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New Intelligence Report Released

By Mark Potok on August 28, 2008 - 7:39 am, Posted in Black Separatist, Intelligence Report

IR coverToday, we’re releasing the latest issue of the Intelligence Report, the investigative quarterly published by the Southern Poverty Law Center and written by the staff of Hatewatch. Highlights include a cover story about the racist fringe of the black Hebrew Israelite movement, whose preachers are predicting the imminent return of Jesus Christ, who they expect will kill or enslave whites, Jews, homosexuals and others. The story describes how thousands of black men and women have joined this movement, which is spreading rapidly from East Coast inner-city neighborhoods to cities across the country. Other stories include:

“‘Arming’ for Armageddon” examines the apocalyptic movement Joel’s Army. Numbering in the tens of thousands, members of this movement are breaking away in droves from mainline Pentecostal churches and embracing an ideology of theocratic takeover. The approach is so militant that one Christian ministry worries it may soon produce “real warfare with actual warriors.”
“Anti-Semitism Goes to School” reports on anti-Semitism on university campuses, including strains that originate on the political left. Two examples — extremist Muslims at a California campus and a once-“progressive” forum in Oregon — serve to illustrate this phenomenon.
“From Brazil to Auschwitz” describes how twin brothers in Massachusetts who have led a nativist crusade against Brazilian immigrants also may be Holocaust deniers.

Here’s a link to the rest of the issue, which includes an array of other features and short news items. We hope you’ll find it interesting and important.

Evidence of Extremist Infiltration of Military Grows

By David Holthouse on August 27, 2008 - 4:57 pm, Posted in Extremists in the Military, Neo-Nazi

The racist skinhead logged on with exciting news: He’d just enlisted in the United States Army.

“Sieg Heil, I will do us proud,” he wrote. It was a June 3 post to AryanWear Forum 14, a neo-Nazi online forum to which “Sobibor’s SS,” who identified himself as a skinhead living in Plantersville, Ala., had belonged since early 2004. (Sobibor was a Nazi death camp in Poland during World War II).

About a month after he announced his enlistment, Sobibor’s SS bragged in another post to Forum 14 that he’d specifically requested and been assigned to MOS, or Military Occupational Specialty, 98D. MOS98D soldiers are in high demand right now. That’s because they’re specially trained in disarming Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) like the infamous roadside bombs that are killing and maiming so many U.S. troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. Presumably, a part of learning how to disarm an IED is learning how to make one.

“I have my own reasons for wanting this training but in fear of the government tracing me and me loosing [sic] my clearance I can’t share them here,” Sobibor’s SS informed his fellow neo-Nazis.

One of his earlier posts indicated his reasons serve a darker purpose than defending America: “Once all the Jews are gone the world will start fixing itself.”

Sobibor’s SS included enough biographical details in his various posts to Forum 14 over the years, including that he’s a single father from the small town in southern Alabama, that a military investigator with access to enlistment records for recent months should have little trouble discerning whether the Army is actually teaching a skinhead with genocide on his mind how to be a tactical bomb maker.

But there’s little reason to expect that will happen.

Two years ago, the Intelligence Report revealed that alarming numbers of neo-Nazi skinheads and other white supremacist extremists were taking advantage of lowered armed services recruiting standards and lax enforcement of anti-extremist military regulations by infiltrating the U.S. armed forces in order to receive combat training and gain access to weapons and explosives. ( continue to full post… )

Plot to Assassinate Obama? White Supremacists are Worried

By Mark Potok on August 26, 2008 - 12:02 pm, Posted in Conspiracies, White Supremacist

As news of a possible assassination plot against Sen. Barack Obama broke on Monday and Tuesday, white supremacists reacted overwhelmingly with suspicion that they were being set up by the federal government to take the fall.

Reports from Denver indicate that the three men arrested in the supposed plot on Sunday — Tharin Gartrell, Nathan D. Johnson and Shawn Adolf — may have been linked to a “white supremacy group,” possibly racist skinheads. One of the men was reportedly wearing a swastika ring when arrested, and one was said to be linked to a motorcycle gang called the Sons of Silence. The Southern Poverty Law Center has no evidence linking the gang or any of the three men to white supremacism.

