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Calling All Hatewatchers: Introducing the Dobbsy

By Mark Potok on September 8, 2008 - 5:24 pm, Posted in Dobbsy Awards

Today on CNN, Lou Dobbs kicks off his “Independent Convention” — his answer to the Democratic and Republican nominating conventions of the past two weeks.

We figured this would be a great time to introduce a new tongue-in-cheek award, to be given to “mainstream” figures — politicians, pundits, preachers and pedants — who make utterly false or misleading statements that have the effect of denigrating or defaming an entire group of people.

Naturally, we’re calling it the Dobbsy.

After all, who has made this kind of mainstream defamation more infamous than the man who insisted, despite a huge mountain of evidence to the contrary, that 7,000 new cases of leprosy had appeared in a recent three-year span, thanks largely to immigrants? Dobbs, of course. He even told Lesley Stahl of “60 Minutes”: “If we reported it, it’s a fact.”

Dobbs did report it. But it wasn’t a fact.

Even though “60 Minutes,” The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, the Columbia Journalism Review, Media Matters for America, and others showed that his numbers were inflated (by a factor of about 17), he declined to retract the claim. Demonstrating that his source was an extreme-right migrant-hater with no expertise in immigration or disease failed to budge the host of “Lou Dobbs Tonight,” either. In round after media round, Dobbs refused to admit he had been wrong.

Dobbs isn’t alone, of course, in spreading misinformation in the media. That’s why we are launching the Dobbsy — because some exaggerations and falsehoods uttered by mainstream figures are simply so outrageous that they demand special recognition.

We’d like to ask our readers to join us in the search for these propagandists. Please send us your nominations, along with any links or other supporting evidence for what they said and why they’re factually wrong. We will occasionally select one of these for a Dobbsy citation and write-up, and at some point, we’ll have a grand competition in which we’ll ask readers for their help in selecting a “winner.”

To get us into the spirit of things, we reprint here a short but unforgettable extract of Dobbs’ interview with Lesley Stahl (full disclosure: I criticized Dobbs in that same “60 Minutes” segment), which aired on May 6, 2007:

STAHL: We checked and found a report issued by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, saying 7,000 is the number of leprosy cases over the last 30 years, not the past three, and nobody knows how many of those cases involved immigrants. Now we went to try and check that number, 7,000. We can’t. Just so you know…

DOBBS: Well, I can tell you this. If we reported it, it’s a fact.

STAHL: You can’t tell me that. You did report it…

DOBBS: Well, no, I just did.

STAHL: How can you guarantee that to me?

DOBBS: Because I’m the managing editor, and that’s the way we do business. We don’t make up numbers, Lesley. Do we?

I think that gives our intrepid readers an idea of what we’re looking for. Go out, be fruitful, and send us your findings. It won’t be long before we award the first Dobbsy. They say they don’t make up numbers. But do they?

Submit your own Dobbsy Award nomination

  • http://none john

    I suspect mr collymore has degree’s which are easy to obtain unlike the real stanley collymore who is an accomplished footballer an activity which is a real challenge

  • Glenn Franco Simmons

    Oh, one other thing, professor, I’m sure my biracial family will be humored by your stereotpyical and false accusation of me being a “bully boy redneck racist.”

    That is false.

    It is stereotypical.

    It is prejudicial.

    It is uneducated.

    It is scapegoating.

    It is repugnant.

    As for not being able to “take it,” I would say that I can take your vile hatefulness just fine. As an editor most of my adult life, I easily withstand criticism, so dish away your ignorance, professor.

    You just aren’t worth any more time.

  • Glenn Franco Simmons

    Professor Colllymore,

    For someone blogging on a blog dedicated to exposing hate, perhaps it’s appropriate but repugnant that your vile and malignant words are seen.

    The fascists of the past would find comfort in your hate, stereotypes and scapegoating.

    I won’t respond back to you, but how you present yourself here is no better than the racists and anti-Semites who are also driven by hatred — although a different form of hatred than fills your heart and soul.

    As for my education, insult away. Education means nothing, professor, without a moral code. Look at Nazi Germany: the most-educated society in the world at the time Hitler came to power. So don’t lecture me on education, especially since I am “educated” and hold a university honors degree.

    As for me stereotyping, get real. I only asked Ms. Latuske to consider what her country did for the world and that that fact cannot be ignored while she launches tirades against the United States. I don’t see historical accuracy as stereotypical. I find it revealing.

