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Caltrans Nixes Second Minutemen Adopt-A-Highway Bid

By Hatewatch Staff on June 17, 2008 - 12:38 pm, Posted in Uncategorized

The California Department of Transportation denied a request from the San Diego Minutemen to adopt a stretch of Interstate 5 through Oceanside, Calif. for litter cleanup while the SDMM is embroiled in a federal lawsuit concerning a previous adopt-a-highway application.
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  • Zorro

    Where does SPLC get off labeling the SDMM as a hate group? Where is their proof? I’ll tell you where it is – it is in their imaginations. They hear “pro-American” and they hear instead “racist, xenophobe”. I think the SPLC should get their ears checked because they are WAY off on their labeling of groups.

    Where are the stories about MS-13 aligning with Mexican drug cartels? Is that not a hateful thing against Americans that a foreign hate group is infiltrating Mexican gangs in our country? Why is that not a story of interest to the SPLC hmmm?

  • Edgar

    The rights of the SDMM are being trampeled on. The Minutemen are not a hate group. As Heidi Bierich once said in a radio talk show “The minutemen are not a hate group. Definetly not”.