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Weakened NSM Promises Major D.C. Rally on Saturday

By Mark Potok on April 16, 2008 - 2:58 pm, Posted in Hate Groups, Neo-Nazi

The National Socialist Movement (NSM), America’s largest neo-Nazi organization, is promising to bring hundreds of “Patriotic Americans” to Washington, D.C, to protest illegal immigration this Saturday — the 13th anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing, which was carried out by a man influenced by neo-Nazi ideology.

NSM “Commander” Jeff Schoep, who late last year moved his group’s headquarters from Minneapolis to Detroit, writes that his purpose is “to send a message to the crooked Politicians of both the corrupt Democratic and Republican Parties. … We as Americans demand that our Nations Borders [sic] are closed, and that an America First Policy is enacted.” He did not publicly say where and when the march would take place, and NSM apparently has not yet obtained a parade permit.

The rally would only be the latest of scores of anti-immigration events put on by hate groups in recent years. Hate groups’ focus on immigration has helped them recruit and grow, driving a 48% spurt in the number of such groups between 2000 and 2007, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center’s annual count.

The NSM last year claimed a total of 76 chapters, making it by far the largest such group in the country. But that number may greatly overstate the strength of NSM, which has been sapped by weak leadership, the departure of many key activists toward the end of 2007, and feuds with other racist leaders. It hasn’t helped that Schoep left for Michigan to follow a new girlfriend, leaving his daughter and her mother in Minnesota — not exactly sterling conduct for an “Aryan” parent. That came on top of Schoep’s guilty plea in 1998 to felony aiding and abetting of a burglary. Court records show that Schoep had accompanied his then-girlfriend, the mother of his daughter, as she stole $4,000 worth of computer equipment — all while four of the woman’s children waited in the back of their getaway car.

The NSM began to lose strength in 2006 when Bill White, a Roanoke, Va., chapter leader who was acting as national spokesman, left the group in an internal dispute. In 2007, several other key activists also departed, including Ohio coordinator Mark Martin, Jim Ramm, John Taylor Bowles (who had been the NSM’s 2008 presidential candidate), Chris Drake and Justin Boyer. Martin was especially active and his loss reflected how far the NSM’s fortunes have plummeted recently.

Another indication of Schoep’s troubles came in an April 11 E-mail sent to dozens of white supremacist activists by Matthew T. Roberts, the founder and leader of the Ohio State Hooligans, a racist skinhead crew. Roberts, a huge man on parole for armed robbery, described Schoep as a “coward” and said his NSM was a “laughable” embarrassment to white nationalists in Ohio. He announced that his group was “DECLARING OPEN WAR WITH THE NSM” and promised to target for violence anyone associating with that group. “[W]hen we come, there won’t be any talking,” he wrote. “I along with my crew are willing and ready to go to prison or die over this… . FUCK THE NSM WE NOW OWN YOU!!!!!”

Among those expected to attend Saturday is Hal Turner, a neo-Nazi propagandist from New Jersey who, at least until January, was a paid FBI informant. Earlier this week, Turner issued an unusual plea for funds for his Internet talk show. “With proper funding,” he wrote, “we could muster enough men to surround the White House and take President Bush out at gunpoint to face the War Crimes trial he so richly deserves — or just hang him by the neck until he is dead.” It is just such comments, sometimes attached to the home addresses of his targets, that have caused Turner’s FBI handlers to come in for severe criticism from experts who say that he should never have been allowed to publicly advocate assassinations and violence.

The NSM rally comes on the 13th anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing, although Schoep did not mention that fact in his announcement. That bombing was carried out mainly by Timothy McVeigh, who modeled the attack that left 168 people dead on one described in The Turner Diaries, a neo-Nazi novel about a future race war. The bombing came on the second anniversary of the end of a standoff with federal agents in Waco, Texas, and was carried out to avenge the deaths of some 80 people there. Since the events in Waco and Oklahoma City, April 19 has become a key date on the calendar of the American radical right.

