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Stormfront Founder’s Wife Sets Off Firestorm

By Heidi Beirich on July 28, 2008 - 5:13 pm, Posted in White Supremacist

A revelation published earlier this month by Hatewatch — that Chloe Black, wife of former Klan leader Don Black, was the public relations contact for a philanthropist’s efforts to build a campus for children of poor black and Latino children in Florida — caused quite a stir in the media and elsewhere. The website was one of the first to revisit the story, recounting the Hatewatch item under the headline, “The Socialite’s Nazi Publicist.” (The title referred to the fact that Chloe Black, whose husband founded and runs the major white supremacist website Stormfront, was the contact for a school established by Emilia Fanjul, whose wealthy family runs the Florida Crystals sugar conglomerate.) Then it was the turn of The New York Post’s Page Six — probably the best known celebrity gossip column in America — which ran “Sugar Baron’s Aide’s KKK Link,” setting off a whole bevy of similar reports on celebrity gossip websites.

But it was when a version of Hatewatch’s revelations was published in the Palm Beach Post this past Saturday that sparks flew in the white supremacist circles that Chloe, her husband, and ex-husband David Duke inhabit. Even though she had just attended a June event put on by the white supremacist Council of Conservative Citizens, Black told the Post: “I am not involved with the Web site [Stormfront] and do not agree with extremist or racially prejudiced views.” Not only that, but the Post, based on information provided by the Southern Poverty Law Center, also reported that Don Black had recently toned down Stormfront, banning many symbols of Nazism that formerly were common on the site, including swastikas and SS lightning bolts, and getting rid of particularly offensive terms, including “nigger.”

White supremacists were not happy. In racist Web forums, they ripped both Don and Chloe Black, denouncing them for caring more about money than their beliefs.

Alex Linder, the head of the neo-Nazi Vanguard News Network (VNN), was particularly incensed. “It’s not that small a deal,” wrote Linder to a defender of Chloe Black who was minimizing the importance of her comments. “It shows that at the end of the day money matters more than principle to WN [White Nationalist] leaders.”

Others were cruder in their comments. “What’s so hard to understand or face about the idea that Don Black (Black is a very common Jewish surname) from Palm Springs [Black actually is from West Palm Beach, Fla.] Florida (a city with the highest Jewish population per capita than anywhere else in the world outside of Israel) is a kosher motherfucker!?” wrote “melcur” on VNN. Bill White, head of the neo-Nazi American Nationalist Socialist White Peoples Party and a friend of Linder’s, attacked the Stormfront founder under the headline, “Don Black Whores Himself to the Jew.” White accused Black of selling out “to the Jew in exchange for a bit of media exposure and some promotion for his dying and has been website Stormfront.”

At least one prominent anti-Semite defended Black: April Gaede, mother of the teen twins who make up the neo-Nazi singing group Prussian Blue. “Very few people in White Nationalism have the ability to earn a living openly being racial,” wrote Gaede. “If she can earn a living and support her family and nationalism then who cares.” However, Gaede’s post was not well received. “But at the cost of helping the muds and jews? Don’t be stupid,” wrote “Akingu” on VNN. “That’s like teaching an attack dog to attack yourself!”

In a Stormfront post, Don Black, who the Palm Beach Post reported had recently suffered a stroke, dismissed the hoopla as absurd and blamed the “gutter press.” He also mocked his increasingly disgruntled Stormfronters, noting, “With the never-ending internal drama among members, we often joke about ‘How the Stormfront Turns.’”

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  • Rudel Wolfe

    i tried ken, but they are slow to moderate or are the new fascists, like winston churchill said:

    “The fascists of the future will be called anti-fascists.”

  • Ken Mier


    Please post the source of you statistics.

  • Rudel Wolfe

    Hows this for a firestorm on the STORMFRONT of white nationalism?:

    If you tally the stranger and acquaintance inter-racial homicide numbers from 1975-2000 you will have almost 12,500 more dead whites at the hands of blacks than blacks dead at the hands of whites.

