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Anti-Gay ‘Christian’ Activist Cites Radical Anti-Semite

By Casey Sanchez on May 20, 2008 - 9:24 am, Posted in Anti-LGBT, Christian Right

Peter LaBarbera has spent more than 20 years on the hard edge of the religious right, ranging from a stint as a reporter for The Washington Times to a whole career as what he calls a “conservative critic of the homosexual activist movement.” He has been an official of far-right groups like Concerned Women for America, the Family Research Council, the Illinois Family Institute, and Accuracy in Media. The founder of the gay-bashing Lambda Report, LaBarbera is now president of Naperville, Ill.-based Americans for Truth About Homosexuality.

LaBarbera is no friend of gay people, whose lifestyles he characterizes as “aberrant” and whom he accuses of working diligently to “penetrate” the schools. But up until now, he hasn’t relied on the help of radical anti-Semites.

Ted PikeThat ended the other day when LaBarbera — who claims to operate “in a spirit of love and truth” — posted portions of an article by one Ted Pike (right), the Oregon-based reverend who heads the National Prayer Network and who was described by LaBarbera as simply a “pro-family advocate.” (Pike’s article described an April 12 encounter in Champaign, Ill., which ended with one college student charged with an anti-gay hate crime for attacking another.) Pike may or may not be pro-family — but he is most definitely anti-Jew, as reflected in his endless rants about the “Jewish origins of bolshevism, Jewish dominance of Hollywood and the media, [and] Jewish control of Congress.” Last year, Pike said that the Jewish holy book, the Talmud, “is full of moral filth” and attacked mainstream Christian evangelical leaders for “carefully concealing the Jewish identity of those who corrupt Christian culture.”

Perhaps there’s a reason LaBarbera didn’t provide a link to Pike’s website.

Pike doesn’t go into his theories about “evil Jewish leadership” in his website posting. But right up there with the story in his site’s archives are headlines like these: “Jewish Media Corrupts Teen Girls,” “Jews Pressure Bush to Sign Hate Crime Bill.” “Jews Attack National Day of Prayer Committee,” and “Jews Behind ‘the Ten’.”

The incident that enraged both LaBarbera and Pike, the “pro-family advocate,” occurred on April 12, when University of Illinois student Steven Velasquez was walking with a group of friends. Another student, Brett VanAsdlen, yelled something at Velasquez and the two had a physical confrontation that ended with Velasquez hospitalized for a head injury overnight. Pike and LaBarbera claim to have spoken to the mother of VanAsdlen — who LaBarbera describes as “a strapping, clean-cut, All-American looking young man” — and heard assertions that throw doubt on officials’ contention that Velasquez was victimized.

LaBarbera wasn’t the only activist who latched on to Pike’s essay. So did David Duke, the notorious neo-Nazi and former Klan leader, who posted the article on his website under this banner headline: “Zionist-Inspired ‘Hate Legislation’ Railroading Christian Teenagers in Illinois.”

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  • David Tyler

    Attacks on anyone’s sexuality for illicit reasons is abhorent.I sincerely hope that no one in responsible position adheres to this type of baiting.Other than a response to attack what is the use.We can all attack each others sexuality.Man or woman who witholds his or her true sexual nature from the other persons seeks illegitimate and un substantiated advantage.Usually in an attempt to psycologically gain advantage over his or her antagonist.But those who seek to degrade or injure others should know-we can all engage in such tomfoolery -what’s good for the goose is good for gander.Humans sexuality often resembles cesspool to person who is honest.False victory over another only produces unnecessary and illusionary contempt.We are too similar to be at variance and yet very different at same time.Hard ass and head never gets that.

  • Rob in Minneapolis

    No surprise LaBarbera described him as “a strapping, clean-cut, All-American looking young man”. Peter’s proclivities are well documented in the GLBT media.

    In order to keep his readers and followers well informed, P.L. spends lots of time in Gay bath houses and leather bars documenting the various sexual acts that “those homosexuals” engage in. A former intern described his office as being packed “wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling” with gay porn as proof of gay men’s deviency.

    He is the worst kind of hypocrite and makes far too much money attacking people for the things he wants to do himself.

  • IludiumPhosdex

    As if anti-Semitic homophobia wasn’t good enough … expect the weird and unwholesome element to be studying with exceptionally avid interest the ongoing anti-foreigner rioting in South Africa; the better to look for “fresh and innovative” tactics to employ against National Minorities, “chronic and habitual” welfare cases, and other “undesirables.”

    Not to mention the Army sargeant in the Iraqi War who used a copy of the Qur’an for gunnery practice being looked upon as a hero and role model by the “patriotic” Islamophobe community.

  • Brian Cook

    I’ve lost all trust in the pro-family political movement to teach me the Gospel of life and love. I would like to extend an appeal and invitation: give the Catholic Church a chance. She has made serious efforts to reach out to Jews in a spirit and love and truth for several decades now.