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CAPS Board Member Responds Angrily to Request for Comment

By Heidi Beirich on August 1, 2008 - 12:03 pm, Posted in Anti-Immigrant

I thought our readers might be interested in the email I received from CAPS board member Stuart Hurlbert after I wrote to him, CAPS President Diana Hull, and CAPS board member Ben Zuckerman, seeking comment for my blog post “Lou Dobbs Citing Extremists, Again.” I asked them about the Pioneer Fund grant they received and about CAPS’ relationship with Wayne Lutton, the white supremacist mentioned in my blog post.

Here’s what I received back from Hurlbert:


My recommendation is that you not reply to Beirich. Her organization is not interested in any rational or civil discussion of population stabilization, immigration, or environmental issues.

The SPLC is basically a fascistic, hate-mongering organization with an open borders agenda. Its main strategy is use smear tactics, innuendo and charges of “hate” against any individual or group that has become effective in stymying the open borders agenda of SPCL and other organizations of the radical left and radical right.

It functions much like Hamas, or Hezbollah, or drug lords who provide gyms and soccer fields to rural Mexican villages. It does a few good things (like go after the KKK, neoNazis, etc.) in order to drum up donations to fund a lot of bad things.

Below is a good example of how even very liberal institutions increasingly recognize SPLC’s lack of credibility. The news director of our local PBS radio station, based at SDSU, used SPLC “information” to write a smear piece on our local Minuteman group.

I called him on the smear, in a letter (below) that was copied to the KPBS and SDSU administration. Three months later there was a KPBS news story (url below) about how he was leaving his job. No administrator has admitted to me that he was fired, but they also have not denied that he was. If he’s managed to find a new job, we can be sure he now takes all pontifications from the SPLC cum grano magno salis, as most of the public does.

It is heartwarming, of course, to have finally gotten the attention of SPLC, as it is at least an index of our effectiveness.

It has seemed eminently unfair to me that many of our allies such as FAIR, The Social Contract Press, etc. got listed as “hate groups” before we did. Talk about invidious discrimination and social injustice!

And as one who has been in this business for more than 20 years, it is irresponsible to the point of criminality that SPLC does not yet have a mini bio on me up on their website, in their pantheon of “haters”, when they have so many wet-behind-the-ears newcomers up there!

Again, my recommendation is that we waste no time responding to fascist groups with hidden agendas.


KPBS News Director Signing Off

Date: Tue, 7 Aug 2007 14:51:17 -0700
From: “Stuart H. Hurlbert” <>
Subject: KPBS: biased treatment of immigration issues

Dear Michael Marcotte [and the SDSU and KPBS administration],

re: Watchdog Group Claims Minutemen Linked to White Supremacists;id=9235

This is a shameful piece of yellow dog, muckraking journalism. Maybe the biased treatment of immigration issues by KPBS is now beyond remedy, and it’s time for heads to roll in the news department as well? This is a disgrace to KPBS and the SDSU community.
Many SDSU employees and thousands of SDSU alumni are Minutemen or Minutemen supporters.
If you believe that use of smear language and innuendo are appropriate to a news organization then at least have the courage to do it on your own, without relying on the Southern Poverty Law Center as a crutch.

The extreme left, open-borders agenda of the SPLC (just one of many such organizations hiding behind the label of “civil rights”) and its propensity for smear tactics have long been known. Anyone working in a news organization surely must be aware of that.

Over the last twenty years, tremendous numbers of SDSU students, staff and faculty, for example, have been active supporters of Prop. 187 (denial of state benefits to illegal aliens), Prop. 209 (ending racial preferences), Prop. 54 (prohibiting governmental racial categorization of individuals), and halting the recent amnesty legislation in Congress.

In every case, these individuals and the organizations they worked with with have been smeared as “hate groups”, “racists”, “white supremacists”, “nativists”, etc. by the SPLC. Got that?! We’re talking about tens of thousands of folks in the SDSU community! You are being successful in drawing a line in the sand with KPBS and SPLC on one side and ourselves on the other.