    So who are really the victims in America? And these stats can be further broached uncovering far greater disgust – by expanding the time line for one, or even just the 1000s of tit for tat “even” numbers of these black on white and white on black killings before you arrive at such a deficit of 12,500 whites. And take into consideration a kill ratio based on relative populations and you will have approached an 18 dead whites by black hands to one dead black at the hand of a white… 18 to one kill ratio?

    Confronted with this kind of gradual race war against whites and knowing the numbers i can hardly find any justice in squelching someone’s emotional state in response to it – but you’ve had your way and HATE CRIMES LEGISLATION is law.
    Hate against evil is a virtue – your priorities are flawed.

  • 88`s Jeno-side

    I found it remotely strange that Mark Potak did not post my comments on here. I followed up on PC`s egregious ranting about “race mixing” and “inbreeding” by stating facts only to have it cencored. I think this blogspot is B.S.

  • PC

    GrannyofWhites, no there are no exclusive white is not allowed. Blacks are allowed to compete in beauty contests plus they have Miss Black Universe and others. When did they put the silent law in place that whites cannot go exclusive but blacks can? No more white house if he God forbid gets in, no more xmas carol White xmas, Santa can’t say HO HO HO…no white anything…even tho white means purity so i guess brides will have to wear black pretty soon… BO belongs to every all black orgs and clubs there are..Ppl seem to be ignoring that dangerous his love for muslims.

  • PC are 100% right. Whenever whites actually stick up for their own, they are labeled as racists..I could care less. It is a fact that the promotion of mixing bloods will create a totally abstract race. Blacks and whites will disappear.

  • GrannyofWhites

    To have true equality, no one can be given excuses for their behavior.

    If you are a poor “minority” – so what?

    Jews are a minority and yet are not poor. So are many Asians.

    Slavery took place over a hundred years ago and is no longer a believable excuse. In fact, teaching young children to make excuses based on race only hinders them.

    HECTOR: Give us a break. Kauai is one of the highest rent districts in Hawaii. Anyone poor on that island can surely move away and do better for themselves – like to the Big Island. Americans have always had to move if economics required it. My parents moved from state to state and even out of the country if it meant continuing to provide a paycheck. However, they went legally. Please don’t give your illegal background as some kind of good example. It isn’t.
    May my Kauai relatives roll over in their graves.

  • GrannyofWhites

    White people had advanced technology in the 1800’s and so wherever they went they were not exactly hated. They were admired.

    Now, groups that have formed for particular racial groups are okay, but is there one exclusively for whites?

    I would really like an answer to that question.

  • GrannyofWhites

    I notice that no one gives whites credit – and that is the popular thought for right now. I think it is because many young people are given a heavy dose of white guilt in their history textbooks. I went back to college and noticed how much textbooks have changed.

    Problem: Leaving out facts and not giving credit to whites for the good things they have done.

    How about the fields of medical research, biological research, computer technology….and many others?
    How about adoption of thousands of children by whites? People of color tend to magnify the slights against them. I think that is because the people of color on campuses advance a biased, almost racist, view that whites are all wrong and always have been bigoted, mean, spiteful, etc.
    The truth is that they fought for the North – against slavery – giving their lives for the cause, married Native Americans when it was unpopular, had a superior technology when they came to this continent and I could go on and on.
    We don’t know how awful life could be here if other ethnic groups had been in control, do we?
    Native Americans lost. While that is sad, their society (in which women were like cattle which could be given away) was not desireable either. They lacked much.

    Please try to keep an open mind and remember that the Quakers and other good people were white.

    Many minorities have been raised around whites and prefer their company to the company of those of other races.

    That’s life.

  • Eddogg

    om said,

    on August 1st, 2008 at 10:39 am

    Re: PC
    You have thoroughly and completely proven the “stupid on purpose” theory, although we can’t rule out a serious mental illness. Good luck with that and try to get some help. Think of your poor children if nothing else.

    What he/she said!!

  • Freedom Crusader

    Om, you hit the nail on the head on this one. Good point.

