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Intelligence Report: Hate Groups Up 48% Since 2000

By Mark Potok on March 10, 2008 - 6:31 am, Posted in Anti-Immigrant, Anti-Latino, Extremist Crime, Hate Crime, Hate Groups, Intelligence Report

Intelligence ReportWe’ve just released the “Year in Hate” issue of the Intelligence Report, showing a staggering 48% jump since 2000 in the number of hate groups that operate in America. That translates into an increase from 602 groups that year to 888 in 2007 — growth almost entirely driven by the poisonous national debate on immigration. That debate has given hate groups an issue with great resonance that they are using successfully to recruit new members.

Already, recently released FBI statistics had suggested that hate crimes against Latinos — crimes that perpetrators typically think they are carrying out against undocumented immigrants — rose 35% between 2003 and 2006. The Report has now found other evidence to support the notion that a rage against immigrants is being successfully used by hate groups: the largest numerical growth of these groups last year came in the three border states of California, Arizona and Texas.

“Hate groups continue to successfully exploit the immigration debate to their advantage, even though the immigration issue has largely disappeared from the presidential debate,” said Mark Potok, editor of the Report, the staff of which writes this blog. “The fact is that they’ve been aided and abetted by mainstream pundits and politicians who give these haters a platform for their propaganda.”

On March 26, Richard Cohen, president of the Southern Poverty Law Center, will join Potok in a live Webcast to discuss the Intelligence Report‘s findings. To sign up, go here.

The new issue of the Intelligence Report also includes profiles of 20 of the country’s most influential anti-immigrant activists — the latest wave to join the movement (another set of nativist profiles was published in the Report’s Winter 2005 issue). These hardliners, ranging in age from 25 to 81, have advocated everything from forcibly sterilizing Mexican women to mining the U.S.-Mexican border. In the past three years, there have been some 300 anti-immigration groups founded; about half of that number are listed by the SPLC as “nativist extremist” groups. Some of these organizations are also listed as hate groups.

The most prominent name added to the hate group list this year is that of the Federation for American Immigration Reform, or FAIR, a group that has become one of the leading anti-immigration voices in the country but has for years had strong ties to white supremacists and white supremacist ideology.

“FAIR has been taken seriously for years by both the media and the Congress, but it shouldn’t be,” said Potok. “Its officials have repeatedly revealed an anti-Latino and anti-Catholic bias. It has energetically promoted racist conspiracy theories about the immigration situation. And it has ties to white supremacists and hate groups.”

On Sunday, The Washington Post’s “Outlook” section published a set of maps detailing the Report’s findings further. The Associated Press also sent out a national story on the Report’s findings and its criticism of FAIR.

The new issue of the Report lists each of the 888 groups operating in the United States and includes an interactive map showing their names, types and locations.

  • man-on-the-land

    Well Mr. Potua I’m sorry that you can’t read correctly….but we are a non-violent national socialist movement….we do not hate anyone. we want everyone to be proud of their race and to prosper as one. but to do it separately so we won’t breed each other out… as far as I know in Hawai’i the Hawaiian government is operating out of the palace in kona and doesn’t want anything to do with the u.s. government. You Hawaiians have been fighting the us for a long time to regain your sovereignty, that is national socialism if you didn’t know….if you don’t believe me real MEINE KAMPF like I said I lived in Hawaii for a while and was a local brah…I lived in hawai’i and I know that you are becoming a extinct people…your getting bred out by the Koreans Chinese, philipenos…whites..etc. this shouldn’t be happening and your own people told me this. being a national socialist is being proud of your people and race and to help preserve it from distruction, just as you described yourself I guess your Hawaiian national socialist congratulation on your progression in life and hope you can regain your people and government back from the u.s. Mahalo for the kakua.

