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Militant Wing of Hebrew Israelite Movement Growing and Radicalizing

By Heidi Beirich on September 5, 2008 - 5:01 pm, Posted in Black Separatist, Podcasts

On this week’s podcast, Mark Potok and I talk about our new Intelligence Report cover story, “Ready for War,” which is about the black supremacist wing of the Hebrew Israelite movement. With an increasingly militant leadership, this movement has been spreading across the country, preaching a frightening, racist theology that says Jesus Christ is returning soon to kill or enslave white people, Jews, homosexuals, and others.

  • Onix Sosa

    The danger is that these hate groups masquerading as a bible based religion are capturing the minds of young urban man. The proper way to fight this by un-telling the lies they are fomenting about the bible as we have done here.

  • Germanicus

    He’s talking about the militant wing which is very big. They’re poor, ignorant, and isolated They don’t even preach about their religion they preach about hate and hating fags, bitches, and whores. They’re absolutely repulsive.

  • Arch K

    All I can say is Thank god for Science.

  • Yahya Bandele

    Shalom Bro. Zadok,

    Your response leaves nothing else to be said.


    “Hebrew or the So-Called Negro”


    I find it interesting that people are attracted to the MOST negative stereotype they can find… and use it to pin it on ALL Black Hebrew Israelites. The above commentary is proof enough of that. “Ebonics to Hebrew”?? News flash… all black people do not speak “Ebonics” Just like all Jews are not Zionists… but that’s not important to people like you (Max). All “black people” who follow the Hebrew faith… which has nothing to do with Judaism… are not angry men yelling on corners.

    Nope, instead of addressing THOSE particular people, you would rather stereotype and rant about something you know NOTHING about. Christian racism is a joy to behold.

    Secondly… I love the rampant usage of the word Cult. All religions are cults by its very definition. Just because some religious belief system is more accepted by the Eurocentric mainstream… doesn’t make it any less a cult than any unpopular belief system.

    Judaism is a cult… very LOOSELY based on the Mosaic Law… and that only for credibility NOT theology. Having actually read the Talmud… in several forms the Hebraic, the Latin, and the censored English… it is safe to say that it has more to do with self worshipping rabbis than ANYTHING Moses ever said. Even the idea of a “Hamitic curse” firstly misnomered as hell as the curse fell on Canaan… secondly the only “racial” reading into the verse came from your beloved Maimonedes…. and ironically… is the ONLY agreement between Judaism and Islam. It is also… until the weird creature emerged known as “Judeo-Christianity”… the one thing Christians and Jews could agree on as both were heavily involved in the slave trade. Wonderful isn’t it that racism could unite such bitter enemies at the onset of their respective religions?

    Christianity is an amalgamation of cults… 38,000 of them to be exact. Most of them based on the teachings of Paul… and the worship of the mystical birth/death/blood/resurrection of J-Esus (a name strangely close to the Gaelic “Esus/Hesus to whom men used to be sacrificed by hanging on trees and stabbed. Sound familiar?)… the made up idol… rather than the Most High of the Mosaic era and TEACHINGS of the man Yahoshua that He sent.

    And you want us to shut up and worship your “god”? Insanity.

    Your entire view of history is propaganda. Your entire religion is propaganda. You asserting that you know what Hebrew Israelites as a whole believe… is DEFINITELY propaganda given your quote that it involves some pentecostalism and islamic heresies.

    Just because you subscribe to a Eurocentric revision of History… and the REGURGITATION of the Babylonian mystery religion… everyone else doesn’t have to.

    We happen to know who we are… and our ancestors knew who they were BEFORE they were “allowed” or “deemed human enough” to read a bible… and even then it was ONLY the New Testament from a Christian perspective. You on the other hand have no idea… and as such… you schill and whine in the typical Judeo-Christian way. The only thing you want us to do is to SUBMIT… and the only one we submit to is the Most High.

    Keep bowing in your Bethels with your crosses and idols… keep focusing on some misguided people on a street corner and typing pages of blog bashing… things you wouldn’t say to these peoples faces. Keep sneering down your noses at where we live in our “nihilistic ghettos”… keep thinking your wars are from “god”… for every idle word will be accounted for.

    You can try to box us in with stereotypes all you want… we are used to it. We are not going anywhere until Yahoshua returns.

  • Max

    You angry ignorant naive uneducated wannabe Jews serve a false Christ and a false gospel, repent to the True LORD, the Father, AND the Son, AND the Holy Spirit who reveals Himself in the Holy Bible alone, or you have absolutely no hope of salvation from your angry ignorant American black man’s Ebonics cult.

    You truly have no idea how ignorantly naive you guys are of not only the Bible but of history and the world itself do you? It is truly unreal. You are as close to Biblical Israelites or Biblical Christians as American Black Ebonics is to Hebrew.

    U juz don git dat du u doe. You probably would think Jamaican patois is true Biblical Hebrew if your leaders told you it was because you are so ignorant and uneducated and cling to their every heretical word.

    Get yourselfs out of that cult envionment and MOVE physically as well ASAP while you still have time. Begin to educate yourselfs in history and the Holy Bible. Stop making such fools of yourselfs in your naive uneducated brainwashed ignorance.