    Unlike the “internet tough guy”(ITG) syndrome in men. Women on the other would sometimes play the “popularity” card and “I’m wealthy” childish head games of who’s better by gloating over how many famous people they know or brag about how much money they make. This type of mental logic is equalvolent to the adolecents` way of oral competiting and I felt like I was dealing with Jr. High Schooler in the first place.

    “There are tons of mixed race ppl who cannot find exact donors for organs, blood and bone marrow….they die.”

    Do you have proof?

    And finally I just wanted to quote the award winning blockbuster hit–Forrest Gump….

    “Stupid is, is what stupid does”–Forrest Forrest Gump.

  • om

    Re: PC
    You have thoroughly and completely proven the “stupid on purpose” theory, although we can’t rule out a serious mental illness. Good luck with that and try to get some help. Think of your poor children if nothing else.

  • PC

    Eggnog, if you only knew how far removed i am from your ignorant description, you would kill yourself..When did you have a lobotomy? You seem to be holding on to the tiny piece you have left. You don’t have a clue how to participate in a forum. I am born and raised in NJ..and from a wealthy family, lived close to Eddie Murphy, Frankie Valli and others..whom are my friends. Jealous? LOL..I don’t think so. I would bet my family could buy your neighborhood and clean it up. I will no longer lower myself to answer to your lunacy.

  • PC

    All that you said about inbreeding can be said about race mixing but for some secret reason, it is not made known. Why do you suppose 4 sep races of ppl were created? In the beginning there were white, yellow, red and black.

  • PC

    My husband, 2 sons and myself all had the DNA test for race and heritage and we are exactly what we are, other race. There are tons of mixed race race ppl who cannot find exact donors for organs, blood and bone marrow..they die. You can defend and dance around it all you want but mixing races weakens genes, and has other consequences.

  • 88`s Jeno-side

    To name one good example of a “race mixer”, look no further than CNN`s egotistical mayhem–Lou Dobbs. The news anchor host who is well known to regurgitate pure hyperbole and xenophobic hysteria.
    Lou Dobbs wife is an American of Mexican decent
    (formerly an illegal alien).

    There are no known federal laws that prohibits “race mixing” in the U.S. However they are strictly applied in Middle Eastern and other autocratic totaltarian countries.

  • Eddogg

    Ken please, your ignorant comments are what perpetuate the stereotype of all Southerners being complete buffoons. Like someone said earlier, you can’t cure stupid!

  • om

    We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light.

    Pardon the reposting of above qoute. To state what should be self evident:
    HATRED IS THE ULTIMATE DARKNESS. And self-inflicted at that.
    A few DNA tests would prove that we are all “mixed”, regardless of what you would like to believe. It’s the soul of a person that matters not the packaging. It’s time to move beyond the “us vs. them” mentality to improve all our lives. For those who don’t “get” it then the possibility of a serious mental illness may exist or as my grandmother used to say, “You can’t cure stupid.” I interpreted that to mean stupid on purpose.

  • Ken Mier

    eddog please

    Your arrogant comments are out of line, if I spoke like that the hatewatch staff would surely omit my comments.

  • 88`s Jeno-side

    Regarding “inbreeding” which is widely practiced in White polygamists sects such as the infamous FLDS. There have been numerous reports of incestuous acts within these types of cults largely made up of White Anglos. And the birth defects that can be define with mental retardation and other deformities generally spread through the family gene pool through incestuous acts. For example, the Father and head of the household would eagerly wed his own daughter who would be 13. Which is probably why there is a mass grave of little children just outside the FLDS compound in Colorado City, AZ. That exemplifys the need to ban such “inbreeding” practices.

    The Federal Government has enacted laws forbidding such polygamist practices which also includes statuary rape of a minor and pedophilia combined with other horrors consistant with “inbreeding”.

    However, “race mixing” is not against the law. Its just a racialists idealogy embedded with all races. Meaning that there are folks out there who are loyal to their own race and I can respect that. But its not against the law to “race mix”.