And, certainly on most of these issues, the majority of the citizenry, in San Diego and elsewhere, has been more with the Minutemen and allied groups than they have been with KPBS or SPLC. Damage to SDSU’s reputation with the general public via slanted reporting on this issue by its guest, KPBS, is something for the SDSU administration to assess.

If you want to do a piece on white supremacy organizations, by all means do it. But don’t waste your time with the MM. For a couple of years I’ve participated in occasional MM operations from the beautiful border in Campo to the center of the Mexica movement in Maywood, and I’ve yet to meet a racist – at least not on the MM side of the street. Get off your butt and into the street, and you’ll discover why being a white supremacist would be rather dangerous for a MM. Often 20-30 percent of the MM at one of our events are blacks and hispanics. Personally, when I show up at one I sometimes get more hugs and kisses from cute hispanic grandmothers than I can handle.
KPBS, like other local news organizations, of course has never reported on the racist signs often held up by supporters of open borders, or talked about the racist taunts routinely slung at MM at every big demonstration. Just as it will never consider doing any investigative reporting of the many organizations (ACLU, CRALF, Catholic Church, International Socialist Organization, MEChA, etc., etc., etc.) in San Diego County actively supporting illegal immigration and illegal aliens, and usually breaking federal law in doing so.
Where are the stories about the weekly drug shipments across the border in Campo or Jacumba? About weekly violence against Border Patrol agents out there and elsewhere? About the number of persons killed by illegal aliens in the county the last few years? How about a story on how many lives would have been saved if over the last 20 years local law enforcement had aided the feds in identifying and apprehending illegal aliens, as they have had the option of doing under existing federal law?
Where was KPBS when the Senate passed a bill a year ago (S.2611) that would have tripled legal immigration rates and doubled the rate of U.S. population growth from about 1%/year to 2%/year? Did it report those aspects? Is the KPBS staff incapable of analyzing the social, economic, and environmental consequences of such a growth rate for California or the San Diego Region? Perhaps KPBS did not want to give positive credit to Republicans in the House for killing that bill?
At least on the issues relating to immigration and MM, KPBS’s new coverage is biased, superficial, and focused on the trivial. If you think the general public is fooled, you’re wrong, and it is hurting SDSU.
Sincerely, Stuart Hurlbert

Stuart H. Hurlbert
Department of Biology
Life Science Building
San Diego State University
5500 Campanile Drive
San Diego, California 92182-4614

Tel. 619-594-5409, Fax. 619-594-5676
Research Professor of Biology; Director, Center for Inland Waters
CIW website:
“Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.” – Lao Tzu
“An error does not become truth by reason of multiplied propagation, nor does truth become error because nobody will see it.” – Mahatma Gandhi
“Classifications and distinctions based on race or color have no moral or legal validity in our society.” – Thurgood Marshall
“Our country and state have a special obligation to work toward the stabilization of our own population so as to credibly lead other parts of the world towards population stabilization.” – Ronald Reagan
“Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.” – John F. Kennedy
“In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act” – George Orwell
“Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition.” – anonymous U.S. Navy chaplain

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  • Jeff Mundt

    Another interesting thing I’ve noticed is this website’s “Hatewatch” graphic image at the top of the page. The editors/ administrators of this site went to great pains to use a photo of an obviously white skinned, blue eyed man. Does ANYONE out there think this smacks of racism?

  • High John de Conquerer

    Hubert is right. The SPLC is a liberal hate group that is like Hizbollah – it does a few good things and a bunch of bad things.

    The recent worst was representing an illegal alien drug smuggler under the guise of “immigrant justice.” They have stolen millions in donations from gullible donors who falsely believe they are a good cause. Now, those poor donors are supporting Mexican drug cartels.

    The SPLC is a danger to debate and civil society.