    Repent to the True Christ, all of you before it is too late or you will face the eternal ends which all heretics have since the Creation.

    The propaganda that comes from your cult is yet just another regurgitation of the oneness pentecostalism heresy mixed in with Islamic heresies and then put into the hands of young angry American black men who add to it their own naive conspiracy theories and uneducated worldviews trying desperately to create some historic place for themselves in the world while living in the cold nihilistic ghettos of the American North East.

  • YHWH IS ONE!!!!

    The individuals that are standing on street corners in major cities all across the U.S. and Europe, that preach hate. DO NOT REPRESENT THE HEBREW ISRAELITE COMMUNITY. First and foremost they teach from the New (Greek Writings) Testament. The Hebrew Israelite Community is firmly grounded in the TORAH/TANAKH and do not recognize the new testament as scripture. We only use the new testament to show the distortions of a pagan religion, that has done nothing but cause havoc and division in the so called African-American community. YHWH is one alone THERE IS NO TRINITY!!! Isaiah 43 10-13. The New (Greek writings) Testament states this also in Mk 12 28-34. What you should be fearful of is the fact that these individuals are Christians!!! not Hebrew- Israelites they represent one of the thousands of militant movements within the christian religion. WE HEBREW ISRAELITES DO NOT CONDONE HATE OR VIOLENCE IN ANY WAY.

  • 77Truth

    Any Hebrew Israelite who condones violence isn’t really serious about what he stands for.
    Romans 6:23 (KJV) says, For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.

  • Yah stands alone

    These so-called militant dum-dums that are preaching hate and nonsense are not a true representation of what a true Hebrew Yisraelite is. We are peaceful, loving people grounded in the Torah. Whenever man tries to indoctrinate and deviate from the Most High’s plan for his own selfish desires, it will become corrupt and void. These fools are in their own mad world.

  • someguy

    the klan has people in the white house? lmfao

  • Carter

    I disagree that ALL racism can be traced back to social-economic factors, however the above illustration is well worth addressing in context. Bigotry may also be past down through a nurture-family system dynamic causality (in that it may be learned).
    It is a very complex issue. While I am NOT a socialist; a level playing field is a great first step. The element of ANY misappropriation of funds and opportunity may generate this feeling and that was why the past use of favoring anyone on the basis of their skin color or ethnicity created discord. Also called “Affirmative Action”; many men & women felt it was an affront to their ability level.
    The man or woman of color had asked themselves in their private moments “did I get this position based on my achievements or simply because I was a minority?”. This did NOTHING to bolster self reliance, self esteem, or cohesive interaction between the races.
    Issues like Christian Identity or Hebrew Israelite movements are attempts to bolster self esteem in those who see their past religiosity or world view not yielding up the fruits of their labors. They see themselves as deserving of “the good things” in life as much as the next man or woman but sadly they don’t achieve. not everyone can win in certain things. So they choose to create a myth & live by it.
    If such statistics are available I would bet that the level of poverty and drug addiction within the Jewish population is on par with other groups when contextual statistic elements are resolved.
    Sadly or otherwise, life does not always deliver what one would like it to.
    When finally, one does makes peace with the demons that call us to hate our fellows; we begin see that we all bleed red, our tears are all salty, and our laughter is the same in any language.

  • Greg

    Comparing the Hebrew Israelites to the KKK is like comparing apples and oranges.

    The Hebrew Israelites are a religious cult with no real ties to the power structure, let alone the black community. In fact, other militant black organizations view them as clowns and charlatans.

    The Klan has people inside the Bush administration, in both houses of Congress, in State and local governments, and in a wide array of frateral organizations such as the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) and the Scottish Rite Freemasons.

    In addition, the comparison is based upon a flawed definition of racism; one that does not address the actual power relationship between the oppressed and the oppressor.

    So, in short, the Hebrew Israelites have the political and economic power to be bigoted, but not racist.

  • Colin

    The hebrew isrealites have been in OKC for several years, since at least the late 1990s. They are pretty low key; I haven’t encountered any of the confrontational tactics discussed in the article.

    I think it’s important that SPLC makes note of the root causes of black racism, although I think that all racism can be traced to social and economic factors, either in the desire to preserve unearned wealth and status, or the feeling that wealth and status is being unfairly withheld.

    “The cause of KuKluxism, as with most social diseases, lies in rivalry, which, under pressure, breaks out into open warfare. There is always someone ready to serve as the leader of such outbreaks, but they are not the cause but the effect of an underlying cause, which is usually economic. When a herd of cattle stampedes, it is the whole herd that is stampeding, not just this or that bull which the herd has pushed forward. Moreover, give a herd of cattle all the green grass and fresh water they need, and not even Mussolini or Adolf Hitler can make them stampede…If Adolf Hitler had come to my Munich in the 1890s, all his eloquence would not have pried a bakers dozen of Bavarians loose from their beloved stiens. Coming after the defeat of 1918 and the trial by hunger that followed on its heels, he was able to walk away with the whole of germany.”

    Oscar Ameringer, the archetect of the Socialist Party in Oklahoma, and one of the key crusaders against the Oklahoma Klan.