  • Eddogg

    To PC

    Your comments sound typical of a backwoods swamp-sucking hick who needs to get get into the 21st century. Get over it, rap and blacks are not going anywhere. Which song by Ludacris are you referring to? There’s tons of them. I think you’re jealous because he’s got money and you don’t. Anyone with a third of a brain can see it is you that’s sick in the head. As for taxes, I work in the IT field and pay more in taxes than you ever will on you life. Hell, you’re probably on the dole yourself as most white trash are.


  • PC

    Ken, don’t you love it when gays go to church and or have their own churches? What Bible are they reading? It clearly states that homosexuality is an abomination. If everyone decided to be gay, life would cease to exist..Like everything else, tolerance has been taken to new heights. If ppl keep mixing bloods, all races will disappear. I want my family name and heritage to live on. Ppl think that is racist..Is that strange or what? Blacks were given freedom and so much more but what did they do with it? They rap about all their misfortunes and want more. They commit most of the crimes. They form gangs. They want welfare, rent subsidy, food stamps and free housing..they build ghettos. MLK said, go forth and multiply so you can over come.

  • PC

    Eddogg said,

    on July 31st, 2008 at 9:49 am

    To answer you PC, yes it very much more acceptable to mix races than to procreate with your own family members you sick SOB. BTW, what if I told you that I am of mixed race myself(I’ll let you guess which ones)? What if I also told you I absolutly love gangster rap but don’t wear my pants below my waist and I speak perfect English? In fact I’m willing to bet I have a way better command of the English language than you with that lame twang of yours. So go back to bed, I hear your brother calling for you!
    First of all, it was you who threw the insult and the assumption. I do not believe in inbreeding or mixing races..either one is unacceptable. You sound like an angry hostile person, which is typical of a bi-racial person. and typical of one that listens to gangsta you see the lyrics to the song by Ludicras? Are you saying you agree with them? Anyone could easily tell by your posts that you are sick in the head. You probably don’t even pay taxes.

  • om

    We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light.

  • Eddogg

    To answer you PC, yes it very much more acceptable to mix races than to procreate with your own family members you sick SOB. BTW, what if I told you that I am of mixed race myself(I’ll let you guess which ones)? What if I also told you I absolutly love gangster rap but don’t wear my pants below my waist and I speak perfect English? In fact I’m willing to bet I have a way better command of the English language than you with that lame twang of yours. So go back to bed, I hear your brother calling for you!

  • Freedom Crusader

    “I completely know what the article is about.”


    “It is you that is confused”

    I think you just choked on your own words. By reading all of your frivolous asinine comments on this post, none of them made referrence to the article or its subjects.


    “[You] do not understand my point.”

    Again you didn’t make points but to spout “mumbo jumbo” and discuss music and fashion(a girly thing) which is moot.
    Now regarding music and fashion which is everyone`s god given rights to express themselves. As if you are against the Freedom of Expression method. I don’t really see a problem with that. Anyhow, I can go on and on list all the bands that spit vile lyrical depravities aimed at women such as yourself anymore than you can list the rap artists who spout hate( for example such as Eminem)(wigga). But then again that would be a big waste of time such as yourself……

  • Ken Mier

    It is absolutly wrong to inbreed and thank God the law now has intervened, and for the record this happens in all racial families.

    It is wrong and warned in the Holy Bible , that race mixing is unacceptable.

    I will also mention that homosexuality is as much to blame as the spread of aids as the 82 percent of the black population.

    There is so much media propoganda nowadays justifying the sins and crimes of the africans who call themselves americans that the crime rate will certainly rise as well as the aids epademic.

    As for Stormfront. I see many of the radical neo nazi logos and wanna be haters that will eventually explode in their confusion.
    That is why I am not accepted as a vocal member because I have written Black himself with the obvious cold hard truth.
    I do sometimes see some genuine concerns by some true white christians, but these post are immediatly fouled by these haters.

    Today iin Washington we see an upcomming appology for slavery….so be it….also we see klan groups like the Master Klans and the Alabama Christian Klan standing up and recognizing the wrongs of the vigilanties of the past and the rejection of the neo nazi and skinhead infection.
    The only way to make a mense is to take action and walk the walk. The hater nazi klans talk a filthy talk.

