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White Supremacists Threaten Kent State Columnist

By David Holthouse on April 3, 2008 - 9:39 am, Posted in Black Separatist, White Supremacist

It’s a rare piece of writing that engenders the wrath of black militants and white supremacists, but that’s just what a March 13 column by Kent State photojournalism major Beth Rankin did after it was published under the headline, “I Am Not A White Bitch.”

The column criticized the Kent State student organization Black United Students, or BUS, for promoting a black supremacist agenda and demonstrating hostility toward whites. Rank described being called a “white bitch” at two recent BUS events she was assigned to cover for the Daily Kent Stater.

“I am not a white bitch. I am a straight, white girl who will always do everything in her power to support the plight of all minorities,” Rankin wrote. “I don’t use the color of your skin against you, so please do not use mine against me.”

BUS members responded to the column by posting fliers across the Kent State campus depicting a figure dressed in a Ku Klux Klan robe next to Rankin’s name.

But white supremacists were hardly claiming her as one of their own. “Fuck this bitch. She needs to be kept stable for breeding purposes only,” wrote Vanguard News Network senior member “Iouotiviacoc.”

“I want to hand this bitch the heads of her loved ones. I want to drink her tears before I shed her blood.”

Outraged by Rankin’s pledge of support for civil rights despite her own experiences with reverse racism, dozens of other racists posting to websites like Vanguard News Network and Stormfront branded Rankin a race traitor and threatened her life.

“These are the Whites that need to be killed—worthless niggerloving scum,” wrote VNN senior member “Ironguard1940.”

Last Wednesday, according to the Akron Beacon Journal, the FBI office in Cleveland notified Rankin that white supremacists were posting death threats and were distributing her telephone number, E-mail address, and work schedule.

On March 27, two weeks after Rankin’s column was published, about 100 students, including Rankin, attended a regularly scheduled meeting of the BUS, which a campus reporter described as “heated but peaceful.”

Meanwhile, Rankin’s column remains a hot topic on white supremacist discussion boards, where the tone remains anything but peaceful. “The solution to this particular problem and those like her [is to] pack freaks such as her into cattle cars and double-time them into the Grand Canyon as per the solution proffered by [National Alliance founder] Dr. William L. Pierce,” wrote VNN junior member “Zek S 854.”

Going for a classic VNN misogynist/racist/anti-Semitic trifecta, Frank Toliver summed up the VNN thread by calling Rankin, “another race traitor whore and proof positive why white women need to be put back into the kitchen, well away from any jew trendiness.”

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  • Abbe

    Kynn, my friend you can not be serious. You can not actually see what is wrong with this exclusive process. Yes she is white but so is most Americans in power. Learn to use that power correctly and you will bring about change far beyond what you could ever imagine. I was a Black student union member and back then we could not allow whites to enter our group because we were in total opposition to their image of African American people but now there is a difference. Whites that have risked their own reputation for the sake of seeing justice complete for minorities should be allowed on our grounds.

  • dddddd

    Please ignor the last comment. You can take it out if you wish. Thank you for posting the Abbe comment after all.

    Yes WE Can!

  • Kynn

    “BUS was wrong, period.”

    How was BUS wrong?

    I don’t see it.

  • dddddd

    It’s very sad that you will let very racist comments get on your blog but when someone sensible want to comment, you want let them. Remember, AlterNet did not know who you were until I started to mention you on their site. And i’ll continue to mention you but not always in a positive light. My last visit here. In which I know won’t make it on your blog. GOOD day.

  • abbe

    Sorry! That’s William Shockley (look him up).

  • abbe

    BUS was wrong, period. But you can see the distrust towards whites by Blacks even toward those Whites that mean GOOD and no harm. These people have seen hatred, abused, their men put in prison and many released through the Innocent Project because they were innocent.

    They have read books by people involved in the Reagan administration claiming that they started the crack epidemic in Black communities to fund Iran/Contra but the claims was never taken serious by White controlled media and nothing was done about it while worthless Black lives vanished. Blacks can’t turn on the radio without tuning into RaceCard Hennity,Limbaugh,Bortzs and all of their mini meeees telling Blacks how much of the scum of the earth they are.

    They have to go to work and bite their tong to keep from being fired while white co-workers make racist comments. They have to stand by helpless while their women are raped but their claims are attacked by all the above and sooner or later this madness pushes you toward an irrational exuberant edge. You begin to withdraw and become an introvert seeking a more complete answer within. They start to keep out those that look like their oppressors.

    You begin to think if integration was profitable in the long run and what you must do to end this increased momentum of degradation. They say,”Jews, Arabs and Asians did it by depending on their own and slowly building their power and controlling their image and destiny in America, why can’t we”. But when Blacks try to withdraw to heal the wounds within, they are called militant or worst Black seperatist. I was called militant and wore it as a badge of honor back in 1974 at the University of Southern Mississippi for peacefully protesting William Shirley (look him up) by walking out of his lecture and praying outside, then going to our dorms. Riot police with guns pointed at us was ready to use them on cue.

    Beth Rankin, stay strong and don’t get discouraged. Keep trying to build that bridge. Gather other Whites that want to build that Bridge as well. Yes you must by every means necessary prove yourself to be friendly and sincere also willing to work along with BUS for all the GOOD of all mankind. But you must understand Black history and not just MLK. White women played a part in historical Civil Rights.

    The NAACP got involved in the Civil Rights Movement during 1909. After riots in Springfield, the capitol of Illinois, during the summer of 1908, a reporter named William English Walling wrote an article about the trouble. Mary White Ovington, known as the creator and first member of the NAACP, invited him to meet with her in New York. Ovington was a white woman who became involved in the Civil Rights Movement in 1890 after hearing Frederick Douglass speak in a church. She wrote for multiple radical journals and newspapers before becoming executive secretary of the NAACP.

    The president of Georgetown University’s chapter of the NAACP, Ellie Gunderson, is thoughtful and determined. Also, she is white.
    The national organization has had several white presidents.

    These women were not trusted at first but they did not give up!

  • ollie

    It is exactly this sort of incident which quashes honest racial discussion. What the BSU did was disgusting in and of itself but threats are simply over the top.