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By Hatewatch Staff on May 22, 2008 - 8:14 am, Posted in Hatewatch Headlines

[CO] White Supremacist Threatens To Kill Judge
Pueblo Chieftain / May 17, 2008
Aryan Brotherhood member Jay Gregory threatened at a sentencing hearing to have a federal judge murdered and referenced the 1984 assassination of a Jewish radio show host by the white nationalist group The Order.

[OK] Man Arrested For Trying To Sell Cyanide To Aryan Brotherhood
The Oklahoman / May 15, 2008
Texas resident Jeffrey Don Detrixhe allegedly agreed to sell 100 pounds of cyanide for $10,000, a thermal imager and a fully automatic AK-47 to a federal informant that Detrixhe believed was
representing the Aryan Brotherhood.

[PN] ACLU: York Public Assembly Law Still Unconstitutional
The York Daily Record / May 17, 2008
Proposed changes to a York, Penn. law governing protest rallies, several provisions of which were struck down in court after a white supremacist group sued the city, are not enough to make it constitutional, according to the ACLU.

[CA] Sacramento Men Arrested For Gay Bashing
Orange County Register / May 16, 2008
Micah Jontomo Tasaki, 21, Gregory Lee Winfield, 20, and Robert Lee Denor, 19, allegedly uttered anti-gay slurs then beat and kicked a gay man just hours after the California Supreme Court issued a ruling overturning a state ban on same-sex marriages.

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  • Armenian Genocide

    Thanks again hate-watch, we need to stop hate in all forms. From any nation!

  • IludiumPhosdex

    And you’ll never guess which prominent Religiopolitical Right figure is a prominent advocate for, and supporter of, the so-called “Phineas Priesthood” movement.

    Especially where the “defence of Traditional Values” can be used as a cover for use of the “Phineas Priest” defence in hate-crimes actions.

  • David Tyler

    Peaceful live and let live philosophy is being weakened in this nation by the violence coming from hatemongers.They attempt to provoke others so that the violence that they themselves are provoking can form the justification,to them, for retaliatory actions that they then,therefore,attempt to justify as self defense.Persons should always be on guard against unresonable provacators whose only agenda is a still greater use of force.They seek to always provoke those that they decide are weaker,and hencefore,easier targets.Walking away many times only leaves those who know disgusted with filthy provacators.Ñ

  • Craig Miller

    Outstanding awareness information