    I believe if we take a close look we will find that the droopy drawed negro haters have murdered raped and tortured more whites that those wearing sheets 45 years ago. Think Think THINK

  • PC

    Eddogg, so give it to us all straight, you are against inbreeding but you’re ok with mixing races right? LOL…if you don’t become a mullato like BO then you’re a bigot right? Not good to breed with family but good to breed with blacks right?

  • PC

    It is you that is confused FREEDOM..i completely know what the article is about, a TURNCOAT…I think you are confused and do not understand my point..but that’s it is you that is an idiot..

  • ken mier

    pc to answer specificly your question would jeapordize the remainder of my career,
    however, be advised that i specialize in capitol murder and hate crime review….. nuff said

    thanks for asking

  • Freedom Crusader

    “What in hell is all that mumbo jumbo about?”

    WTF, PC did you just come up with that concept? Let alone did you even bother reading this article? If not, then I suggest you go back and read the story so you know what’s the topic`s about because quite frankly, you are lost somewhere in that tiny little brain of yours assuming this is about music like if this is the Rollingstone Billboard music reviews or something. When in fact its about distabilizing the WN movement. Chloe`s hypocritical position is clear and evident that she may have a change of heart to some degree. But because you fail to see the nexus of the subject, you go on to spew…

    “Mumbo Jumbo”

    To which you seemed to be unaware of what’s going on.
    Sort of like you’re on another planet.(wish you were)

  • Eddogg

    To Ken Mier.

    Sounds like you’re a little too bigited for a state investigator. You Southern are all a bunch of moonshine swiging inbred idiots who probably doesn’t even know the difference between his sister and his wife.

    Personally, I hope the South rises again so we can we can push these inbreeders into the sea where they belong.

  • PC

    Freedom, what in hell is all that mumbo jumbo about? You come out throwing insults around and i am positive you are not a member of Mensa so save your energy and don’t post.

  • PC

    Ken, what is an investigator of a state?

  • melcur

    Placating the Jew by refusing to allow swatstika avatars and lightning bolts is just playing the Jew’s game by the Jew’s rules.

    If you want to defeat the Jew, all that is necessary is to exclude the Jew period. Simple.

  • Freedom Crusader

    Oh please!! (Augh…)
    You’re an idiot, plain and simple. Hip Hop is just rap music, not politics dimwit.
    Rap music are just for minority kids but politics are for the American people at large. Arrogently you juxtapose those two issues as if rap music has something to do with Chloe Black`s traitorous ways to your sorry WN movement. But regardless of that, I don’t care. At least she may be having 2nd thoughts about the WN movement as a whole.

    And speaking of music. There is nothing more sick and grosteque as the Death Metal/Black Metal underground sect. Many of its lyrics are direct mysogynic hatred of women such as yourself. So get over yourself please and stop being a such naggin crybaby. Its annoying. Considering how your strange obsessions of posting under the Obama story alone frequently. Despite how you view him. He may just be our next Prez and your nightmares only just begun……

  • Jasmine

    Hi, please know that the blog which I am sure is American based and is known “WAMI” which is women against male imperialism” or alternatively, ‘Women Against Mysogonist Imperialism,” claiming to be radical leftist 2nd wave feminist is in fact a neo nazi front. The so called director- “Natasha” is a neo nazi espousing anti Muslim hate speech in the guise of “feminism.” I reported this abuse, i meself am getting threatened by this lone nut to ure colleagues in UK- “UAF”, and they confirmed also it’s a far right blog. If there is anything u can do to warn or shut this person up, please do so. There are so many troubling and worrying signs on that blog that the person is most certainly a danger to those around him, this is what i feel and i also feel, there may be abuse issues going on, that that person, is some kind of not just a racist, but an abuser. It is truly a horrible site. Sorry, link will not post