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  • Dehorned

    LOL, and then Matthew Roberts himself replies…

    Ditch pig !?! Takes a real Einstien to invent that one up eh? haha.

  • matthew roberts

    ditch pig….well this is matt roberts and obviously once again i prove my point people say everything on the internet but never to my face……shut your mouth you dont know me or why the OSH and the nsm are fighting

  • little mermaid

    I thought the march was awesome and as for those members whom are no longer with the NSM, they are a bunch of low class degenerates anyway. Matt Ramsy is nothing more than a stalker with a man crush and Matt Roberts is a ditch pig.

  • JustaDog

    The rally would only be the latest of scores of anti-immigration events put on by hate groups in recent years

    There goes the deception of the hate – in the first paragraph the poster uses the correct term “illegal immigration”. Then, to identify “hate”, he switches to “anti-immigration”.

    This is a continuing tactic by those that promote open borders, promote lawlessness, and hate the legal residents of the USA and wish to force them to pay the way of the illegal scum.

    Just this week in Oregon we have an illegal alien – Gustavo Rogelio Mercado-Murillo. This illegal alien is a sex crime criminal. Oregon citizens are going to be FORCED to pay this illegal’s medical care of $300,000 per year – on top of the $24,665 basic incarceration cost – and that doesn’t even include this scum’s legal fees we must pay.

    I think you better research “Socialism” – every socialism site I’ve ever checked out believes in open borders. Unions, a socialist labor force, loves illegals. At the National Labor College in AZ one of their socialist courses states:

    “Many unions have seen that their future depends largely on their success in recruiting members among the growing low-wage immigrant workforce. And they have been rewarded with increasing numbers of immigrant members.”

  • GENO-cydal 88


    I wonder why Mark Potak would not post my comment from last night, leading up to the latest events pertaining to Saturday`s march???

    Was it something I said???

    Was I being too harsh on Hal Turner???

    I stayed on topic didn’t I???

    Whatever the cause, I may never know.

  • 88`s JENO-side

    Why they’re actually a dying breed, their egregious march today was obiviously weak:

    According to the police, they said nearly 50 members participated in this supposedly “Anti-Immigration” march. Several members were arrested on both sides. In one incident, an anti-Nazi demostrator had used a pepper spray on the Nazis. Marchers faced thousands of boos and profanities from residents and counter demostraotors alike.

    50??? More or less, that’s a friggin` joke!

    The March is said to coincide with the bombing of Oklahoma City by Timothy McVeigh and the day before the sordid Hitler`s B-day, according to unnamed source. And they call this American???
    This is what’s not making any sense to me. This is by far one of the greatest travesties in America today. And with that pitful little number of 50 or so people who marches from the National Mall tells me nobody is really taking them seriously.
    These are traitors and betrayers of our American Freedom and as a Nation as a whole. These neonderthals must be silenced. With the jokester Hal Turner in their folds will only add to their attrition. His presence is enough to warranted the loss of this groups` own legitability as a serious organization. This could probably explains one reason why they continue to lose members, but I don’t care.
    Bottom line is–I doubted this march had any real impact, if any.


  • Joe Bednarsky

    Where there is grace, there is NO race…

  • 88`s JENO-side

    Oh please!!!(sigh)
    Come on!!, quit writing about Hal Turner for hates sake. The guy is a laughing stock, a friggin t-shirt of the week. He’s nothing but pure comedy.
    And Bill White is still your favorite topic???

    I don’t know man, but those two circus freaks are really getting old…..
    I mean that literary.

  • Liesl

    Hey, what about a post about Expelled!? (that’s not extra emphatic punctuation, just the name of the movie) It links science directly to genocide, specifically the Nazis. Seems like hateful rhetoric to me.

    LOVE this organization. Thank you for all you do.

  • IludiumPhosdex

    Typical Archie Bunker/Alf Garnett-element posturing for supposed “winning of hearts and minds.”

    But how do we know that alcohol isn’t a contributing factor in the boasting?