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Vermont Secessionists Team Up with Racist Neo-Confederates

By Mark Potok on June 24, 2008 - 10:38 am, Posted in Podcasts

This week, Heidi Beirich and I discuss her fascinating Intelligence Report story about supposedly “progressive” Vermont separatists teaming up with racist Southern secessionists. It’s an extraordinary tale of left meeting right — or, as our story headline has it, “North Meets South.”

  • K

    I look at using this computer like doing research if I was in a jail. When the cart comes with all the books about good defense, yes, it was brought by those loyal to these regimes, but if it provides a good way out of this situation then I just got to be humble. It is easier for me to do so then those whose pride is more important than human life, and that is who I deal with on these streets all most every day.

    I don’t know if I fit in with Vermont secessionists. I like technology, but would prefer to either design technology with similar functions as the ones that I am using now, as well as satellite technology, so we can have good entertainment with non-corporate brothers and sisters worldwide.

    It would be nice if there was new and/or ancient tech that i in no way tied to these elites. Nothing against elitism, but I suspect the world elites are tied into Caligula and all of them, and we should be allowed to have governments and economies not controlled by those regimes, and we shouldn’t have to go through them or the idol bashing regime of the bible/torah/quran in order to acoomplish this.

    Perhaps it is due to look at foods and textiles first, and then maybe tech later. But, to compete with the corporate enemy, I think tech should be in their too, so we can communicate with people world wide and not let the corporations marginalize secessionists and non-corporatists.

    Any information on what deities, entities, and individuals have access to land, resources, and nature that aren’t tied into any of the regimes I was just talking about, or any that are similar, may lead us to better fruits of freedom. What is freedom when it comes from the creatures in the USA who insult peace and insult humanity with their denigrative zionist/neocalonial type regimes?

  • anti-zionist confederation of states

    Anti-zionists both right and left have much in common. And a secessionist movement, these days, is inherently anti-zionist.

    If anything, there is right, left, and then there is anti-zionist (“zionism” is a word that best sums up American Emprie, American Military-Industrial capitalism, and the “tollerant” attitudes of police state orgs such as the SPLC, you’ll find that all of these factions owe their loyalties to the jewish state).

    As an anti-zionist, I have no use for left zionists (liberals) and right zionists (neocons) or their arguments. For example there are zionist arguments for gun rights, and anti-zionist arguments for gun rights. But one does not support the other.