, Klan, White Supremacist

With the selection of Barack Obama as the first black Democratic nominee for president seeming more possible by the day, racists and white supremacists are posting increasingly ugly and even threatening remarks on the Internet.

obama.jpeg“OBAMA WILL DIE, KKK FOREVER,” concludes a Feb. 15 post by “Rodney” to a blog run by a person identified only as Strider333. Above that signoff, Rodney wrote: “The KKK or someone WILL assassinate Obama! If we get a NIGGER President all you NIGGER’s [sic] will think you’ve won and that the WHITE people will have to bow to you[.] FUCK THAT.”

On traditional white supremacist and neo-Nazi sites (for instance, here and here), there are lengthy discussion threads about what would happen if Obama were elected president. Dozens of those posts are derogatory and employ all kinds of racist slurs. Others speculate that such an Obama victory would kick off a race war between whites and blacks. And some even raise the possibility that he could be assassinated. But talk like that is rare and extremely careful — probable evidence that the “white nationalists” who inhabit these sites are deeply concerned that their comments are being monitored by law enforcement for any criminal threat relating to the presidential race. In fact, Obama reportedly received federal Secret Service protection unusually early in the campaign season because of concerns about a racially motivated attack.

The most heated anti-Obama talk appears to be on Internet sites that allow people to post messages anonymously. One such site, JD Underground, is a list ostensibly devoted to lawyers, although further details were not available. It has carried a particularly venomous thread, entitled “Nigger President,” that has stretched from January into this month.

“I’m hoping someone will do his public duty of putting a bullet through Obama’s head,” said a poster identified as “Kill Da Nigga.” Another poster suggests “bring[ing] back lynchings” and concludes with a warning: “LOOK OUT NIGGER. THE KLAN IS GETTING BIGGER!!!!!!” And a third, using the screen name “amerikkkan,” says only, “The deep south is making plans.”

  • Lee

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  • Edward Wagner

    Obama hates white christen working people. He always will. I just wish he would take more vacations and leave the working man alone.The lies and back door deals. The name calling of any one who marched with the tea party.( some even want camps for the one who disagree) I really don’t have the time for name calling I’m to busy just trying to make a living to feed my children with out having to bow and take their handouts and be a slave to your master and keep what freedoms that are left.

  • Nicole-Natalie

    These hateful people (ignorant, frightened, lacking in self perception)…are the real problem.

    Obama is a classy, intelligent, educated, experienced human being and possibly the “greatest president ever” (except Lincoln) if given a chance.

    Violence and hatred are not his game plan…ever. White supremacy and black retaliation are byproducts of unforgivable ignorance. How horrible to consider lynching and killing a man who has done tremendous things in his four years in office.

    Swallow a lude, good/bad fellows. Chill. Think…try Lumosity. It will help your brain cells…until then…GFY.

  • Americanow

    From the first day when this complete lying, inexperienced, unknown, fraud of a community organizer slithered in and stole the Whitehouse, he couldn’t wait to start spewing his hatred of our country and to start pushing his sick twisted Marxist progressive views and racial divide on all of us…even the first thing out of that disgusting, indignant, wannabe queen of mile high crap, Michele’s mouth was “for the first time in my life I am proud of my country”…neither one of them deserve to be in or anywhere near our country…when you finally get booted out in November, take your narcissistic asses and go to a place that you really admire and have always fantasized about, maybe a place you could rename “Obamaland”…that utopia that your communist dad always had dreams of, a place you could finally become the king you’ve always thought you were… or maybe just go to place that you have “hoped” and wanted so bad to “change” our country into…places like Cuba and the iron fist of Fidel Castro, or maybe a place like Venezuela is more your cup of tea, walking along side, the little dictator, Hugo Chavez, you know that little troll that one of our favorite anti Americans, Sean Penn stands with and supports…or maybe just keep going as far away from this country as you can, all the way to China and enjoy the wrath of the most brutal communist country the world has ever known…there’s so many other “wonderful” places on this earth for you to go…so go Obama…go Obama.

  • Micheal

    Obama is the devil. no other commment.