  • the Great Southern Trendkill

    Although, I won’t get into this personal bashing mania regardless if you’re “political” or not, which has slightly gone off the real topic here.

    Apparently this news isn’t new, but its clear to everyone with an open mind with relevance to truth and common sense that CNN`s own loon–Lou Dobbs racism isn’t just limited to Hispanics. No, in fact, according the A.P. Reports that 2-faced hypocrite Lou Dobbs has purchased a box of “Obama Waffles” sold at the booths from the recent Voters Summit held 2 weeks ago.

    This also tells me, not only does he disparage Latinos-Hispanic Americans nationwide(probably his wife too) and garner copious amounts of air time to guests who are well known members of those Natavists Extremists Hategroups but could it possible this nut-f**k is really a racist??? Many Americans seemed to think so. And this latest stint by Dobbsy himself says so otherwise.
    Why CNN chooses to keep Dobbsy on the air is beyond me. It questions their legitimacy as a mass mainstream media outlet. Because if Lou Dobbs` so called “facts” which he boldly states on air, are solid facts based, then surely he would cite his source with confidence and accuracy. See the original article above where several promenent and well respected journalists have questioned the legitimacy of Lou Dobbs “facts” to which he couldn’t back up.

    The guy is a racist loon. Period.

  • Professor Dr. S. Collymore

    Reference the remarks of Glenn Franco Simmons to myself and Ms Latuske. Firstly, we are both educated, which clearly you are not. Secondly, for someone who whinges about stereotypes I suggest that you try looking an analysing your own contribution, if you know what the word means that is. And thirdly, strange how you bully boy redneck racists can dish it out but like the snivering cowards that you really are inside can’t take it when you’re on the receiving end.
    Finally, go get a life. For if ever there were clear cut reasons for abortions and/or euthanasia you are it.
    Prof. Dr. S. Collymore
    London, England.

  • Glenn Franco Simmons

    Ms. Latuske,

    I won’t get into the political discussion because I believe in changing the minds and hearts of people in order for peace to eventually rein in the world.

    However, I find it somewhat ironic that you criticize America for its “illegal war” while ignoring your own country’s contribution to the world order that developed after Nazism and The Holocaust.

    That world order, which your country foisted on the rest of us by its militarism and anti-Semitism and bigotry, created two super powers that faced off in what I consider World War III, the so-called Cold War.

    Because of your country’s complicity in a genocidal campaign that still wreaks havoc throughout the world, and because it started World War II, the world had to endure the Cold War. How much different of a world could it have been had your country not engaged in such evil behavior, we’ll never know because the Third Reich (empire) changed history forever.

    If you want to go back to the Vietnam War, the least you could do — for a lawyer — is to understand the connecting themes of history that established a world order modified by Nazism.

  • Glenn Franco Simmons

    Professor Collymore,

    For being an educated man, you rants reveal hatred and you are engaging in the repugnant application of stereotyping individuals and I am not talking about political candidates; I am referencing your stereotypical, prejudicial and ignorant (doesn’t stereotypical and prejudicial reveal ignorance?) comments about Americans with whom you disagree.

    Please not that I am not a Republican nor do I endorse any candidate.

  • Prof. Dr. S. Collymore

    The nutter Lou Dobbs aside, as a Brit whose country is not above reproof I’m nevertheless utterly disgusted with the interminable ignorance and political naivety, bordering on the crass, that afflicts so many US voters. Granted that huge numbers of you rely solely on lying rightwing cable networks for your obligatory soundbites, haven’t got passports and will never do so, have never left mainland USA and don’t even exhibit a child-like curiosity to do so or properly acquaint yourselves with what’s going on in the rest of the world, that doesn’t surprise me in the least.

    What does, though, is your marked lack of commonsense and the power of rational deduction. How can anyone seriously contemplate voting for a dimwitted, failed US military pilot who trumps his abysmal failure in the battle arena (he crashed five planes for Christ sake before mercifully be taken as a POW) as an unmitigated success or even heroism; or a man who is a known womaniser, serial adulterer, home wrecker and callous wife deserter with a vile temper as a paragon of moral virtue? And these blemishes constitute just the tip of the Alaskan iceberg as regards John Mccain’s seriously flawed character.

    Just observe the body language whenever he seizes any and every opportunity to grab hold of Sarah Palin in a supposed instinctive embrace but whose own body language shows how repulsed she is by his attentions; but as the unabashed opportunist that she is, simply allows it to please her neo-con handlers and help further their New Century America agenda.

