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Would-Be Cop Killer, Son of Racist Leader, Shot Dead

By Mark Potok on April 1, 2008 - 9:15 am, Posted in Hate Groups, Klan, Lawsuits, White Supremacist

Sometimes, violence just seems to beget more violence.

Last Friday, the 30-year-old son of Frazier Glenn Miller — a white supremacist icon of the 1980s who went to prison for defying court orders to shut down his paramilitary White Patriot Party — was shot to death by a Marionville, Mo., police officer who he’d just wounded with a shotgun blast.

Authorities were still investigating the bizarre events surrounding Jesse Miller’s death today. But initial reports indicated that Miller, driving an SUV, had an accident with a pickup truck on the afternoon of Friday, March 28. Shortly after the crash, Joseph M. Rich, 55, stopped to offer to help Miller — who, for reasons that are still unknown, responded by killing him with a shotgun he had in his vehicle. Moments later, officer Andy Clark arrived and ordered Miller to put down the weapon. Instead, Miller shot Clark, who then managed to shoot Miller dead.

Jesse Miller shooting scene

The officer, wounded in the shoulder, was conscious when taken to the hospital a short time later. Officials said his injuries were not life threatening.

Rich, the Good Samaritan, was not so lucky. Friends and relatives this week were mourning the memory of the man widely known as “Big Mike,” a tattoo artist who was driving a small school bus that he’d converted to a mobile tattoo parlor. Friends said that in addition to working at a Marionville parlor, Rich was known for traveling the country to sell his tattoos at motorcycle rallies.

Glenn Miller, now 67, led a North Carolina group in the 1980s that was called the Carolina Knights of the Ku Klux Klan but later morphed into the White Patriot Party, which was notorious for its paramilitary training and formations. He went on the lam in 1986 after mailing a letter to 5,000 people calling for “total war” on federal agents, blacks and Jews. At the time, he had also violated a court order, stemming from a lawsuit filed by the Southern Poverty Law Center, that prohibited him from continuing to operate a paramilitary group. He was finally captured in Ozark, Mo., after authorities tear-gassed him from a mobile home.

In the end, Miller only served three years in prison, thanks to his testimony against 14 leading white supremacists in a 1988 federal sedition trial in Arkansas. Widely reviled as a traitor to the cause, he initially laid low and drove a truck.

But in 1999 he published his self-serving autobiography, A White Man Speaks Out. He began to post messages in white supremacist Web forums. In 2002, he moved to Aurora, Ill., and by 2005 he began printing a racist tabloid that came to be known as The Aryan Alternative. He has been supported by neo-Nazi webmaster Alex Linder, whose Vanguard News Network carried comments Sunday describing Jesse Miller as “a fine White warrior.” But most other white supremacist activists in recent years have seemed to agree with an Internet posting that went up several years ago next to Glenn Miller’s photograph: “Warning: Federal Informant, White Race Traitor.”

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  • Sheila Benton

    Hearing about these types of people in this day and age just reminds me of awful people like Hitler. This family is brainwashed by an abviously sick, mental, and sociopathic father such as Hitler. I would never live in the state of MO after seeing and hearing about these people, and how they are allowed to preach their malicious garbage in the media. Hopefully he will kill himself like Hitler did, because he was one of the greatest losers that ever lived. He must of been an abused child who now has mental illness. And a lack of intelligence added into that makes him quite the loser of this century. Too bad someone like that can’t be a good person and be sane and do a lot of good for the world. Oh, well, he’s going to hell someday, hopefully soon.

  • Jeanne Hendricks

    I listened to the the father rant and rave on a radio talk show last night. That old man is seriously deranged and should be in a mental institution. I was planning to move back to my home state but if MO allows this sort of hate-mongering racist to roam free I think I’ll just stay where I am.

  • Jimmy Blood

    I also meant to say that cops do not engage in politics while on duty. They are there to enforce all laws therein, and should not favor political sides.

    Shooting and trying to kill a police officer is just one of the lowest forms of acts one can do(next to killing a defenseless baby).

    Personally, I have utter most respect for our women in uniform who are brave enough to do this Nation`s most dangerous jobs. A policewoman. Dealing with mostly violent men like the one in this story, is tough.

