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Under Pressure, Neo-Nazi Landlord Puts Properties on Market

By Brentin Mock on April 3, 2008 - 7:28 pm, Posted in Neo-Nazi

Bill White real estateBill White has a duplex to sell you. Make that 17 duplexes. The neo-Nazi landlord has put the bulk of his Roanoke, Va., real estate holdings on the market, Hatewatch has learned. Asking price: a cool $2 million.

Although White has complained recently about subprime financing woes, it’s unclear exactly what’s motivating this sudden move, and whether it’s related to the American National Socialist Workers Party (ANSWP) chairman’s rapidly developing legal troubles, as reported today in the Virginian-Pilot.

White is facing possible fines and jail time as a sanction for posting threatening comments along with the home address and telephone number of Kevin Mottley, an attorney with the Richmond, Va., law firm Troutman Sanders (or, as White describes him, “the attorney representing the niggers in Virginia Beach.”)

On April 2, White was forced to appear before U.S. Magistrate F. Bradford Stillman to explain why he was publishing thinly veiled threats against Mottley, along with the attorney’s personal information. The magistrate did not say when he would announce any sanctions against White.

Mottley is part of a team of lawyers representing five African-American tenants in Virginia Beach who sued their landlord, John Crockett Henry, alleging a long pattern of racial discrimination. The tenants also filed a complaint with the U.S. Justice Department, which is now investigating Henry and his connections to White, who mailed threatening letters to Henry’s tenants, calling them “niggers” and “dirty parasites” and warning them to watch out for white activists. White also mailed copies of National Socialist, a neo-Nazi publication he edits, to their homes.

The Department of Justice subpoenaed E-mails between Henry and White as evidence in a civil trial scheduled to begin in federal court May 19. White retaliated by posting Mottley’s personal information to various neo-Nazi websites and sporadically threatening all of the plaintiffs’ lawyers.

“After we are done with our legal dispute, they are open game,” White wrote Feb. 22. Referring specifically to Mottley and Mottley’s family, White wrote: “Do not send them ‘hate fliers’ or nooses. Do not call and record them and place those phone calls on YouTube. Do not open credit cards in their name, empty their bank accounts by Internet, hack their emails.”

One week later, White wrote, “I don’t care what happens to them one way or the other. … I could see agitated ANSWP fans who are not members and not under my control in any way deciding to ‘help,’ as they have when they have mailed nooses to black leaders or kidnapped members of Jewish groups.”

Threatening blog entries were included in the material White’s Internet service provider turned over to the Department of Justice, and Mottley’s attorney has asked the U.S. magistrate hearing the civil case to slap White with a citation for criminal contempt.

Mottley, who reports receiving “strange phone calls” at his house in recent weeks, testified at the April 2 hearing that his wife is fearful they may be harmed and that he perceived the posts to be threats.

White testified that any calls for violence on his website, on which he frequently advocates the murder of his perceived enemies and non-whites, are intended purely as satire.

White could be hoping to fund his legal battle and/or pay any fine he receives with proceeds from the sale of his 17 duplexes sited along Chapman and Patterson Avenues in Roanoke’s traditionally black Mountain View neighborhood. Listed by his wife, Century 21 realtor Meghan White, the duplexes include a total of 35 units. White claims they are currently generating $18,500 in rental income per month at full occupancy, or about $530 per unit.

Whatever his reasons for seeking to unload the duplexes, White shows no signs of taming his prolific online screeds in response to the pending judgment. The day after he appeared before Judge Stillman, White posted Mottley’s home address and phone number again, and taunted him for being a “ridiculous, cowardly, shaking-trembly attorney who basically cried on the stand yesterday when describing how terrified and fearful he was.”

White also published the home address of U.S. Department of Justice lead attorney Lori Wagner, and left instructions for his followers to “Write to them. Call them. Tell them what you think. … You have a right to contact people who are involved in activities that draw public attention. They do not have a right to conduct their activities in secret or to hide from you. And if they do something irrational, like hire police bodyguards to protect them from ‘threats’ that exist wholly in their imagination, we are in no way responsible for that.”

  • IludiumPhosdex

    Talk about “mental illness [running] parallel with homosexuality,” and then some….

    (Besides, the American Psychiatric Association no longer regards homosexuality as a Mental Aberration–as opposed to the Christian Psychiatric Association.)

  • Bill White

    I just became aware that the Southern Poverty Law Center has been carrying an advertisement for my properties, claiming “overextended” — on what basis, I don’t know.
    These properties have been on the market since February 1 — long before the contempt motion was filed against me; I have been planning to put them on the market since last October. Really, when I started in 2007, I told the press I had a three year plan, and I intended to reevaluate after three years. Instead of three, I took four, but its time to liquidate and move on.

    I am selling seventeen of my twenty five properties; I expect to realize about a million dollars from the sale. We have had negotiations with three serious buyers, and I expect to have a final offer near our asking price within the hour — I just got off the phone with the buyer when I saw the article. We’re asking for a 9% cap rate on the property, and that’s fair.

    Part of this is that the rental business has never been the particularly profitable part of what I do; I enjoy construction more and construction has been about three quarters of my income for the past four years. As a result, I want less capital tied up in rentals and more capital tied up in construction.

    The Negro homosexual Brentin Mock has been engaged in bizarre and wildly inaccurate writing about me for several months, and I can only comment that his behavior shows the kind of mental illness that runs parallel with homosexuality. Mr Mock writes, like most communists, what he wishes was true, not was is true.

    There are some other factors at play as well: I have an opportunity to go into commercial property with a business partner; I have been offered an opportunity to develop a subdivision near Roanoke; I have been offered an opportunity to buy out a company engaged in historical remodeling in Roanoke in a better area than the West End. All of these are things I would prefer to be doing, and this sale represents me moving up the real estate ladder into bigger and better things.

    The suggestion that there is any real “legal trouble” occurring in the bogus, harassing, and repetive cases Troutman Sanders keeps filing in the US Western District courts is completely false. Troutman Sanders filed a large number of subpoenas, every single one of which was ruled to be unlawful in some form — several of which because they requested information protected by statute, and several others because they were on their face overly broad and the attorney refused to modify them. As a result, many of the subpoenas were thrown out by the court, and the balance were modified by protective order.

    We informed Troutman Sanders that we intended to sue them for filing unlawful subpoenas, and they responded by filing a contempt motion. After filing the contempt motion, they then offered to “settle” the contempt motion if I would sign a waiver giving away my right to sue them for the subpoenas. I have refused, and they have responded by filing a series of bogus contempt motions, all of which the judge involved has declined to grant. There is a possibilty a judge will impose a gag order under the All Writs Act, but the judge has also pointedly refused to do that on two occassions, and does not appear likely to do it any time soon.