    And in case you think I’m too hard on John McCain may I suggest that you get him to release his “closed” military file that unequivocally shows why, with substantial influential string pulling, he was bundled out of the military and sent off to the bolthole that, in his case, was Washington, and where he’s been for the past 26 years. For it was either that or him doing serious time in jail for his unwarranted, predatory, sexual predilections.

    The White House has hosted all sorts as residents since it became the official home of the US president. But do you Americans really want a predatory, sexual miscreant and unstable paedophile as your head of state? How do I know? Now that would be telling, won’t it?

    Professor Dr. Stanley Collymore
    London, England.

  • James Hallman

    The SPLC has targeted Dobbs for the simple fact that he keeps people thinking about the illegal immigration problem in this country when the marxist/left in this country would rather we all think of something else.
    You go Lou ! And keep -up the good work.

  • Latuske

    I’m a German woman who like many non Armericans in my country and around the world are keenly watching this US election, and it really does amaze me as well as strike me just how dumb some Americans really are. From all accounts it would appear that they’d rather vote for John McCain and Sarah Palin who have nothing to offer them, except more lies, than for a man with ideas and inspiration to millions of people around the world as well as in the United States while, at the same time, making the world a far better place to live in.

    Often I hear it being asked by CNN and other media pundits why it is that the election race is so close. How very disingenous of these people when they know exactly the cause for this, something that they actively promote themselves. It’s the massive elephant in the sitting room stupid. And which none of the US media networks will tackle because they’re very much a part of the same crass mentality. That’s why they are more concerned with dealing with trivia rather than the real issues as they ought to.

    As a litmus test, does anyone imagine that if Barack Obama had refused to meet the press and answer pertinent questions relation to the issues that matter or had chosen a VP that did the same that the US media would give it a pass as they’ve done with Sarah Palin? I think not.

    Look at how Fox rabidly behaved towards Barack Obama when he justifiably refused to talk to them after all the lying personal insults that they had premeditatedly levelled at him and his wife. They even ran an Obama refusal time watch. Yet Fox isn’t criticizing Sarah Palin for refusing to talk to the press un-chaperoned.

    Sad to say America is still an entrenched racist country and you will have deserved what you get, Americans, if you vote into the White House a man who is a known serial adulterer, a home wrecker, wife deserter and lecherous groper. If in doubt ask John McCain to release his full army conduct records and explain why he was hurriedly bungled out of the US armed forces and sent off to Washington. This had nothing to do with service but everything to do with saving his lecherous ass. I know. A friend of mine served with British Intelligence and was seconded to the CIA and has the full details of what happened.

    As for John McCain’s so-called bravery. He failed miserably at the military academy he was sent to. He only remained in the military because of his father and grandfather being US admirals. Incidentally, let him tell you what happened to those other academy recruits who also failed like he did. Were they kept in the military?

    And if the Hanoi Hotel and what took place there – torture and the like – was an “academy” for leadership are we also to conclude that the same can be said for Guantanamo Bay and the other secret and worldwide US torture prisons where the involuntary inmates there suffer a far worst fate than John McCain ever did in Vietnam?

    I had to laugh when Professor Collymore mentioned his service in the Royal Air Force and unequivocally stated that had he crashed even ONE plane in the manner that john McCain did he would have been courtmartialled. John McCain crashed FIVE of them before he was ultimately incarcerated as a POW. A POW in an illegal war waged against the Vietnamese by the Americans, just as Iraq is, and in which hundreds of thousands of innocent Vietnamese also lost their lives. If this is heroism then all I can say is that Americans have a skewed notion of what that word really means. And it only goes to reinforce my view that the delusion of power is still deeply engrained in the American psyche. So I wholehearted endorse all that Professor Collymore has said above.

    Frau Gunda Latuske
    Major Corporate Lawyer.

  • Glenn Franco Simmons

    Professor Dr. Stanley Collymore, while I won’t get wrapped up in the political battle you write about, although I understand your passion, I do agree with your analysis that American media are woefully inadequate when it comes to analytical articles.

    In our country, we have a disenfranchisement of an entire part of our population that can be directly traced back to my country’s, your country’s and other countries’ outright and disgustingly evil “trade” called slavery. Yes, a godless endeavor from the start. A moral malignancy that wreaks its havoc to this day.

    Cal Berkeley Sociology Professor Harry Edwards, Ph.D. has warned us that a part of the black population will continue to be disenfranchised, leading them away from even the black middle class.

    Most media outlets ignore this disenfranchisement, despite the poverty, misery, racism, crime, etc. that plagues such disenfranchised populations.

