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Racism of Raided FLDS Cult Ignored

By David Holthouse on April 7, 2008 - 4:05 pm, Posted in Hate Groups

ir117_warrenjeffs_200×260.jpgThree days after the raid of a polygamist compound in Eldorado, Texas, the media is still atwitter about the arrest and search warrants served at the YFZ (Yearning For Zion) ranch, which was occupied by 400 followers of Warren Jeffs (right), the incarcerated “prophet” of the Fundamentalist Church of the Latter Day Saints.

But so far none of the dozens of stories and broadcast segments about Texas authorities taking 219 children and women from the YFZ compound into protective custody have even mentioned the fact that along with advocating child brides and plural marriage, FLDS doctrine is venomous with anti-black racism.

As described in a major feature on the FLDS published in the Spring 2005 issue of the Intelligence Report, Jeffs preaches to his estimated 10,000 followers that all blacks are the descendants of Cain, “cursed with a black skin,” and selected by God to be the “servants of servants.” It was on the basis of that unvarnished racism, preached as official FLDS doctrine, that the Southern Poverty Law Center began listing FLDS as a hate group in 2005.

Jeffs describes as a victory for the devil the day in 1978 that leaders of the legitimate Church of Latter Day Saints — known to much of the world as the Mormon Church —decided to allow blacks to become priests. FLDS had first split from the main church in 1890 after Mormon officials renounced polygamy under pressure from the government.

“The black race is the people through which the devil has always been able to bring evil unto the earth,” Jeffs preached in one recorded sermon obtained by Hatewatch.

“And why did [the Negro race] pass through the flood?” the FLDS prophet asked. ”Because it was necessary that the devil should have a representation upon the earth as well as God.”

To download an MP3 file of Jeffs sermonizing on “Negroes” and the biblical story of the flood, click here.

To read more of his comments on blacks, as well as on homosexuality, violence, the role of women and the end of the world, click here.

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  • True Christian

    Wow, Michael Savage, champion of extremist right-wing views, strikes again, showing his true colors once again; defending evil cultists who oppress women and children, espouse polygamy, pedophilia, incest, racism, and other Satanic outrage and brainwash unsuspecting innocents hoping to seek God. I notice most of you defenders of this scum can’t SPELL worth beans, have your Bible all wrong, can’t capitalize ‘God”, and are equally ignorant and brain-washed. I’ll pray for your enlightenment and repentance.

  • http://- mike burton

    when you call someone a racist all it is,is a scapgoet.a way to undermine either the person or group or whoever.all who believe them to be this lable i will not take seriously you have to realize that people like the southern poverty law center also have a agenda and that agenda is to scapgoet undermine and beat the opposition of whatever it is you are believing in whether it may be zionism remains to be seen but your rong really wrong.

  • Mei


    Also, The FLDS ARE racist and the opposite of any kind of Christianity. They are pedophiles/perverts/racists all under the guise of “religion”, when it’s really a cult and an insult to REAL mormons.

  • Mei

    Adult relationships with children is WRONG, no matter what religion you believe in, no matter what state you are in. It should have NEVER been legal, and shouldn’t be now. The legal age should be 18, period. America is too lax if anything, they should be PROTECTING children, not handing them over to pedophiles.

  • Doug Forbes

    You anti-Mormon Nazi bigot retarded morons should read this.

    Adopted by Resolution 260 (III) A of the United Nations General Assembly on 9 December 1948.
    Article 1
    The Contracting Parties confirm that genocide, whether committed in time of peace or in time of war, is a crime under international law which they undertake to prevent and to punish.
    Article 2
    In the present Convention, genocide means any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, as such:
    • (a) Killing members of the group;
    • (b) Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group;
    • (c) Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part;
    • (d) Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group;
    • (e) Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group.
    Article 3
    The following acts shall be punishable:
    • (a) Genocide;
    • (b) Conspiracy to commit genocide;
    • (c) Direct and public incitement to commit genocide;
    • (d) Attempt to commit genocide;
    • (e) Complicity in genocide.
    Article 4
    Persons committing genocide or any of the other acts enumerated in Article 3 shall be punished, whether they are constitutionally responsible rulers, public officials or private individuals.

  • vaspers the grate

    Followers seek leaders. Leaders chump, deceive, and betray followers. These lemmings following Warren Jess are worshipping a perverted human, not Go. In the Yearning for Zion compound, photos of Warren Jess were in every room. The dumbos should have removed those idolatrous images, a big clue of YFZ being a mind control cult.

    Look like me. Dress like me. Talk like me. Walk like me. Think like me. Molest like me.

    FLDS members are racist sexual predators and violent sadists. It’s clear what Dark Lord they worship.

    These patriarchal pukes are bullying women and children, molesting, abusing, and brainwashing them. Old geezers chasing little girls. That’s FLDS. Screwing their own sisters, mothers, granddaughters, whatever.

    Jesus did not hate blacks, or lesbian, or people who were different from his tribe and faith. He loved and healed all.

    Burn your book of Mormon and your silly underwear.

    Rebel. Dissent. Resist. Protest.

