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White Supremacist, Wife Die in Apparent Murder-Suicide

By David Holthouse on February 20, 2008 - 1:14 pm, Posted in Anti-Semitic, Extremist Crime, Hate Groups, Neo-Nazi, White Supremacist

This Monday, Feb. 18, 52-year-old white supremacist James “Yankee Jim” Leshkevich sat before his computer screen and typed these words: “This will be the last post on [Leshkevich’s blog] The Hudson Valley Freeman for a while. I’m just too depressed over all this to continue. Hopefully that will change in the future.”

It didn’t.

The following morning, police in West Hurley, N.Y., found Leshkevich’s body hanging in a garage attached to the home he shared with his 55-year-old wife Deborah, who was found beaten and strangled to death in the couple’s bedroom, the victim of an apparent murder-suicide.

Leshkevich, a prolific white supremacist blogger, letter-to-the-editor writer and radio host, detailed what was apparently his motive in a rambling blog post spread over 10 days. Beginning Feb. 8, the post was titled, “I Caught My Wife Sleeping With Another Man…”

“We continued to talk, and my wife started screaming, started walking towards the phone, said she wanted an order of protection, and threatened to call 911 … for no reason at all, other than she was getting very uncomfortable answering my questions about getting caught red-handed in bed with the ‘nice man,’” Leshkevich wrote Feb. 14 after complaining that his wife hadn’t given him a Valentine’s Day card. “I probably would’ve still been rotting away in the Ulster County Jail had she called!”

And his wife might still be alive.

“I’m about to end this … but before I do, I just wanted to point out that my wife has been the nastiest fucking BITCH possible since she got caught,” Leshkevich wrote in his final post. “Why the fuck did it have to end this way?”

A country music singer, chronically unemployed truck driver and longtime white supremacist, Leshkevich joined the neo-Nazi group National Alliance in 2000 and attended the Aryan Nations World Congress in 2002. He quit the National Alliance in March 2005 along with many other rank-and-file members during a leadership corruption scandal but remained a deeply dedicated racist.

A frequent call-in guest on an Internet radio show hosted by neo-Nazi Hal Turner — who was revealed to be an FBI informant earlier this year — Leshkevich was perhaps best known in recent years for helping Turner organize a neo-Nazi rally outside a high school in Kingston, N.Y., in 2005.

Leshkevich was banned from the white nationalist online forum Stormfront for, as Stormfront leader Don Black put it the day after Leshkevich apparently killed his wife and then himself, “refusing to stop promoting Hal Turner’s various events calling for assassinations of government officials and other homicides.”

“He knew our policy, but kept doing it, despite warnings by moderators who liked him,” Black wrote. “I think that personality trait may be related to his end.”

  • GENO-cydal 88

    His friends are still discussing this one?!
    This is deader than Rockweller.
    Go back to sleep.


  • joelle Holloway

    See ya loser. Good one less worthless, racist, piece of crap to have to deal with. At least the deranged freak took himself out.

    Yay! Burn in hell rat bastard

  • waldo

    It’s almost impossible to feel legitemately sorry for these people but jeez louise when I read their sorry-assed letters, I can’t help but do so.
    Let’s hope they don’t all decide on murder/suicide.

  • DH Walker

    Hallman – thanks for posting, and clearing up the fact that you aren’t the one who’s nuts. It’d be a shame if we all thought that, wouldn’t it?

  • GENO-cydal 88

    Mental degeneration isn’t uncommon among these modern barbaric wackjobs.
    Its like a disease of their mind, somewhat processed by means through their eugenic code(see the story above). Which is probably why we are seeing this trend and the fates of those who normally end up in state penitentairy, mental asylums, and psychiatric wards. Is that a curse?

    There’s a lot of xenophobic paranoidal rants coming from these people whose association is obivious to everyone.

  • gjdagis

    Although I don’t know him personally; he seemed to be a very well liked person who always lent a helping hand to his neighbors. Nobody ever had a bad word to say about him; he will be missed, it seems !

    Ulster County NY

  • XENOPHOBE-zero 311

    “NUTS” is definately a suitable term to describe the poster above. Besides, I love watching JACKASS, they’re hilarious!

  • http://WWW.NATALL.COM James Hallman

    Oh, I’m the one that’s NUTS!
    Most of the white men of this nation have lost all
    semblance of pride in their heritage, race and
    sense of manhood. You have men on JACKASS
    eating horseshit that everyone thinks is halarious
    and I’M the one that’a nuts.
    Our nation was created by a predominate European-
    American population and founding fathers, a republic
    that eventually became a world power ,and now look
    at it. It’s slowly but surely becoming a third world nation
    ruled by selfish self serving elitist.
    Almost every movie,sitcom, commercial and so-called
    stand-up comedian is depicted the white male as either
    the ‘ evil white man, a stupid baffoon or the butt of some
    racist joke, all of which couldn’t be done on televison if
    the races were black instead of white.
    Do you have absolutely no pride whatsoever.
    Do you really want our country to look more and more
    like Mexico City and Bombay.
    It’s YOUR thinking that’s been brainwashed by the mass
    media and public education and by what’s considered
    politically correct. Pull your head out of the sand dune,
    think outside the commode for a change. Progress
    isn’t all the shiny little gadgets and games you have
    at the house, all those diversions to keep you from
    thinking about what really matters in life.
    Read ‘American Dissident Voices’ and come to realize
    that ‘DEMOCRACY’ and ‘CHRISTIANITY’ is a bullshit
    sham and the biggest scam in America!

