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Nativist Group’s Effort To Recall Phoenix Mayor Fails

By Hatewatch Staff on September 2, 2008 - 8:49 am, Posted in Uncategorized

America Citizens United’s campaign to recall Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon, who many nativists view as soft on immigration law enforcement, failed when the group missed a deadline for turning in petition signatures.
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  • Paulina

    The eye of “hate watch” looks more hateful and suspicious than any “so-called hate group” These organization called “HATE WATCH” promotes hate because it’s good business for them. Just think of all the federal (our tax money) and other moneys they get for saying they are “fighting Hate groups”??? For them, the more “hate groups” the more money they get….even if they have to fabricate them. What they actually do is spew their own hatred on to others and pretend they are caring enough to protect the poor “victims” of hatred..tsk, tsk. Those “poor victims” need protection from the “HATE WATCH ORGANIZATION” who are only interested in getting more funds. Watch out for the “HATE WATCH EYE”!!

  • GENO-cydal 88

    Loren that’s very true. What’s so ridiculously lame is how Sheriff Joe Arpaio still believes he’s in the 80th percentile approval rate among AZ`s voters, yet the 76 year old incumbent still lives in the past. According to the Rocky Mtn Poll taken last fall. His approval rating dropped signifanctly from the traditionally forgottened 80% all the way down to 54%. But because the poll was taken in the late fall of 2007, his number is expected drop to a downward spiral of 40% or less. Now that doesn’t look good for Arpaio, now does it?

    I give Phil Gordon alotta credit for standing up to the most corrupted Sheriff in America. It takes guts and courage to do so. Especially since Sheriff Nickle Bag Joe is notorious for retialation and vindictiveness on anyone who opposes him. He has abused his position by going after the editors of Phoenix New Times for printing truths and facts about the malfeasance ridden Sheriff.

    Its time for Dan Saban to be our next Sheriff come Novemeber!!

  • loren

    It would appear to me that the reasonable folks of Arizona saw them for exactly what they are- carriers of hate and misinformation. And, they score low in any test of intelligence. In my pro-immigrant blogging I have encountered many of them. No matter how hard they try, they expose themselves for what they are in the end. Because they spend so much of their time in the echo chambers of right wing talk radio and in the blogoshere, theymistakenly believe that their views are in the majority. What a surprise for them to find they are not!

  • Rosanna Pulido

    Dear Anna,

    Thanks for your efforts! Sheriff Joe was just here in Chicago and only 10 protesters showed up.

    We are WINNING againts SPLC and open borders and ANTI AMERICAN types!!

  • the Great Southern Trend Kill

    Believe me, they have failed BIG TIME. Not even 0.1% of the 40,000 sigs were turned in. That little ex-illegal alien, alleged trespasser(yes she was escorted and cuffed out of Barnes and Nobles where Sheriff Joe Arpaio was signing books, irony huh?) anti-Hispanic Hispanic Anna Gaines has already tarnished the reputation and legitimacy of the American Citizens United(ACU) and that group did not have its own “by-laws” according to the co-founder and president Bob Haran. Who has also distant himself and parted ways from Anna “hobbit lady) Gaines, who recklessly and foolishly went forth with the “recall petition” without setting up any map of plans to do so and without the presidents permission.

    In the end, she and a very few others have failed big time. Not one single effin toothless bigot showed up to turn in their sigs.

    I don’t even know if that group remains to exist after this or what but I’m sure it has already self-destructed, thanks to Anna Gaines.

    We are winning the war against the Natavists.

    For the Americans and For Freedom.