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Televangelist Preaches Questionable Theology

By Mark Potok on June 16, 2008 - 4:13 pm, Posted in Podcasts

In the inaugural Hatewatch podcast episode, listen as I talk with Intelligence Report writer Casey Sanchez. Casey wrote a remarkable piece about Arkansas televangelist Arnold Murray, pastor of Shepherd’s Chapel. Murray has millions of viewers. In his preaching, Murray attacks an evil race he calls the “Kenites,” who he identifies as the people who killed Christ, now occupy the land of Israel, and who won the Six-Day War — but who Murray insists are not the Jews. As Casey points out, there’s a great deal of evidence to suggest otherwise.

  • don duck

    Very funny hearing 2 jews debating whether or not a jew is a Kenite or a Kenite is a jew.
    Its like asking is the talmud the bible.

    When Murray speaks of the Kenites thats who he means. He dosent in some round about way, wink, and really mean the jews. He means the Kenites.

    Of course your inquiry has nothing to do with a search for the truth. This is just another attempt to undermine someone you feel may be against your ideology.

    Its very simple Kenites are Kenites the children of Satan.

    Judah is one of the children of Israel.

    You see the unique thing about the Kenites is they dont claim to be who they are [at least publicly]. They claim to be other people ie the Jews.

    This has been possible because Judah is so full of his self that he has no conception of this state of affairs. You could say he is as blind as a bat.

    Of course Judah would say your antisemitic because Judah already knows everything thats why a Christian cant talk to a jew.

    Besides with the ridiculous doctrines coming out of most Churches No wonder Judah dosent want to hear it.