  • Mr.Potua

    I am Hawaiian and believe me pal when I say this, we are not an “extinct people” okay? We are survivors and proud of who we are as Natives. And to say that we are somewhat symphathetic to your rhetorics is downright absurd. We as Hawaiians are fully aware of the White Supremacists Movement in the U.S. and we certainly do not agree with anything they stand for. Just because they’re Americans like everyone else does not make them any more superior than other races and ethnic groups. And I am merely speaking for myself as a Native Hawaiian and this is just my POV. Just so that everyone knows where each other stands.
    I have lived in Utah for several years now which has the 2nd highest population of Pacific Islanders. And there was one occasion that I recall regarding members of a local Skinhead or someother White Supremacists gang. Which led to a bad situation because of their very presence was act of instigation. Even when I tried to ignore them, hurling racial slurs can really set some people off. And that’s exactly what they did. In the end, they all got what they deserved. If you start shit with people, then you just might have to pay the consequences of your own actions. And if respect is something they lacked, well certainly they did not have any. At least not with me and my brothers as Hawaiians.

    And you go on to say that the White Supremacists are a non- violent group of people?
    Sorry pal, I’m not buying that crap.

  • man-on-the-land

    First off NSM is a non-violent organization. Just because we have rallies with 15-50 people doesn’t mean we are small it means that we have jobs, and other responsibilities sometimes. I know we are growing in Arizona as I’m a member of NSM. And to let you know that Jeff Schoep isn’t Jewish or even a Israeli or Hebrew surname. I have checked the Jewish surname database. We stand for True American Morals, Liberties and Justice. We have a better way of life to offer and when you figure it out it won’t be to late to come into the ranks with the rest of our comrades. We are trying to help preserve races by separating them before every one gets breed out to who knows what. Round up all the races separate them. And help then recover their traditions, culture and teachings of there race and help them flourish together as their own race without interfering with other races and destroying one another. Look at Hawaiians they are almost a extinct people. Are you saying you don’t care about them…who is a hatemonger now. You commie scum make me sick…how you prance around like you are making thinks right…and instead your destroying and forcing people to genocide one another.

  • The Great Southern Trend kill

    “Thank you for making National Socialists a far better than the pathetic alternative once again”–J.T. Ready

    The NSM is already dead or is it???
    Even if they have not yet died out like a form of endangered subspecies. Surely we all know its a matter of time before they’re a defunct org. Just like every pathetic groups they’ve managed to create over the years starting from the American Nazi Party and a assassinated Rockwell.

    What a cesspool of a movement.

  • Cabal 88-West

    Furthermore, it it you who talks about your own “homosexual fantasies” by means of “kosher rear licking” as if you are speaking of yourself(Jeff Shoepp leader of the NSM is Jewish […]! Lol). I on the otherhand may talk about kicking Nazi ass and stomping them which I do from time to time, that’s something you cannot seem to comprehend the difference between you and me. And why is it so “typical” to hate a neo-nazi for that very matter? I find your frivolous statement pretty retarded in a lot of ways. First–you talked about realities and for one, you don’t seem to possessed any rational understandings that a neo-nazi is well hated by many(yes Whites too) Therefore, is not “typical” in any sense of the word but rather–common. […] You think you’re mainstream when in fact, you and your little pitful band of turd reichers are deteoriating. Consider this–How many NSM members showed up at the DC rally this year back in April??? 10? 15? OMG!! You guys are a pathetic bunch. Go figure.

    Secondly–you speak of “intellectual infants” which is “typical” of you when you debate many who opposes what you stand for. Fat-boy you say this phrases constantly to pretty much everyone and I see this type of vitriol being spewed by your cheeky fat mouth on several occasions. But again, neither are you capable of having a serious debate with anyone on the Feather Bastard`s blog whenever a story about you should ever come out. Instead you run and hide from the very people who wish to debate you. And if you want to debate someone of higher intelligence, I can call up Josh at ARA and have Jewish History Mike to take on your debates on the radioshow or I can call up the Stephen Lemons and have him debate you on race issues etc and report it on the blog.