“Seems more like an attempt by ZOG to assassinate us,” wrote “DAglaff Wolfing” on, the most important white supremacist Web forum, referring to the “Zionist Occupation Government” — white supremacist lingo for the federal government. Added “Ravening Wolf” in the same thread: “It wouldn’t surprise me if these people are jews [sic], or dumb patsies, involved in yet another false-flag Mossad operation … in order to conjure up yet more anti-gun legislation.”

“I completely predicted that they would do this,” “AZDane” wrote on Stormfront. “If Obama IS assassinated, it will be the gov’t doing it and we’ll take the blame. Like always.”

Many of those posting derided those arrested because police also found quantities of methamphetamine. (“Besides,” wrote one, “real white men wouldn’t have been stopped from completing their mission, whatever it may be. These people were fools.”) But they kept coming back to the idea of a government plot.

“It sounds like concocted BS,” wrote “General1812.” “Seriously, plots that are this serious don’t come to the surface so easily. The government law enforcement [agencies] may be expecting Obama to win, and so are getting ready to conduct a preemptive strike against WNist [white nationalist] organizations.”

Or, as “Alida302” put it in the Stormfront thread: “Sound like a bunch of wannabe small timers to me. They need to make sure that [Obama’s] black ass is protected. His death would bring down a s**tstorm of hell upon all of us.”

Earlier, long before the Democratic convention opened in Denver, many white supremacists were arguing that an Obama victory could actually be good for their movement. They predicted that such a victory would shock white Americans, drive millions of them into white supremacist groups and, ultimately, lead to a race war that would finally result in the much hoped-for final Aryan victory.

Republican Leader Sues To Prevent Minutemen From Taking Commission Seats

By Hatewatch Staff on August 26, 2008 - 9:28 am, Posted in Uncategorized

The chairman of the Alameda County Republican Central Committee filed a lawsuit to block seven members of a coalition of Minutemen and Ron Paul supporters from occupying committee seats they won in a June election.
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Doctors Fear Immigration Fervor Creating Public Health Risk

By Hatewatch Staff on August 26, 2008 - 9:26 am, Posted in Uncategorized

North Carolina doctors are voicing concerns that the increasingly hostile tone of the immigration debate is dissuading illegal immigrants from seeking medical treatment and thereby creating a public health risk.
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Minuteman Drops Out Of Mayoral Race

By Hatewatch Staff on August 26, 2008 - 9:23 am, Posted in Uncategorized

Paul Reeder, a member of both the Golden Gate Minutemen and the John Birch Society, abandoned his mayoral campaign in Fremont, Calif. two weeks after getting his name on the ballot.
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Congressmen Demand Removal Of Minuteman With Neo-Nazi Ties From GOP Post

By Hatewatch Staff on August 26, 2008 - 9:19 am, Posted in Uncategorized

Three Republican congressmen are demanding that J.T. Ready, a Minuteman activist with ties to the neo-Nazi movement, be removed immediately from his post as a GOP precinct committeeman.
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Colorado American Legion Post Hosts Nativist Haters

By Sonia Scherr on August 26, 2008 - 8:06 am, Posted in Anti-Immigrant

Although it was called a “national security convention,” the three-day event hosted by a Denver-area American Legion post last week was concerned about one thing: illegal immigration.

American Legion Post 1111 in Bloomfield, Colo., joined with two nativist groups to sponsor the Aug. 21-23 convention that featured hard-line anti-immigration rabble-rousers Glenn Spencer and Frosty Wooldridge. Although the convention involved an individual legion post, the national legion this spring launched a campaign against illegal immigration that featured a booklet filled with inaccuracies about undocumented immigrants. After Hispanic groups expressed concerns, a message appeared on the legion’s website stating that the booklet was being “updated.”

At last week’s convention, attendees got to watch the premiere of a video called “Border Truth USA,” which took viewers on “a high-definition video tour of the border narrated live by Glenn Spencer,” according to Spencer’s American Patrol website. He also demonstrated the “Virtual Vigilance camera system.”

