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White Supremacists and Obama

By Heidi Beirich on July 9, 2008 - 9:58 am, Posted in Podcasts

This week on the podcast, Mark Potok and I revisit his popular post from last month, “President Obama? Many White Supremacists are Celebrating.” We’ll discuss how the reaction in racist circles to the first African-American presumptive major-party nominee for president has been quite surprising. Listen in and find out why.

  • geedee

    Dear Canadian,
    Half NATIVE???? half native what? How is it up there in the land of neutrality and no commitment? You sound like a real Nowhere man! “Doesn’t have a point of view, knows not where he’s going to” (The Beatles) Are you and Canada going to merge with Switzerland soon? If you need some cash please come down to the Great American “Versatel” machine and withdraw some: without paying it back, everyone else does.

  • geedee

    Anyone who owes an apology to african americans has long since passed away. Maybe their chieftains in African should give them one for selling them so willingly. I will never ever apologize for anything related to this nonsense.
    Would you please stop kissing ass in the 21st century, and maybe whites, blacks and hispanics can be equally treated. You are stuck in Jungle Fever overdrive. Be yourself! Blacks don’t like you kissing their ass either.

  • D.G

    Fellow Yankees! Hello, being Canadian and part of North America seeing a black president would shock even me! I think it’s time for everyone to accept the fact that race doesn’t really matter anymore and never should have from day one. I am half native and half german and just love being Canadian! I have friend of all races including many Americans. Peace guys and gals eh!

  • White XL Tee

    “I wonder if President Obama will speak up against the–35000 sexual assualts per year committed by blacks against white women( the white against black is 10 per year)?”

    Well don’t bet your ass on it. Surely the Obama has more important things to worry about. For istance. He wants to find a way to deal with the current economic crisis, the Iraq War which is costing the American tax payer billions of dollars per year and provide Healthcare for Americans, terrorism (both domestically and foreign), etc. If you actually think he`ll give a press conference regarding your frivolous crime stats, then certainly you must be a fool. Did we ever see George Bush “speak up against the 35000 sexual assualts” during his tenure?
    Certainly not.

  • Richard

    I am not a racist or affiliated with any such group, I am a normal, blue collar everyday citizen who happens to be white, and this whole site is rather sickening to read at times.
    The SPLC goes way overboard at trying to advance their liberal hippie sixties radical agenda that everything is “Whity’s” fault.
    I am sure glad that you liberals are in the minority of Americans.
    And some of the readers responses are quite unbelieviable. The ultra left wing never seems to surprise me anymore.
    The grovelling at the feet of your chosen one Obama is hard to swallow.

  • Jonathan

    I wonder if President Obama will speak up against the ~35000 sexual assaults per year committed by Blacks against White women (the White against Black rate is ~10 per year)?

  • Kevin Fricke

    People who say that White racists support Obama are idiots.These folks will resort to any scare tactic they can make up. The big picture of social justice far outweighs any political tactic like that. Grow up people!
    People like me who really do support Obama know that is just a racist lie.
    Nothing needs to get in the way of equality and respect for all people! Let’s get real here.

  • Ruie

    Well considering our President and his cohorts are hoping for WWIII so they can bring Jesus back, why not think white racists think this will somehow bring their Utopia finally. Such strategies are so dangerous for our world.

    While the rest of us in white America feel like we’ve turned a corner finally, that maybe, just maybe, this will help African Americans get that much closer to a REAL apology and reperations they deserve.

  • Michelle La Perriere

    I am ever grateful for energy, courage and foresight of Morris Dees and all who work for tolerance and transparency at the SPLC.

    I am in awe of and motivated by your efforts. And as Sharon G. stated, “I pray that Obama is not harmed but guided to move this country forward.”

    Thank you. Namaste.

  • Felice G. Wiener

    I have tremendous respect for Morris Dees and only wish that he continue the excellent work he has been doing.
    Barack Obama is the candidate who I hope will be elected.
    The racist creeps are “dirt under our feet”. We are very patient people and they will get what they desreve in due time. SPLC—keep up the good work.

  • 88`s Jeno-side

    Well there is good news for Obama and his followers. According to the latest word in the political arena, there is a valid rumor that the Libartarian Party candidate Bob Barr, a former Republican of Georgia is said to be the next “nader” come this November`s election. Barr is said to be the next “spoiler” on the dark side of McCain. Which means he will possibly steal enough votes from McCain, leaving Barak Obama to garner a major chance of winning the election.
    Barr`s supporters are largely made up of Ron Paul`s supporters. So basically this tells me that Barak Obama will be our next President.

    And the White Supremacist`s nightmares has only just begun….

  • Rebecca

    Mr. Obama I am sure is aware that his race is a flashpoint of contention for many people who are not evolved enough to get past the color of someone’s skin. I believe that he will be well protected, perhaps better than any other candidate in our history.
    It is a great sadness that there are those in our midst who have such small, and bigoted minds and hearts. There are a great many more of us who feel this is a historic moment whose time has come! We are ONE NATION UNDER GOD, WITH LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL. There are no exceptions based on age, gender, race, religion, or political creed. LET FREEDOM RING!!!

  • Liz Wolf-Spada

    As a white supporter of Obama, I am appalled, but I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised. Obama is the most exciting political candidate we’ve had since Bobby Kennedy. He is “my people” and I do fear for his safety from these crazy racists.

  • Sharon G

    I do attempt to understand the frustration which some people have however, I do not wish to see any physical harm come to anyone and feel that it is sad to read, hear or experience.

    Only living as a positive human-being, practising tolerance will shame racist. When assisted, saved by police/fire personnel the racist must see all people as people and nothing more. He she are my neighbor’s first last and always even if I move cross town. You see it may feel good to get even at first but, later on all you see is the violence you inflicted.

    I pray that Obama is not harmed but guided to mave this country forward. It is a waste of time discussing or expressing hatred. I thank God for Morris Dees and wish you nothing but strength and good health.

    You’re the best,

  • Kyle Miller

    The lynching mindset is exactly what the hate groups want. They are looking for ways to justify their cause. Attacking them gives credibilility to their organizations. I say ignore them publicly and keep an eye on them privately. Don’t let them force us into violence and mayhen.

  • Mike Kitts

    I am sick of these White Racists, it’s time to identify as many as possible, round them up, and treat them like they would treat everyone else who are not opposed to people of color. In other words, it’s time to give the vigilanties a taste of their own vigilantie medicine. I am against lynching
    and hanging, but maybe these white racists, when they see
    a bigoted white racist hanging from a tree, and his body has been set on fire, maybe, they’ll get the message that people are sick and tired of the KU KLUX KLAN and the lies and deceit, and maybe they’ll realize that the “preservation of the White Cause” is nothing but bullshit.

  • Al Champagne

    If these people stay home and Obama wins, wouldn’t they be partially responsible?