    Thirdly–i have nothing to prove. Unlike you who could not even hold a District Seat in East Valley(for a good reason, see your coment above as one example of many), chances of you ever acquiring that seat in the District again is slim to none or never.

    Fourth–you are the one who passes out those “free” fliers as if your desperate for attention which you are because of your lack of numbers in membership. New Times are free at your own free will whether you pick one up or not but passing our “free” literature is something that tells me you’re a f***ing loser who needs the attention. It doesn’t matter if I was there or not.
    But what really matters is the NSM is faltering everytime. And by the way the Ohio State Hooligans are looking to kick your ass or any NSM members. Gays are now joining up with your movement.

    And lastly– […] you say its more like “different planets” we come from? You bet–fatty because your not from this planet, based on your lack of knowing and how low you are.
    Its only a matter of time before you`ll do something really stupid and end up in jail just like the rest of your ilk.

  • JT Ready

    Once again you distort reality to fit your twisted agenda. I wrote that you post what is “typical” from “sick, demented, kosher rear licking communists”. I see here that I am dealing with an intellectual infant in Cabal 88-West, so I will break what this means down real tiny so you can get a clearer grasp of what most pimple-faced junior high school teenagers could easily understand:

    The “typical vitriol” refers to your mis-guided fervor and caustic statements which mirrors that of loudmouth leftist mouthpieces. Though the jew behaves so as well, does not correlate to me calling you a jew. ( look in the mirror and attach moron sticker on your head at this point. If it is spelled norom, do not be alarmed!)

    A kosher rear licking communist does not have to be himself a jew, you fool. Though seeing a jew lick its own rear probably arouses more not-so-latent homosexual tendencies which you display in your childish peckings here. (lock yourself far away from all pubescent males at this point. NAMBLA may already have your membership application.)

    Once again, I am vindicated in my candid assessment of you. You simply resort to the same sort of low brow name-calling and attacks on Scottish culture we can expect from your ilk. Yet, you will most likely continue to evade the fact that I called you out on your embellishment of facts regarding my attendance at the Mandatory Precinct Committeeman meeting. Most likely, you were not even there and are just regurgitating some vomit you read from the New Times or something. There is a reason those trashy things are handed out for free to Meth heads and bums at all night convenience stores you know. But you probably can not figure all of out this even with my patient help so don’t even bother.

    Thank you for making National Socialists looking far better than the pathetic alternative once again.

  • Cabal 88-West

    Actually I’m not a Jew but a Gentile. But that’s how retarded your decrepit little mind works is that you view anyone who hates YOU and your little turd reichers. But that’s ok because we know you don’t have any friends other than a few low life Natavists and tarded krauts. Simply because the truth may hurt your sensitive feelings that Jews run the Nazi organizations these days, you’re one of the most FAT pathetic blubbers I ever seen walking the valley.
    The sickest part is that you wear these dresses frequently which makes you have some kind of a retrograded drag queen fetishes and a taste for ferral cats that you have roaming all over house in E. V.
    Despite your faggotry lifestyle, everyone knows its a matter of time before the NSM falls apart as did with numerous Neo-Nazi clubs nationwide. With Jeff Schoepp being that of a Jew, he will surely bring down the pathetic organization starting from the top.
    That will be a day of Nazi defeat.

    You commie nazis are really a joke.

  • JT Ready

    Cabal 88-West: Typical vitriol from the sick, demented, kosher rear licking communists. More Ad Hominem attacks and more red herrings and blatant lies. Typical references to your homo-erotic fantasies as well. Still, you can not defend your false comment as accurate as I pointed out. Your ilk is truly pathetic.

  • Cabal 88-West

    Speaking of realities J.T. Ready, one of the harshest ones for you is the very fact that Jeff Shoepp the leader of the NSM is Jewish. His last name, however it is spelled comes from a prominent Jewish background.

    “Wow!?”….damn right, you’re misled all along. This only shows what a FAT idiot you are, trampin around in that plaid dress and tanned shirts. Are the nazis becoming gay today or what???

