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Nativists Leap on Wrong Bandwagon — Again

By Brentin Mock on April 15, 2008 - 11:37 am, Posted in Anti-Immigrant

The story from Athens, Texas, read like it was custom-tailored for anti-immigration propaganda: A 13-year-old white girl at Athens Middle School attacked and threatened with rape and murder by a gang of 21 Latino students, only because she completed a class assignment to “create a protest sign” of her choice by making a placard that read, “If you love our nation, stop illegal immigration.” The student displayed bruises and scratches to support her account, and her parents demanded a federal investigation.

You might think that nativist bloggers and leaders would be just a little gun shy after the embarrassing case of Angela D. Wilburn, the wife of the Ozarks Minutemen founder. Wilburn fabricated a story last December about being raped and shot by Mexican intruders after she accidentally shot herself.

But, true to form, as soon after the Athens story broke last Tuesday, the “deport-’em-all” Internet posse whipped out their rhetorical six-shooters and commenced blasting.

“I won’t be happy until all these kids are out of the country along with their illegal parents,” wrote “Mammaw” in a typical comment on “This just goes to show you the mentality of these third world people.”

William Gheen, founder of the influential political action committee Americans for Legal Immigration (ALI-PAC), described how the 13-year-old victim was “surrounded by a mob of Latino students that either were illegal aliens, in illegal alien families, or supportive of illegal immigration, and attacked.” ALI-PAC’s website called upon members and supporters to blitz the media, local police and school administrators and regional Immigration Customs and Enforcement officials with E-mails, letters and phone calls.

But their protest campaign careened off the rails less than 48 hours later when the alleged victim admitted her story was a hoax. The truth, it turns out, is that while three Latino students ripped the poster from her hands — and those students have since been suspended — a school security camera captured the supposed victim punching and scratching herself to forge evidence. She now faces disciplinary action at the school and is expected to be charged with filing a false police report. She and her parents have issued a formal apology to the school and law enforcement investigators.

Still, some ALIPAC members refuse to let it go. “I am not convinced that Melanie did lie about the attack. She was probably intimidated into recanting by some Latino scumbag,” opines “Reno_Raider.”

Over at Liberty Post, another popular repository of nativist extremist screeds, “IItzlzha” wrote, “My point, if the girl faked it, there are still 3 ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT scum allowed in that school… grab their Family and toss them OUT of the country!”

And just how does “IItzlzha” know that the three students who grabbed the poster are “ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT scum?”

Because they’re Latino, presumably.

Just to make sure, Hatewatch contacted Athens school superintendent Fred Hayes, who doubtless has faced more than his fair share of tiresome queries this month. Hayes was a bit terse, but gracious enough to respond: “There is no indication that these students are not citizens of the United States of America.”

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  • bob

    You folks are cheerleaders for illegal immigration and anyone who disagrees with you is labelled. Your constant use of the word”hate” gets very boring.

  • XENOPHOBE-zero

    There is no doubt in my mind, that the state of Arizona has indeed become a breeding ground for such hate groups that represents the far right extremists. Not only is this very fact according to the SPLC latest intelligence report, but because I live in the same county where Sheriff Joe Arpaio has become the dark shadow lingering over the valley of the sun..

    Through one`s own anecdoctal observerances, one could see with their own eyes, my friend, that the ever growing White Supremacists is surely infecting this great valley like a bubonic plaque. And sadly, for all true Americans, Sheriff Joe Arpaio is just one major reason for this epidemic.

    Violent militiamen use immigration as a pathetic excuse just so that they can bolister their hate mongering propaganda movement. Where homegrown terrorism is perhaps immiment, psoing a far greater threat to this country than Al Queada.

    What they actually fail to recognized, is the new employer sanctioned law which went into effect at the turn of the New Year, has caused an “exodus” of aliens to leave the state by the 100`s thou, thus those that remained are legal Hispanics who are victimized by Joe`s reign of terror. This has shown their true colors by exposing the true racists they are against the Hispanic American communities where Joe Arpaio has unleashed venom. Now that he’s targeting Native Americans and Blacks, something must be done to end this old bastard`s loose cannon. For the sake of Freedom for the American people.

