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Crackdown Results In Latino Exodus

By Hatewatch Staff on September 9, 2008 - 9:01 am, Posted in Uncategorized

Around 25,000 Latinos have left Tulsa County since Oklahoma enacted a harsh immigration law that critics say fostered a climate of fear and racism.
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  • the Great Southern Trend Kill


    If anybody is “stupid” its folks like you. You don’t seem to recognize the laws put forth for everyone. Its a damn bloody shame you don’t know what a felony means and what the laws are designed for and for what purposes. If a METH head White tweaker raped your daughter, are you gonna forget about that because the rapist is White? Probably not(but perhaps you might, its that kind of a logic you inbreds are used to) because its a serious felony to rape your daughter. But it is not a felony, let alone a crime for someone driving around with a cracked windshield. This is how “stupid” you people are, not being able to distinguished the difference between a felony and racial profiling. Its folks like you who make society a dangerous place because you allow serious criminals roam free.

    Get a life, Babette.
    (That is, if you have one)

  • Babette

    If ur going to let mexican citizens break our laws, don’t you DARE arrest ANY of our citizens for breaking the laws or youre a bald-face hypocrite! The people fighting against this law are the very hateful evil people who exploit the workers foreign AND domestic and they NEED TO BE PUNISHED THEMSELVES! How dare they treat Americans like dogs! Yeah, like their lying ‘right-to-work’ laws….little did we know they lied and made it sound like a blessing to the workers when it was a curse. Just wait; their karma will come back to them, and they’ll reap what they sowed, maybe sooner than they think. Until then, if the illegals that break our laws are afraid, they should be, like any other lawbreaker who is afraid to get caught and punished for their crimes. The ‘legal’ latinos have nothing to worry about and those that do is just plain stupid. Yeah, like we need more stupid in America. Isn’t that what you people call us who want our rights??? You people make me sick. It’s all a scam. GOD will take care of you.

  • the Great Southern Trend Kill

    They’re just following the path of Arizona. With the vast majority of aliens who fled my state. Racial profiling, racism, and biases still runs amok in my state. Most notoriously Sheriff Blow Arpaio and the MSCO with their little dubious “crime suppression sweeps” and most who were arrested are American Citizens stopped for nonsense such as broken taillights and cracked windshields et al. Because they look Hispanic.
    While the real criminals who are mostly White, are getting away with serious crimes like METH dealing and doings, child pedophilia, copper theft, robberies, rapes and murders and so on. Which is a lot more serious than a broken taillight and cracked windshield.