    I mean how many members do you have left in NSM of AZ? 3 or 5???
    That’s quite pathetic to call yourselves anything these days considering another fact that your tiny thimble of a group, barely exists, let alone, even hardly noticed.

  • JT Ready

    “When JT Ready was passing out hate fliers at the local Republican forum last month, it was not tolerated and eventually he was booted out.” -said: Cabal 88-West.

    Wow! I am JT Ready and I got “kicked out”? I was there the whole time. I should know if anybody. (obviously) Many people thanked me.

    I suppose we were at different meetings. More like from different planets. Step back into reality.

  • Walt Hilderman

    Since displaying nooses in public places and work sites would become a hate crime under legislation approved unanimously by the Conn. legislature Judiciary Committee, would such legislation be enforced when a Confederate flag is hung in a noose or will that still be considered art?

  • Brent

    Well Done SPLC. Without your continued vigilence we would remain in the dark about these very SERIOUS threats to DEMOCRACY.

    Keep up the good work.

  • Phil

    The SPLC lists many churches as hate groups.

  • Slavyanski

    I was not a skinhead(though I knew many), but I am a former racialist who worked for the NA for about two of my four year “racialist” career. I got my start from a mainstream conservative upbringing(like most). For me it was a complicated story, but I can say this- there is an intellectual core in the movement, led mostly by con-men. The way it works is that you find these organizations or people who try to get you to believe the movement isn’t about hate, but pride in culture. They tell you all the skinhead rock and conspiracy theory crap is just the dregs of the past, and they convince you that if you join this “elite” somehow you will be part of a new organization that breaks off from those dregs and actually does something “for the race”.

    But this never occurs. The dregs ARE the movement. Movement celebrities make their living off of the movement rank-in-file. What do you think they prefer more of? Independent thinkers or groups of skins or random racist guys recruited from gun shows? What they want is people who will suck down whatever BS they are putting out at any given moment, and keep paying those dues. What they don’t need is someone who actually believes in an ideology and asks inconvenient questions about short and long term goals. More than this, they don’t like people questioning the morality of the movement and its leaders.

    Eventually any truly independent thinking person takes time to reevaluate what they believed to be true. In my case I became physically separated from the movement, and in a new environment I started to question those things which I took for granted when I was a racialist. I simply noticed that what they claimed didn’t add up. Their claims fly in the face of reality, and the behavior of most racialists, to differing degrees, tends to contradict their stated values. That did it for me.

    The experience was indeed educational. Today I can not only refute WN beliefs from an anti perspective, but also from the racialists’ own stated values as well; insofar as they acknowledge this, which most will not. In the end I learned that what Michael Shermer says is true: Smart people can be very vulnerable to falling for BS beliefs, simply because they are smart. They can be very good at rationalizing those ideas they came to believe for not-so-smart reasons.

  • GENO-cydal 88

    To Strange:

    Why do you think the skinhead scene is dying out? Since you were a former member and had friends who were also has beens. Could you eleborate on this, so those who don’t understand will understand.

    I always assumed that the leaders of this skinhead movements prey on those who are loners, depressed, angry, victims of bullies at school et al. Its a manipulative tactic used in their recruitments. For some, they later find out the whole scene is B.S. and eventually leave on their own accord. Maybe the natavist movement is growing but the skinhead scene is not. Some former skins are known to join the natavist movements, to be a part of something much bigger. The figures should state that the neo-nazi skinhead numbers are down by some percent whereas the natavists continues to garner more membership.

    Darleen Click`s revised assertions tell me that she`s ill-informed. SPLC if I recall, has already did an intelligence report on the genocides of blacks by Mexican gangsters in L.A. in 2006. This was already discussed 2 years ago. Its nothing new.

