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Nativist Leader Cited For Indecent Exposure

By David Holthouse on March 13, 2008 - 3:30 pm, Posted in Anti-Immigrant

March has certainly come in like a lion for “Buffalo” Rick Galeener. It’s been a rip-roarin’ month so far for the professional singing cowboy-turned-co-founder of Riders United for a Sovereign America, or Riders USA, a Phoenix-based immigrant-bashing motorcycle gang.

Last week, Galeener was profiled in the new issue of the Intelligence Report as one of the 20 most active militant nativists in the country. Then, earlier this week, he was quoted in a National Public Radio report talking trash about Salvador Reza, a Phoenix labor organizer and U.S. Air Force veteran who operates the Macehualli Work Center, a day labor facility in Phoenix outside of which Galeener and other nativists have protested almost every day this year.

The March 11 NPR piece, though, failed to note that three days before it aired, Galeener was cited by a Phoenix police officer for exposing his penis to a Hispanic woman and her 2-year-old son outside the Macehualli center.

As first reported in the Phoenix New Times, Galeener allegedly exposed himself to Paulita Cortes, a Phoenix resident who has lived near the work center for nine years. Cortes said that Galeener in the past has called her a wetback and told her to go back to Mexico.

After Cortes complained to police, Galeener was cited for indecent exposure, a class 1 misdemeanor, which carries a potential fine of $2,500 and is punishable by up to six months in jail. Galeener told the investigating officer that he was merely urinating in a plastic bottle.

“Ironically,” noted Phoenix New Times blogger Stephen Lemons, “there’s a McDonald’s about a block up the road….[but] he may not have wanted to use the McDonald’s, as it’s owned by Keenan Strand, a vocal opponent of the protesters and a supporter of the work center.”

Plus, no one’s ever accused Galeener of being a whiz. Just taking one.

  • GENO-cydal 88

    Over the Easter weekend last weekend where the self proclaimed “America`s Toughest Sheriff” sets up his usual “Gestapo Headquarters”, his mobile command center in the parking lot of Big Lots not too far from MD Pruitt`s(the epicenter of last year`s battle) near 32nd & Thomas. I was there in hope to catch a glimps of some of the most infamous hooligans in AZ, where I live. I did not see Buffalo Rick last Easter weekend, but I got a chance to see others in the natavist extremists camp. I took some pictures of my own as everybody carries a camera here.

    Yesterday, the scene was intense. Our mayor Phil “goober” Gordon made vitriolic rants aimed at the notorious and evil Sheriff Arpaio-Arcorrupto. Its like RaHoWa waiting to happen out here in Sand Land! Everybody`s angry at the Sheriff, heck even Shaquille O` Neal decided to volunteer for the Tempe PD after the season because he just saw the true colors of Arpaio. Shaq made a good decision. The local police chiefs are angry at Arpaio–Chief George Gascon, Jack Harris and Dan Saban(who’s running against Arpaio) and the one from Chandler.
    I got a first hand glimpse of the legendary Salvador Reza(Sal-Reza). Important people were standing around him and possibly some bodyguards.
    The natavists on the other hand were very provokative and displayed instigative hostile behavior, they carried weapons, pistols and handguns.
    Undercover agents were on site to keep the peace. The scene today on Bell Rd & 25th near Sal-Reza`s Macehaulli work center turned into what we call an “Apache Fort” because of the barricade situation of the Sheriff who held themselves hostage due to the presence of a large demostration of human rights/civil rights/immigrant rights that overwhelmed the Sheriff Posse.
    Sheriff Joe has attended a meeting recently at the weekly Neo-Nazi meetings at the library in sunnyslope. Sheriff Joe has accepted KKK/neo-Nazis into its ranks. Get the latest reports from our very own:
    The Feathered Bastard`s column

  • XENOPHOBE-zero 311

    He’s hardly a “leader” by any means. The ol` buffoon has a severe case of speech impediment.

    “Oh wumerful.”

    “You messicans are #####!”

    By the way, I’m not hispanic.
    Driving by the work center which is not far from M.D. Priutt`s, the epicenter of last year`s protest on both sides where a deal was warranted between Sensing and Reza. Reza`s crowd continues to move on but the pack of fanny dentally destituted nativists remained. Hostile and instigatively, they’re public nuisance. They’re old news with nothing better to do. Last month, an veteran Neo-Nazi, a former member of Rockwell`s American Nazi Party was struck by a car driven by an alien at the same location. He suffered injuries and I hope he won’t come back…..

  • Slavyanski

    Meh… it’s not nearly as funny as Kevin Strom’s Prussian Blue Pedophilia.

    Patience though…every few months some movement celebrity gets busted for some hilarious sexual misconduct.