    Your criticism of a non-analytical American media could not be more relevant.
    To show you the stupidity of American media, I once had a publisher tell me never to use the word Draconian again because he didn’t understand it. If that doesn’t tell you the state of our media, I don’t know what else will.

  • Glenn Franco Simmons

    I agree, Johnathan, that this is an excellent forum to present views. Civility should be the rule, not the exception, however, and that will be my motto.

  • Jonathan

    Glenn Franco Simmons,

    “Discussion is good, so is debate, but as I said, you are correct about framing arguments so as not to ridicule. A lesson learned.”

    All good! Forums like this are great! My hats off to the SPLC for supporting an open forum. Not all people agree but it’s great way to share views.


  • Prof. Dr. S. Collymore

    PS: Lou Dobs’ Award: International Moron of the Year.

    This is especially for Michael Graham at the Boston Herald, all those female PUMAS out there, their grotesquely disturbed supporters, and their collective surrogates in the media who’ve no idea of, or else cynically debauch what the so-called fourth estate is really all about. Who prostitute the news when they’re not actually making it up that is, and wouldn’t have the slightest clue of what analytical journalism is all about – because you’re essentially nothing more than mediocre hacks in a business that sees money and transient headlines-grabbing as the be all and end all of your pathetically sad and corrupt lives that are themselves spurred on by nothing more than the next lowest common denominator sound bite – and as a proxy thrive on smears, innuendos and falsehoods: lies, and downright ones at that, in other words. And that’s why I dare you to print this riposte to your consistent and paranoid abuse of the media and the intelligence of those like myself who read you only to familiarize ourselves with the latest shenanigans that you’re getting up to, so as to be able to counter them.
    What Michael Graham says in his transparently disingenuous attack on Barrack Obama’s pig with lipstick observation – no such phoney outrage when John McCain used it about Hillary Clinton – is the kind of remark that one would expect from someone who has a deep Oedipus complex. Did you actually sleep with your mother Michael? No wonder you are so depraved. Crying phoney sexism is always the last resort of the adult – male as well as female – who as a child has been subjected to physical and sexual abuse at the hands of a parent or guardian usually but not exclusively of the opposite sex and is still stuck in that distant time warp. And you are a classic example of this syndrome Michael Graham; while intelligent people like me from around the world, and most notably from the United Kingdom and mainland Europe, who’ve vigorously campaigned for and actually done something about feminine equality over many decades in which we have been involved in this crusade when it wasn’t fashionable in the United States, know what real sexism is. That’s why in Europe – from Britain to Germany to Finland – and even in countries like India, Sri Lanka and Israel we’ve had women leaders in our respective countries, while the United States still lags in the sewers of male chauvinism.
    All of these largely working class and clearly uneducated white men who now excitedly cheer Sarah Palin to the rafters and declare they will vote for her and John McCain in November regardless of their idiotic policies, or more to the point their obvious lack of any substantive ones as they simultaneously level their phoney sexist slurs against Barrack Obama, have you noticed how they always couch their enthusiasm for her with words like man “she’s hot!” Tell me Mr Graham, do you really think that such openly voiced phrases actually relate to Sarah Palin’s intellectual abilities or has anything to do with the skills she requires to run a country armed to the teeth with nuclear weapons and other WMDs in what is a very dangerous world, principally in that state of affairs because of the imperialist antics of the Republican Party and the stupid machismo of those Americans who support it? I think not.
    Furthermore, the United States of America has always been a white, male-dominated and white, male-run society. These white males were and are exclusively the sons, husbands, lovers and male relatives of white women, who have fucked with them, slept in their beds, cheated with them as Cindy did with John McCain, lied for them, thoroughly forgiven them for their indiscretions as Hillary Clinton and the terminally ill Elisabeth Edwards have done, raised their kids and cared for these men. And if after all that intimacy they were, or are still incapable of influencing these same white men, failed for such a long time to persuade these men to let them have the vote and, to use the current buzz phrase, see their chance to break through the supposed glass ceiling either blocked or severely restricted by these same men, tell me, clever clogs Graham, whose fault is that? Surely not Blacks, who were and still are at the bottom of the social and economic pile in racist USA; and certainly not that of Barrack Obama who against the odds has, unlike you, excelled at what he’s put his mind to and has done his very best to rise above the gutter instincts of the likes of you Michael Graham in the noble endeavour to create a better and more equitable America for everyone regardless of race, gender, social status, sexual orientation or religion.