  • Strange

    I just read the “Year in Hate” and found it funny that I know one of the guys they are talking about from the KKK. While I knew he was a skinhead and is indeed in prison. The SPLC is putting civil action against him for getting into a fist fight with a guy. 3 years in prison… for a fist fight. I hope that no people… no wait. No people of any color try to start a fist fight with me… I would hate to go to prison for it.

    My best friend is a former skinhead who left the “movement” about a year ago and Im curious since alot of the people I know are former skinheads or former racist. I know QUITE a few people who have gotten out and know for a fact the “movement” is dying down. Hell the Vinlanders as a whole organization have gotten out. Where are you getting these up 40% numbers.

    Sounds like fear mongering to me.

  • Slavyanski

    The members of the Phoenix boot boys tend to be in and out of jail, so that’s why you might not have heard of them. They are certainly not respected, but if you know enough about the skinhead scene in the state of AZ their names will come up at some point.

  • Cabal 88-West

    “Phoenix Boot Boys are the oldest and most respected crew in Arizona.”–twocats

    Believe me, these idiots are not “respected” members of society. Nothing they do represents the meaning of “respect”. Many conservatives don’t want anything to do with them. Their very presence is an act of instigation that bleeds violence. When JT Ready was passing out hate fliers at the local Republican forum last month, it was not tolerated and eventually he was booted out. In fact, the Phoenix Boot Boys are virtually unheard of. How many members do they have left? 2? 5 maybe. I live in Maricopa County and pretty much no one I spoke to, regarding Phoenix Boot Boys doesn’t ring any bells. And I’ve been here 5 years now. Not even the Feathered Bastard ever mentioned them other than the local NSM and JT Ready, Scott/Sean Hume and Russell Pearce R-Mesa among others. Even if Phoenix Boot Boys does exist, then they’re not legit, pure and simply put it, these guys don’t need any attention or recognition. Lastly, there is no one on here who “glorifys” skinheads other than yourself, drunks or otherwise…….
    They make me sick.

  • Darleen Click

    I’ve worked 9 years in a DA office in Southern California. I’m very cognizant of “Hate Groups”. Many of what you have listed on your site are, indeed, groups that meet the classical definition of a “hate group” … Aryan Nations, skin heads, et al. However, you lose your credibility when you make your definition of what qualifies as a “hate group” to include people you only politically disagree with. This is easily demonstrated by no listing on your site of CAIR (which is an unindicted co-conspirator in Islamist terrorism) or the many anti-“European” Latino groups, such as Mexica Movement, La Raza, and La Voz de Aztlan.

    What you also fail to mention is the alarming events in the Southern California area where HIspanic gangs with ties to the Mexican Mafia (one of the most powerful gangs operating in our state prison system and controller of much of the drug trade over the border) are targeting for execution African-Americans in parts of Los Angeles. They are, in essense, engaged in “ethnic cleansing” of neighborhoods they want to control.

    Your “hate group” listings would appear driven not by any other consideration but a far-Left political agenda.


  • GENO-cydal 88

    Sorry to break it to you so called Texasvolunteer, but your black folks have been displayed all over the media recently with that 2 young black gangbangers who shot and killed a beautiful white college co-ed, they deserve the death penalty in my opinion. Another shocker in the recent Lloyd Brant store massacre where 5 women were killed, the remaining survivor gave a detailed description that the suspect was black, corn-braids/beaded hairdo. That killer is still on the loose according to AMW.

    A White man is senteced to 21 years for a racially motivated murder that occured in 2006.

    Personally, I’m disapointed with that amount of time he’s offered. He should received more than 30 years in the pen for commiting acts of murder based on HATE.

  • Texanvolunteer

    In the name of Martin Luther King Jr., I spit upon the SPLC!

    You have lost ALL credibility by siding with the RACIST National Council of Laraza against the United States of America and its LEGAL citizens! You are now a puppet and a dupe for the RACIST illegal alien invaders.

    Immigrants don’t need amnesty, but illegal alien invaders do.

    Don’t you know how black people (and all other people) are regarded by these RACIST criminal invaders? You have discredited and brought shame upon yourselves and your organization. When justice prevails don’t be suprised when your on the losing end………..

