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Doctors Fear Immigration Fervor Creating Public Health Risk

By Hatewatch Staff on August 26, 2008 - 9:26 am, Posted in Uncategorized

North Carolina doctors are voicing concerns that the increasingly hostile tone of the immigration debate is dissuading illegal immigrants from seeking medical treatment and thereby creating a public health risk.
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  • Babette

    Good! Criminals who are mexican or other country citizens HAVE NO RIGHTS HERE IN AMERICA. Period! Let me tell you something….do you know how it feels to be an American citizen trying to get by the best way one can and can’t even get their teeth fixed, go to the doctor unless it’s an emergency and end up oweing the rest of whatever you make for the rest of your life and not even be able to buy food…at least those in the country can shoot some squirrels to eat. Not in TOWN! Know what it’s like to need glasses to read, but you don’t have the money and you need them to work at a job that pays only min. wage and you have to have decent clothes to wear to work and they really don’t care if ur starving as long as you don’t smoke??? I tell you what, I never dreamed our own people could be so evil and wicked against their own people for a few pennies that wouldn’t hurt them in the least and they could take off your taxes. And, even if you have a half-way decent job, you’re gonna need a car to get there and they are tearing us to pieces with the price of gas, repair, insurance, tags, and other upkeep items. And if you don’t have a car, you have to buy some essiential items at the local convience stores which charges double and sometimes TRIPLE because they know the people on foot have no other choice. I’ve never seen my country so corrupt and cold-blooded as it has become to this day. Are ALL these people on drugs or are they just greedy and psychopathic…being infected by the greed and irresponsiblity and cold-heartedness of the rich they seem to admire and even envy?
    Back to the subject, no hospital I’ve ever known of has ever refused anyone I’ve known or heard of for service when they needed it. And if they are sick enough, they’ll go. This just sounds like manufactured hysteria to me. Unless this is just the propaganda of the Nanny State. But it sounds like the crooks who want open borders to me. And It’s so much easier to control people when you control them like children and treat them as a bunch of dummies and retards, huh? I think people are pretty sick of that type of condescending treatment also. I will try to work it into the list of grievances against the gov. along with the other abuses I’ve seen in our gov. toward our people also. It
    s a part of the whole tapestry of abuses.
    While rich americans are petting foreigners like pet dogs, they’re treating OUR American people like outcasts. And doing it by silencing our voices in gov. with their lobbyists. Even the bible says; you don’t give to the dogs what belongs to the children, but only the scraps from the table.