  • Bubbles

    Whats the point of ppl sayin tht Obama is the worst president evr and calling him all these names tht are useless in the long run?If you dont like him, then when the time comes to vote again, get off ur butt, go to a voting area, vote for someone besides President Barrack Obama, and shut up and hope tht he’s not the President!!!For God’s sake MAN UP

  • DNCL

    Acts17:26 tells any one who read this” and he made out of one (man) every nation of men, to dwell upon the surface of the earth, and he decreed the appointed times and the set limits of the dwelling of men.”

    Out of one man…we are brothers and sisters. Need I say anything more?

  • Tyrone


    Marilyn Davenport, a white Fullerton resident, recently emailed a picture with President Obama’s face superimposed over a baby chimp’s face with the “caption, “Now you know why — No birth certificate!” After I saw the picture I must admit I was not surprised! White racism has always taken the lead in America! It has always been the go to! Whenever there is nothing to say positive or with intelligent. Low minded whites resort to racism! Or just when you think America is going toward racial change! A white Republican say NO! The picture is provocative, but the responses to the cartoon are what’s most telling. I’m glad this cartoon was published. I’m even more pleased with the transparency of the responses; as they really expose where this country is. Where white racism is! Here are some interesting things for consideration: Often times in surveys taken questioning the relationship of whites with blacks, white commentators consider most conflicts in a historical context often making comments like, “I think we’re past all that stuff now”. -Mind you, similar responses occurred during the marked times of Jim Crow when lynching’s, bombings, tarring were common place. Likewise during the most notable periods of Mexican, Japanese and Chinese exploitation. Curiously, as people of color were directed the same questions, most answers identified a serious dissatisfaction or need for improvement. Now, instead of explicit denial we have something worse clichés like, “let it go” or “can’t we just move on”. When a member of the white race has anything aggressed toward them that disrupt their comforts or entitlements, their reactions are often extreme, yet in their minds always justified. People of color have long tried to move on. What do you think the Black, Brown, Red and Yellow Power movements were all about? To gain the capacity to move on -justly!! The thought of waking up in the morning without the constant reminders of minority ship and without the entitlement culture always taken the liberty to define and explain that which they have never lived is what the fight has always been about.

  • Shirley

    Its so sad that some white American still hold so much hatred in their heart. It take a lot of engry to carry that much hate around with you every day, i am so glade i don’t care to hate anyone i guess i never did. I move back to Memphis Tn after being in California for 40 years. Its so hard to see the hate in the eyes of some White Americans, at market, building i live in, WOW.
    Its much easer to smile and keep walking, or hold the door for some one, not here, its worst than when i was very young, i left Tenn. at age of 9, came back for a visit, but in 2006 i retired i i decided to move back home good old Memphis Tn., i made a mistake moving back i think.
    So yes President Obama is hated so very much, i can’t remember when a President was abuse like this, name calling by bloggers, and Politicans, i feel so bad for him and his family. This world is comming to an End, you can see the book of Revelation being fulfulled with every passing day. God is tried and he comming back.

  • Frankln Rhodes

    It appears that liberals have little humor and a lack of identity. Any criticism of their “heros” or programs are punctuated by name calling. Like elementary kids arguing, the loser unable to support their position attack with cat calls and attack on the mother.

    Liberals ought to find out who they really are and grow up.

    P.S Because one does not agree with O’Bama’s policies, if he has any, does not qualify one as a racist. I didn’t like all of Bush’s policies. Does that make me a white phobic?

  • cammie2008

    its up to parents to teach kids better. there is no need for all this hatred of one another. the world is big enough for all of us. when i see my kids with confusion in their eyes because some child has said a misguided word to them, it breaks my heart. some politicians are fanniin the flames. and some tv spokespersons. i listen to almost all of them. this idea that Obama is gonna take away guns and fund abortions started it. federal money has NEVER funded abortions and never will. it is not in any bill the dems are writing. why do you people let someone like the republican party hype you up like this. they do it everytime the dems take over. i hope, truly, we use our common sense in these matters. no blood is worth shedding over words.