  • policegirl

    Being related to a police officer, I know what policies they have to follow. This lunitic shot and killed a defensless man who was a good sumaritan by stopping to render assistance at an accident. He then proceeded with loaded weapon in hand towards a town and when an officer stopped and did his job by telling the man to drop his weapon, he opens fire on him and shoots him in the neck, he had every intention of killing this officer. I know this officer personally and I believe he did the right thing by stopping the threat. Kudos to Officer Clark and the PD.

  • Jimmy Blood

    Politically motivated?
    It is not, if you are a citizen of this country, then you would very well know that shooting at a law enforcement offical will reult in fatal consequences.
    Its all part of their training manuel based on self-defense.
    To say that this cop “condones murder” is absurd.

  • legstogo1

    I think that the Police Officer did the right thing by shooting the armed man away. It’s just to bad that he didnt get there in time to save the good sameriton who just happen to stop to see if anyone needed help. I knew this guy and he was a good man. The crazy guy got what he deserved.

  • Xenophobe-zero

    Unlucky, I think you’re not smart enough to understand the obligations of Law Enforcement and their training techniques in terms of dealing with such violent and mentally psychopathetic or suicidal criminals. In this case, its obivious to anyone with comprehensive thinking, know that this violent piece of scum was bent on a killing spree, which resulted in the shooting death of a good samartian. Nobody is “codoning” murder except for that White power freak Miller. Actions condone murder, and he just commited one.

    The last time I check, there is nothing “political” about this incident. The police officer felt his life was in danger after he was shot. In reality, he took the necessary steps to ensure the wacko was not going to harm him again.
    If you actually read this article instead of skipping down to the comments section, then you just might possessed the wisdom to understand what happened.

  • unlucky13

    Those who support murder,on the part of an extremist,or on the part of law-enforcement to gun down any American citizen other that in defense of himself or others,both condone pre-meditated homicide.Policies dependent on who wins one or two elections should never employ murder as a political tool at all.Such would constitutes the very definition of terror.Terrorists states or individuals do not help the progress of humanity since they both rely on murderous intent.This impedes any possible progress ontowards human rights or liberty.

  • Nancy

    I had no idea this man? lived right around the corner from me. This is just an awful awful thing to be allowed to go on in such a small, safe? town.
    Just incredible.

  • GENO-cydal 88

    Law enforcement official oughta understand that these White Extremists are not pro-governmental, its quite contradictary. Cops, FBI, ATF, and Highway Patrol are not immune to their violent tendencies, their violent rhetorics, idealogies, and intent. These White Extremist are getting desperate.
    The cop in this case was brave and heroic. There is nothing “Patriotic” about White Racist Supremacy. They are more militant than patriotism.
    If Barak Obama were to be the next President of the United States, it would be wise for him to make it a top priority for him to increase Law Enforcement for the sake of cracking down on home-grown domestic terrorism. Once he’s the President, we are going back to 90`s era of domestic far-right extreminism and radicalism, hence, the bombing of the Alfredo P. Murrah federal building in Oklahoma City, 1995 by Timothy McViegh, notorious for far right Christian Extreminism and White Supremacist.
    Thus, this House Bill came to pass–


    Was passed in 2007 by a margin vote. Just in time for a possible Democratic President.

    Barak Obama has got to increase the manpower of the FBI domestic terrorism unit and the ATF agency as well as other Law Enforcement to prevent another McVeigh bombing, Ruby Ridge, and Waco, Tx.

  • marynotmartha

    To all white supremacists –

    Your days are numbered.

  • GENO-cydal 88

    The cop did the right thing, in which he was trained to do. Lethal force is necessary, but the cop should have shot the son of a bitch sooner once he saw Miller carrying a deadly weapon, to avoid being shot at himself. This violent incident serves as a premidiated warning to our law enforcement officials to not hestitate to use lethal force when approaching the enemy such as this one, if they feel that they are in imminent danger. White Extremists are dangerous nonethaless and are not to be taken lightly because of their criminal actions and their violent histories where lethal force is an only option in dealing with these vermints. I believe this cop was doing a job that he was trained to do and therefore, the ending of this psychopath`s life was justified. And he was doing a public a favor by ending this man`s misery. Jesse Miller shot and killed an innocent man in cold blood for no justifable cause and for that very reason, he deserved death……