  • GrannyofWhites

    For some reason, Eddie, several lines of your post are not visible.
    Some time ago I looked at the names of the attorneys who are now representing SPLC. Many were of Hispanic descent.
    I think that may be the reason for the change in direction of SPLC’s focus.
    They are the new Germans.
    They have even threatened (in California, after the Prop 187 mess) that they will learn who their ENEMIES are.
    These were Hispanic American political leaders threatening Americans who try to oppose illegal immigration.
    Fortunately, through private communications, Americans can congregate and share this information.
    I feel like we are living in Nazi Germany – today!

  • Jeff Mundt

    As a late to wake up reformed 70’s liberal, I can tell you all that the smear tactics of personal destruction employed by the SPLC are the stock in trade of the left. For the left, it has never been about an open discussion of the facts. The primary tactic is to label through mass media any opposing viewpoint as that of a “racist”, “nazi”, “hater”, or “nativist”. The debate is therefore stifled, a true assault on freedom of speech and expression. Legal apparatus such as the ACLU and MALDEF have also been employed to this end, providing additional suppression of individuals and local governments opposed to illegal immigration by threatening or instituting civil suits over so called “hate speech”. These are the same tactics used by the Nazi party in WWII Germany to stifle opposition, and similar to the pressures applied to citizens of the former Soviet Union who needed “re-education” in their gulags for making statements against the power structure.

  • Eddie Tabash

    I am also on the board of directors of CAPS. My colleague on that board, biology professor, Stu Hurlbert, just alerted me to the fact that his comments have been published on this blog. I would like to provide my take on this.

    I like to refer to myself as the “token liberal Democrat” in the immigration reduction movement. There should be more of us involved in this. For me, as the son of an Auschwitz surviving mother, I had better have a very good reason to now want to curtail the number of immigrants who come to the U.S. each year. I’m afraid that I do have that justification. It is overpopulation

    California now has 38 million people. We sustain a net growth of at least 500,000 per year. At current levels of immigration, legal, illegal, and their offspring, the U.S. will have one billion people at the turn of the century.

    My heart goes out to the illegal entrants who want to come here seeking a better life. However, we cannot absorb them, nor the large numbers of legal immigrants who wish to enter the United States, with large numbers of that group settling in California, primarily southern California.

    The majority of even illegal aliens are decent people just seeking a better life. However, no nation can be expected to forfeit its sovereign control of its borders and be deprived of knowing who is coming in at any moment in time. We would not leave the doors to our homes open, if we were assured that 80% of those who enter without our knowledge will be benevolent, but just 20% will be criminals.

    I will admit that in this century, millions of people, and these are not just people from Mexico and other Central American nations, but from places like Bangladesh, the Sudan, and Somalia, will die, either because of oppressive governments or because of abject poverty, if they cannot move to the United States. Yet, we still cannot absorb every human being on this planet who lives in dreadful circumstances in another country. This is not racism. It is common sense arithmetic.

    I have alway admired the Southern Poverty law Center. SPLC and I just each filed briefs with the California Supreme Court in the effort to legalize same sex marriage. SPLC has done great service to the nation in exposing true white supremacists. However, it greatly saddens me to see an otherwise fine organization spew out unfair and unjust accusations of hate against those of us who have the courage to state the obvious: High numbers of legal and illegal immigration will, in totality, result in a severe overpopulation problem for the nation and particularly for California.

    It is grossly unfair of SPLC to charcterize people like me, who only want to curtail runaway population growth, as racists. Unfortuantely the imputation of racism can be hurled by the far left as irresponsibly and as unjustly as the religious right accuses secular people of having morals that are inferior to religious-based ethics.

    Again, I grieve for every person on the planet who lives in dire circumstances and sees relocation to the United States as the only solution. However, we cannot absorb every such person, nor can we let large numbers of them continue to unlawfully enter our borders with no idea who each such entrant is. We must also drastically cut back on legal immigration.

    The religious right must give in on family planning. The left and corporate Republicans must give in on immigration. To stabilize our population we need both birth control and border control.