  • AMD

    These white racists just can’t swallow that fact there there is a black president who is a million times more educated than they will ever be.

    While he’s living in the white house, they are living in a trailer park, drinking beer, beating their wives, and molesting their daughters.

    No matter what they say or how much they hate him, he will still be better, more educated, and way better looking than all of them.

    America will continue to be racist until this entire planet will be destroyed, and nothing will change it.

    Up until now, America had to paste a smile on their face and pretend racism was dead, but now America’s true colors are finally showing again…and the only thing holding back these white’s from beating and discriminating the black’s is LAW.

    Without laws preventing segregation and discrimination, America would still be just like the ’60’s.

  • Patricia

    To all just remember the FBI is monitory and they are watching every site any threats towards the President or First Lady They can and will find you, this is another for form of terror stop it this has been going on for five hundred years of suffering and this needs to end now.

  • cammie2008

    I wish to GOD people would get over themselves. People live more by the constitution than by the ten commandments. BOTH are great articles, but HE didnt put us here to HATE one another. Why are you angry at black/people of color. Have someone done something to you or said something? Do you know why God destroys our livelyhoods? Because of evilness, hatred, uncaring and every other bad thing we CHOOSE to habor in our hearts.
    I love you no matter what you say, look like or do. My black parents dont teach hate. nor do i to my kids. We came here the same way. I know you dont fucking want to hear it.

  • tim

    Man originated in NE Iraq/W Iran NOT Africa.(to the ignorant person who said man came from Africa)… Unless you were born in Africa and then immigrated to America, YOU ARE NOT African- American. Unless you, yourself, were brought here on some “slave” ship, YOU ARE NOT African-American. If you do not meet either of these “conditions” YOU ARE AN AMERICAN. Period. Love It, in all its follies and bliss, OR GET OUT.

  • dan

    The whole idea behind these Obama Change is to change America into Karl Marx vision of the world.

    You cannot destroy America with bullets, but if you destroy america’s financial system the people will cry for any kind of help.
    It’s in this Financial Crisis (yet to happen) there the liberals can change the very foundation of America.
    Change america into their Karl Marx America.

    People stop being fooled by the race card.This is how they keep us (All Americans) divided and not paying attention to what the liberal are doing.

  • dan

    It’s not racist atttack it’s American against Obama socialism.
    Obama’s change is to destroy the very foundation of America.I don’t care what color a person is,

    When will people stop using the race card to damn what others think and say.

  • Carl

    I can’t understand why you people are so damn blind?
    He was put in office simple because he’s black !
    Thats it, thats all.He is spending our money like crazy.
    Big party’s , spending just alone on protection is unreal.
    There is only one God in this universe that I know of and it sure not him !!

  • David Hearne

    Any reference or idea that can be construed as critical or negative toward Obama is fast becoming immediate fodder for claims of racist attack against the President. My book, “Hulagu’s Web the Presidential Pursuit of Senator Katherine Laforge” written in “2003” but not published till November of 2008 has been attacked by some as racist because of references to a junior senator, who is groomed and promoted by a group of politicians and corporate elites to become the next president. Because the novel speaks of this as a nefarious attempt by members of congress and groups of businessmen working together to insure this junior Senator becomes President, it is assumed by some that the book is referring to President Obama. Below are 2 excerpts, which some question or find offensive:

    “I know she said that this secret group is enlisting other Senators and in particular junior Senators, with one chosen to become President, but that logically couldn’t happen. They would have to convince the public to vote for an inexperienced junior Senator without a power base and no amount of perception management could accomplish that. Senior statesmen would never support the election of a junior Senator. And where would they raise the money? Wall Street would not gamble on a powerless junior Senator. It is inconceivable. But then I also doubt that major contributors like Big Oil or Wall Street would embrace their nemesis, Katherine.”

    She took in deep breaths and said, ‘He is a young junior Senator, and they want him to win. And they will make sure he does.’