  • Sam Thornton

    James Hallman said: “…Let the people dicide [sic] for themselves.”
    Visited your website, James. My decision: you’re nuts.

  • James Hallman

    If 90% of White middle class guys can’t compete
    in today’s society it’s because of affirmative action
    and the supposed need for ‘Diversity”. If your black
    and make all A’s in school your’re hailed as brilliant
    where if your white than your just one of many.
    Let the people dicide for themselves.

  • XENOPHOBE-zero

    James Winston Rivers-


    I agree.

  • Slavyanski

    Hallman, just STFU. I was in the National Alliance for several years and irrational, ridiculous, and hateful behavior is par for the course with that organization. BTW, how many people do you have left now? Is it just you and the Gliebe family? WNism is 90% middle class white guys blowing off steam because they can’t compete in modern American society.

  • James Winston Rivers

    Frankly, I’m glad they’re dead. Both of them. Sorry. You want me to lie?

    Would you marry someone diametrically opposed to a viewpoint you hold that essentially dictates your entire life? Of course not. She was either an active participant in his nonsense, or she at least sympathized and held those beliefs herself. Screw em both.

    And he mentions having a daughter, on his blog. While she may well be innocent (I have no idea) she should be given psychological counseling anyway. Oh, and she should also be sterilized immediately. Just to be safe.

    Two more pieces of human garbage have been flushed from this world. As tragic as it is for those unfortunate enough to have loved and cared for these two, realize that as a whole we are all a little better off due to their passing. It’s brutal, but even if you say you disagree, you know it in your hearts to be true that the situation can be boiled down thusly:

    The world lost two morons. Said morons were not just shitting into their own and each other’s life, but were holding back the entire progress of civilization simply by existing. Only other morons will feel the slightest twinge of sadness or pity for either of them. Their wrecked circle of friends, family and associates, yes of course: concentrate your pity on them, because they are the ones who actually deserve it. But the subjects themselves? Sorry, but I’m holding back the urge to light a cigar.

    Every dangerous, knuckle-dragging mouth-breather who ends their own life is helping the rest of us out, especially if they take one or more of their ilk with them.

  • http://WWW.NATALL.COM James Hallman

    It’s just as well he quit the National Alliance because it’s
    obvious this individual was mentally disfunctional which
    is exactly what the NA doesn’t want nor need.
    Our organizations ideology isn’t based upon hate but rather the facts and common sense.

  • John M

    LOL Hate killed him. I agree, the hate mongers will eventually make a martyr out of him and will blame the vast Jewish conspiracy for his death.

  • Slavyanski

    BREAKING NEWS!!! The clever detectives at VNN have just made a major break in the case. It seems they have discovered the real culprit in the murder-suicide was in fact: “The Jews”.

    Nobody was surprised.

    Remember folks, if African Americans or other “non-whites” have problems in their society, it is their own fault and nobody else’s. When whites have problems, including many of the same problems as the aforementioned, it’s “the Jews” fault.

    (For the sarcasm impaired, the above was not meant to be taken literally)

  • Sam Thornton

    Even a cursory read of Mr. Leshkevich’s blog reveals him to be an individual suffering with a profound disconnect from reality. Perhaps the harm he did and his demise should be laid more properly at the feet of those who have gutted our mental health system.

  • unlucky 13

    Looks like Hitler killed two more people.We can’t seem to get rid of his ghost.

  • Slavyanski

    Will it happen to others? You think he was the first? It happens all the time.

  • GENO-cydal 88

    Yes..this man exemplified a fate for those who are or have been saturated by hate for the reminder of their lives. Like the saying goes:”hate kills”. Will the instance happen to others???

  • Slavyanski

    Just more proof that the movement kills…its own. Some may be quick to blame the infidelity of his wife; but it is likely that his dedication to the movement had a lot to do with the break-down of the relationship. ‘Yankee Jim’ was a regular at VNN, got in heated fights with people like Erich and Erika Gliebe, two complete utter morons who didn’t deserve the attention he gave them. If I recall correctly, he was strangely occupied with Prussian Blue, not unlike a few other far older males in the movement.

    All you young guys thinking of getting into the movement due to all those things that piss you off now? Take a good look at this guy- that is your destiny.

  • DC Madman

    Hopefully he didn’t have children and indoctrinate them to hate.

  • American Ire2008

    Well, what a shame. Its too bad how it came to pass. Its almost like cycle keeps repeating itself over and over when it comes down to those who’ve been in this resentful arena for far too long, there’s always stories about their depression and other mental afflictions. The results is ominously never a happy ending in these cases. But on a second thought, I guess its fair to say that I don’t have any symphathy for the death of this man but his wife tragically did not deserve to die.

  • r@d@r

    hatred is a toxic emotion, and addiction to it is usually fatal, both for the addict and those unwise enough to be caught in their orbit.

    i can’t feel any joy in this. all i can see is wreckage. and we can always hope that hateful ideologies become extinct along with their purveyors, but that’s just wishful thinking.

  • scooter

    I hope it hurt like hell.

    Scott Lewis