    If Sweden were the bordering nation and the same number of blond haired, blue eyed people tried to come across the border, as we now face with our southern border, my views would be the same. I love and respect the Mexican people. That does not, however, logically entail that I must accept millions more of Mexican nationals, or nationals from any other country, who want to enter the U.S,, whether lawfully or unlawfully.

    I implore SPLC to not become the left wing equivalent of the religious right. Stop hurling the epithet of racism at everybody who advocates ending illegal immigration and reducing legal immigration. Let’s all engage in an in depth intellectual dialogue on how many more people the U.S. and California–particularly–can absorb.

    The religious right accuses its opponents of being immoral. SPLC should not accuse conscientious minded immigration reductionists of racism. Let’s all rise to a new level of maturity and elevated rational dialogue as we attempt to grapple with how best to deal with the volatile issue of immigration.

    Eddie Tabash

  • Juan

    Theodore Roosevelt a las ideas de los inmigrantes y ser un americano en 1907.

    “En primer lugar, debemos insistir en que si el inmigrante que viene aquí de buena fe se convierte en un americano y asimila a sí mismo a nosotros, será tratada en una exacta igualdad con todos los demás, porque es un ultraje a discriminar en contra de cualquiera de esos porque el hombre de creencias, o lugar de nacimiento, o de origen. Pero esto se basa en que la persona se convierta en todas las facetas a un americano, y nada más que un americano … No puede haber una lealtad dividida. Cualquier hombre que dice que él es un americano, pero también otra cosa, no es un americano en absoluto. Tenemos espacio para una sola bandera, pero, la bandera americana … Tenemos espacio para un idioma pero aquí, y que es el idioma Inglés … Y tenemos espacio para una sola pero la lealtad y que es una lealtad hacia el pueblo americano ‘.
    Theodore Roosevelt 1907

    Cada ciudadano tiene que leer esto!
    Mantener esto en marcha

  • GrannyofWhites

    If you really want equality, you must emphasize responsibility as well as rights.
    Illegals display too much irresponsibility. Some of their behavior is not even considered newsworthy, but the stories abound and are e-mailed privately.

    If you want equality, you must stand for equal responsiblity – and that includes respect for law.

    LAW – it’s what you pretend to stand up for. You have forgotten your priority.

  • GrannyofWhites

    Isn’t it okay for Mexicans to be nativist? It is only whites who are condemned for “nativism”. Other countries are quite protective of their own citizens and fight to keep illegals out.

    But, oh, I forget, they are brown or black and therefore, nativism is quite alright.

    Open borders are the breeding place of hate. There is no law there – and so it is ironic that the Southern Poverty Law Center is even involved…. with the lawlessness of illegal immigration.
    As the amount of illegals increase, so does hate.
    Humans are not ready for chaos.

  • GrannyofWhites

    Yes, more about drug selling and Mexicans caught at the border with huge shipments of heroin, meth, and every illegal drug you can think of.

  • GrannyofWhites

    Now, let’s see. In my Sociology classes we could talk about groups. It is perfectly “legal”. In fact, our local Hispanic zealots talk about “groups” of illegals of their own nationality – giving them much, much credit for the positive things they do. (Always ignoring the negative stories – which the white, Asian and black reporters are assigned to.)
    The obvious bias is what is killing your cause.

    Your credibility is dying. And this is why the illegals are leaving and the general public is supporting anti-illegal immigration groups.

    The truth hurts.

  • Penny

    Thank you for posting this, however horrifying it is.
    The truth is always a good thing, it shows us who people really are…like the person above me!
    Peace…love & light
    SPLC – You’re the best! Long before it was popular to be soo good!

  • Jonathan

    The SPLC is an anti-White organization. I’d speculate that one of the reasons that the SPLC smears/attacks anti-immigration organizations is that there would be a perceived benefit for Whites. “The sooner Whites are a minority the better!”

    The SPLC actually has an anti-White section:
    but take a look at the number of articles posted in it.