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MSU-YAF Takes on the Jews, Temporarily

By David Holthouse on April 28, 2008 - 6:39 am, Posted in Hate Groups

For the most part, members of the Michigan State University chapter of Young Americans for Freedom are equal opportunity haters, spewing bigotry in the direction of anyone who isn’t white, heterosexual and Christian with more or less equal zeal — except for the Jews. Although MSU-YAF dabbled in anti-Semitism last fall by hosting British National Party chairman and Holocaust denier Nick Griffin, the student hate group has never blatantly targeted Jews.

Until now.

Kyle BristowLast week, MSU student Kyle Bristow (right), who resigned his post as chairman of MSU-YAF earlier this year, posted a poll to MSU-YAF’s blog, the Spartan Spectator, that posed the question, “Which is Worse?” It offered respondents two options: “Judeo-Bolshevism” and “Islamofascism.”

“Keep the following in mind when you vote,” Bristow wrote. “Judeo-Bolsheviks contributed two-thirds to three-quarters of the money for civil rights groups during the 1960s. … Despite representing only 2.5 percent of the population, Judeo-Bolsheviks provided over half of the funding of the Democratic party, and in the 2000 election, 80 percent of American Jews being Judeo-Bolsheviks voted for Al Gore.”

Bristow wrote that perhaps MSU-YAF “should start a Judeo-Bolshevism Awareness Month,” and encouraged readers to click through a link to a video of a lecture by California State University-Long Beach professor of psychology Kevin MacDonald. MacDonald, who argues that Jews are impelled by genetic factors to undermine the majority populations of societies in which they live, is a favorite academic of neo-Nazis and anti-Semitic white nationalists. “Jews do not act in the best interest of society,” MacDonald is quoted as saying in journalist Jon Entine’s new book, Abraham’s Children. “We need to systematically put in place some controls, call it discrimination if you will, to restore parity with other groups.”

Perhaps realizing the political danger of adding Jews to their lengthening list of enemies, the leaders of MSU-YAF scrubbed the “Judeo-Bolsheviks” post less than 48 hours after it appeared, but not before it was spotted by the the intrepid watchdog journalists at YAF Watch, who linked to a cached version of the Spartan Spectator post under the spot-on headline, “YAF Scrubs Anti-Semitic Conspiracy Theory Post.”

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  • Truth

    Dennis Lennox, the ex-president of Central Michigan University YAF, is a buddy of Bristow. Lennox is a racist homosexual, and was kicked out of YAF for being gay.

    YAF and Bristow are intolerant even to fellow racists…

  • J. Edward Tremlett

    “So your “shred” is simply a statement of your own personal opinion without a single piece of documented evidence that would be required in any civilised country.”

    I’m not going to waste the SPLC’s blog bandwidth by hitting you over the head with the preponderance of evidence that proves the BNP, and Nick Griffin, are playing fast and loose with their real intentions. But I said I’d get back to you, and I have. Please see my blog for a longer piece on your organization’s post-Griffin tactics.

    (Not that you don’t know it already, unless you missed a few meetings while in Thailand?)

    “As for “twenty million”, well perhaps he was distracted by the barrage of angry, hate filled youths.”

    Oh come on – that’s a lousy excuse. The number was six milllion Jews. The number has always been six million Jews. How could ANYONE forget that?

    “Surely the point is that he acknowledged it? You accuse him of being a denier than chastise him for getting the figure wrong! Which is it?”

    Nice try. Here’s how this works.

    In the past, he was a denier of the Holocaust, and made no bones about it. Since he got prosecuted, he’s changed his tone, but still parses his answers very carefully so that he doesn’t use the H-word, or won’t commit to how many Jews actually died. And when he does, he pulls some weird number out of the air, as he did when he visited MSU.

    And that, to me, indicates that he isn’t serious about recanting or changing his beliefs – just how he articulates them. I have yet to see any serious recanting from him, or any sign of remorse for his actions and words. I see only the prevarications and dodges of a really bad liar.

    In other words, I’m calling him a liar, just as I’m calling the BNP racist for preaching White Separatism.


  • redandwhitestripes

    So your “shred” is simply a statement of your own personal opinion without a single piece of documented evidence that would be required in any civilised country.

    As for “twenty million”, well perhaps he was distracted by the barrage of angry, hate filled youths. Surely the point is that he acknowledged it? You accuse him of being a denier than chastise him for getting the figure wrong! Which is it?

