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Nativism in the News

By Hatewatch Staff on May 20, 2008 - 8:28 am, Posted in NN headline

[IL] Simcox To Speak At DePaul University
The Chicago Sun-Times / May 18, 2008
DePaul University is asking a student group to put up $2,500 to cover the cost of private security officers at a lecture by Minuteman vigilante leader Chris Simcox.

[AZ] Arizona Governor Terminates Controversial Sheriff’s Immigration Contract
The Arizona Daily Star / May 14, 2008
Gov. Janet Napolitano ordered the state to cancels its $1.6 million a year immigration enforcement contact with Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who’s facing widespread accusations of racial profiling.

[CA] Minuteman Project Mobile Consulate Protests Criticized
The Press-Enterprise / May 11, 2008
Recent Minuteman Project demonstrations targeting the Mexican consulate’s mobile services program seem designed more to intimidate immigrants than to reform immigration policy.

[USA] Anti-Immigrant Hate Speech Thrives On Right-Wing Radio Shows
The (Waltham, Mass.) Daily News Tribune / May 19, 2008
Racial slurs and harsh rhetoric demonizing all Latinos have found a home on conservative radio broadcasts.

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  • White Owl

    Sheriff Joe is a Neo-Nazi asskisser….

    1.) He deputized Rusty “the KIA peddler” Childress into his posse.
    2.) Rusty is the founder of Natavists hategroup “United for a Soveriegn America”.
    3.) Rusty welcomes Neo-Nazis into his woodpile(ie Elton Hall, J.T. Ready, Scott/Sean Hume, Laine Lawless etc)
    4.) Rusty embraces bigots like Keith Leifer, Jim Williams and other members of a virulent anti-Hispanic American hategroup(American Citizens United). Whose recall efforts on the Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon isn’t working. Time is already running out for them. And they’re a joke. With that being said, they’re not taken very seriously as a legit org.
    5.) Rusty has criminal elements into its ranks such as his 2nd in command, the notorious public urinator “Buffalo” Rick Galeener is currently facing possible jail time, a $2,500 fine and a 3 yr probation.

    And so on and on, which tells me, we definately gotta oust this 76 year old Sheriff from office. And quite frankly the old man is no longer mentally fit to be a Sheriff.
    His latest book which came out is rife with flaws and doctored up antics, just so that people think he’s a good Sheriff when in fact, he’s doing more wrongs than good these days. Of course, the natavists will lap it up as usual.

  • Normal Open-minded Person

    Sheriff Joe is just doing the job he is payed to do. Stop hating him and other innocent people.

    Separately, can anyone explain why the SPLC does not label La Raza (“the Race”) as a racist hate group?

  • 88`s Jeno-side

    Another reason why we need to oust the Ancient Law-man is simply the very fact that he’s got 2,500 lawsuits filed against him according to the local A.P.

    This is frivolous because its a lot more lawsuits filed against the Sheriff than all 4 major Police Agencies combined–I`m talking about Houston, Chicago, L.A. and NYC altogether!

    That’s too many, people, too many.

    Its about time that 75 year old Sheriff to sepnd his finale days in jail.

  • White Owl

    As it turns out. That geriatric nut from AZ, calling himself the “toughest sheriff in america” is 75 years old, going on 76 next month.

    Sheriff Joe Scumbag still believes he’s in the 88th percentile, when in fact, he’s at 59%, according the the rocky mountain polls. Then come this November he will then be down in the 30th percentile and its evident that his numbers are going SOUTH as time goes by and more true Americans like myself will come to realization that Joe`s gotta go.

    Victory will prevail and the next Sheriff– Dan Saban shall be truimphant and his victory flawless.

    Joe Arpaio deserves to do a perp walk straight into the very gulags he created, my friend.
    For the crimes he has committed, must not go unpunished!
    His defeat will be copious and embarressing to watch come November`s election.

  • High John de Conquerer

    It is time for Joe to run for Governor and topple Napolitano or maybe run for Mayor of Phoenix when Mayor Gordon gets recalled.

    Just watch this isn’t going to go well for Latino hate groups like NCLR or MeCha.

  • 88`s Jeno-side

    Even if the Gov. transferred the $1.6 million to the DPS task force, which I thought was a wise move for the Gov of AZ to do.(and the right thing to do)
    Sheriff Joe Arpaio can still raise some dough. And guess where he’s asking money? He’s calling on all Natavists supporters and their hate organizations nationwide to donate some money to his Bozo Joe Shows, a frivolous cause that is conducting these little bogus sweeps that nets small amount of illegals. Its a big waste of time and money on his part. Despite the very fact that this county is plaqued by some whopping 40,000 felons whose warrants have yet to be served by the Sheriff.
    And the DPS task force is the place to get that job done, hence, the rightful use for our tax paying money to combat SERIOUS crime that the Sheriff won’t combat.

    Good Job to our Govenor who took a stand against the most evil autocratic tyrannical Sheriff in the Nation!!

    Its time for Dan Saban to take back the reigns and restore justice for Americans!