    Think independently. Despise, defy, and derail your stupid, evil leaders and prophets.

    Listen to my song “Polygamy Cult USA” on MySpace:

  • unlucky13

    As for all of the nonsense-everyone has rights -but what about the rights of slave children-for whom the will of God is a lot like the voice of this Jeffs man.Should society tolerate nonsense in people’s behaviour-yes but not knowing transgressions of law when they are over seriuos matters-at least that is my opinion.0

  • Matthew1510

    truth spreader said,

    on April 9th, 2008 at 9:04 pm

    Smells like they’re burning the witches again. not to mention that it was legal in Utah for 14 yrs old to marry (with parental consent) until about 2 yrs ago when the lesbians, feminists and their enablers got attorney general mark “zeig heil” shurtleff to raise the age.

    oppressors always resort to making the religion of their enemies a crime. Isn’t that what happened in babylon under nebachadnezer? weren’t the jews almost exterminated because they refused to worhip the king ahead of god? note: the enemies of the jews had nebachadnezer enact a law requiring that only the king could be worshiped. it was the death penalty to worship god…………………..

    No you got that wrong, It was Darius the Mede, the co-regent of Cyrus the Great King of Persia who enacted the decree of “King only worship” for only 30 days in the Book of Daniel Chapter 6.

    Nebuchadnezzer (Correct Spelling)

    Sounds like your blending the “intent” element of the Book of Esther where it specifically mentions that the entire nationality of the Jews was threatened due to a Persia decree. The Issue in Daniel was not focused on religion but on but politics, His “haters” were envious of his high station in the Persian Kingdom despite being a person of a previously subjugated nation. His enemies were intent on getting him – that could of had ramifications that would of affected the entire population of Jews but that was not their focus, nor mentioned in the narrative.

    “Listen and get the sense of it” – Matthew 15:10

  • Christine

    Last night I was listening to Michael Savage for a few minutes and he was defending this cult. Making it sound like the state of Texas was attacking the Morman church and were attacking Christianity.

    The truth of the matter which Michael Savage likes to ignore with his hate speech is that this is a group of people who oppress women, who force young girls to marry older men who they don’t choose themselves. The women are brainwashed to think that their only role in life is to marry and have babies. Now before some listener of Michael Savage condemns me and says I am against marriage, I believe in traditonal role models, but the difference is that I believe that girls should be able to choose who they marry and not be forced to marry someone they don’t love or want to marry. Girls and women should be able to choose what is right for them. The girls and women in this cult have no free choice.

    Michael Savage doesn’t realize that this cult has been part of Arizona landscape for years in Colorado City. This cult has a history here in AZ and the state has been dealing with the effects of this cult banning young boys and men from the community and throwing them out into the streets. They are called lost boys. Women who have gotten out have risked their lives to go back and help others girls/women who want out.

    Micahel Savage before you defend this cult as being part of the morman church I suggest you get your facts straight.

    I applaud the state of Texas and CPS for acting. There are many of us in AZ that wish our state would act and get them out of Colorado City so that these children will be able to start to heal from many years of abuse and brainwashing by this Cult that has been led by Warren Jeffs.

  • 88`s JENO-side

    Earlier today on CNN, I actually witnessed the women of the FLDS being interviewed on camera for the first time. They defended their faith as usual, I can live with that. But simething else perturbed me about polygamy. I never saw first hand of such pure inbreds(remeber folks they marry their grandfathers, fathers, uncles, cousins and older brothers). Their wives looked exactly like their husbands. These women did not resemble the beautiful LDS women I lived amongst in Utah during my school years. Neddless to say, those women at the YFZ compound looked as if they came straight up from the past. I think its fair to say in my opinion, they were pretty ugly. This is why polygamy and inbreeding should be banned. I thought some of them looked a lot liked men in long haired wigs and dresses. They don’t wear make-up, or trim their eyebrows, or wax the little mustache above the lip. Which brings me to another question. How in the world do those men get turned on by those women in the compound???
    Instead, they have sex with underage girls, hence the true meaning of polygamy…..

    –GENO-cydal 88

  • GENO-cydal 88

    Truth Spreader,

    I’ve lived in Utah for 11 years in the entire decade of the 90`s as a teen and you’re right, on one point. It WAS legal for underaged girls to marry with parental permission. The state of Utah does not really seperate Church and State. In fact many of their policies are derived from the principles of their Church. For example, why is it that SLC never had a strip club? Why do they ban adult video stores, so forth? They actually excercise some of the most extreme forms of censorship in this country, from freeway ads to radio talk shows, it was pathetic……

  • JustaDog

    Instead there’s an abundance of stories about isolated far out groups amounting to a wee handful of extremists that are too busy screwing each other to pose a threat.

    WOW – You are so out of touch with reality! Just since 9/11 there have been over 10,900 documented (to the country, city, body) attacks by Muslims – from religious murders and assaults against non-Muslims to bombs, beheadings, etc. – innocent people, children, peaceful victims – all in the name of Allah.

    Try and extend your scope of news beyond CNN or CBS.

  • Playboy

    Is everybody on here afraid of Muslims? Why?

