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Religious Right Lies About Hate Bill

By Mark Potok on August 1, 2008 - 10:23 am, Posted in Extremist Propaganda, Podcasts

This week on our podcast, Southern Poverty Law Center Legal Director Rhonda Brownstein and I discuss the article Rhonda wrote recently about Christian Right propaganda regarding a pending federal hate crimes bill. It turns out that major organizations like the American Family Association are lying about the bill, which they claim would result in pastors being thrown into prison for preaching against homosexuality.

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  • ron

    The Zionist SPLC and ADL are two of the biggest fear mongering and guilt hustling organizations in this country. Both of these groups are also hypocritical always going after the white organizations while LaRaza, the brown berets and the JDL roam free without criticisms. Maybe scaring the white liberals out of theyre wallets about dumb heel clicking skinheads grants the people at the so called SPLC more direct mail funds. This Southern Millionaires LIE center is a nothing but a FRAUD and a directmail fund raising racket. Anyone who falls for they’re line of shit is a fool. Also for people with a more skeptical mind look up the history of Ol’ Morris Dees on Google and get a load about who REALLY runs the SPLC.

  • David C. Kanz

    Are we surprised the Religious Right would state “untruths?” Don’t be. I used to be one of them and I can verify their ability to lie….for their own benefit on a host of subjects.

  • Blazingcatfur

    Given the Canadian experience their fears are justified. Look into the persecution of Father De Valk.

  • Jonathan


    “Or when the Latinos attacked a group of protestors in Maywood, California with cans of liquid, slashing tires, etc., because they didn’t want any public protests against illegal immigration?”

    A friend told me of an anti-illegal immigration protest he observed once in the LA area. Some of the people protesting were quite old, even in their 80s. Leftist thugs with masks showed up and attacked some of these old people by punching them in the head as hard as they could from behind!

    I’m sure I’m preaching to the choir, but don’t let these leftists fool you, they can be brutal and vicious. The regimes with there biggest death count were leftist, e.g., the Soviet Union, China.

  • GrannyofWhites

    Is this similar to the Latinos who burned down a campus building around the time of PROP 187 in California?

    Or when the Latinos attacked a group of protestors in Maywood, California with cans of liquid, slashing tires, etc., because they didn’t want any public protests against illegal immigration?

  • IludiumPhosdex

    In case you haven’t heard, the so-called “Westboro Baptist Church” in Topeka went up in flames Saturday evening … and, for their part, the Hatemongering Phelps Family is vowing to continue the fight for G-d and Country.

    But then again, whispers are being aroused about the fire being, perhaps, of deliberate origin (as in collecting on the insurance in the wake of Serious Financial Problems on their part).

  • GrannyofWhites

    I can’t believe you call these feeds “Hatewatch”.
    Also, I see a reference to “wingnuts”.

    You sound like a bunch of uneducated children who cannot think of big words.

  • Jonathan

    I haven’t read the bill, but I’m glad entities are resisting it. I have a great distrust of “hate thought”, “hate speech” and “hate crimes” laws. I’ve observed their progression over the years, they are like a boa constrictor slowly strangling its prey. The bill may not allow pastors to be thrown into jail, but it is probably a step in that direction. You can boil a frog by slowly turning up the heat.

  • Brian Cook

    I really wish that the pro-family movement will actually discuss the bill as it is written instead of spouting fear-mongering conspiracy theories.

  • Ken Mier

    Excuse Me Jesus

    Would you please intervene .