    Let’s be forthright here, these are the very same men and women who themselves become the abusers in adult life and comprise the huge reservoir of most of America’s secret paedophiles. The same empty-headed morons who not only relish but also instinctively dish out whatever gratuitous abuse and violence they’re capable of because that’s all they know; who intuitively like to kick ass, and the weaker, more racially or culturally different that their chosen victims are perceived to be the better they feel – that’s why they gravitate in their mindless hordes to a like-minded and self-styled pit bull massif without any noticeable redeeming qualities like Sarah Palin; for that, alas, considering the parochial and unstimulating world they come from and blissfully inhabit, is all they’re familiar with and can readily empathize with.
    Who would have thought it let alone be able to convincingly make it up – Sarah Palin now hilariously acclaimed as a celebrity and rock star by the same people and media who before she unexpectedly and despairingly on the part of John McCain and Karl Rove erupted on the political scene, both saw and utilized these very terms as derogatory epithets when applied to Barrack Obama? And they tell us we’re in the 21st century. Yet we have a bunch of redneck racists and reactionaries, dumb bimbos and the like, who convince themselves that we’re still living at a time when their sort ruled the roost at home generally and the world in particular. Dream on!
    Am I the only one to see through the nauseating pretence of the yellow-bellied cowards, who for all their Nazi-style clamour and sheep-like obeisance to the puerile but nonetheless concerted, jackbooted onslaught and fascist agenda orchestrated these past seven and a half years by America’s neo-cons led by the likes of Karl Rove and Dick Cheney and that John McCain and Sarah Palin are unashamedly signed up to, and that have blighted the hopes and aspirations of many of the world’s inhabitants, as well as caused many millions of them to be callously massacred and displaced – that these evil clowns who don’t have the guts to spew out their one real reason for berating Barrack Obama, which rests squarely on their innate, guilt-ridden, paranoid and insidious racism (the huge but unspoken about elephant standing in the corner of the living room) now want to attack Russia: a country bristling with thousands of thermonuclear weapons – not new clear ones, the words that had to be placed on Sarah Palin’s teleprompter at her convention acceptance speech because she had no knowledge of what thermonuclear meant and couldn’t pronounce the correct spelling of that word. Talk about Americans having a death wish!
    By the way, the original Nazis ended up being comprehensively defeated by the victorious Russians when an overwhelming fascist leaning and German-sympathetic America that chose to let us British, our Commonwealth countries and naturally Russia (France had already caved in to the Nazis) fight the Third Reich and its many willing European satellites on our own, on the disingenuous claim of its own neutrality, just as both grandfathers of your incumbent president, George W. Bush, acted as the Nazis’ international banker and supplier of the lethal Zyklone B gas that the Nazis used in their death camps to eradicate Europe’s Ashkenazi Jews (those who no postwar US president can now run for office without sucking up to; how strong is the power of guilt!); that continent’s gypsies (who don’t get any mention nowadays of what also happened to them even though they’re still widely discriminated against); and those other unfortunate victims who the Germans classified as undesirables. And lets not forget to remind ourselves that the US only came into the war after the Japanese, allies of the Germans, had attacked Pearl Harbour. So you’re in superb fascist company America with a Republican presidential and vice-presidential candidates who’re also morally bankrupt.
    In John McCain’s case a well-known serial adulterer, groper and wife deserter; and from all accounts Sarah Palin’s private life is no better than his. In short, they’re both lying hypocrites. But many white American women who’re leaping on the Sarah Palin bandwagon can readily relate to this, since all the empirical data there is show unequivocally that 46% of them either cheat on or have consistently cuckolded their husbands or live-in partners, and some 39% of the children they produce aren’t the biological offspring of the named fathers. So what you have, in reality, is a lot of macho American men firing blanks or being purposely duped and don’t even know it. Little wonder then that Sarah Palin and John McCain for contradictory reasons are role models to these two specific constituents of cretins. Angered are you? Then I dare those of you who disagree to go have your alleged “kids” DNA tested. After all, you’ve nothing to fear but the truth!