    Because there are never any stories about the danger of racist Muslim policies and practices, nor are there any about the Jihad training camps the FBI have pinpointed in this country right now.

    Instead there’s an abundance of stories about isolated far out groups amounting to a wee handful of extremists that are too busy screwing each other to pose a threat. But to read the reports here a person would think a small, underfunded group of white separatists and crazy religionists are a threat to humanity.

    Take this article for example. If it is abuse of girls and women that is the concern, why not report that Muslim law encourages up to four wives per man, and the oppression and viciousness these women endure is not confined to a handful of crazies hiding back in the mountains, it’s endemic throughout the entire Muslim population of one billion people. That’s “BILLION” with a “B.”

    Is it fear that silences these great defenders of monogomy?

    Here’s some info on other religions.

    In Islam, polygamy is allowed, with the specific limitation that men can only have up to four wives at any one time.

    The Hebrew scriptures document approximately forty polygamists, including such prominent figures as Abraham, Jacob, Esau, and David, with little or no further remark on their polygamy as such. The Torah, Judaism’s central text, includes a few specific regulations on the practice of polygamy, such as Exodus 21:10, which states that multiple marriages are not to diminish the status of the first wife;

    Both polygamy and polygyny were practiced in ancient, medieval and early-modern times, among many sections of Hindu society. Hinduism during the vedic period did not prohibit polygamy, in fact it prescribed rules to regulate it (though no limit was placed on the number of spouses

  • JustaDog

    Forget – my comment was about the author of this post – David Holthouse.

  • JustaDog

    Hey – aren’t you the guy that was arrested a few years ago for hatefully stalking someone?

    Aren’t you the same hate monger that “…had a gun, and a silencer, and a plan…” – your own words?

    You are so full of hate – you need counseling – bad! I think you printed this article as some sort of hate attack against blacks, under the claim you’re exposing that cult.

    It gave you a chance to spew the words and phrases of your hate against blacks. Clever, but now you’ve been exposed.

  • GENO-cydal 88

    What’s the irony of all this? Well, its very simple–these men who run these polygamist sects are downright pedophiles. They use and abuse the first amendment rights, just so that they can continue with their sexual perversities with young girls. The A.P. just reported that some girls were married as young as 12 & 13. One 16 yr old girl already bore 4 children by some ancient wackjob.
    FLDS does not preach the same doctrines as LDS, in fact, they(flds-ers) actually do not understand why polygamy was practiced in the first place. It wasn’t for religious purposes but for re-population of their settlements in which many Mormon men went off into battle, some died along their journey towards the current state of Utah. Some were killed during mob raids in Arkanasas and Ohio. There was a lot of widowed and lovely and lonely single women without a husband, so the LDS leader Brigham Young encouraged the remaining men to take up multiple wives to help re-populate the Mormon communities, ravaged by religious persecution and war. The practice was later banned in the late 19th century when there was no further need to do so.
    The FLDS cult sect for some odd sexual reasons, maintained this way of life. Their leaders and self-proclaimed “prophets” are nothing more than pedohpiles and psychos.
    The women who had the strength to leave the sect, had also spoke of untold horrors behind the bloody walls of polygamy.

  • AlaskanLiberal

    Wow – advocating the rape of children and incest. I don’t care how old the person is or whether they are married incest is wrong in all states.

    I bet your parents are proud…

  • truth spreader

    Smells like they’re burning the witches again. not to mention that it was legal in Utah for 14 yrs old to marry (with parental consent) until about 2 yrs ago when the lesbians, feminists and their enablers got attorney general mark “zeig heil” shurtleff to raise the age.

    oppressors always resort to making the religion of their enemies a crime. Isn’t that what happened in babylon under nebachadnezer? weren’t the jews almost exterminated because they refused to worhip the king ahead of god? note: the enemies of the jews had nebachadnezer enact a law requiring that only the king could be worshiped. it was the death penalty to worship god.

    if it was okay to marry a 14 year old two years ago then it is okay today–the only thing that has changed is that the lesbians and feminist managed to amend the marriage statute. well…it is time to amend it back.

  • IludiumPhosdex

    So what does the so-called “Christian Persecution” community have to say about these events of late?

    Are they chanting the same rather pathetic-sounding and grating-on-the-ears meme of “Christian Persecution! Christian Persecution!” (in the key of “Ring around the collar!”) this go-around, or–?

  • Jimmy Blood

    These troglodytes are living a lie bestowed upon them by a false prophet who later admitted in prison, that he’s no prophet and hence, became suicidal and went on a “fasting” strike and weeped. Their “prophet” is gutless, spineless, not being able to handle prison like a man. I feel sorry for those people, especially for the young women forced to engaged in incestuous acts of family degratories with their fathers, grandfathers, uncles and older brothers.

    But forunately, the incident at Eldorado did not turn out to be another case of Waco. If it did, it would be carnage and bloodshed on the part of the FLDS. And the law of the land shall prevail.

    FLDS is not true Mormonsism as Hardy Lloyd claims it to be.
    “Them be Christians!”

    Well we are Christians. Surprised?

    I love Mormon women.