    These minuscule references to a junior Senator are just part of a sub plot about a junior Senator used to help create a plutocracy and has nothing to do with Obama. This character in my book is never racially described, he is simply spoken of as a junior Senator. How readers can construe this as an attack on Obama is hard for me to understand and I hope this explanation will help defuse this issue. I also hope that the public in general wakes up and realizes that it is necessary to be able to verbally disagree with the policies of this President in the same fashion as we have done with former Presidents without being labeled a racist for exercising this right. Prior Presidents have had their character and names attacked constantly, Lyndon Johnson decided not to run because of the hatred he felt from his attackers, George W. Bush was lampooned and ridiculed constantly, Reagan was often portrayed by the media as to old and senile to lead, and Carter was always a constant joke to the media with his dysfunctional family, the oil embargo, Billy beer, the Iran hostage crisis and more. So let’s face reality all Presidents have been the target of ridicule, armchair quarterbacking, and prejudices – that extends from being called a redneck (Johnson & Bush), Kennedy had to contend with anti-Catholic prejudice, and many spoke of Franklin Roosevelt contemptuously as a “cripple.” “Res ipsa Loquitur”

  • Larry

    I am glad this is fianlly coming to the surface. Yes, the attacks against presodent Obama are racist, which includes the news media for continually broadcasting this nonsense. A white man in Phoenix, AZ asked me after the election. What my comments were on the election of President Obama. I said he would be a lame duck Prsident from day one. Because racism is alive and well in the good Ol US of A and the rest of the world. All the negativism directed toward him is not about political policy, it is about his race. Lovely Day and a Grand Ol time again in America.

  • David From Detroit

    I grew up in one of the most segerated areas in the country. Detroit. Flint. Eastpoint. Polar opposites of cites like Fraser, St. Clair Shores, Rochester Hills. I am not just talking race. I truly understand why people are so racist. Prejudice. Just plain ignorant. Until the country unites. There will be nothing but racist Obama haters.

  • Jeannie Lillegaard


    I get this everyday in my restaurant…People hatefully attacking President Obama..Using racial slurs, etc against the man…I for one am getting sick of people using my restaurant to vent their hatred and bigotry toward the man…I do not agree with some of his policies, do not think too much of some of his issues, but not because he is black , for Gods sake…I get soo tired of all this nonsense…He is my president, and I, for one will stand up and object against any kind of harm being threatened towards the president of my country…I will not stand for it, and anybody who will not support his office, at least should not be a voting citizen of this country…So, go ahead, object to his policies, object to the man who Obama is…on the basis of disagreeing with him…and yell your objections in the polls…Just keep your ignorant bigotry to yourself….Obama is intelligent enough to accept anything thrown his way….But, I believe any card carrying
    Democrat or Republican in this country will support the office of our President, and keep ignorance and bigotry out of the loop.

  • Tommy

    It’s sad that 400 years later we are fighting about the same thing, it just never seems to go away. We have gotten no where in 400 years and we are just going to pass this stuff along to our kids so that they can continue it. There is just no peace when it comes to man. We always have to be fighting about something whether it is about our family or nations. We are doomed as a human race, and it’s just the few knuckle heads that seem to drive all of this unhappyness. Life is too short, but tell that to 88 year old guy that shot up that museum. He has only hate in his heart, and for no good reason other than stupidity. He should be enjoying his twilight years, not murdering innocent people in cold blood. But sad to say, we all have it in us, but most of us know how to control it, then try to do better, instead of going further downhill. I have a lot of friends with good hearts, but who also grew up in households where hate was taught against anyone who wasn’t white like they are, I guess it makes them feel better about themselves thinking that they are important. I on the other hand like to feel good about the love I have for my family and fellow man, even though it’s hard sometimes keeping from falling into that biggot trap. When I can’t explain something, it’s easy just to blame someone because of the color of their skin. I try to catch myself when I’m heading down that bad road. There is only the human race on this earth, we are all the same underneath. I used to blame other people when my life was going nowhere, it’s easy to do that, and everyone does it. When I here hatred coming from others, black or white, it’s usually because they have done nothing with their lives. They sit on their behinds griping about how others are stealing from them and keeping them down, both black and white, both are just as bad as one another in doing that. I say, get up and do something with your lives!! If you keep busy, you won’t have time to worry about how light or dark your skin is. Don’t be so superficial, your blond hair and blue eyes can’t think for you.