  • J. Edward Tremlett

    The retractions are slimy diversions from the truth of the matter. His “retractions” are carefully parsed statements which claim, quite laughably, that he never denied anything at all, when in fact we have him on camera doing so. And when he gets tied down to actual numbers dead, he fumbles around for whatever he can find. He claimed 20 million when he spoke at MSU – wherever did he get that?

    As for elected BNP Jews, need I remind you that Black soldiers fought for the Confederacy during the American Civil War, and there are Jews who not only speak out against Israel’s very existence, but can also be described as anti-Semitic in thought, word and deed? Kool-aid is Kool-aid, regardless of who’s pouring and who’s drinking.

  • redandwhitestripes

    Mr Tremleet please do not leave comments on my blog if you leave personal insults on here. Also, you did not “shred” my claims. Griffin has repeatedly retracted his statements and the BNP has an elected Jewish councillor and Jewish members.

  • J. Edward Tremlett

    “Why was my comment not published? Do you oppose free speech?”

    I’m kind of curious as to why his earlier reply was deleted, (and my reply to his reply not published).

    Was it because his laughable claim that Nick Griffin isn’t a holocaust denier was just the obvious bleating of another gormless BNP supporter? Or did you not want a flamewar to erupt after I shredded redandwhitestripe’s claims, and pointed out that he’s a BNP man?

  • Knishes

    Because of Jews, mankind has been freed from polio and many other diseases. Jewish discoveries have furthered mankind in nearly every field imaginable. People who believe the nonsense spread by bigots are clearly listening to and believing the hate rhetoric that fools who truly don’t value mankind, spread. I also find it strange where Christians are concerned, that it is possible to hate Jews while worshiping a Jew.

  • DR

    This is a response to Bristow’s article. I’d like to know how he gets his stats on who voted for who? There is no possible way he could know who individuals voted for because votes are private. Where does he get the idea about how Jews actually vote. Reading out of a log or book doesn’t make it always the truth. I spent years as a Jew protecting America and allies stopping terrorist attacks, saving America from a plague called SARS in China and many other extraordinary humanitarian like endeavors. I am a Jewish person. I’d like to do a comparison chart as to what Bristow has done for mankind in general compared to what I’ve done and who has actually serviced mankind. All I see is another form of undermining hate spew in Bristow’s written works to brainwash an already ignorant and unlearnt bunch of people. How was my service undermining the society in which I live. I most likely saved a whole lot of lives that even hate me like Bristow. If that is considered undermining society than ok I won’t save them from a terrorist attack again. From my experience there are good and bad people in all ethnicities and races and to pinpoint an overall race is pathological, illogical, and denomic. It is also unconstitutional making Bristow look very Un American. True Americans honor the constitution and the words with meaning written in the very essence of the constitution. Bristow is undermining the majority and reality of my very own race with his own ignorance and lack of learning. Don’t spit in the face of a Jew is my recommendation who hasn’t done anything to you because he may be the very person that saves your life, your house, and your family. Also remember as Christians who feel as if they are the superior race above all creatures remember this Jesus never converted to any other religion. He was born a Jew from Jewish parents and yes circumcized. The change of literature and the writing of the Bible wasn’t til 80 years after his death and the denomination of Judaism’s name wasn’t changed til 82 years after his passing from the physical realm. When you open the book of David’s Psalms that was written by a Jew as well and begin to pray as Christians one is reading Jewish prayers long instituted inside the Jewish holy books. The only fight you really have are with 2 evil kings one who led Rome and Herod so you may as well take the fight back in time somewhere else. If I called myself Gd and you didn’t follow me I wouldn’t expect my followers to go and kill off people, demean and mock them, or do crimes against them for not following me. I don’t think Jesus condones that stuff either. Now that is absolute ignorance & rubbish written by an unskilled angry soul with misdirected anger who does not study his own religion to where the point Jesus would have liked him to.

  • redandwhitestripes

    Why was my comment not published? Do you oppose free speech? Do you not publish comments that disagree with you? Isn’t that Fascist?

  • IludiumPhosdex

    Worth noting is that such YAF propaganda anti-Semitic is uncomfortably reminescent of the nazi-era tabloid weekly Der Sturmer, which wallowed in pornographic anti-Semitism of a kind not seen before or since.

    A pornographic anti-Semitism, it turns out, which used simple, yet crude, language to better appeal to the Dregs of Society.

    Have we forgotten these lessons and warnings from history?