    I served with the British Royal Air Force and had I crashed one plane, let alone five, in the manner that John McCain did I would have been summarily court-martialled and jailed for a very long time. What we detect in John McCain’s case is logic turned completely on its head. And for those who have selected memories, Vietnam like Iraq was an illegally waged war on the part of the United States, whose administration then as now lied to its own citizens about the reasons for starting it; and, crucially, a war you unmistakably lost. Made a POW, as John McCain was, for far longer than America participated in World War Two isn’t a triumph but, more exactly, is seen by all prescient-minded persons as an unmitigated failure to effectively carry out a set mission. Tortured when captured by the Vietnamese after John McCain and others like him from the relative safety of powerful, high flying war planes were dropping napalm and other deadly weapons on innocent and defenceless Vietnamese men, women, children and the elderly isn’t a position from which to claim the moral high ground. After, all what would Americans have done in a similar situation if foreign forces had illegally invaded their country and were doing the same thing to them?
    And if in the warped minds of John McCain and others who share his obsession with a false analysis of the Vietnamese War the Hanoi Hilton was an academy for honing his so-called leadership skills, is the same ludicrous argument also going to be advocated by these selfsame Americans with respect to the illegally renditioned and incarcerated inmates that the United States of America in open contravention of the Geneva Conventions, international law and the explicit condemnation of civilized countries worldwide holds in Guantanamo Bay, Bagram, Abu Grahib, and the other secret gulags and prisons that it operates around the world?
    John McCain isn’t very clever in general or, more specifically, intellectually. And had he not been the son and grandson of US admirals he would most certainly have been hastily kicked out of the military academy where he was sent to and allowed to “graduate” even though by his own lurid accounts he’d failed miserably academically and in all other respects. The man also has a vile temper and poor judgement: characteristics that are patently unsuited for some one aspiring to the presidency of a country that is a nuclear superpower. Here’s what the columnist Michael Tomasky of the British Guardian newspaper had to say about him in the Saturday 13 September edition of that paper:
    “McCain’s campaign is all the more shameful considering that he’s doing many of the exact things that were done to him by George Bush’s campaign in 2000 – and employing some of the selfsame people who did it to him to do it to Obama…But as the old saying goes, a lie can get halfway around the world before truth even gets its boots on, and so here we are.”
    And this from the Guardian’s editorial of the same date:
    “The overriding consideration should therefore have been to select as a running mate a man or woman with the ability and authority to take up the reins should they fall from Mr McCain’s hands. Mr McCain has done the exact opposite. Mrs Palin steered herself through her first interview this week with the nervous intensity of a well-prepared candidate for catechism who was nevertheless not quite sure of her ground on the sacraments. She is not experienced, and if she has ability it has been demonstrated only at a very low level. It speaks volumes that she is being kept from the press while being tutored at breakneck speed.”
    We’ve had enough wars in the past seven and a half years of the Bush/Cheney administration. Do we need more of them and this time instigated by the reckless actions and Rambo-style politics of a John McCain/Sarah Palin administration that could easily catapult mankind into a thermo-nuclear holocaust or Armageddon? Or are Americans, and not just their politicians, now openly showing the rest of us what at heart they really are – the world’s Fourth Reich. In which case, “Sieg Heil Amerika!
    British but unable to vote in the US elections even though the decision of you Americans will have an impact on the lives of the rest of us who live in this world I’m a Barrack Obama supporter, like many of my fellow citizens in Europe and around the world, because we all feel he is currently your country’s best hope to avoid a military Armageddon foisted on the rest of mankind. But part of me perversely wants John McCain and Sarah Palin to win. For I know that before long America will be at war again, but this time specifically on its own and with no coalition of the willing to help save it out from its self-imposed folly. And hopefully all the mutter f–kers of you in that parochial country across the pond will in your droves be sent off to fight and lose your lives in the manner of the expendable trash that you are. But somehow I don’t think that those of you, for all your jingoism and fake patriotism with regard to the United States, will be among those who’ll be the first in line to volunteer and put your lives in harm’s way. No, history manifestly shows that craven cowards like you and Michael Graham perpetually leave that for others to do. As we say in Britain, you’ll be quite willing to defend the US to the last drop of someone else’s blood.
    Professor Dr. Stanley Collymore London, United Kingdom.