  • starlight

    may the blood be on the good race that belives in all colors we are protected by the blood of jesus and fear NO evil….you all have noting better to do but try to cause haterd and make fools of yourself and will end up behind bars because of your haterd. so keep it up kkk….lol

  • Sharon

    What really amazes me is that we’ve had a white president for decades and now that an African American, who isn’t even all African American, but half white, has been elected the KKK are outraged.

    Before white Europeans even discovered or even knew anything about America the Native Americans were here first. They were the ones who taught you how to survive long winters before you decided to turn on them.

    I don’t know what kind of God you serve, but the God I serve has zero tolerance for racism of any form. You speak of eliminating President Obama because you’re so full of racism, but have any of you KKK ever looked up your family tree? I’m quite sure that you would find that some where down the line there is either Jewish or African American running all through your veins. Either you don’t know or you’re well aware of this, but are going to great lengths to try and hide this from your Klan members.

    In fact, if you read the true Bible instead of the Arayan Bible, than you would know that Jesus, who is the Son of God, is Jewish and not white as most of you have implied. Therefore, you dont’ love the true God who made everyone in his own image, but spiritually are the daughters and sons of Satan because you aren’t Christians.

    For all of your former KKK members who have died and gone to hell because of the hatred of another humanbeing, I bet you they wish everyday that they could have turned their life around and accepted the love of Jesus Christ.

    If God means for Obama to be President for the four or eight years, he will and any KKK who plans to kill him will be crushed by God who could wipe you out by just speaking.

    Also, those who reject the love and salvation of Jesus Christ will spend eternity in hell. In the new testament Romans 1:26- 32, God speaks about numerous sins. Therefore, African Americans, Muslims, Jews, Asians and yes, whites who have rejected Christ will have a place in hell, forever separated from the love of Jesus Christ.

    So, are you willing to take a gamble on loosing your soul all in the name of hatred or are you willing to ask Jesus to cleanse your heart and ask for forgiveness? This is your choice and your choice alone.

  • Mileena

    Ffor someone who has typed alot,you are’t saying anything, xenophic moron. The only “subhuman” is you. Like I said before, it is idiotic to generalize a group if PEOPLE. for the LAST time NOBODY is fucking superior because of culture or ethnicity.Sorry about the swearing, but ignorence and arrogance really infuriates me

  • xenophobic moron


  • xenophobic moron

    no, sharon no! racism is spur due to isolationism, xenophobism, cultural superiority, and/or religous creed. mostly people in europe discovered blacks in central and southern Africa living in Early Bronze age era dwellings and Northern African lived in Greeco-Roman era. while other races such as Natives and island people never progress beyond the new stone age, and middle eastern had a leep in the dark ages; because of Roman and Greek ideas-then we took it back during the crusades. and in asia aside from china and japan never progress to a level of classical greek; even jews a superior to these people (is no wonder why american historian never mention what the japanese did to these people, they where as much considered sub humans as jews, but they never recieved their justice unlike the Nazis/and any German or Axis where involved during the Holocaust!). Japan developed retartedly during the industrial revolution, then in less than a hundred years reach a level of technological avancement to the west, in which it took us five hundred years, and their like two to three years more advance in commercial tech. china, on the other hand advanced in secret, and because of their emperors, they only advance for the protection of their own country; like that did anything! nevertheless, china has advance in the last thirty years to be in equal terms with our military, both in tech and skills, still they out number us, but we have our goals, they don’t. and Eastern European in a way live cold war era life and modern life, and still has the purist european blood then western europe! while southern europe is still loyal to the Roman Catholic Church.

  • Sharon

    It amazes me how most racist have the nerve to hate African Americans when in fact Jesus wasn’t of European origin. In fact East of Eden is located in Africa.

    The reason why most people are racist is because they really hate themselves deep down inside and wish to blame another group of people for their plight.