  • Slavyanski

    Well the first problem is labeling everything as “hate” without asking what purpose does this serve. Ask why for example, are many ideas which used to be kept off on the fringe becoming more common in popular political discourse, to the point of being openly discussed on the corporate media with a bias in their favor.

    The reason is class-based. People don’t like to think of America as a class society, but it certainly is. And nothing helps maintain the status quo than keeping the working people divided on various lines. The problem is that the New Left solution to most of this, was identity politics. Identity politics only perpetuate the problem and keep people of the same class who should be united at each other’s throats. Not to mention that conservative and neo-Nazi punditry feeds off of the excesses of identity politics movements. People need to start uniting based on class, not race or gender or religion- because class is the deciding factor in history and the present. But I digress…

    What I am trying to say is that if you look at this trend in the political discourse(ironically WN-style thinking is becoming more mainstream as the movement itself is steadily crumbling) from a class perspective, it shines a lot of light on why it is happening. In order to fulfill the needs of the American ruling class at this time, it is necessary that foreigners be demonized and degraded. It is necessary to have people focusing blame on undocumented Mexican workers.

    Remember, the ruling ideas of any given time are ever the ideas of the ruling class.

  • Virginia

    All of the above arguments are something I am very, very familiar with. I have been attempting to expose the alarming growth of hate-groups in Pasadena, CA and the problems is, there is a HUGE disproportion of right-wing (most call themselves “centrists” but I am having trouble seeing a “center”) to left-wing bloggers, and they are very vocal on the internet.

    The worst of them shut down left-wing bloggers, with real bullying, harassment and threats. The problem then is, they predominate! and Hate keeps spreading and spreading, like a gate being left open.

    I have been fighting an uphill battle to address this on my blog:

    I HOPE this recent article by Philip Jenkins

    is wrong, but everything is pointing that way.

  • Slavyanski

    Whoa hold on..the NSM doesn’t like Jews or black people?!

    But seriously, I think the problem with the SPLC is that when you are trying to understand the WN movement or dangers posed by it, you have to look at it from different perspectives.

    You have to break it down into catagories:

    1. WNism or Neo-Nazism as an ideology deals with the organized movement. If we speak about the organizations, they are in decline, at least in America.

    2. Crossover between WN ideas and “mainstream” conservatism. This could constitute one of those “dangers” posed by the movement, which has to be looked at separately. However, it is important to realize that much of what WN’s believe comes from mainstream conservative sources, not the other way around. The only difference is that mainstream conservative pundits do not adhere to an overall ideology of racialism; this is the only difference between the two, and practically it is hardly relevant. This is why WN rants against conservatives should only be taken with a shaker full of salt- these people are barely different than conservatives ideologically, and what difference exist makes no difference in the political arena. For examples consider Duke and Black’s support for Bush, twice.

    3. Dangers from the movement in the form of criminal activity. This would include skinhead violence for example; it seemed to me that skinhead culture is getting further and further away from the organized movement and ideology, and becoming more of a white gang mentality. The interaction between local skins and organizations exists, but it is often tenuous and there is a lot of mistrust. Regardless of what any WN org will claim however, skins in some form are ALWAYS involved one way or another in the activities of WN orgs from time to time. This is because in every city there is a “scene”. Since this “scene” consists of a very small amount of people, it is inevitable that skins and ordinary “racialists” cross paths.

    Anyway, I wish I could devote more time to this but what I am basically trying to say is that you can’t just lump all this together as hate and tell people to be afraid of it. If you look at it from a certain angle, organized WN is failing on an epic scale. The question is what “danger” is one specifically worried about: Random violence? Domestic terrorism? The dissemination of certain ideas into mainstream politics? Changing the political discourse? These issues need to be looked at separately.