But Spencer, who leads the vitriolic hate groups American Patrol and American Border Patrol, has done more than show off gadgets designed to catch “illegal aliens.” He’s also spouted anti-Latino comments, proclaiming in a 1996 letter to The Los Angeles Times that “Mexican culture is based on deceit” and “Chicanos and Mexicanos lie as a means of survival.” Local retiree Francis McWilliams, who was introduced as American Border Patrol’s director in September 2002, quickly resigned after concluding that Spencer was “borderline xenophobic.” Spencer also sent every member of Congress a copy of his video, “Bonds of our Nation,” which promotes the myth that the Mexican government and Mexican-Americans are plotting to take over the American Southwest and create the nation of Aztlan. Betina McCann, then the fiancée of neo-Nazi Steven Barry, hand-delivered the videos. In 2003, Spencer was charged with four felonies after repeatedly firing a .357 rifle into the night and hitting, among other things, a neighbor’s garage. He said he had heard “suspicious noises” in his backyard. After pleading to a single misdemeanor count of endangerment, he was fined $2,500 and sentenced to a year’s probation.

Although Spencer toned down the racist rhetoric after moving from California to Cochise County, Ariz., in 2002, he recently posted a Washington Times story about whites losing their hold on the majority amid rising Hispanic immigration, along with a cartoon showing Uncle Sam with the gun of “liberalism” in his mouth as “Mexico” pulls the trigger. Above the article and cartoon is Spencer’s heading: “White America Commits Suicide: The Coming Disunited States of America.” ( continue to full post… )

Jerome Corsi: Politician-Basher’s White Supremacist Ties Revisited

By Mark Potok on August 22, 2008 - 1:13 pm, Posted in Podcasts

Intelligence Report Senior Editor David Holthouse and I discuss the recent Jerome Corsi affair in this week’s podcast. Corsi, widely criticized for his recent book attacking Barack Obama and also earlier condemnations of John McCain, turns out to be a regular on a white supremacist radio show.

‘Historian’ James Joseph Sanchez Finds 42,732 Reasons to Denounce the Mythical Aztlan Conspiracy

By David Holthouse on August 20, 2008 - 5:48 pm, Posted in Anti-Immigrant, Conspiracies

Question: What do the National Chicken Council, AT&T Corp., the Seattle Police Department, the Petroleum Club of Houston and the Korean Acupuncture Association of Illinois have in common with the infamous Middle Eastern terrorist Abu Musab al-Zarqawi?

Answer: They’re all key players in the Aztlan conspiracy, a secret plot to reconquer the seven Southwestern states and merge them with Mexico.

At least, that is, according to James Joseph Sanchez, creator of Who’s Who in the Aztlan Movement, a two-volume compilation set containing the names of 42,732 “individuals, organizations and incidents.” According to the second volume inside jacket copy, it represents “the largest open source, cross-referenced named-persons index to the Aztlan movement and their allies.” Although Sanchez doesn’t explain it — the volumes contain no introductory or explanatory material at all, just a seemingly endless list — Aztlan is a term sometimes used by Latino nationalists to describe the part of the United States once controlled by Spain and/or Mexico. Nativist conspiracy theorists and white supremacists have seized upon a few statements by Latino radicals to claim that Mexico is really secretly planning to take over much of America.

The conspiracy, apparently, is massive. In tiny, hard-to-read type, Sanchez lists as members of the alleged “Aztlan Movement” more than 1,000 Latino street gangs, 29 members of the “California State Assemby” [sic], a dozen United Auto Workers union locals, Catholic churches, Unitarian churches, a Somalian organic coffee company, McDonald’s Corp., and Georgian president Mikheil Saakashvili.

Casting a net that’s perhaps just a smidgen too wide, Sanchez also lists You Don’t Speak For Me!, a Hispanic anti-immigration front group for the Federation for American Immigration Reform, a nativist hate group that has itself plugged the Aztlan conspiracy theory.

Nowhere does Sanchez say what part all these alleged individuals and organizations (full disclosure: they include the Southern Poverty Law Center and several of its employees) have in the Aztlan conspiracy. It is enough, apparently, to know they are on the list. ( continue to full post… )