    In the end when Jesus returns all of those who have not repented from their racist ways are going to spend eternity in hell and there will many races in that pit.

    In otherwords, your racism isn’t going to matter in hell because you’ll be just like everyone else who rejected Jesus Christ.

  • PEACE:)

    I completely and totally agree with maggie its so stupid that people can be so horrible. again people are people no matter what they look like. get over it we have an awesome president and he just happens to be black! i am 14 years old and say racism seriously is just stupid

  • Maggie

    /\ I completely agree with you!! /\

    People are PEOPLE. End of discussion!

  • Mileena

    I have to say the majority of the comments on here are DISGUSTING. It sickens me that alot of these people are using baseless information, politics, and religon to justify their hate of a person or group of people just because they are different. first of all, we are all part of the HUMAN race, and the differneces between us are not inteligance, or capabilies! There is no pure race, we have flaws,so just so you know. I feel pity for the morons who think otherwise. Anybody who think they can pass a jugdement on a group people base on limited experience is idiotic as well, everyone is diffrent, and similar culture doesn’t give liscencse to generalize at all!
    Obama may not full be black, but I feel the change from the white male protestants that we have had ever since the very beginning should be the growth of understanding and the realization that no person is inferior, and hatred just because of appearance or cultural difference is pure stupidity.

    from a 19 year old black young lady

  • Mrs. Crosby

    Well some Americans, what more to expect, first they fight the British for liberty and equality, then they get African civillians to act as their slaves. Wow, the hypocricy, like really, but no they don’t stop there, without the UN or proper proof of WMD they invade Iraq, to liberate Iraqis, yeah wow! thats great, only now, Iraq has become a war zone, where innocent people die everyday. So now, when other Americans who are smart, and want peace, and change decide they want Obama, well outcome the hypocrites.Well Good Luck America, and truly God Bless America, because you NEED IT

  • Dave

    Let’s be honest shall we? This site is like the “pot calling the kettle black”. There is no greater racism shown by a group of citizens (non too), than that of liberals — you seem to forget that the KKK were liberal, Lester Maddox (remember him?) – liberal, the examples of those responsible for real racisim are too many to list here – but guess what 99.97% of them are, you guessed it – liberal. Wake up folks, quit whining and making excuses, be honest and objective, examine the facts, look deep at that person staring back at you from the mirror, asking youself, “Am I a person of honor and integrity?”, “Do I believe in the truth as I know it to be, or as someone else’s version?” I will venture that if you are brutally honest, your obvious conclusions will amaze- even you.

  • http://HATEWATCH Rod

    It’s wonderful to see hate against black americans is alive and well in this country. Keep it up! It only lets the rest of us know to always protect ourselves from those of you who’s deep seeded racisim will almost surely lead to untimely deaths due to the stress it takes to hate. Keep it up, this world is better off without you. It’s a new day in this great country of ours. President Obama had shown him self to possibly be one of geatest President this great country has ever seen. Who amung you hard working blue collar conservitives can honestly sit there and wish the worst for this country? By doing so you only cut your own – – – – – – – – – use your imagination.

  • auggie tanner

    There is no question in my mind that ruppert murdoch deliberately published the NEO NAZI Cartoon publish in “his” New York Post….
    The cartoon INSINUATES blatantly the desire to kill the President ,,,,,
    ruppert murdoch, through his vast number of “employees” in his MONOPOLY
    over the US media has


    The imported contaminated aussie swine dares to threaten the very life of OUR PRESIDENT with impunity ….


    When will he FINALLY be deported !?!