  • XENOPHOBE-zero 311

    The report should say something like, hategroup membership down by 40% or so. People are not blind you know, but it does not mean the white power movement is dead. There’s still spinkles of little activity here or there but no doubt that nativists groups like FAIR and CCC, MMDC or others may see some slight increases of membership because of the illegal immigration debate which is a hot topic and a recruiting tool in anti-immigration front where many are white supremacists and extremists. Word has it that the NSM are staging a protest in D.C. on April 19th, to protest Jews, Non-White Americans and Illegal Aliens, it may or may not happen(TBA) but my un-named source confirmed that to me 2 days ago.
    If anyone who went to that MLK protest in Jena, LA back in January by the NSM movement, well, their numbers turned out to be relatively small something like 50 or so compared to the anti-white supremacists crowd which was in the thousands! My Anarchist buddies was there for the counter-protest. This shows us that the Neo-Nazi scene is dying and that’s like music to my ears.

  • Slavyanski

    After reading the report I think it’s important to remember that when a group like say, NSM, claims to have so many chapters in so many states, one has to keep in mind that many of these groups inflate their presence by naming one guy on a forum “unit coordinator”(or however the hell NSM calls them), and then looking at that guy and the three high school insta-skins he hangs out with as a “unit”.

    You guys saw in another thread how there is actually a National Alliance member on here, who seems to think the Alliance is “growing”. It is most likely that this fellow was impressed by the website, and may never have actually participated in any kind of meeting. It’s possible he is the only guy in his locale who is a member. Why do you think such organizations still let people join online or via mail, when it is obvious that anyone of any race could easily do the same just for fun?

  • Slavyanski

    Actually I have to say that the SPLC is actually stroking the egos of the remaining Neo-Nazi movement by pretending that their ranks are actually growing. It makes sense to point out the links between “mainstream” groups and far-right ideas, but as far as the WN/NS movement goes, it’s deader than a door-nail, and the only thing that will finally kill it off is for the opposition to pronounce it so.

    The NA is a smoking crater.
    NV is embarrassed beyond words thanks to Kevin Alfred Strom
    White Revolution is a memory
    NSM has been shoved back into the sewer from whence it came.
    A few splinter groups off NV remain, but are more or less ineffective.
    David Duke is starting to face hostility in Russia(I guess that’s what happens when you preach about the greatness of Russian culture while not speaking a single word of Russian after about 5 years in the country.)

    Stop giving these morons credit and they will go away.

  • GENO-cydal 88


    Good news.
    According to the associated press. The local white supremacists known to us as “Buffalo” Rick Galeener, a member the anti-immigration group in AZ called the “United For A Soveriegn America” founded by ex-KIA car dealer known as Rusty Childress, his website can be found here:
    The Old Buffalo Buffoon was arrested recently for indecent exposure. Not only that but he also pissed in a bottle(many said his intent was to drink it, a JACKASS stint). He exposed his decrepit self at a family(a mother and child). According to police, this geriatric bastard got off as a close call soley because the child was 2. If that child was older than 6, then its considered to be a felony in that state with a capital “F”. Then he would have to be registered as a sex offender. Some witnesses explained that he’s been doing this before(exposing himself). In my opinion, I think he oughta go into Sheriff Joe`s Tent City or his gulags famous for several inmate deaths under his watch and wear one those “pink underwear” that they’re all wearing now at the Tent City.
    Got one of those criminals off the streets, good job to the law enforcement.

  • David Paul

    I’m curious as to why SPLC doesnt’ identify any of the statistically signifcant groups who promote hatred and racism directed at white Americans? While I don’t condone or otherwise agree with the views of many of the supremicists or their ilk, it seems to me that SPLC has its own biases. A number of Latino groups, for instance, advocate “taking back the country”, and dispossessing white Americans. Surely this sort of rhetoric AT LEAST warrants the same attention as that given to FAIR and some other organizations. What’s happened to SLPC? It used to be that it was an organization that stood for justice and equal treatment.

