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The Rizoli Twins: The Mask Falls Away

By Casey Sanchez on September 10, 2008 - 10:40 am, Posted in Anti-Immigrant, Holocaust Denial

The Rizoli twins have dropped the charade when it comes to their Holocaust denial.

The latest issue of the Intelligence Report, released Aug. 28, contains a story detailing allegations that Framingham, Mass., anti-immigration extremists Jim and Joe Rizoli have promoted Holocaust denial online using the handles of “jjrizo” and “JoRiz” since at least 2001.

The Rizolis, who spend most of their time these days attacking and demonizing Brazilian immigrants, in the past have vehemently denied these allegations. Contacted by the Intelligence Report for comment earlier this summer, Jim Rizoli, speaking for his brother and himself, claimed he was an innocent victim of online identity theft. “Let me set you straight. My identity was stolen. People were posting things using my name,” he said. Asked his opinion of Holocaust denial, Jim Rizoli said, “I have no interest in that. Nothing. I’m not going to get into that.”

But just two days after the Intelligence Report story was published, Jim Rizoli E-mailed the Report a response that seemed to abandon his earlier denials.

“Great article about my brother and I. You will bring much attention to the Holocaust and people will hopefully see that there are a lot of ‘loose ends’ that need fixin [sic].” Rizoli then suggested that the Intelligence Report should “check out” the website

We know the site all too well. Created by longtime Holocaust denier Friedrich Paul Berg, it refers to the Holocaust as a hoax and claims that “No one was ever killed in gas chambers, and there was NO program to physically exterminate all the Jews.” “Hitler had superb, cyanide gas chambers, but they were used ONLY to keep people alive,” Rizoli’s recommended reading continues. “Those gas chambers were used in many strategic locations throughout eastern Europe to fumigate entire railroad trains, for example, with cyanide gas from Zyklon-B.” also links to Hitler worship websites like, the subject of a previous Intelligence Report story.

Not long after we received Jim Rizoli’s response, his brother E-mailed us a somewhat calmer missive, in which he prompted us to read and consider a news story on Misha Defonseca, the writer who, it was recently revealed, faked her Holocaust memoir about escaping the Nazis during World War II. (Note to Joe Rizoli: It’s a logical non sequitur to assume that because an individual’s account of her experience in the Holocaust is false that the entire Holocaust is fabricated.) Joe Rizoli also included a helpful link to the Institute of Historical Review, the world’s leading Holocaust denial organization, founded by Willis Carto, a long-time anti-Semite, in 1978.

“Is this information true? Who knows, Joe Rizoli wrote. “But it is called FREEDOM of Speech, which is something you try to stop.”

Actually, here at Hatewatch we’re all about freedom of speech, especially when extremists like the Rizolis use it to reveal their true colors.

Thanks, guys.

  • joe Rizoli

    It is truly a pleasure to be written about by the Anti-Christ SPLC and the ADL. Half their information is wrong or taken out of context and just promotes their own hate, Jewish style.
    The Rizoli brothers stand by everything they say. Our cable shows expose the holocaust lies as well as our web site. We look to this article as a badge of honor.
    We tried to interview Casey but he ran away like a little baby soiling his pants. Maybe next time…..

    Joe Rizoli

  • Leon

    This hoax is a tragedy. The Rosenblats have hurt Jews all over and given support to those who deny the holocaust. I don’t understand why Atlantic Pictures is still proceeding to make a film based on a lie. I also don’t understand how Oprah could have publicized this story, especially after James Frey and given that many bloggers like Deborah Lipstadt said in 2007 that the Rosenblat’s story couldn’t be true.
    There are so many other worthwhile projects based on genuine love stories from the Holocaust. My favorite is the one about Dina Gottliebova Babbitt – the beautiful young art student who painted Snow White and the Seven Dwarves on the children’s barracks at Auschwitz. This painting became the reason Dina and her Mother survived Auschwitz. After the end of the war, Dina applied for an art job in Paris. Unbeknownst to Dina, her interviewer was the lead animator on Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. They fell in love and got married. Now that’s a romantic love story! I also admire Dina for her tremendous courage to paint the mural in the first place. Painting the mural for the children caused her to be taken to Dr. Mengele, the Angel of Death. She thought she was going to be gassed, but bravely she stood up to Mengele and he made her his portrait painter, saving herself and her mother from the gas chamber.

    Also, Dina’s story has been verified as true. Some of the paintings she did for Mengele in Auschwitz survived the war and are at the Auschwitz Birkenau Museum. The story of her painting the mural of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs on the children’s barrack has been corroborated by many other Auschwitz prisoners, and of course her love and marriage to the animator of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs the Disney movie after the war in Paris is also documented.

    Why wasn’t the Rosenblatt’s story checked out before it was published and picked up to have the movie made?? I would like to see true and wonderful stories like Dina’s be publicized, not these hoax tales that destroy credibility and trust.

  • Glenn Franco Simmons

    Hey, Jonathan, I mistakenly posted some comments to you on the Lou Dobbs blog. You might want to read them.

  • Glenn Franco Simmons

    Wel, Jonathan, you must not be a person of color, huh? You must not have suffered racism as part of my family has, as one of my best friends in high school did, as my black studies in high school did, as so many people still do. It’s funny, huh? You’re a funny guy, Johnathan. You are also, I’m sorry to say, quite ignorant of the racial contemporary racial profile in our country. For a reference that includes a bit of NFL football, read my column on my blog about Harry Edwards. He explains what our nation will be facing as the legacies of racism and slavery continue to disenfranchise part of our population. In 30 years, I probably won’t be here, but if you are, you will see a society split apart at the seams if current trends continue. So, continue laughing, funny guy. Racism is a joke, isn’t it. Funny guy?

  • Jim Rizoli


    We awould like to interview you for our show.
    You walk away from us last time, what do you have to hide.

    If you keep bringing attention to these things more people will see how misinformed you really are.
    Wake up people do your own research, don’t let knucleheads like the SPLC tell you what to believe.
    I don’t have all the answers on who, what, where, when, but I’m sure in hell are not going to let idiots like you rewite history. Invrestigate all things. Come to your own conclusions.

    Jim Rizoli

  • Jonathan

    It’s funny how a number of people go on about America’s racist legacy, yet it seems so many immigrate to here. If the USA was so hostile to “people of color” one would think that they would be avoiding the USA like the plague.

    Droning on about America’s racist past makes about much sense as going on about “Jews kill Jesus” nonsense.

  • Glenn Franco Simmons

    On another Hatewatch blog, I think on the Council of Conservative Citizens, we had a lively debate about World War II, Hitler, etc. Apparently, some people cannot accept facts and attempt to rewrite history. It’s a shame. I often write about human rights on my blog site, as I did while I was an editor for many years. I find that many Americans are too far removed from understanding the lessons of Nazism, World War II and our country’s own racist legacy.

  • loren

    As a blogger, I am quite familiar with the Rizzos and their angry posts. They sound a bit undereducated and usually blame Brazilians for their sorry lot in life. I must say, though, that there is still more paydirt to be dug up on them. Anyone who has read their postings has noticed that they contain a strong element of misogeny.