  • Glenn Franco Simmons


    I think I got overly irritated at the use of the word “funny.”

    Discussion is good, so is debate, but as I said, you are correct about framing arguments so as not to ridicule. A lesson learned.

  • Jonathan

    Glenn Franco Simmons,

    I’ve been guilty of ridicule too. No harm done.

    I actually wasn’t referring to the Holocaust or had it in mind at all in my post. I’ve read a bit about differing views on the subject, but I’m no expert on it. I had domestic American issues in mind when I made the post.


  • Jennifer

    It wouldn’t matter to the left whether Lou slipped up once or was spot-on 100% of the time. He’s already been identified as an enemy of La Raza; he’ll probably consider your little award / label a sign that he’s hitting the nail on the head. Meanwhile the debate hasn’t changed, left versus right, as per usual.

  • Glenn Franco Simmons


    Good point about ridicule. I accept the criticism and will change how I respond.

    However, I still believe that there is historical revisionism going on and that people need to battle the false claims that state The Holocaust never happened or that it was not as deadly as it was.

    The anger I feel, which I should control, comes from my decades’-long studies of The Holocaust, World War II, etc., but again, your criticism aboutr how to deliver my views is accurate and I should not engage in demeaning others, even when I thoroughly disagree with you.

  • Jonathan

    Glenn Franco Simmons,

    There’s no reason to engage in ridicule, which you claim is repugnant, just because what I said doesn’t fit into your world-view template.

    You admonish Great Southern by saying “That I don’t share your political fire is not a justification to mock.” I’d suggest a little bit of self-reflection would be in order.

    Yes, I remember Susan Smith well. How the two cases were handled in the media, I recall, were quite different.

    Your overreaction to my comments suggests a discomfort on your part to someone challenging the beliefs and philosophies you hold.


  • Glenn Franco Simmons

    oh, Great Southern, I can’t read every single thing you write, and I can’t take on every single cause of human rights. Just go to Human Rights Watch, my friend, and see how many HR issues there are in the world. You are tied into the political thing, which I refuse to get trapped into. Really, check out Amnesty International or HRW. Both are listed on my blog, if you need a reference. I don’t hold you in disdain for calling out politicians who have poor human rights records, if that’s the case, which, as I said, I wouldn’t know, because I could care less about the presidential race. So don’t try pilfering your political involvement on to me, my friend. We are both fighting for human rights in our own way. That I don’t share your political fire is not a justification to mock. Nor should it be a reason I have to read all your information, especially when I believe there are so many other important HR issues throughout the world. Again, check out AI or HRW. You may be able to broaden your “human rights” horizon.

  • Glenn Franco Simmons

    I made a mistake. Susan Smith.

  • Glenn Franco Simmons

    Great Southern, I also do not condone the character assasination of any politicians for making mistakes, whether they are Republicans or Democrats. This is a part of media that I dislike and I should know: I’ve been in journalism since 1986.

  • Glenn Franco Simmons

    Great Southern Trend Kill: I won’t engage in political disputes about the presidential candidates or their running mates. I also do not remember mentioning I’ve endorsed any political party or candidates. I don’t know why you are directing Sarah Palin questions at me, unless it’s because I’m a conservative blogging here, which shows prejudicial ridicule on your part, which is repugnant. Why would you assume I even know a trifle of info about her? I really don’t because I am not following the presidential race closely. However, I do not condone any type of discrimination or prejudice. If you have determined, with facts, that a candidate has been such, then you should bring that out. I have not looked into yet, so I cannot comment on it. I will try to find what you wrote about.

  • Glenn Franco Simmons

    Johnathan, remember Sarah Smith who used a racial stereotypical profile of a “crazed black kidnapper”? Well, that doesn’t mean all white people are racist. That you bring up the red herring of Duke is hilarious. Yes, you are correct, Johnathan, racism can go both ways, indeed, but in this country, it has overwhelmingly been racism against PEOPLE OF COLOR that has been the tradition. I have yet to find out about one white man who was strung up from a tree because of his color. Funny guy, Johnathan. Funny guy. You really should consider an appearance on Jay Leno. Your intellectual weakness is showing, Jon. I suggest “Critical Thinking for Dummies.”

  • Glenn Franco Simmons

    Yeah, I’ll wake up, Johnathan, funny guy. Guy who thinks racism is a self-contrived “white people’s” issue. Funny guy. You should be a comedian, Johnathan, because you are so funny. However, your comments reveal an intellectual weakness that must come from an inadequacy of proper education and relevant experience. I suggest reading a bit about history and seeing how the sinews of our racist legacies affect our contemporary society. However, I don’t expect you to be able to discern what you read, so why did I even mention it? I guess, Jonathan, because hope is eternal, even for fools like you. Funny guy.

  • the Great Southern Trend Kill

    Good point Glenn Franco. Speaking of Glenn Beck, the nut was still jabbing at Edwards from his secret affair which was uncovered by the National Enquirer and he still can’t seem to let bygones be bygones. That crap is old news and he still gloats about it.

    Now what we have here is a Sarah Palin style political hypocrisies sure to make the “Oil and Sex Scandal” of the current Republitoon adminstration look “cheap”.