  • 88`s JENO-side

    There is good news in the state of AZ, regarding Sheriff Joe Arpaio`s illegal sweeps. According to the local A.P. The letter sent to the FBI by mayor Phil Gordon has responded last week, that they will look into serious allegations by the Sheriff who violated numerous American citizens constitutional rights and for racial profiling and the abuse of the 287g aggrement with ICE. His posse members are not trained federal immigration agents and hence, cannot participate as such, these are civilian volunteers made up of geriatric militiamen and White Extremists. Last night, 17 local rabbis spoke out against the Sheriff and coincidentally the local Latino Caucus made up of Hispanic state representatives, most of them Democrats, voiced strong oppoisition against the Sheriff. Mayors and Councilmembers in the cities of Tempe, Gilber and Chandler has expressed skeptisicm and opposition at the Sheriff. Clashes continue between Mesa PD Chief George Gascon and Sheriff Joe. Phoenix PD Chief Jack Harris expressed anger at Joe for not communitcating with him on bogus crime sweeps Even the GOV Janet Napolitano spoke out against the Sheriff by expressing concerns. The Attorny General Terry Goddard also spoke with great concerns of how Sheriff Joe is handleing things, but he was too soft and sissy. Everybody is expressing some level of rage at the Sheriff. The Sheriff is currently under investigation by the feds, including an audit for the mis-use of RICO funds and the Honduran scam and facing well over $45 million lawsuits and has the highest death rate in his jails, higher than all 4 major police agencies combined, that includes L.A., Houston, Chicago, and NYC. More and more important peopke are stepping up to the plate to have this corrupt of a Sheriff remove the light. He is terrorizing the communities and the state of AZ has become a breeding ground for White Extremists.
    2 weeks ago the New York Times have written a piece demanding the Government step in and control the non-sense of Joe. The Goldwater Institute has also called for an end to Sheriff Joe.
    He is losing more support and creating more enemies everyday and his chances for re-election is greatly reduced to shambles.

    Sheriff Joe Arpaio has made Maricopa County a “SANCTUARY CITY FOR FELONS”, by refusing to serve the 70,000 felony warrants piled up on his desk. Instead he goes after legal immigrants–Jaun, Jose, Josef and Jesus who work as tree trimmers, landscapers, custodians and cooks for such pettiness like broken taillights, when they have Mike, Jim, Bill, and Gary with outstanding felony warrants on serious crimes such as Rape, Child Molestation, Murders, and Robberies. And sadly Joe refuse to go after them, which explains why they have a high crime rate being committed by White Americans.
    The need Dan Saban for Sheriff to replace and restore justice, law and order in that state.
    Sheriff Joe is not doing his job and needs to be removed once and for all….
    For our American Freedom and safety.

  • 88`s JENO-side

    I, myself received email alerts from ALIPAC, just to stay informed. This is a serious blow to their credibility as a legit org to report the truth. Now I don’t believe half of anything they actually say. The girl in this incident, resembles why their kind racks up the mental health care system because she’s sick;
    -“Camera captured the supposed victim punching and scratching herself”-
    This case among others which were deemed “hoax” gives the law enforcement the need to investigate such claims before coming up with any hardcore conclusions. Well, we know why, cuz almost always, they’re hogwashes and a travesty at best. Can’t believed what those White Extremists say these days, they’re full of bullshit as usual and I hope this girl is punished to the full extent of the law.

    By GENO-cydal 88

  • IludiumPhosdex

    Hayes was a bit terse, but gracious enough to respond: “There is no indication that these students are not citizens of the United States of America.”

    Were they, perhaps, agents provocateur sent in by extremist hate groups to play the role of Hispanics/Latinos to maximise the potential outrage, all the while expected to keep quiet about their involvement in the stunt?