  • Blake Heisler

    1776, Decleration of Indpendence, 1st paragraph, when in the course of human events it becomes neccessary for ONE People….. The same ONE People conviene to author and ratify the Supreme Law of the Land a little over a decade later. The SAME People. and while surrounded by over 200 aboriginal nations, it was the One People who created the document whereas placing themselves and their Posterity in the Pre-amble prior to any of the 3 branches about and yet to be created. The ONE Nation with many alien nations living neighborly to it. Blacks Law dic. def. of Nation. see. What happened was with the un-lawful authoriship and ratification of the 14th ammd. ALL were placed beneath the federal govt. now Federal Government. You people above all should and one day Shall show respect and gladness in the face of Grace. An entire Nation of Caucasion Chrsitians were enslaved in order for you to have citizenship, ie; US citizenship, person, resident…. What YOU”D better understand is this. If my Nations govt. would strip the soveriegnty and Alllodial state of being from its own, what do you think it has in store for you! My People could have exterminated not only the african negro and the all of the so called native amercian nations living here back when their populations were minimal. It didn’t happen. There were enough white anglo saxon Christian americans that forbade it. We continually pass up oppertunity to unite in Love and goodness. YOUR spiritual leaders speak from and about the flesh. Its as though its inescapable, black pride, black power, black sister, black brother. Black (and or white for that matter) is referencing that which is perishing, the flesh. NOTHING eternal in any of it. Good day gentlemen.

  • Jack Meoff

    This website should be shut down immediately…I really love racist people and I am talking to you if you are racist and wrote sumthing stupid or if your just reading this and your a racist. Racist people make me laugh, it’s pure entertainment. The crazy thing about it is that all of your energy goes to hating people and being generally racist which is hurts no one ultimately but yourselves. God, this makes me laugh…Im black and when I hear or see racist crap I just laugh its a waste of time and ENERGY. But good luck at your jobs of being racist maybe you can earn a 41k or some sort of retirment or major money for all the work you do for being racist. Until then good night keep entertaing the world and buy me a boat when u recieve your check.

  • Samantha

    I hope those idiots know that he is not only black but he is white too!!!!! Obama isn’t here to discriminate! he is here to guide us on the right track. Idiots like them make it so hard for this nation to stay on track. While their hating them, another nation is hating all of us.

  • Phil

    I remember talk of the “coming race war”; the year was 1968 and the candidate under discussion was George Wallace. 40 years on and we are still hearing about it. My suggestion for anyone is to go visit a military facility, and you would see first hand how utterly “color blind” all branches of the military have become–particularly the Marine Corps.

  • Thomas

    As a 50 year old black man in this country I stand in the middle of our racist history. I don’ t know what it must feel to be called “boy ” in front of your wife and children. I cannot possibly know what it means to be told no matter what amount of job skill or level of education I accquire I will always be last hired, first fired. if I should prosper it is the result of sports, drugs, or some other kinds of vice. Historically this is a exclusionary country; a country that exterminated the native american race, a country that wrote up a counstitution stating that “all men are created equal. Yet enslaved humans beings and evoked genocide on an entire civilation. I’m not one for blowing horns and whistles, however we need to be harshly reminded day in and out this is a country that has been stolen and this open (racist) wound wil take considerable time before it closed.

  • The Black Lincoln

    Happy MLK day!

    I would like to thank MLK for this Holiday. Please wish everyone you see today, “A happy MLK Day!”
    For most Caucasian people, this simply means you can’t go to the bank and you won’t get your mail. For others, it means you can spend the whole day pretending your President Lincoln by taking similar expensive train rides and preparing for your $170 million dollar inauguration party paid for by investment bankers, lobbyists and the tax payers you just lied too to get voted in.-Hmm, I wonder how much Lincoln’s Birthday party was?

    I am Happy to be an American! I just wish I could be African American too!
    I could live in Hawaii, study at Harvard and then choose whether to be a multi-killion dollar overweight talk show host with no talent, overpaid athlete, rap artist, crack dealer or even the first Muslim President of the United States.

    I don’t want to be white anymore. We don’t even get a special day. If we did, they would call us names and scream something stupid.

    P.S. Which President was Martin Luther King?

  • gene

    oohhh,the talking style of the web community zipper white,but im not a racist.or,im sure a white person would understand if he was in a minority’s place,or,if i state the obveous,would i be a hate monger,for pointing out crimes against white people?or,the best of all blog zipperheads,clear my consous by denying my right as a humen being of white decent!hot coffee,white zipperheads are the new breeds in minority butt kissing,msm loves you,one and all.