  • Carter

    It’s extremely important to understand that companies like “Signal International LLC ” who enticed migrant workers here from India and defrauded them, (stealing quite a bit of money from them in the process) are the very foundation of the “illegal alien” problem in this country.
    No matter what position you take on the illegal alien issue – it’s companies like this that are at the core of the problem. The reason is very obvious….If companies like this were set to exploit people from other countries and lie to them in the process, we would not be looking at “advertising” for breaking the immigration laws.
    It is certainly true that all sane people are responsible for their actions but when they are lied to in-so-far as the available jobs and wages, etc…they make poor choices based upon falsehoods.
    While individuals must accept responsibility, so – far more powerfully should companies like this stand up to the scrutiny of the American people.

  • GENO-cydal 88

    I tried to inform Mark Potok of another possible “hategroup” not relevant to FAIR or other so called nativists extremists groups but share just as much of a “racists” and biased ideology as White Power Groups. I was hoping SPLC would do a solid piece on Eliane Willman who recently resigned from the Citizens Equal Rights Alliance(CERA) but still associates and works for them voluntarily. This group is notorious for their anti-indian policies and efforts to eliminate a Federally Recognized Tribe`s soveriegnty. Eliane Willman in particular has a history of prejudicism and racial pejorative ranting of Native Americans. According to the local tribal members in Wisconsin. Eliane Willman claims to be part Cherokee in which she has no proof and isn’t enrolled in the tribe. And I think that qualifys her to be listed under SPLC`s hate list. Besides her group CERA has close working ties with another group in Oklahoma called One Nation to whom the tribal leaders there view them as a “racist” group working against their soveriegnty and their right to self-determination and self-government. The story can read here:

    Keep your focus on hate groups SPLC.

  • Common Senser

    Why is Save Our State in California listed as a hate group? They are peaceful protesters.

    They PEACEFULLY protested a sculpture commisioned by the City of Bladwin Park, whose inscriptions read: “This land was Mexican once, was Indian always and is, and will be again,” and “It was better before they came.”

    IT WAS BETTER BEFORE THEY CAME!?!?!? Now who’s preaching hate?

    I see Virginia has 34 ‘hate groups’ and only 6 crimes in 2007–3 for ‘leafletting.’ Man, those are REAL dangerous and effective groups. 34 groups 6 instance, and 3 of them for leafletting.

    And in New Jersey, the beating of a Jewish teacher by a black man is listed as a hate crime. Are you sure it wasn’t just a robbery? I was beaten by a group of local 20-something blacks who invaded our high school after King was shot. Am I a hate crime victim?

    I had considered supporting your group to help those who are entangeld inour legal system get the help they need, but not any more.

    This is crap.

  • unlucky 13

    What in the hell is a Commie Nazi?Like a Christian Satanist or something?

  • Yaotl

    Fair is fair so to speak…Thank you for acknowledging this fact that FAIR’s beliefs is really racism disguised as extreme patriotism

  • IludiumPhosdex

    So much for “Commie Nazis”–IIBC, Communism and Nazism are mutually and ideologically incompatible.

    En ‘n Ander Ding:

    Racism, xenophobia and general intolerance are key articles of faith held dear in the Producerist agenda, which attracts its biggest audiences from the weak-minded and easily-led.

    The same, know, easily attracted to the cause of Hate–especially where sugarcoated by “patriot love” and suchlike bromides.

  • D. Oudkirk

    You went and left off the number one Hate group in America. It’s called The Southern Poverty Law Center. One of the most notorious hate groups in the world. They lie, cheat and bring false charges against Red Blooded Americans. Who’s only crime, is protecting this country. Not like the law center, which is made up of a bunch of Commie Nazis, who is trying to tear down this great country.

  • Texas Justice Dot Org

    SHAME ON YOU SPLC for saying Federation for American Immigration Reform is a hate group. SHAME, SHAME, SHAME. SPLC has now become it’s own hate group. Your bigoted views, in my opinion, has now discredited your organization. SHAME ON YOU.