    The stuff about Sarah Palin is getting better and better as we are getting more informed about who and what this once unknown Gov. from Alaska really is. Glenn Franco if you “care about human rights” as you mentioned. Sarah Palin`s approach on human rights concerning the Alaskan Natives is quite appalling and contradictory. I posted a link in another forum regarding this in “White Extremists infillitrating the military.” Which also I talked about how Sarah Palin tried to use her religious beliefs to garner censorship on the public library. Not much Freedom and “Human Rights” under Sarah Palin.

    Who cares about John Edwards, the guy was not invited to speak at the DNC, so? The friggin spotlight should be on Palin and her hypocritical approach in politics. It is something crucial America needs to be aware of. Not John Edwards personal life, with whom Glenn Beck can’t seem to get over with. What a wackjob.

  • Glenn Franco Simmons

    Glenn Beck deserves it for his Fusion magazine cover. While I usually like Beck, he has gone too far on this one. I would not recommend buying this tripe rag because the cover is so offensive. For a self-described commentator who usually beats up on politicians and their handlers for sliming each other, this hypocrite, which we all are because none of us are perfect, has issued one of the slimiest and stinkiest hit pieces of this campaign. Before you nutty racists accuse me of Obama worship, I don’t care who becomes president. I care about human rights, including the rights of the unborn, and to make real change, hearts and minds need to be changed. Laws only go so far because laws do not change attitudes. They help, but we have to reach the hearts and minds, to change perspectives. Sometimes, it has to be confrontational because confronting issues like racism and anti-Semitism means that you have to pull out the armor.

  • Wolf Trax 88-Hunter

    I wonder if that hypocrite Lou Dobbs is using his wife as a guise to cover up his racist demagogues???

    His wife is an immigrant of Latin American descent. It makes me wonder how she could possibly fathom the derogatories her baby-faced hubby regurgitates frequently about her people, the Latin Americans???

  • Jonathan

    Dear Glenn Franco Simmons,

    The racial/ethnic group of people that gets beaten down and scapegoated from the bully pulpit are Whites. You remember the Duke University rape case; nonsense about “White Privilege”; Obama’s remarks; Harold Myerson’s recent remark in the Washington Post; Noel Ignatiev of Harvard. The list is endless.

    Wake up!

  • Wolf Trax 88-Hunter

    Now if Lou Dobbs is all about reporting “facts”, then surely the goof would already know that the health report given by the Dept. of Health and Human Services is accurate and a “fact” concerning leprosy in the last 30 years. None of which, nobody seems to know how many involved illegal aliens. But instead, he plays head games with Stahl by distorting the arguement which makes it so annoying to even continue listening to his shrill nonsense. So the goofball is all about hype and but no real reporting???

    How dumb of Dobbs.

  • Glenn Franco Simmons

    I won’t take a political stand on immigration, but I do know that some day borders will be irrelevant as the world community realizes it must unite in order for peace to prevail. This is the antithesis of what many Americans believe, but if you look at history, and if you look into the future, we have a choice: unite or be destroyed. It is morally wrong to use a bully pulpit to beat down a group of people. I will say that. It’s called scapegoating and it’s something I learned well from my study of Nazism. I’m not saying Dobbs is a Nazi by any means; however, I am saying that scapegoating on a group of people has the potential to do great harm.

  • Andrea

    So glad someone thought of us! We recently did a piece for the Huffington Post on his participation in immigrant hate group–FAIR’s–lobby days. Check it out:

  • GENO-cydal 88

    Ethnic vehement aspersions by a well known media nutbar, must not go ignored. But instead, when questioned by prominent journalists on illegal immigration–the best thing Lou Dobbs can ever do is simply–

    Run and hide…

    And this is the coward the Nativists seemed so inclined to lap up to? I figured there will be a new meaning for a Dobbsy Award.

  • John A. Burrus

    Before he got onto the “illegal immigrant” racist bandwagon, Lou was good at dealing with controversial issues. Now he’s probably the darling of the hate groups, so your new Dobbsy award is entirely appropriate. Thanks for being here.

  • the Great Southern Trend Kill

    I wouldn’t necessarily questioned the insanity of Lou Dobbs(even though we all seem to agree this man`s is a nut!), I would question the sanity of those who actually believe him..
    He is entertaining to the point of being a called laughing stock, in my opinion.
    You should definately regard him as nothing more than a demogogery king of exaggeration for the masses of xenophobes.