  • ken mier

    i stand corrected mrs pc, and i understand your feelings on this subjesct.
    please join in and send a personal message to hatewatch staff requesting an article on the droopy drawed, rap subject.
    as an investigator for the state of alabama for 17years now i have knowledge of many situations that you discribed with your friends son. especially in the city of birmingham. the city of hate

    as for wiggroes, i can spot one a mile away, the ebonic attitude is sickening. i have witnessed many of them realize their cultural color shame as they are being prosicuted for their violent drug related crimes.
    the crack cocaine world is mostly responsible for their transition and makes them an easy profile.

    be well pc…….ken

  • PC

    Ken, it is Mrs PC to you…LOL. A few mos ago my friends son and his 2 friends were walking to the 7/11 down the street from their college..6 black guys asked for directions..2 of the kids walked away but my friends son decided to be the good lib and started giving directions and was beat to death and robbed of his wallet. He was only 19 with a promising future…tell me my friend shouldn’t hate…and there are tons of stories such as this that you never hear about.

  • PC

    Personally i don’t care who owns them , just that it is allowed but whites have to go underground. Makes no sense. What really makes me sick is wiggers.

  • someguy

    Actually, it’s mostly jews who run them.

  • PC

    Most rappers have their own labels…

  • Qemal Stafa

    Hate gangsta rap? Talk to the WHITE GUYS who run the record labels.

  • Randy Gray

    So what if Don Black is making more alliances. Gays are not really a problem. I support Don Black all the way.

  • ken mier

    the questions presented by mr. pc should be the caption of a new article.

    hatewatch, show the christian community this is offensive to all races with dignity and i can assure you it will be a long running bloglist.

    recently i was on a date with a very respectable woman and three blacks monkey strutted in with their attitude boxers rolled up to their navel and pants down around their knees one was exposing his genital area and fondeling himself.
    the only reason i didnt get up and slap them was there was a black police officer there who didnt seem to care.

    we sent our food back after the resterant manager gave one of them the bham dapp and sent them a picture of beer.

    i left my Ack card on the wiper of the patrol car.

    so, casey…..lets address this issue before we see some defendable hate crimes against these blacks in america.

  • IludiumPhosdex

    This may not be exatly relevant, but then again, there’s the prospect of certain pseudoreligious “ministries” raising funds for the “legal defence” of Knoxville church shooter Jim Adkisson, all based on their united belief of his perhaps “facing risk of martyrdom.”

    (Only to divert the funds thus raised @ the last minute for unknown reasons.)

  • PC

    What i would like to know is how do gangsta rappers get away with spewing hate and violence? No one seems to give 2 shits about it..How do they get away with wearing their pants down around their knees? How do they get away with all the foul language? How do they get away with lyrics like kill the pres and the cops?

  • ken mier

    you will notice that the actions and examples set in 2007 by the alabama christian klan are not mentioned, however, their efforts have had an impact and with our birmingham campaine the realization will identify the voice of the new civil rights era .


  • Qemal Stafa

    Of course it’s about the money Linder!!! It always was. That’s why Dr. Pierce was a lazy parasite, using member donations to finance a cushy lifestyle in West Virginia on his own compound. NAers would brag about how much time he spent on his ADV broadcasts. Well when you are dealing in bullshit, it’s not hard to come up with an hour long broadcast or whatever. Just watch the news, and blame everything on Jews. Not hard.

  • Hector Tapia Perez

    Check out what happened in the city where the late Rosa Parks chose to live out her illustrious life. This Chicano was inspired to server America’s poorest urban population. Serving the poor is where it’s at. I live in Kauai continually mentoring my students to pursue their positive dreams in life.
    To live as a warrior for justice is all I know. My paternal ancestry is Purepecha, the only Mexican indians to successfully defend their empire from the invading Aztecs.
    I am the son of an immigrant who defies the stereotype that Mexicans come to leach off the system. My graduates and life’s work is proof of that. Get Up, Stand Up, Don’t Give up the fight. Bob Marley sang it best! One of my mentees was my student’s girlfriend. Her grandmother, Elizabeth Catlett, illustrated the poem and Black National Anthem, Lift Every Voice and Sing. Nia Mora has her photography website. She is now in NYC.