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Minutemen Join White Supremacists In ‘Co-Hosted’ Strategy Session

By Brentin Mock on June 25, 2008 - 5:39 pm, Posted in Anti-Immigrant, White Supremacist

The Council of Conservative Citizens, a white supremacist hate group, publicly announced earlier this week that it was co-hosting an anti-immigration strategy session with Americans4America, the official Las Vegas chapter of Jim Gilchrist’s Minuteman Project.

Despite the Minuteman Project’s oft-touted anti-racist policies, the meeting took place June 24, offering some of the strongest evidence yet of direct ties between the Minuteman movement and overtly racist organizations.

“There’s a lot of overlapping between our two groups,” Nevada CCC leader Don Wassall told the Intelligence Report. “I met a couple of people from their group who are interested in trying to recruit more and get more people active in both of our groups.”

While a June 23 community calendar item placed by the CCC in the Las Vegas Review-Journal listed Americans4America and the CCC as “co-hosts” of the meeting, Wassall told the Report that, in fact, the Minutemen were more like special invited guests.

The relationship between the two organizations is “hard to explain,” said Wassall, but “we are working with them [the Minutemen].”

Wassall said the handful of Minuteman Project members who attended the meeting did not include Americans4America founder Kricket Telfer, who could not be reached for comment. Wassall called Telfer “an acquaintance.”

Like all Minuteman Project chapters, Americans4America declares on its website that it has, “no affiliation with, nor will we accept any assistance by or interference from, separatists, racists, or supremacy groups.”

Commingling with the CCC nullifies that assurance, as does joining forces with Wassall, whose long history of right-wing extremism is beyond dispute. Wassall, who booked the conference room where the joint CCC-Minuteman Project session was held, was the head of the Pennsylvania chapter of the CCC before moving to Las Vegas last December.

Wassall is a longtime member and current executive director of the American Nationalist Union (formerly known as the Populist Party), a radical-right organization started in 1983 by veteran anti-Semite and Holocaust denier Willis Carto. Since 1996 Wassall has been the editor of the group’s publication The Nationalist Times. The periodical’s online version contains blatantly racist articles and links to hate group websites including New Nation News and the Political Cesspool, as well as the International Conspiratological Association.

Wassall was also a prominent supporter of the American Friends of the British National Party, a group formed to raise funds for a neofascist political party in England. The group collapsed after its leader, Mark Cotterill, was deported back to England in the wake of an Intelligence Report exposé.

And now, apparently, he’s backing the Minutemen. Wassall said the next CCC meeting in Las Vegas is planned for the last Tuesday in July, and that it “may or may not” be co-hosted by Americans4America.

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    It appears Brentin Mock who wrote this article, has no idea what ethics in reporting is. Is it not SOP for all reporters to check the facts before running a story?
    He wrote lies about an organization he knows nothing about. If Mock had the cajones he would attend a meeting of Americans4America and tell the African Americans, Asian, Hispanic, Croatian members and the members who are Jewish, that they belong to a white supremacist group.
    He won’t do that because then he would have to retract his opinion on his blog.

    Brentin Mock will never be an honest reputable reporter.
    He will continue to be on the payroll of the real haters who have brainwashed him.

    Shame on you Mock. You’re a disgrace to your ethnic background and to your country.
    I will pray that god helps you find your way back to him. Atheism doesn’t suit you.

  • vegasamerican

    I personally know the Americans4American group and have never experienced racism. I am absolutely certain Jim Gilchrist, who is the national leader, isn’t aware of everything any chapter does. In the same vein, it is impossible for the local leader to keep track of everything each member does. I am not a Minuteman, but I know many of them. They are simply Americans who want our laws enforced as every American should. Please don’t lump everyone together just because one or two people had bad judgement in attending a meeting with a group like the CCC. And it seems obvious to me that the CCC used those couple of people as an excuse to try to attach their name to a more reputable group. They should be ashamed for that, but then again, they probably aren’t ashamed of much.

  • Alex

    This shows again who really are the minutemen.

  • http://youalreadyhaveit cockroachhunter

    Anybody who gives any cred to the SPLC is on crack.I am Co-founder of A4A.I didn’t even know about a CCC meeting,nor have I ever Heard of this group. SPLC are liars
    Leland Sprout

  • Nobama

    That does surprise me about Gilchrist, But that doesn’t mean all MM are haters. Make that absolutely clear there SPLC.

  • This American

    It always amazes me as to the SPLC’s claim to be the arbiter of “hate groups.” They NEVER mention La Raza, MEChA, LULAC or any other anti American hate group whose websites DO promote hate and REAL racism against REAL races and not simply against another ethnicity of THEIR race. I guess that may be because those groups contribute heavily to SPLC via their copious grants provided by the SAME “whites” and “nativists” they eschew. They need to start with themselves and expose America hating HYPOCRITES.

  • Eddogg

    To answer your question, NO!
    Economic status is everything loser!!!!

  • Liesl

    White trash? Really? I thought the whole point of fighting racism and people like Wassall was not to become like them in the devaluation of people based on economic status, race or creed. Aren’t racists as deserving of equality as the rest of us?

  • IludiumPhosdex

    If you ask moi, these so-called “Americans4America” are probably dispossessed “white trash” too self-conscious of their own racial arrogance, and then some.

    In effect, risking their being perhaps the worst sort of “patriots” extant. If not exactly the most dangerous.