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Mayor Slams Immigrants: ‘It’s Their Culture Versus American Culture’

By Hatewatch Staff on September 9, 2008 - 9:04 am, Posted in Uncategorized

Wallhalla Mayor Randy Chastain claimed immigrants are overrunning the city—despite demographic evidence to the contrary—while denying that Walhalla police are engaged in racial profiling.
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  • SabrinaR

    Those who believe laws should be obeyed believe those in this country illegally have broken the law.
    Those who believe laws do not apply to them believe it is ok to break the laws.
    Undocumented means you have no legal right to be here- you can be an immigrant and be here legally —- but if you are here illegally you are an Illegal Alien and you MUST go home.

  • J.X. Kennedy

    ~ Religion and Immigration ~

    (Why tie these two together? Because millions of religious stones are being cast at the poor from many Sunday school baskets sitting in cold, church pews.)
    Attention: “Born-Againers” or Religious Stones
    What say ye on the issue of undocumented immigrants? I can pretty much assume that most of you, being good-law-abiding citizens, will loudly yell it from the rooftops like good Pharisees, “They must obey the law! Unclean, unclean, unclean! They must obey the law! Wait un momento. Let’s look at some of our Bible characters. Moses, the man chosen by God to deliver His people, murdered an Egyptian. Should we send Moses back to historical Egypt and have him stand trial? He did break the law. Perhaps he had a loophole though; the Law (Ten Commandments) had not been given yet. How about King David? He saw a beautiful babe bathing (alliteration?) on a rooftop, and most absolutely had to “have” her. After he discovered that the married woman had become “with child,” his child, he called for her soldier husband from the front lines to come and be with her. But guess what? The guy did not go home, but slept on the doorstep of his house for he felt he could not have such privileges while his men were fighting in battle. So then to creatively solve his problem, the king ordered him to go to the most extreme front trenches, where he would have a guarantee of death. And it was so. Should we try, convict King David, “the man after God’s own heart,” for first committing adultery and then murder? I believe that in both cases, Moses and King David received great doses or outpourings of amazing grace. Is it grace that is most needed today in the case of many individuals that who haven’t murdered anyone, and are merely trying to feed their families? By the way, the soldier sacrificed in the story was named Uriah, my favorite Bible character.

    The rooftop Pharisees continue shouting,”But they are illegal, unclean, illegal,” as they point their crooked fingers at a humanity scurrying to find food. “Legality” again is a matter of who is holding the law book in one hand and the biggest gun in the other. What is truly “illegal” at this point in history is not a neighboring people, but a “War” that was begun against Iraq by the United States. Yes, Mr. Hussein was a terrible person, perhaps a butcherous criminal. But the U.S. had no “legal right” to bomb his suspected locations, killing hundreds of innocent people in the misdirected process of killing him. Who were the true terrorists in this case? Nobody stopped us. Our country is too powerful for others to say nay to us. And when they do not agree with us, we just ignore them (like also in the Cuban blockade) and continue on our unjust ways. Sorry to disagree with a lot of you, but killing innocent people is not legal, nor is it “Godly.” Yes, many of us can point a finger at the law-breakings of these migrants, but perhaps we should point many more at ourselves when we steal Native lands, we cheat on our taxes, cheat on our spouses, skip out on paying our bills, buy illegal drugs, solicit a prostitute, drive drunk, break the speed limit, “run the red light,” and even injure our brothers and sisters with our murderous thoughts. (But it’s not the same? Really? Breaking some is OK?) Law vs. Justice – I’ll choose Justice every time.

    Let’s look at this undocumented immigrant topic further. Do the sacred writings cover any of this? How about Exodus 22:21? It states, “Do not mistreat an alien or oppress him for you were once aliens in Egypt.” Is this pertinent here? I believe that it is, since in principle, we, or our ancestors, were once aliens and have found shelter here in America. I understand that not everyone who wants to be in the U.S. can be here. But, what about the ones that are already here? Sorry to point out that much of these illegal immigration problems have been our fault. For years we have indeed invited peoples from the South (Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala, et al) to come and do the most menial and filthy jobs (and historically pay them the least). Now that some U.S. citizens are feeling threatened from “without and within,” have been presented “convenient” and racist excuses through security of the homeland, we have decided to deport them all without consideration for the many inhumane situations that we are creating (in fact terrorizing) for many families. How do you think it must feel to a child to have a loved one stripped from them in the middle of the night, perhaps never to see them again? (Personally, my heart has known this.) Isn’t this oppressing the alien? We must cease and desist from doing these atrocious acts immediately before there are severe repercussions. Unfortunately it seems that daily, we are making thousands of enemies all over the world. Whenever we have the opportunity to place goodness upon evil and ignore it, sadly, such fruit sowed will only be sorrow upon sorrow. When in doubt, don’ know what to do – just love. “Love covers a multitude of sins.” No?

    Most of you know the scripture in Luke 10:27, “Love the Lord, your God with all your mind, heart, soul, strength; and love your neighbor as yourself.” So, who is our neighbor? It could be those neighbors south of the border and or anyone who is in need of our help. And how should we love them? I think it means “as selfishly as we care about ourselves.” Hard stuff. But he, who has an ear, let him hear. (Recently in my observations as to how some “religions” are handling the matter of “illegal immigration,” I have come to notice that the Catholic folk have done much in handing out their hearts to their “neighbors.”
    Besides having created “half-way homes” and held forums for migrants (documented or undocumented), they have clothed and fed many that have needed sanctuary in Bethel, the “house of God.” Keep up the kind work.

  • Wolf Trax 88-Hunter

    Babette I am from a small town USA. And believe me, you and your kind harbor some of the most racist vile idealogies I ever came across with. But that’s ok because everyone knows you folks are the minority. Most White people do not share your tinted logic, so therefore, you make no difference in a society with laws, constitutional rights and freedom.

  • 88`s Jeno-side

    “Life dumb”
    “Born with a silver spoon in your stupid mouths”

    Sorry to disappoint you, but you meet all the criteria for the asinine rants you quoted above. For one, you cannot seem to spell properly and, number two: only will people who have no logical arguement will then retort to childish name calling and villification of others.
    Other than that, the rest of your post is undecipherable and incoherent, so I will leave it for others to debate you on that subject if someone is willing to.

    Have a nice day and may Freedom prevail.

  • Babette

    Above posters are book-smart and life dumb. By supporting the exploitation of foreign and domestic workers YOU are the ones inciting and fostering hatred and unrest. YES, YOU! How dare you judge us when u were born with a silver spoon in your stupid mouths. They are using mexicons against the black folk in this country and if you don’t know about the still existing racism toward blacks; you are being deliberately obtuse! I think you are some of the evil employers that lust with greed and will do ANYTHING including crimes against humanity to feed your bottomless pocketbooks. You make me sick.

  • 88`s Jeno-side

    What exactly is “American culture”???

    As an American, the one that I’m not familiar with is folks like the mayor of Wallhalla.
    Small town White America is very well known to be biased and prejudiced toward Americans who are–

    Women(White or otherwise)
    Big City Folks
    The Disabled

    Small town White people are like people from another planet, a different time. Throw them a punk rocker and their response is hilarious.

  • Sharon

    I was in college back in the 60s and was proud to support the Civil Rights Movement. I thought we had come a long way from the days of hatred and slavery. Obviously, it didn’t last. America has regressed, due to ignorant “leaders” like this mayor and others, who target this race, that ethnic group, etc. These people always seem to be overly religious, too, which makes them hypocrites. Shame on our citizens for allowing this and electing people like this.